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Military Resources

New! Staten Island Medal of Honor Recipients
[Military Links] [Revolutionary War] [War of 1812] [Civil War] [World War I] [World War II] [Korea and Vietnam]

Search for a Veteran's Grave in a VA National Cemetery.
American Battle Monuments commission http://www.abmc.gov/
ABMC War Dead http://www.abmc.gov/abmc4.htm
American Battle Monuments commission Mexican War http://www.abmc.gov/abmc41.htm
American Battle Monuments commission Spanish-American War
Collecting veterans information: http://tottenvillehistory.com/veterans.html

Revolutionary War

  • 1840 Revolutionary Pensioners:
    1840 Pensioners
    Revolutionary or military pensioners living in Richmond County at the time of the 1840 census.
    Town Name Age Hsehld of
    Southfield Amos ROOKE ? Amos Rooke
    Note: Pension denied; gave detail on service in PA
    Castleton John McDONALD 65 Sailors' Snug Harbor
    Castleton Robert THOMPSON 81 James Thompson
    Note: d 27 Jan 1848
  • From Rae: Oath of Allegiance during the Revolution.
  • Revolutionary patriots buried on Staten Island FACSI Vol 15 No. 3.
  • The Staten Island Daughters of the American Revolution used to have a Staten Island Chapter Revolutionary War Ancestor List - now you can do an Ancestor Search.
  • Jana Rooke has typed up Memorial of New York Loyalists from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. The search engine will have this indexed with everything else within a few days. Thanks Jana and NYGBS!
  • A list of some Patriots according to the DAR: (burials and chapter ancestor lists)
    BARNES, George, BUSH, John, COLE, Abraham, CROPSEY, Harmanus B, EGBERT, Abraham, GIFFORD, William B, HILLYARD, William, LAKE, William, LAKE, William (yes, two by that name), MERRIL, Lambert, MESEREAU, Jacob, MESEREAU, Paul, SHEFFIELD, Robert, TYSEN, John, WANDEL, John
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.) and find:
    • Adrian BOGART (1720-99)
    • Abraham COLE (1736/9-1815)
    • Harmanus CROPSEY (1753-1830)
    • Peter DUMONT (1744-1821)
    • Garret ELLIS (1756-1827)
    • John EVERSON (1759-1818)
    • Harmonus GARRISON (1732-1813)
    • William Bernard GIFFORD (1751-1814)
    • John MERCEREAU (1732-1820)
    • Judge Joshua MERSEREAU (1728-1804)
    • Joshua MERSEREAU, Jr. (1758/9-1857)
    • Paul MERSEREAU (1741-1823)
    • Peter PERINE (1727-?)
    • Joseph RIDGWAY
    • Capt. Richard STILLWELL (1734-1801)
    • Cornelius VAN SANTVOORD (1723-?)
    • John VAN PELT (1758-1829)
    • Lieut. Abraham WOGLOM (1731-90)
  • 1840 Census of Revolutionary Pensioners. It's on FHL film, order any one of these: 0002321, 0816370, 0594466, 0899835 Item 3, 01064759 Item 3

War of 1812

Some War of 1812 soldiers from Staten Island. This is a list of some of those who had claims for military service in the War of 1812 and who resided in Staten Island, according to Ancestry's database. You need to be an Ancestry subscriber to access the records themselves, but you can see who's on the list and write for military records. This page also includes some good general military links, thanks to Jim.

Civil War

World War I

  • Staten Island
  • General
    • Soldier Profiles Kenneth W. BURKE Obituary
    • New! World War I Dead from:
      • Mother's March list extracted from ancestry.
      • Bob O'Connor has typed up a Roll of Honor from World War I, of casualties, as printed in The Staten Islander on January 15, 1919. Bob points out that this was before the war was over, so more casualties can be expected, but here is the list of our eighty-eight World War I Roll of Honorees.
      • New! Soldiers of the Great War
    • American Battle Monuments commission World War I http://www.abmc.gov/abmc44.htm
    • World War I casualties http://www.americanwardead.com/searchw.htm
    • The Staten Island Advance printed an article about the World War I heroes memorialized at Hero Park. Especially noteworthy are the quotes "Richmond gave more men per capita to the Great War than any other county in the United States" and the notes about the 144 local servicemen who gave their lives in that war.
    • In 1917 and 1918, approximately 24 million men, (98% of men present in America), born between 1873 and 1900 completed draft registration cards. Ancestry has a free database which represents an 8.5% sampling of these Civilian Draft Registrations. Not all, but many, of the registered Staten Islanders are found here. Here is the information you can get if your person is on the database: date of birth, place of birth, ethnicity, registration district number, county, and state. Further, if you get a hit, you can take the district number and go to the National Archives to get a microfilm of the actual card, which contains more information. Ancestry's WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
      If he's not above, you can take a guess as to which district he would be in, if you know where he lived and worked, using NYC Draft Board addresses from the Italian Genealogical Group.
      Staten Island was only four districts, though, and the registrations were filed alphabetically within district, so if your ancestor was born between 1873 and 1900 then risk it; go to the National Archives and give it a whirl.
  • Navy
  • Army
    • Robert (chweise at aol dot com)'s father, Paul Rene Chagnon Sr. was a member of "The Home Guards" during WW I, involving "guarding the docks" of Staten Island. Tha Army told us: "The "Home Guard" in WW I was the elements and/or people of the State Guard that were not mobilized for WW I. What happened was that the State Guard was still organized as it had been for the Civil War. When mobilized into federal service it was reorganized as the regular army was, and units were given federal designations. Those units that were excess to the new organization, and individuals unfit for federal service, were sent back to the state. These elements retained their old NY State Guard designations and served on State Duty guarding governmental buildings, harbors, railroads, aquaducts, etc. This home guard was the start of the State Militia which is now called the State Guard http://dmna.ny.gov/nyg/ There is a short history of the origins of the NYG on /nyg-hist.html

      After WW I the federalized units came back and "re-merged" with the units that served at home. Later the US Army reorganized, and State units became the Army National Guard with federal recognition and permanent unit designations. It wasn't until WW II when the National Guard was agin mobilized that the NYG was again organized. After WW II the NYG remained organized and has served as a volunteer (unpaid) force that can be called to state active duty as needed.

      There are State Guards or State Militia foces in many of the other states with similar background. These ARE NOT the militias you read about, but are recognized state forces as described in state and federal constitutions. Don't forget that most all of the units that fought in the Civil War were State Militia units."

      If anyone can share information about this, please email Robert chweise at aol dot com and Janet SIGenealogy . Thanks!

World War II

  • World War II casualties http://www.americanwardead.com/searchww.htm Link broken
  • Army Serial Number Merged File
  • American Battle Monuments commission World War II http://www.abmc.gov/abmc45.htm
  • Casualties We have the World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from New York, Richmond County online in two jpg files. See our new WW II Honor List Page for details.

Korea and Vietnam

  • Korean war data from AAD.
  • American Battle Monuments commission Korean War http://www.abmc.gov/abmc46.htm
  • American Battle Monuments commission Vietnam War http://www.abmc.gov/abmc47.htm
  • Korea http://www.americanwardead.com/search.htm
  • Vietnam http://www.abmc.gov/abmc7.htm
  • Korea casualties
  • Vietnam casualties

Military Links

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