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Bible Records

Testimonial from a satisfied customer:

Words cannot express my joy in obtaining this bible record. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is the missing information I have been looking for. I knew my ancestor had other children based on a census record, but never knew names till now. - Douglas


The Staten Island Historical Society had an effort to gather family Bibles in the 1930s. I've heard that they keep them in folders in a filing cabinet.


The FHL microfilmed these folders, turning a hard to access little-known resource to a widely available, little-known resource. The film number is 0509187.


Note that they are typically 1-2-3 pages long and are transcriptions rather than the pages themselves. My notes are info of interest. Always check the original image. And note that the folders are not sequential: some are missing, some are out of order; on the film.

Do NOT copy this info en masse to your tree! The Bible records were usually not written at the time of the event; they are subject to transcription error; and I have found differences with known baptisms. The oral histories are subject to their own errors. Use it as a guide.

This was transcribed by Janet and Douglas.

It should also be noted that record indexes on our website are just indexes. Using an index or an abstract is never an adequate replacement for viewing the original record. Although we have made an attempt to extract basic pertinent information to help identify each record, we have not extracted all the information from each record. Therefore it is strongly recommended that researchers view the original record.

FolderSome SurnamesSoundexImage No. / Link to photo (if available)NotesFirst nameLast (nee)Last (married)EventYearSoundexSoundex
I-33  1246Mary & Abr'm Cole-- --  
   1249 AbrahamCole born1775C400 
     Mary Coleborn1787 C400
     AbrahamCole married1804C400 
     Mary Colemarried1804 C400
     MariaCole born1804C400 
     JohnCole born1806C400 
     CatherineCole born1809C400 
     AbrahamCole died1832C400 
     Mary Cole 1864 C400
   1250 Mary Coledied1831 C400
   1251 JohnCole lived1817C400 
I-34  1252John & Cath. Cole-- --  
   1253 JohnCole   C400 
     Cathrine Cole   C400
   1254 JohnCole married1831C400 
     Catharin RWinantColemarried1831W553C400
   1255 JohnCole born1806C400 
     Catharin RWinantColeborn1813W553C400
     MaryCole born1833C400 
     MaryCole born1835C400 
     AgnesCole born1837C400 
     ZerlinaCole born1841C400 
   1256 MaryCole died1834C400 
     Catharine RWinantColedied1872W553C400
     AgnesCole died1872C400 
     ZerlinaCole died1880C400 
     JohnCole died1883C400 
    maiden/married?MaryCole died1920C400 
I-35  1257Richard ConnerRichardConner --C560 
   1258 -- --  
   1259 RichardConner married1825C560 
     RichardConner married1842C560 
     Anne BedwellSmithConnermarried1842S530C560
     Crowell MundyConner married1880C560 
     Oscar TheodoreConner married1852C560 
     Sarah EmilyJohnsonConnermarried1852J525C560
   1260 RichardConner born1795C560 
     GeorgeConner born1825C560 
     Oscar TheodoreConner born1827C560 
     Crowell MundyConner born1830C560 
     Elizabeth SophiaConner born1832C560 
     James EgbertConner born1834C560 
     RichardConner born1843C560 
     Dewitt ClintonConner born1845C560 
     ElizaFountain born181_F535 
   1261 Sarah Connerdied1835 C560
     James EgbertConner died1837C560 
     RichardConner died1844C560 
    Apparently Civil WarDewitt ClintonConner died1863C560 
     Anne BedwellSmithConnerdied1885S530C560
     RichardConner died1874C560 
     Oscar TheodoreConner died1885C560 
     Elizabeth SophiaConnerDusinberredied1886C560D251
     Crowell MundyConner died1910C560 
    "wife C. M."AddieMorganConnerdied1916M625C560
I-36  1262 -Crocheron   C626 
   1263 CorneliusCrocheron   C626 
I-36  1264Duplicate folder number--     
   1265  Christopher   C623 
   1266s/o Joseph ChristopherJohnChristopher born1762C623 
    s/o Joseph ChristopherPeter Christopher born1764C623 
    d/o Joseph ChristopherNellyChristopher born1767C623 
    d/o Joseph ChristopherJaneChristopher born1769C623 
    s/o Joseph ChristopherJosephChristopher born1771C623 
    s/o Joseph ChristopherWilliamChristopher born1776C623 
    s/o William Christopher-Christopher born1805C623 
I-37  1267Mary Crocheron--     
   1268 -Crocheron   C626 
   1269 AbrahamCrocheron born1764C626 
     Mary Crocheronborn1769 C626
     AbrahamCrocheron born1787C626 
     AbrahamCrocheron died1815C626 
     BenjaminCrocheron born1789C626 
     ElizabethCrocheron born1791C626 
     JacobCrocheron born1793C626 
     SarahCrocheron born1795C626 
     DavidCrocheron born1797C626 
     DavidCrocheron died1798C626 
     JohnCrocheron born1798C626 
     NicholasCrocheron born1802C626 
     Mary AnnCrocheron born1806C626 
     Mary JaneCrocheron born1820C626 
I-38  1270from Edgar heirs Bedell   B340 
      Edgar   E326 
   1271  Edgar   E326 
   1272 Catherine MarthaBedellEdgarmarried1830B340E326
     David AlexanderEdgar married1830E326 
     Horatio PWillis married1856W420 
   1273 JosephBedell born1763B340 
     HettyBedell born1778B340 
     JosephBedell married1806B340 
     Catherine MarthaBedell born1807B340 
     Henry SBedell born1811B340 
     Hellena MarthaEdgar born1830E326 
     David AlexanderEdgar born1805E326 
   1274 Elizabeth Dunscerntdied1826 D526
     BarntSeguine died1821S250 
     FrederickSeguine died1837S250 
     Henry Seguine died1837S250 
     Mary AmeliaEdgar died1842E326 
     MaryBeneet died1842B530 
     JosephSeguine died1846S250 
     StephenSeguine died1867S250 
     Joseph Bedell died1849B340 
     Hetty Bedelldied1862 B340
    Guyon ?Martha Juyondied1859 J500
I-39  1275I-39       
   1276 JohnHousman lived1935H255 
   1277 AlfredHousman born1843H255 
     AnnieHousman born1853H255 
     JohnHousman born1873H255 
     WillHousman born1875H255 
     DoraHousman born1878H255 
     EmmaHousman born1881H255 
     FredVroom born1892V650 
    year illegible; I need to take a new photoLillieHousman born H255 
   1278 AlfredHousman married1872H255 
   1279 AlfredHousman died1888H255 
I-40  1280I-40       
   1281William D and Elizabeth Hutchings       
   1282 Eliza RStymets lived1843S353 
     Ann HParmly lived1843P654 
I-41  1283  Lewis   L200 
   1284 Elizabeth Bartonlived1935 B635
   1285 DavidLewis married1830L200 
     John LVanclief married1850V524 
   1286 DavidLewis born1801L200 
     John LVan Clief born1823V524 
     JamesLewis born1831L200 
     Mary RebeccaLewis born1833L200 
     DavidLewis born1837L200 
     Sarah AnnLewis born1839L200 
     Fanny MariaLewis born1843L200 
     William HenryLewis born1846L200 
     John HenryVanclief born1851V524 
     John FLewis born1867L200 
   1287 Fanny MariaLewis died1843L200 
     David CLewis died1846L200 
     William HLewis died1861L200 
     DavidLewis died1877L200 
     John LVan Clief died1887V524 
     JamesLewis died1898L200 
     Maria Lewis died1904L200 
     Sarah AnnLewis died1908L200 
   1288 MariaVan CliefLewismarried1830V524L200
     DavidLewis married1830L200 
    error?David LewisLatourette married1823L363 
    error?DanielVan Clieft married1823V524 
     JamesLewis married1863L200 
     Rachel JRomerLewismarried1863R560L200
I-42  1289        
   1291 BarntSimonson   S552 
     JohannahSimonson died1779S552 
     ArtSimonson died1753S552 
   1292 AnatieSimonson born1722S552 
     DanelSimonson born1724S552 
     BarentSimonson born1729S552 
     CornalisSimonson born1730S552 
     IsacSimonson born1734S552 
     AetSimonson born1716S552 
     ChrisstoffelSimonson born1716S552 
     ArthurSimonson born1756S552 
     JohnSimonson born1758S552 
     BarntSimonson born1759S552 
      Simonson? born1765S552 
     JacobSimonson born1768S552 
     AbigailSimonson born1769S552 
   1293 BarntSimonson died1797S552 
I-43  1294        
   1295 W.L.Conner lived1934C560 
   1296 AbrahamSlaghts born1813S423 
     James WSlaghts born1814S423 
     Cornelius WSlaghts born1816S423 
     Sally AnnSlaghts born1818S423 
     Mary LizerSlaghts born1826S423 
     John WinantOConnor born1846O256 
     Phebe AnnOConnor born1849O256 
   1297 GarretOConnor born1817O256 
I-44  1298        
   1299 EllsworthLewis lived1935L200 
   1300 Freeman PTaylor   T460 
   1301 Freeman PTaylor married1862T460 
     Susan AManeeTaylormarried1862M500T460
     Philip BTotten married1882T350 
     Susan ATaylorTottenmarried1882T460T350
   1302 Freeman PTaylor born1890T460 
     Susan AManee born1838M500 
     Alonso W. J.Taylor born1863T460 
     Philip BTotten born1825T350 
   1303 Alonzo J.Taylor died1876T460 
     Freeman PTaylor died1880T460 
     Philip BTotten died1892T350 
     Susan ATotten died1925T350 
     JosephineLewis died1925L200 
I-46  1304        
   1306 NicholasDupuy   D100 
   1307 CatherineDupuy born1723D100 
     MatthewDupuy born1726D100 
     Jn?Dupuy born1725D100 
     BarntDupuy born1740D100 
     PeterDupuy born1744D100 
I-48  1308JC Thompson       
   1309 Mary Thompson   T512
   1310 SarahThompson born1810T512 
     ElizaThompson born1813T512 
     EdwardThompson born1815T512 
     MaryThompson born1817T512 
     John CThompson born1807T512 
     John EThompson born1708T512 
     MaryMiller born1786M460 
     HenryThompson born1820T512 
     AgnesThompson born1854T512 
   1311better copy of 1310       
   1312 SarahThompson died1826T512 
     John EThompson died1833T512 
     MaryThompson died1860T512 
     John CThompson died1872T512 
     MaryThompson died1875T512 
I-314  1313also called I-113       
   1314 Edward A.Brown married1839B650 
     Edward A.Brown married1876B650 
     Mary CatharineSmallBrownmarried1876S540B650
     Anna Frederika BrownNorthammarried B650N635
     Lewis NNortham married N635 
     Edward AlonzoBrown born1812B650 
     MariettaLyon born1814L500 
     Clara Jennings Brown born1839B650 
     AnnaBrown born1841B650 
   1315 Anna Frederika Brown born1843B650 
     Caleb LyonBrown born1851B650 
     Marietta LyonBrown born1851B650 
     Edward A JrBrown born1848B650 
     Laura MariettaBrown born1853B650 
     Mary IsabelBrown born1877B650 
     Edward MyersBrown born1882B650 
   1316 Mary CatharineSmallBrownborn1849S540B650
     Edward AlonzoBrown died1870B650 
     Anna Frederika BrownNorthamdied1871B650N635
     Estella Louise Northam died N635 
     Marietta HelenLyonBrowndied1901L500B650
I-200  1317        
   1318s/o Abraham HallWilliam ButlerHall married H400 
     SusanLatourrettHallmarried L363H400
    s/o William and Susan HallWilliam Aubrey Hall   H400 
    s/o William and Susan HallRichardHall   H400 
     JohnAndrovette married A536 
     Mary LatourrettAndrovettemarried L363A536
    child of John and Mary AndrovetteJohn Androvette   A536 
    child of John and Mary AndrovetteElsieAndrovette   A536 
    child of John and Mary AndrovetteCharlesAndrovette   A536 
    child of John and Mary AndrovetteReubenAndrovette   A536 
    child of John and Mary AndrovetteMabelleAndrovette   A536 
     JoshuaHitchcock married H322 
     MabelleAndrovetteHitchcockmarried A536H322
    child of Joshua and Mabelle HitchcockOliveHitchcockTannenbergermarried H322T551
     HaroldTannenberger married T551 
    child of Joshua and Mabelle HitchcockRuthHitchcockWaltermarried H322W436
     William CWalter married W436 
    child of Ruth and William WalterJohn ClarenceWalter   W436 
I-201  1319        
   1320Mrs. M. Hitchcock       
     JohnLatourrett married1842L363 
     JohnAndrovette married1863A536 
     AbrahamHall married1872H400 
     Henry JLatourrette married1878L363 
     Georgie BBedellLatourrettemarried1878B340L363
   1321 JohnLatourrett born1818L363 
     Elsy Latourrettborn1822 L363
     Mary E Latourrettborn1845 L363
     John OscarLatourrett born1851L363 
     SusanahLatourrett born1856L363 
     Henry JLatourrett born1858L363 
   1322 John OscarLatourrett died1860L363 
     Elsy Latourrettdied1908 L363
     Mary E Androvettedied1924 A536
     John MLatourrett died1872L363 
     JohnAndrovette died1900A536 
I-202  1323        
   1324 LewisAndrovette married1828A536 
     SusanAndrovett married1831A536 
     CharlesAndrovett born1808A536 
     SusanAndrovett born1809A536 
     Rebecker VanburenAndrovett born1833A536 
     WilliamAndrovatt born1837A536 
     CornelousAndrovett born1839A536 
     AbrahamManee born1837M500 
     WiliamAndrovatt born1839A536 
     JamesManee born1818M500 
     William?Manee born1788M500 
     ElizabethManee born1786M500 
     Charles AMarshall born1871M624 
     Min___Marshall born1873M624 
   1325 JamesAndrovatt born1843A536 
     William HenryAndrovatt born1843A536 
     Su__er Androvatt born1846A536 
     Hettie AAndrovette born1848A536 
     Frances EmmaAndrovatt born1851?A536 
     CornelousAndrovatt born1838A536 
     CharlesAndrovatt  1820A536 
     WiliamManee died1828M500 
     ElizabethManee died1839M500 
     James MAndrovatt born1837A536 
     JamesAndrovatt born1844A536 
   1326 Lydia   180_  
     SusanManee  1809M500 
     Elizabeth  born1811  
     AnnManee born1813M500 
     WilliamManee born1815M500 
     SarahManee born1816M500 
     James MillerManee born1818M500 
     MaryManee born1820M500 
     Elsey WeirManee born1822M500 
I-202  1327duplicate folder ID       
   1328Martha Egbert       
I-204  1329        
   1330 Oscar LDecker married1869D260 
     Phebe EPriceDeckermarried1869P620D260
     William EDecker married1890D260 
     Sarah D BDeckerDeckermarried1890D260D260
     Oscar LDecker born1845D260 
     Phebe E Deckerborn1850 D260
     Sarah D BDecker born1870D260 
     William EDecker born1866D260 
     William OscarDecker born1891D260 
     Phebe E Deckerdied1912 D260
I-205  1331        
   1332 JohnParker married1821P626 
     John ADecker married1830D260 
     Ephraim Parker married1850P626 
     JohnParker married1843P626 
     Mary ElizabethDecker born1823D260 
     John PDecker born1830D260 
     John ADecker born1846D260 
     George BDecker born1869D260 
     Grace MDecker born1896D260 
     Grace EdnaDecker born1892D260 
     Mildred MarieDecker born1900D260 
     Caroline LouiseDecker born1905D260 
     John PDecker died1844D260 
     Catharine Parkerdied1853 P626
I-206  1333        
   1334 Frank LVan Pelt livedca 1935V514 
     CarrieVan Pelt born1869V514 
     Frank LVan Pelt born1872V514 
     John ADecker born1787D260 
     Mary DDecker born1785D260 
     Abraham BDecker born1808D260 
     Mary AnnDecker born1810D260 
   1335 Catherine Decker born1811D260 
     Daniel CDecker born1817D260 
     John ADecker born1820D260 
     LouisaDecker born1813D260 
     DavidDecker born1823D260 
     EmlineDecker born1827D260 
     EmelineTomlinson born1813T545 
   1336 EmelineDecker died1828D260 
    age 55EdwardBlake died1865B420 
    age 84Mary A Blakedied  B420
    age 60AaronVan Pelt died V514 
   1337age 75SarahVan Pelt died V514 
     Mary A Blakedied1896 B420
     William AlfredBlake born1833B420 
     Mary LouiseBlake born1836B420 
     Elizabeth AnnBlakeVan Peltborn1839B420V514
    sicElizabeth AnnBlakeVan Peltdied1924B420V514
     John DBlake born1844B420 
     FreamonBlake born1847B420 
     HowardBlake born1850B420 
     HowardBlake died1850B420 
I-207  1338        
   1339 Mrs. Wm. JStevens livedca 1935S315 
    d/o Henry and Sarah AElla EWinant born1878W553 
    s/o Peter and RachelHenryWinant born1825W553 
     Sarah Ann Winantdied1903 W553
     Ella EWinant died1918W553 
     HenryWinant died1906W553 
     Frank LWinant died1912W553 
     Carrie LWinant died1931W553 
   1340 PeterWinant died1868W553 
     John Henry DuboisWinant died1872W553 
     Catherine Andrewsdied1874 A536
     John T Winantdied1873 W553
     Rachel L Winantdied1841 W553
     Catherine Terhunedied1875 T650
    w/o RichardMary Vanduserdied1877 V532
I-208  1341        
   1342 William MWinant livedca 1935W553 
     JohnCole married1832C400 
     Catherine RachelWinantColemarried1832W553C400
     BorntParlee born1808P640 
     Catherine RachelWinant born1813W553 
     JohnCole born1806C400 
     MaryCole born1833C400 
     AbrahamWinant born1791W553 
     MaryWinant born1783W553 
     Melancthon FreemanWinant died1828W553 
     MaryCole died1834C400 
     AbrahamWinant died1834W553 
     RachelParlee died1854P640 
    relict of AbrahamMary Winantdied1871 W553
    d/o Mary and AbrahamCatharine RachelColeWinantdied1871C400W553
   1343 AntonioLopez de Santa Anna lived1866L123 
I-209  1344        
   1345 William MWinant livedca 1935W553 
     Bornt PWinant married1831W553 
     Susan AColeWinantmarried1831C400W553
     Bornt ParleeWinant born1808W553 
     Susan AnnCole born1813C400 
     AbrahamWinant born1834W553 
     JacobWinant born1836W553 
     AbrahamWinant died1834W553 
   1346relict of AbrahamMary Winantdied1871 W553
     Bornt ParleeWinant died1888W553 
     Susan A Winantdied1889 W553
I-210  1347        
   1348 Ada STotten livedca 1935T350 
     Ephraim JohnsonTotten born1806T350 
     Ephraim JohnsonTotten died1891T350 
     Harriet LozierOakley born1802O240 
     Harriet LozierOakley died1865O240 
     Ephraim JohnsonTotten married1827T350 
     Harriet LozierOakleyTottenmarried1827O240T350
     Ephraim JohnsonTotten married1869T350 
     Elizabeth SDecker married1869D260 
     GilbertTotten born1828T350 
     GilbertTotten died1850T350 
     Julia AnnaTotten born1831T350 
     George OakleyTotten born1832T350 
     George OakleyTotten died1923T350 
     William WallaceTotten born1834T350 
     Emma FrancesTotten born1838T350 
     John JohnsonTotten born1840T350 
     James BrittanTotten born1843T350 
     Ella GarretsonTotten born1846T350 
     George OakleyTotten married1862T350 
     Mary ElizabethStylesTottenmarried1862S342T350
I-211  1349        
   1350 Mrs. Paul MFulton livedca 1935F435 
     GilbertTotten married1769T350 
     JamesPolemus married1821P452 
     Mary TottenPolemusmarried1821T350P452
     GilbertTotten born1741T350 
   1351 ?  born1781  
     MatthewWilliams born1780W452 
    age 78/0/18GilbertTotton died1821T350 
    age 92/10/4Mary Tottendied1832 T350
     JamesPolemus died1827P452 
     MatthewWilliams died1836W452 
    age 32/7/6HenryWilliams died1842W452 
I-212  1352        
   1353 GraceJourneay livedca 1935J650 
     JamesTotten married1820T350 
     WilliamJoline married1839J450 
     Elizabeth BTottenClarksonmarried1841T350C462
     Thomas BClarkson married1841C462 
     Sophia HTottenSmithmarried1842T350S530
     Alfred CSmith married1842S530 
   1354 Philip BTotten married1847T350 
     Cornelia LTottenJourneaymarried1857T350J650
     WilliamJourneay married1857J650 
     Philip BTotten married1882T350 
     Susan ATaylorTottenmarried1882T460T350
     JamesTotten born1797T350 
   1355 PhillipTotten born1821T350 
     Elizabeth BTotten born1821T350 
     AnnTotten born1831T350 
     Sophia HTotten born1823T350 
   1356 Philip BTotten born1825T350 
     LetetiaTotten born1833T350 
     John GilbertTotten born1836T350 
     Cornelius L Washborn born1839W216 
     PhilipTotten died1822T350 
    d/o James and HarrietLetetiaTotten died1843T350 
   1357s/o James & HarrietJohn GilbertTotten died1858T350 
    d/o James and HarrietSophia HTotten died1861T350 
     JamesTotten died1879T350 
    age 87/3/21Harriet Tottendied1885 T350
    age 78/11/6Cornelia L Tottendied1918 T350
I-213  1358        
   1359 Anthony Johnson born1784J525 
    w/o AnthonyFanny Johnsonborn1781 J525
    c/o Anthony and FannyElizabethJohnsonThompsonborn1807J525T512
    c/o Anthony and FannyEphraimJohnson born1811J525 
    c/o Anthony and FannyCatherineJohnson born1815J525 
    c/o Anthony and FannyFannyJohnsonCrocheronborn1820J525C626
     J. C.Thompson born1807T512 
     Elizabeth Thompsonborn1807 T512
    c/o JC and ElizabethMary LThompson born1834T512 
    c/o JC and ElizabethFrances JThompson born1836T512 
    c/o JC and ElizabethWilliam LeggettThompson born1839T512 
    c/o JC and ElizabethElizabethThompson born1842T512 
    c/o JC and ElizabethCornelia OThompson born1844T512 
   1360Should rephotographAnthony Johnson died J525 
     William TDavis   D120 
    s/o John E Thompson dec and Mary LakeJohn CThompson married1833T512 
    d/o Anthony Johnson & FannyElizabethJohnsonThompsonmarried1833J525T512
    c/o JCWilliam LeggettThompson died1855T512 
    c/o John C and ElizabethFrances JThompson died1913T512 
    d/o John C and ElizabethElizabethThompsonDavisdied1928T512D120
     Bessie EDavis died1921D120 
   1361 Ephraim OJohnson married1833J525 
     Addra PCrocheronJohnsonmarried1833C626J525
     John CThompson married1833T512 
     Elizabreth JohnsonThompsonmarried1833J525T512
    s/o Daniel WArthur G Lake married1838L200 
    d/o AnthonyCatharineJohnsonLakemarried1838J525L200
     NicholasCrocheron married1849C626 
     Fanny JohnsonCrocheronmarried1849J525C626
     George B JrDavis married1862D120 
     Mary LThompsonNorvellmarried T512N614
     Duncan RNorvell married N614 
   1362 EphraimJohnson born1748J525 
     Elizabeth Johnsonborn1751 J525
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethMaryJohnson born1776J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethLiddyJohnson born1778J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethEphraimJohnson born1781J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethAnthony Johnson born1784J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethWilliamJohnson born1787J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethJohnJohnson born1790J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethJames WJohnson born1795J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethStephen Johnson born1798J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethCatherineJohnson born1800J525 
    c/o Ephraim and ElizabrethNathanielJohnson born1802J525 
     John EThompson died1833T512 
     Anthony Johnson married1807J525 
   1363 John CThompson born1807T512 
     John CThompson died1872T512 
     Elizabeth Thompsonborn1807 T512
     Elizabeth Thompsondied1892 T512
     Cornelia OThompson born1844T512 
     Cornelia OThompson died1891T512 
     Frances JThompson born1836T512 
     Frances JThompson died1913T512 
     William LThompson born1839T512 
     William LThompson died1855T512 
     Duncan RobertsonNorvell born1835N614 
     Duncan RobertsonNorvell died1909N614 
     Mary LakeThompsonNorvellborn1834T512N614
     Mary LakeThompsonNorvelldied1896T512N614
I-214  1364        
   1365 Walter WilliamHouseman livedca 1935H255 
     JosephBurbank lived1793B615 
     JosephBurbank lived1809B615 
    d/o JosephMaryBurbank lived1809B615 
   1366 ThomasBurbank died1799B615 
     MarthaBurbank died1791B615 
     AbrahamBurbank died1777B615 
     Peter JrBurbank died1784B615 
     MargaretBurbank died1797B615 
     JamesBurbank died1801B615 
   1367 RachelBurbank died1806B615 
     MaryBurbank died1807B615 
     PeterBurbank died1774B615 
     MarthaBedell died1811B340 
     JohnBurbank died1812B615 
   1368 MaryBurbank born1789B615 
     James Burbank born1794B615 
     James BurbankHouseman born1813H255 
     John WHouseman born1815H255 
     Peter BenjaminHouseman born1818H255 
     Mary EllenHouseman born1822H255 
     Mary EllenHouseman died1822H255 
    drownedPeterHouseman died1822H255 
     IsaacJaques born1828J220 
     James WilliamHouseman born1839H255 
     AlbertHouseman born1842H255 
   1369 Jsedelar (?)Houseman born1844H255 
     AliceHouseman born1847H255 
     John WashingtonHouseman born1849H255 
     EllenerBurbank died1828B615 
    age 57/10/20Mary Jaques died1847J220 
I-215  1370        
   1371 John WHouseman born1815H255 
     Mary ElizaHouseman born1818H255 
     James WilliamHouseman born1838H255 
     AlbertHouseman born1842H255 
     IsabelaHouseman born1844H255 
     AliceHouseman born1847H255 
     John HesterHouseman born1848H255 
     Mary ElizaHouseman born1851H255 
   1372 IdaHouseman born1853H255 
     George WashingtonHouseman born1856H255 
     VirginiaHouseman born1857H255 
     WillardHouseman born1858H255 
     Walter W Houseman born1868H255 
     Carrie Houseman born1870H255 
     Peter EHouseman born1899H255 
     JuliaHouseman   H255 
   1373 MargaretHouseman born1909H255 
     HazelHouseman born H255 
   1374 Walter WilliamHouseman livedca 1935H255 
     John WilliamHouseman married1837H255 
     Mary ElizaPetersonHousemanmarried1837P362H255
     AlbertHouseman married1866H255 
     Charlotte HHorttonHousemanmarried1866H635H255
   1375 James WHouseman married1867H255 
     Lydia AnnRowlandHousemanmarried1867R453H255
     Walter WHouseman married H255 
     Mary AnnPearsallHousemanmarried P624H255
     Peter CHouseman married H255 
     JuliaBlascjakieveigHousemanmarried B422H255
     Margaret IHouseman   H255 
     Peter CHouseman married1927H255 
    OranHazel AOramHousemanmarried1927O650H255
   1376 Walter Sr.Locke born1905L200 
     Walter Jr.Locke born1927L200 
     VirginiaHouseman died1860H255 
     Albert HoratioHouseman died1868H255 
     IsabellaHouseman died1870H255 
     JuliaHouseman died1925H255 
I-216  1377        
   1378 Mr./Mrs. W. T. Gibsonlivedca 1935 G125
     John RGibson married1836G125 
     Barbary AnnRobinsGibsonmarried1836R152G125
     Nicholas Lacounte married1858L253 
     Sophia AnnGibsonLacountemarried1858G125L253
     RichardMersereau born1738M626 
     RichardMersereau died1802M626 
     Christian Mersereau born1744M626 
     Christian Mersereau died1815M626 
     RichardRobins born1858R152 
    sicRichardRobins died1831R152 
     AnnMersereau born1769M626 
     ElizaHammersly born1795H562 
     ElizaHammersly died1817H562 
     RichardRobins born1792R152 
     RichardRobins died1833R152 
     Barbary AnnLattarette born1804L363 
     Barbary AnnLattarette died1884L363 
     Matthew DeckerRobins born1820R152 
     Matthew DeckerRobins died1823R152 
     AnnelizaRobins born1822R152 
     Robert DRobins born1823R152 
     David GRobins born1824R152 
     John RRobins born1826R152 
   1379 John RRobins died1881R152 
     Charles LRobins born1828R152 
     Charles LRobins died1828R152 
     David Lattarette born1764L363 
     DavidLattarette died1880L363 
     MaryVanpelt born1772V514 
     JohnVanpelt born1745V514 
     JohnVanpelt died1800V514 
     CatharineVanpelt born1755V514 
     CatharineVanpelt died1818V514 
     Sophia S Gibson born1837G125 
     Richard RGibson born1840G125 
     EdwardGibson born1843G125 
     Joseph HGibson born1843G125 
     Joseph HGibson died1843G125 
     Joseph HGibson born G125 
     Hannah MeliciaGibson born1868G125 
     MarthaGibson born1839G125 
     MarthaGibson died1840G125 
     John N/HLacounte born1860L253 
     JosephLacounte born1865L253 
     JosephLacounte died1866L253 
     George WLacounte born1876L253 
     George WLacounte died1876L253 
I-217  1380        
   1381 U GSprague livedca 1935S162 
     SussanPray born P600 
    d/o John and SusanFrancesBedell born1812B340 
    s/o Joseph Bedell and Frances marshilJohnBedel born1790B340 
     Jane WBedel born1827B340 
     John GBedell born1859B340 
I-218  1382        
   1383 Mrs. G WSlaight livedca 1935S423 
     IsraelBedell born1830B340 
     CharlotteManee born1832M500 
     Lemuel DBedell born1854B340 
     Lizzie MBedell born1857B340 
     Jacob M Bedell born1862B340 
     Lyman WBedell born1865B340 
     Emma CBedell born1869B340 
   1384 Olander A WBedell born1875B340 
     IsraelBedell married1852B340 
     Lemuel DBedell married1876B340 
     Samuel HBarton married1878B635 
     Emeline CBedellSlaightmarried B340S423
     George WSlaight married S423 
   1385 IsraelBedell died1911B340 
     Jacob M Bedell died1889B340 
     LemuelBedell died1884B340 
I-219  1386        
   1387 Mrs. Fred. L.Hillyer livedca 1935H460 
    age 39/7/8SamuelBritton died1777B635 
    age 14/11/7PatienceBritton died1780B635 
    age 5/2/-JosephBritton died1780B635 
   1388age 7/3/14MaryBritton died1780B635 
    age 60/6/-JamesBritton died1827B635 
     SamuelBritton born1738B635 
     Mary Brittonborn1747 B635
     Patience  born1765  
     JamesBritton born1767B635 
     SamuelBritton born1769B635 
   1389 Capt. IsraelOakley   O240 
    s/o Capt. IsraelCapt. JesseOakley married O240 
     ElizabethOutwaterOakleymarried O336O240
    d/o Capt JesseFrancesOakleyGuyonmarried O240G500
     JamesGuyon married G500 
    d/o James Guyon and Frances OakleyElizabethGuyon born1838G500 
    d/o James Guyon and Frances OakleyViolettaGuyon born1840G500 
    d/o James Guyon and Frances OakleyHarriet AmandaGuyon born1842G500 
    d/o James Guyon and Frances OakleyTherese MarieGuyon born1842G500 
     ElizabethGuyonBrittonmarried G500B635
     HenryBritton married B635 
     Harry or Henry ClayBritton married B635 
     Elinor ABraistedBrittonmarried B623B635
     GuyBritton died B635 
     Harry Guyon lived G500 
     H Lyle?Britton married B635 
     Eileen Brittonmarried  B635
    c/o H Lyle and EileenFrances EleanorBritton lived B635 
     Winfield Scott      
     Madelina Francis      
     Violetta B Hillyermarried  H460
     Fred B.Hillyer married H460 
     MarionHillyer lived H460 
     Lawrence BrittonHillyer married H460 
     Rebecca JaneMohnHillyermarried M500H460
     Rebecca JaneHillyer lived H460 
     Florence DeCamp      
     Leonard Irving      
   1390 SamuelBritton born1738B635 
     Mary Brittonborn1747 B635
     PatienceBritton born1765B635 
     JamesBritton born1767B635 
     JamesBritton died1827B635 
     JamesBritton married B635 
     ViolettaDisoswayBrittonmarried D220B635
     James GBritton born1808B635 
     FrancesOakleyBritton  O240B635
     Elizabeth AnnaBritton   B635 
     HenryBritton   B635 
     Violetta Earle      
     Harriet Amanda      
     Marie Therese      
     EdloBance   B520 
     MaryBance   B520 
I-220  1391        
   1392needs to be photographed againMr. G. W. Griffith livedca 1935G613 
     JamesHatfield lived1783H314 
    s/o JamesJohnHatfield   H314 
    s/o JohnJacobHatfield lived1856H314 
    s/o JacobJohnHatfield   H314 
    from EnglandJamesHatfield immigrated H314 
     JamesHatfield married H314 
     Mary Hatfieldmarried  H314
     JamesHatfield died1830H314 
     Mary Hatfielddied1839 H314
    c/o James and MaryJohn DHatfield   H314 
    c/o James and MaryJamesHatfield   H314 
    c/o James and MaryDeborahHatfield   H314 
    c/o James and MarySarahHatfield   H314 
    c/o James and MaryMaryHatfield   H314 
   1393 John DHatfield born1779H314 
     John DHatfield died H314 
     John DHatfield married1803H314 
     MaryVan PeltHatfieldmarried1803V514H314
     JacobHatfield born1817H314 
     JacobHatfield died1893H314 
     JacobHatfield married1847H314 
     Catherine ElmorahLiskHatfieldmarried1847L200H314
    d/o Egbert and PhoebeCatherine ElmorahLiskHatfieldborn1827L200H314
     Catherine ElmorahLiskHatfielddied1889L200H314
     EmmaHatfield born1852H314 
     EmmaHatfield died1929H314 
     Charles EGriffith married1873G613 
     Charles EGriffith born1847G613 
     Charles EGriffith died1932G613 
   1394 Effie MGriffith born1874G613 
     Effie MGriffithLloydmarried1897G613L300
     Herbert JLloyd married1897L300 
     Charles E JrGriffith born1875G613 
     Charles E JrGriffith died1929G613 
     Charles E JrGriffith married1900G613 
     Jane VTellerGriffithmarried1900T460G613
     BurnettGriffith born1877G613 
     BurnettGriffith died1879G613 
     CliftonGriffith born1882G613 
     Jane ForrestGriffith born1886G613 
     Jane ForrestGriffith died1919G613 
     MurielLloyd born1901L300 
     Charles EGriffith born1904G613 
     Wesley PGriffith born1906G613 
I-221  1395        
   1396 MaryWheelerWilliamsborn1872W460W452
     MaryWheelerWilliamsmarried W460W452
     BenjaminWilliams married W452 
I-222  1397        
   1398 ArthurKaufman livedca 1935K155 
     John WWilbur married1850W416 
     Harriet MStreeterWilburmarried1850S363W416
     John WWilbur married1870W416 
     Emma F Secormarried1870 S260
     John WWilbur born1830W416 
     Harriet M Wilburborn1828 W416
     Emma FWilbur born1836W416 
     Charles FWilbur born1857W416 
     William WWilbur born1854W416 
     JohnWilbur born1860W416 
     Hattie MWilbur born1862W416 
     Harriet MWilbur died1869W416 
I-223  1399        
   1400 Mrs. John FrederickSmith livedca 1935S530 
     John KVredenburg married1844V635 
     M AVanderbiltVredenburgmarried1844V536V635
     Maria LouisaVredenburgBrantinghammarried1853V635B653
     MatthiasBrantingham married1853B653 
     Abraham VVredenburg born1795V635 
     Maria Flock (Flake)Vredenburg born1800V635 
     JohnVredenburg born1820V635 
     AugustusVredenburg born1821V635 
     LafayetteVredenburg born1824V635 
   1401 AbrahamVredenburg born1825V635 
     Maria LouisaVredenburg born1827V635 
     CornealyeaVredenburg born1829V635 
     OliverVredenburg born1830V635 
     SarahVredenburg born1833V635 
     Mary AnnVredenburg born1835V635 
     Any AdelineVredenburg born1838V635 
   1402 LafayetteVredenburg died1825V635 
     Abraham ValentineVredenburg died1851V635 
     JohnVredenburg died1853V635 
I-224  1403        
   1404 H JWoglom livedca 1935W245 
     PatienceSchenck lived1749S520 
     PatienceSchenck born1729S520 
     Williamvan Schayk born172_V522 
     PatienceSchenckvan Schaykmarried1754S520V522
     Williamvan Schayk married1754V522 
     Johnvan Schayk born1755V522 
     Cornelisvan Schayk born1757V522 
     Gerretvan Schayk born1762V522 
     Anna Mayvan Schayk born1764V522 
     Maryvan Schayk born1766V522 
     Janatievan Schayk born1769V522 
     Rebeccavan Schayk born1772V522 
   1405 Gerretvan Schayk died1765V522 
     Annvan Schayk died1777V522 
     Patience van Schaykdied1791 V522
     Williamvan Schayk died1808V522 
I-225  1406        
   1407 Paul MVan Name livedca 1935V550 
     MosesVan Name married1732V550 
     MaryLa GrangeVan Namemarried1732L265V550
     MosesVan Name born1760V550 
     MaryLa GrangeVan Nameborn1763L265V550
     JohnVan Name born1783V550 
     MaryVan Name born1785V550 
     MosesVan Name born1788V550 
     ElizabethVan Name born1790V550 
     CatharineVan Name born1793V550 
     MichaelVan Name born1795V550 
     SophiaVan Name born1798V550 
     RachelVan Name born1801V550 
     AaronVan Name born1803V550 
     CharlesVan Name born1806V550 
   1408 MosesVan Name died1811V550 
     SophiaVan Name died1821V550 
     MaryVan Name died1846V550 
     JohnVan Name died1853V550 
     CatharineVan Name died1869V550 
     MaryVan Name died1870V550 
     MosesVan Name died1871V550 
     ElizabethVan Name died1872V550 
     AaronVan Name died1882V550 
     MichaelVan Name died1883V550 
     CharlesVan Name died1883V550 
     RachelVan Name died1885V550 
     MichaelVan Name military1812V550 
   1409 Paul MersereauVan Name married V550 
     Susan AnnColeVan Namemarried C400V550
   1410 Paul MVan Name bornca 1838V550 
     Paul MVan Name died1936V550 
   1411 Paul MVan Name   V550 
I-226  1412        
   1413 Paul MVan Name livedca 1935V550 
     AaronVan Name married1827V550 
     MaryMersereauVan Namemarried1827M626V550
     AaronVan Name born1803V550 
     MaryMersereau born1807M626 
     Deborah AnnVan Name born1828V550 
     Joshua MVan Name born1830V550 
     Infant son  born1833  
     MosesVan Name born1835V550 
     Paul MVan Name born1838V550 
     Deborah AnnVan Name died1828V550 
     Infant son  died1833  
     Joshua MVan Name died1869V550 
     AaronVan Name died1882V550 
     Mary Van Namedied1893 V550
    age 76; brother of Mary Van NamePaul LMersereau died1880M626 
     MosesVan Name died V550 
I-227  1414        
   1415 Cornelius CJones livedca 1935J520 
     JacobVan Name married1843V550 
     SophiaVan NameVan Namemarried1843V550V550
     JacobVan Name born1822V550 
     SophiaVan Name born1823V550 
     Ann ElizaVan Name born1845V550 
     Gertrude MVan Name born1850V550 
     Drusilla Van Name born1854V550 
     Jacob JrVan Name born1857V550 
     SophiaVan Name born1861V550 
     Mary AmandaVan Name born1865V550 
     Drusilla Van Name died1861V550 
     Ann ElizaVan Name died1868V550 
     MinnieVan Name died1902V550 
     JacobVan Name died1900V550 
     SophiaVan Name died1905V550 
     JacobVan Name died1935V550 
I-228  1416        
   1417 Mrs. D. J. Tysenlivedca 1935 T250
     John GMartling lived1833M634 
     Mary ElizabethTysen   T250 
     John GMartling married1823M634 
     HarriettTysen married1823T250 
     John GMartling born1800M634 
     HarriettTysen born1799T250 
     John GMartling died1864M634 
I-229  1418        
   1419 Mrs. D. J. Tysenlivedca 1935 T250
     BarentTysen born1699T250 
    s/o BarentJohnTysen born1731T250 
    s/o John Tysen and Cordelia BergenJohn Tysen born1758T250 
    s/o John Tysen and Elizabeth JaquesDavid JaquesTysen born1807T250 
   1420child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeGeorge WashingtonTysen born1833T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeMary ElizabethTysen born1834T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeHarriet MartlingTysen born1835T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeJohn HenryTysen born1837T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeDaniel WilliamTysen born1838T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeDavid JaquesTysen born1841T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeMargaret LouiseTysen born1842T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeJosephineTysen born1844T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeGeorgiannaTysen born1846T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeEmmaTysen born1847T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeLoretta StollTysen born1850T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeCatherine JohnstoneTysen born1851T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeSarah AnnTysen born1853T250 
    child of David J Tysen and Elizabeth Pollion LakeIsaac FreemanTysen born1855T250 
    child of David Jaques Tysen and Frances W EllisMarion ElizabethTysen born1893T250 
    child of David Jaques Tysen and Frances W EllisFrancis EllisTysen born1895T250 
    child of David Jaques Tysen and Frances W EllisRuth Gifford Tysen born1898T250 
   1421 BarentTysen married1723T250 
    s/o BarentJohnTysen married1757T250 
     John 2ndTysen married1798T250 
     David JaquesTysen married1831T250 
     Elizabeth PolloinLakeTysenmarried1831L200T250
     Loretta StollTysenRottonmarried T250R350
     CharlesRotton married R350 
     David Jaques 2ndTysen married1891T250 
    d/o Abraham and Alice EllisFrances WEllisTysenmarried1891E420T250
     Marion ElizabethTysenNuttmarried1916T250N300
     AlfredNutt married1916N300 
     Frances EllisTysenNuttmarried1919T250N300
     Henry HoveyNutt married1919N300 
   1422s/o BarentJohn Tysen died1808T250 
     John 2ndTysen died1827T250 
     George WashingtonTysen died1834T250 
     Catherine JohnstoneTysen died1852T250 
     Harriet MartlingTysen died1854T250 
     Sarah AnnTysen died1854T250 
     John HenryTysen died T250 
     Isaac FreemanTysen died1855T250 
     EmmaTysen died1869T250 
     Mary ElizabethTysen died1881T250 
     David JaquesTysen died1885T250 
     Elizabeth Polloin  died1898  
     JosephineTysen died1906T250 
     Margaret LouiseTysen died1920T250 
I-230  1423        
   1424_retake Mrs. D. J. Tysenlivedca 1935 T250
     John JrTysen married1790T250 
    s/o JohnPeterTysen born1785T250 
     JohnTysen born1787T250 
     CorneliaTysen born1789T250 
     Mar___Tysen born1791T250 
     JohannahTysen born1794T250 
     JacobTysen born1795T250 
   1425 HarrietTysen born1799T250 
     Sarah--Tysen born1801T250 
     ElizabethTysen born T250 
     CharlotteTysen born T250 
     David JaquesTysen born T250 
     CharlotteTysen born T250 
     George WashingtonTysen born T250 
     Isaac FreemanTysen born1814T250 
     Robert BellTysen born1816T250 
I-231  1426        
   1427 Mrs. D. J.Tysen livedca 1935T250 
     I. F. Tysen married1837T250 
     Cordelia HJacksonTysenmarried1837J250T250
     JacobBurnett married1849B653 
     Mrs. A. G.JacksonBurnettmarried1849J250B653
     Martha WJacksonBlackmanmarried1851J250B425
     G.Blackman married1851B425 
   1428c/o I F and Cordelia H TysenCordelia HenriettaTysen born1842T250 
    c/o I F and Cordelia H TysenRobert FreemanTysen born1844T250 
    c/o I F and Cordelia H TysenRobert F. ClintonTysen born1853T250 
    c/o A C and A P JacksonCordelia HenriettaJackson born1815J250 
   1429 JohnTysen died1827T250 
     George WashingtonTysen died1842T250 
     Robert BellTysen died1852T250 
     ElizabethTysen died1854T250 
     Alexander CJackson died1831J250 
     Martha WardJacksonBlackmandied1852J250B425
     Sarah AnnJacksonLeedsdied1853J250L320
     Robert FreemanTysen died1853T250 
     Cordelia HenriettaTysen died1853T250 
I-232  1430        
   1431 Mrs. GordonThompson livedca 1935T512 
     PeterThompson born1778T512 
     William BThompson born1801T512 
     JosiahThompson born1804T512 
     Mary HThompson born1807T512 
     JohnThompson born1811T512 
     George FThompson born1813T512 
     John JThompson born1830T512 
   1432_retake MaryThompson born1832T512 
     AddalineThompson born1835T512 
     JosiahThompson died1840T512 
    age 72/3/16EsterThompson died1850T512 
     JudsonThompson born1853T512 
     Eudora BassettThompson born1861T512 
     GordonThompson born1888T512 
     RobertaThompson born1890T512 
I-233  1433        
   1434 Mrs. Edgar LBenjamin livedca 1935B525 
     RichardTaylor born1731T460 
     Rhoda Taylorborn1732 T460
     RichardTaylor married T460 
     Rhoda Taylormarried  T460
     Phebe CraneTaylor born1773T460 
     AnnTaylor born1778T460 
   1435 BarnetEgbert married1801E216 
     BarnetEgbert married1834E216 
     Marjorie EBenjaminSnydermarried1922B525S536
     Thos ESnyder married1922S536 
     Alice EBenjaminHandymarried1921B525H530
     Jos B II Hardy married1921H630 
     Alice EBenjaminLawrencemarried1928B525L652
     Wm RaymondLawrence married1928L652 
    s/o Barnet and SusanBarnettEgbert married1860E216 
    d/o John B and JoannaAlice ElizabethHillyer married1860H460 
   1436 Edgar LaingBenjamin married B525 
     Joanna HillyerEgbert married E216 
     Alan DakinBenjamin married1931B525 
     Helen QuinlanHartshersBenjaminmarried1931H632B525
     Edith HubbellBenjamin married1935B525 
     Francis Wm JrXiques married1935X220 
     BarnetEgbert born1777E216 
     AnnTaylor born1778T460 
     Margaret LouiseEgbert born1835E216 
     BarnetEgbert born1837E216 
     Susan JaneEgbert born1841E216 
   1437s/o Barnet and SusanBarnettEgbert married1860E216 
     Alice EHillyerEgbertmarried1860H460E216
     BarnettEgbert born1837E216 
     Alice EHillyerEgbertborn1841H460E216
    s/o Barnett and Alice EHarveyHillyer born1866H460 
    d/o Barnett and Alice EJoannaEgbert born1869E216 
   1438c/o Edgar L and Joanna ECharles EgbertBenjamin born1894B525 
    c/o Edgar L and Joanna EMarjorie EdgarBenjamin born1896B525 
    c/o Edgar L and Joanna EAlan Dakin Benjamin born1898B525 
    c/o Edgar L and Joanna EAlice ElizabethBenjamin born1902B525 
    c/o Edgar L and Joanna EEdith HubbellBenjamin born1909B525 
    c/o Alice Benjamin and Wm Raymond LaurenceJos BHandy born1922H530 
    c/o Alice Benjamin and Wm Raymond LaurenceJoannaLawrence born1931L652 
    c/o Alice Benjamin and Wm Raymond LaurenceThos WmLawrence born1933L652 
   1439 Paul AndersonXiques   X220 
     Peter BenjaminXiques  1934X220 
     AnnEgbert died1834E216 
     SusanEgbert died1847E216 
     BarnetEgbert died1858E216 
     Harvey HillyerEgbert died1867E216 
   1440 MargaretEgbertGeib Curtisdied E216G126
     Alice E HEgbert died1915E216 
     BarnettEgbert died1916E216 
     Charles EBenjamin died1928B525 
     Susan JEgbertPeckdied1930E216P200
     Jos B JrHandy died1923H530 
     Edgar LaingBenjamin born1867B525 
     Edgar LaingBenjamin died1935B525 
I-234  1441        
   1442 FrederickKeteltas livedca 1935K343 
     AbrahamStoothoff married1856S331 
     Frances H [R?]DeckerStoothoffmarried1856D260S331
     AbrahamStoothoff married1870S331 
     Sophia AnnMerrellStoothoffmarried1870M640S331
     AbrahamStoothoff born1825S331 
     Sophia Ann Stoothoffborn1835 S331
     Frances RebeccaStoothoff born1839S331 
     Agness TrypheniaStoothoff born1858S331 
     Frances Rebecca Stoothoffdied1859 S331
   1443 FrederickKeteltas died1936K343 
I-235  1444        
   1445 T BSimonson livedca 1935S552 
    c/o James and IsabellaWilliamStafford born1810S316 
    c/o James and IsabellaIsabellaStafford born1813S316 
    c/o James and IsabellaJames GreenwoodStafford born1816S316 
     JamesStafford died1846S316 
     IsabellaStafford died1850S316 
I-236  1446        
   1447 U CSprague livedca 1935S162 
     Charles OsgoodSprague married1860S162 
     Mary AnnSpragueSpraguemarried1860S162S162
     Ella SpragueHoagmarried1885S162H200
     O G Hoag married1885H200 
     George DHeck married1893H200 
     Ulysses GrantSprague married1895S162 
     Leon HuestedHoag married1920H200 
     Marion HallConditHoagmarried1920C533H200
   1448 Charles OsgoodSprague born1835S162 
     Mary AnnSprague born1838S162 
     Ella Sprague born1862S162 
     William BedellSprague born1864S162 
     Ulysses GrantSprague born1868S162 
     CharlesSprague born1870S162 
     May OnaSprague born1871S162 
     Leon HuestedHoag born1886H200 
   1449c/o George and MayonaOrrellaHeck born1894H200 
     William BedellSprague born1867S162 
     Charles Sprague died1870S162 
     Susan PrayBedell born1797B340 
     Susan PrayBedell died1883B340 
     John MBedell born1790B340 
     John MBedell died1876B340 
     Joseph HSprague died1865S162 
     Rebecca Sprague died1877S162 
   1450 Orry HHoag died1912H200 
     Charles OsgoodSprague died1918S162 
     Ella SpragueHoagdied1924S162H200
     Mary ASprague died1931S162 
I-237  1451Moses Smith       
   1452 Mrs. John FrederickSmith livedca 1935S530 
     MosesSmith born1793S530 
     MosesSmith died1870S530 
     MosesSmith married1818S530 
     Eliza HawesSmithmarried1818H200S530
     Eliza HawesSmithdied1824H200S530
    c/o Moses Smith and Eliza HawesElizabeth CarolineSmith born1820S530 
    c/o Moses Smith and Eliza HawesElizabeth CarolineSmith died1821S530 
    c/o Moses Smith and Eliza HawesGeorge HawesSmith born1822S530 
    c/o Moses Smith and Eliza HawesGeorge HawesSmith died1822S530 
    c/o Moses Smith and Eliza HawesRachel AnnSmith born1823S530 
    c/o Moses Smith and Eliza HawesRachel AnnSmith died1824S530 
    c/o Moses Smith and Eliza HawesGeorge HawesSmith born1824S530 
     MosesSmith married1828S530 
    widow of Oliver VanderbiltSarahLevinessSmithmarried1828L152S530
   1453 OliverVanderbilt   V536 
     Joseph LevinsonVanderbilt born1821V536 
     Joseph LevinsonVanderbilt died1916V536 
     SarahVanderbiltSimonsonmarried V536S552
     CharlesSimonson married S552 
    c/o Moses Smith and Sarah LevinsonMoses JrSmith born1828S530 
     Moses JrSmith died1867S530 
     Charles HenrySmith born1834S530 
     Charles HenrySmith died1903S530 
     Charles HenrySmith married1859S530 
     Mary AnnVredenburgSmithmarried1859V635S530
    d/o Abraham Valentine and Maria FlockMary AnnVredenburgSmithborn1835V635S530
     Mary AnnVredenburgSmithdied1935V635S530
     Abraham ValentineVredenburg born1795V635 
     Abraham ValentineVredenburg died1851V635 
     Maria FlockVredenburgborn1800F420V635
     Maria FlockVredenburgdied1879F420V635
    c/o Charles Henry Smith and Mary VJohn FrederickSmith born1860S530 
     John FrederickSmith married1899S530 
    d/o John Henry Crocheron and Mahala Salina BlakeAbbie EgbertCrocheron married1899C626 
     John HenryCrocheron born1829C626 
     John HenryCrocheron died1898C626 
     Mahala SalinaBlakeCrocheronborn1833B420C626
     Mahala SalinaBlakeCrocherondied1903B420C626
    c/o John Frederick Smith and Abbie Egbert CrocheronCharles FrederickSmith married1929S530 
    d/o Zachary Corpening and Elizabeth Parrish RichardsElizabeth RichardsCorpeningSmithmarried1929C615S530
    c/o John Frederick Smith and Abbie Egbert CrocheronDorothySmith   S530 
   1454sicJohn FrederickSmith born1836S530 
    sicJohn FrederickSmith died1863S530 
   1455 John KingVanderbilt will V536 
   1456 John KingVanderbilt will V536 
   1457 John KingVanderbilt will1867V536 
   1458 John KingVanderbilt will1867V536 
   1459c/o Amy Osborn and Alfred FlockMaria Flock born1800F420 
     Maria FlockVredenburgdied1879F420V635
     Maria FlockVredenburgmarried F420V635
     Abraham ValentineVredenburg married V635 
     Abraham ValentineVredenburg born1798V635 
     Abraham ValentineVredenburg died1851V635 
     John K  born1820  
     John K  died1853  
     John K  married1844  
     M AVanderbilt married1844V536 
     A Lemington Livingston married L152 
     MinnieFitzgeraldLivingstonmarried F326L152
     GraceLivingstonMurgatroydmarried L152M623
     Herbert RowanMurgatroyd married M623 
     MelceineLivingston   L152 
     John OliverLivingston   L152 
     Marie LouiseLivingston born1851L152 
     Marie LouiseLivingston died1927L152 
     Marie LouiseLivingstonDeckermarried L152D260
     Lawrence HillyerDecker married D260 
     EvelynLivingstonKeelermarried L152K460
     HarryKeeler married K460 
     Harry JrKeeler   K460 
     MayKeeler   K460 
     AugustusFlock born1821F420 
     AugustusFlock married F420 
     Lydia McClemanFlockmarried M245F420
     GeorgeFlock   F420 
     WilliamFlock   F420 
     LafayetteFlock born1824F420 
     LafayetteFlock died1825F420 
     Abraham ValentineFlock born1825F420 
     Abraham ValentineFlock married F420 
    d/o WilliamMargaretSiscoFlockmarried S200F420
     GeorgeSisco   S200 
     Maria LouisaFlock born1827F420 
     Maria LouisaFlock died1902F420 
     Maria LouisaFlockBrantinghammarried1853F420B653
     Matthias FreemanBrantingham married1853B653 
     A VanderbiltBrantingham born1855B653 
     A VanderbiltBrantingham died1929B653 
     A VanderbiltBrantingham married B653 
    d/o CharlesMinnie DeforestBrantinghammarried D162B653
   1460 Maud DeforestBrantinghamGrangermarried B653G652
     Hermon HGranger married G652 
     PhilipGranger   G652 
     Adam William White ClawsonBrantingham   B653 
     Marie LouiseBrantinghamHillyermarried B653H460
     Arthur EvereteHillyer married H460 
     DeforestHillyer   H460 
     Arthur E JrHillyer   H460 
     Barbara LouiseHIllyer   H460 
     Guy Vanderbilt B Guy StephensBrantingham born 1858B653 
     Guy Vanderbilt B Guy StephensBrantingham died1922B653 
     May ThornJones   J520 
     Leigh Robert Douglas JrJones   J520 
     RD Jones married J520 
     Margaret AnesleyMorisonJonesmarried M625J520
     Donald BrantinghamJones born1919J520 
     Margaret ElizabethJones born1924J520 
     Barbara AnesleyJones born1926J520 
     Barbara AnesleyJones died1932J520 
     Mary Louise  married   
     George SaxeMacdonald married M235 
     BlancheMacdonaldLockwoodmarried M235L230
     Henry AugustusLockwood married L230 
     HenryLockwood   L230 
     Allan FreemanLockwood married L230 
     Irene CatherineJoyLockwoodmarried J000L230
     CorneliaFlock born1829F420 
     CorneliaFlockVanderbiltmarried F420V536
     Joseph LevinessVanderbilt married V536 
     Joseph LevinessVanderbilt married V536 
     MaryColeVanderbiltmarried C400V536
     Mary ColeVanderbiltborn1827C400V536
     Oliver IIVanderbilt   V536 
     OliverFlock born1830F420 
     OliverFlock married F420 
     Amelia HillyerFlockmarried H460F420
     Amelia HillyerFlockborn1839H460F420
     Amelia HillyerFlockdied1931H460F420
     MinnieFlock   F420 
     Lottie Flock   F420 
     MinnieFlockBoydmarried F420B300
     MooreBoyd married B300 
     SarahFlock born1833F420 
     SarahFlock died1908F420 
     SarahFlock married F420 
    s/o John IJohn GuyStephens married S315 
     William AustinStephens   S315 
     CarrieJohnsonStephens  J525S315
     MiltonStephens   S315 
     HazelStephensPrice  S315P620
     Charles FrederickPrice   P620 
     MaryanFlock born1835F420 
     Charles HenrySmith married S530 
     MaryanFlockSmithmarried F420S530
     Charles HenrySmith born1834S530 
     Charles HenrySmith died1903S530 
     Moses Smith married S530 
     Sarah LevinessVanderbiltSmithmarried V536S530
     John FrederickSmith married S530 
    d/o John HenryAbbieCrocheron EgbertSmithmarried C626S530
     John HenryCrocheron married C626 
     Mahala SalinaBlakeCrocheronmarried B420C626
   1461 Charles Frederick  married   
     ElizabethRichards married R263 
     Amy Adeline (Emma)  born183_  
     Amy Adeline (Emma)  died1916  
     Amy Adeline (Emma) Brittonmarried  B635
    s/o Abraham and MagdalineAbrahamBritton married B635 
     Amy Adeline (Emma) McLaughlinmarried  M242
     ThomasMcLaughlin married M242 
     John Harry LivingstonFlock   F420 
     John Harry LivingstonFlake   F420 
     John Harry LivingstonFlake married F420 
     Mary AnnCorsonFlakemarried C625F420
     JaneFlakePeltonmarried F420P435
     DanielPelton married P435 
     KateFlakeVreelandmarried F420V645
     George WVreeland married V645 
     Amy OsbornFlake   F420 
     Sarah MariaFlakeOckershausenmarried F420O262
     Sarah MariaFlakeOckershausendied1930F420O262
     George FOckershausen married O262 
     JeremiahFlake married F420 
     MaryCubberlyFlakemarried C164F420
    s/o Jeremiah Flake and Mary CubberlyWilliam LivingstonFlake married F420 
    d/o Edmund and LucretiaLeahCrocheron married C626 
     Edmund SCrocheron married C626 
     LucretiaStephensCrocheronmarried S315C626
     Lottie CrocheronGildersleevemarried C626G436
     ElmerGildersleeve married G436 
     William Livingston FlakeGildersleeve   G436 
     Elmer JrGildersleeve   G436 
     Lottie CrocheronGildersleevemarried C626G436
     WesleyForrest married F623 
     Mary LouiseFlake   F420 
     Margaret KingFlake   F420 
     Evelyn ForrestFlakeBrownmarried F420B650
     Raymond FBrown married B650 
     Raymond FarrarBrown married B650 
    d/o Charl__LillianSimonsBrownmarried S552B650
     Raymond F JrBrown   B650 
     ArthurBrown   B650 
     EthelBrownWhitemarried B650W300
     MonteWhite married W300 
     JosephineFlake   F420 
    c/o Amy Osborn Flock and John King VanderbiltMary OsbornVanderbiltSimonsonmarried V536S552
     CorneliusSimonson married S552 
     Cornelius JrSimonson   S552 
     Emma JosephineSimonson   S552 
   1462c/o Amy Osborn Flock and John King VanderbiltSarahVanderbiltVreelandmarried V536V645
     EderVreeland married V645 
     John KingVreeland married V645 
     EvelynMersereauVreelandmarried M626V645
     George WVreeland married V645 
     Kate FleetwoodFlakeVreelandmarried F420V645
     Eder JrVreeland married V645 
    d/o AbrahamFannieCrocheronVreelandmarried C626V645
     CarrieVreelandRousemarried V645R200
     FrankRouse married R200 
     HaroldRouse   R200 
     FrancesRouse   R200 
     Amy AdelaideVreelandWandellmarried V645W534
     HiramWandell married W534 
     Hiram JrWandell married W534 
     Lily Wandellmarried  W534
     HuntingtonWandell   W534 
     Christina BeverlyWandellSimonsonmarried W534S552
     Thomas WarfieldSimonson married S552 
     Charles Edgar      
     Amy A  born1857  
     Faith Lockwoodmarried  L230
     HenryLockwood married L230 
     Bessie DeHart Seldomridgemarried  S435
     Charles BenjaminSeldomridge married S435 
     Mary Osborn Vreelandmarried  V645
     IsraelVreeland married V645 
     Cornelius Simonson  married   
     Gertrude A Doyle married D400 
     Frederick L  married   
     Ella Depuy married D100 
   1463 Charles Edgar      
   1464 BenjaminValentine married V453 
     Odell Valentinemarried  V453
    s/o Benjamin and OdellMatthiasValentine born1698V453 
    s/o Benjamin and OdellMatthiasValentine died1781V453 
    s/o Benjamin and OdellNicholasValentine   V453 
    s/o Benjamin and OdellJosephValentine   V453 
    s/o Benjamin and OdellMatthiasValentine married V453 
     AnnaRychValentinemarried R200V453
   1465 AbrahamValentine born1719V453 
     AbrahamValentine died1768V453 
     AbrahamValentine married V453 
     DeborahBartonValentinemarried B635V453
     GilbertValentine born1748V453 
     GilbertValentine died1819V453 
     GilbertValentine married V453 
    d/o CharlesMaryMorganValentinemarried M625V453
     GilbertValentine married V453 
     MarthaBriggsValentinemarried B620V453
     AbrahamValentine born1773V453 
     AbrahamValentine married1798V453 
     AbrahamValentine   V453 
     HannahValentine   V453 
     Abraham  born1804  
     Abraham  married1826  
     JaneBates married1826B320 
     Mary Jane      
     Edward Briggs  born1809  
     Edward Briggs  died1834  
     Edward Briggs  married1833  
     Eliza EPinckney married1833P525 
     Sam Morgan  born1814  
     Sam Morgan  married1843  
     ElizabethHempstead married1843H512 
     Sam Hempstead      
     James  born1813  
     James  died1813  
     William Henry  born1822  
     William Henry  died1836  
     Anne Delia  born1806  
     Anne Delia Batesmarried  B320
     GilbertBates married B320 
     Hannah  born1811  
     Hannah  died1812  
     Mary Jane  born1818  
     Mary Jane  died1825  
    c/o Gilbert and 2nd wMatthiasValentine married V453 
     HannahBriggs married B620 
    c/o Matthias Valentine and Hannah BriggsMatthiasValentine   V453 
    c/o Matthias Valentine and Hannah BriggsThomasValentine   V453 
    c/o Matthias Valentine and Hannah BriggsMarthaValentine   V453 
    c/o Matthias Valentine and Hannah BriggsMaryValentine   V453 
    c/o Matthias Valentine and Hannah BriggsSarahValentine   V453 
    c/o Matthias Valentine and Hannah BriggsStaciaValentine   V453 
    c/o Gilbert and 2nd wJohnValentine married V453 
     MaryBussingValentinemarried B252V453
    c/o John Valentine and Mary BussingGilbertValentine   V453 
    c/o John Valentine and Mary BussingJohn PeterValentine   V453 
    c/o John Valentine and Mary BussingMaryValentine   V453 
    c/o John Valentine and Mary BussingGeorgiannaValentine   V453 
    c/o Gilbert and 2nd wGilbertValentine   V453 
    c/o Gilbert and 2nd wMaryValentine   V453 
    c/o Gilbert and 2nd wSarahValentine   V453 
    s/o AbrahamAbrahamValentine married V453 
     JaneOdellValentinemarried O340V453
     AbrahamValentine married V453 
     FannyNewmanValentinemarried N550V453
     AbrahamValentine married V453 
     ElizabethLentValentinemarried L530V453
    c/o 2nd AbrahamSamuelValentine   V453 
    c/o 2nd AbrahamOdellValentine   V453 
    c/o 2nd AbrahamJamesValentine   V453 
    c/o 2nd AbrahamGilbertValentine   V453 
    c/o 2nd AbrahamJacobValentine   V453 
    c/o 2nd AbrahamAnnValentineWilliamsmarried V453W452
     ElijahWilliams married W452 
    c/o 1st AbrahamDorothyValentineFowlermarried V453F460
      Fowler married F460 
     NancyValentine   V453 
     SallyValentine   V453 
     MaryValentine   V453 
     SusanValentine born1756V453 
     SusanValentineVredenburghmarried V453V635
      Vredenburgh married V635 
    s/o MathiasJohnValentine   V453 
     MatthiasValentine   V453 
     SamuelValentine   V453 
     ThomasValentine born1723V453 
     ThomasValentine married V453 
     IsabellaLawrenceValentinemarried L652V453
     ThomasValentine married V453 
     MaryBartonValentinemarried B635V453
    c/o ThomasJamesValentine married V453 
      WarnerValentinemarried W656V453
    c/o James Valentine and Miss WarnerStaatsValentine   V453 
    c/o James Valentine and Miss WarnerCharlesValentine   V453 
    c/o James Valentine and Miss WarnerNathanielValentine   V453 
    c/o ThomasElijahValentine married V453 
    sister of General Jacob OdellValentinemarried O340V453
    c/o ThomasNathanielValentine   V453 
    c/o NathanielBishopValentine   V453 
    c/o NathanielBurlingValentine   V453 
    c/o NathanielElijahValentine   V453 
    c/o ThomasThomasValentine   V453 
    c/o Thomas (2?)CharlesValentine   V453 
    c/o ThomasMatthiasValentine married V453 
      DeightonValentinemarried D235V453
    c/o Matthias Valentine and Miss DeightonSampsonValentine   V453 
    c/o ThomasMargaretValentineOdellmarried V453O340
     IsaacOdell married O340 
    c/o ThomasAnnaValentine   V453 
     DorothyValentine born1716V453 
     DorothyValentineWarnermarried V453W656
     WmWarner married W656 
     SarahValentine born1719V453 
     SarahValentineArchermarried V453A626
     RichardArcher married A626 
   1466 JaneValentine born1724V453 
     JaneValentineFowlermarried V453F460
     ReubenFowler married F460 
    s/o first Benjamin"Mary and Joseph"Valentine   V453 
    c/o Joseph Valentine c/o BenjaminCalebValentine   V453 
    c/o CalebCalebValentine   V453 
    c/o 1st CalebAnthonyValentine married V453 
      FarringdorsValentinemarried F652V453
    c/o Anthony Valentine and Miss FarringdersJamesValentine   V453 
    c/o Anthony Valentine and Miss FarringdersAnthonyValentine   V453 
    c/o Anthony Valentine and Miss FarringdersJordanValentine   V453 
    c/o Anthony Valentine and Miss FarringdersDanielValentine married V453 
    d/o ThomasMiriamFisherValentinemarried F260V453
    c/o Thomas Valentine and Miriam FisherFisherValentine   V453 
    c/o Thomas Valentine and Miriam FisherDavidValentine   V453 
    c/o Thomas Valentine and Miriam FisherDavidValentine   V453 
    c/o Thomas Valentine and Miriam FisherDavidValentine   V453 
    c/o Thomas Valentine and Miriam FisherElizabethValentine   V453 
    c/o Thomas Valentine and Miriam FisherAmelia Valentine   V453 
    c/o Thomas Valentine and Miriam FisherEmmaValentine   V453 
I-238  1467        
   1468 Mrs. G WSlaight livedca 1935S423 
     Jacob WSlaight married1861S423 
     Harriett A La ForgeSlaightmarried1861L162S423
     Jacob WSlaight born1835S423 
     Harriett A La Forge born1843L162 
     Sarah ASlaight born1862S423 
     Clarence WSlaight born1865S423 
     George WSlaight born1869S423 
     Clarence WSlaight died1866S423 
   1469 Harriett A  Slaightdied1879 S423
     CharlesLa Forge died1876L162 
I-239  1470        
   1471 Mrs James R (Ida)SimonsonGrantlivedca 1935S552G653
     CorneliusSimonson married1836S552 
     JemimaSimonson married1836S552 
     HenrySimonson married1863S552 
     CorneliusSimonson married1870S552 
   1472 David FSimonson married1874S552 
     Susie VCunninghamSimonsonmarried1874C552S552
     James RGrant married1893G653 
     Ida SimonsonGrantmarried1893S552G653
    c/o Cornelius and Jemima SimonsonHenrySimonson   S552 
    c/o Cornelius and Jemima SimonsonCornelius JrSimonson   S552 
    c/o Cornelius and Jemima SimonsonAbraham CSimonson   S552 
    c/o Cornelius and Jemima SimonsonElizabethSimonson   S552 
    c/o Cornelius and Jemima SimonsonDavid FremontSimonson   S552 
    c/o Cornelius and Jemima SimonsonIda Simonson   S552 
     CorneliusSimonson born1812S552 
     JemimaSimonson born1814S552 
     MariaStellenwerf born1849S345 
   1473 JosephSimonson born1700S552 
     ElizabethWinant born1774W553 
     Isaac Simonson born1794S552 
     JohnSimonson born1796S552 
     JacobSimonson born1798S552 
     ElizabethSimonson born1800S552 
     IsaacSimonson born1803S552 
     JosephSimonson born1804S552 
     JoannaSimonson born1807S552 
   1474 Abram CSimonson born1809S552 
     MarySimonson born1811S552 
     Jemima Simonson born1814S552 
     David Simonson born1817S552 
   1475 IsaacSimonson born1734S552 
     BarnetSimonson born1757S552 
     IsaacSimonson born1761S552 
     JemimaSimonson born1764S552 
     Stephen Simonson born1766S552 
     JosephSimonson born1770S552 
     DanielSimonson born1773S552 
     AaronSimonson born1775S552 
     ElizabethSimonson born1787S552 
     JohnBritton born1791B635 
     ElizabethKetteltas born1792K343 
   1476 Stephen Britton born1815B635 
     NathanielBritton born1817B635 
     Mary CBritton born1825B635 
     ElizaEgbert born1815E216 
     Susie V Simonsonborn1916 S552
   1477 Abraham CSimonson born1809S552 
     Addra ElizaBritton born1813B635 
     Stephen KSimonson born1833S552 
     John BSimonson born1834S552 
     Mary ElizabethSimonson born1841S552 
     LivingstoneSimonson born1854S552 
     Orville BSimonson born1859S552 
     Mary LouiseHerrick born1863H620 
     TalbotSimonson born1865S552 
     Anna LouiseSimonson born1847S552 
   1478 Abraham CSimonson married1832S552 
     Addra ElizaBrittonSimonsonmarried1832B635S552
     Stephen KSimonson married1803S552 
     Eleanor CButlerSimonsonmarried1803B346S552
     Byron DHerrick married1862H620 
     Mary ElizabethSimonsonHerrickmarried1862S552H620
     Joseph SDecker married1865D260 
     Annie LSimonsonDeckermarried1865S552D260
   1479_retake JosephSimonson died1839S552 
     JohnBritton died1850B635 
     ElizabethBritton died1868B635 
     Orville BSimonson died1865S552 
     James SDecker died1862D260 
     Rebecca Deckerdied1849 D260
     Abram CSimonson died1874S552 
I-240  1480        
   1481 EseckSimonson lived1823S552 
     EseckSimonson born1765S552 
     AbbySimonson born1769S552 
     Ann BSimonsonBlakemarried1831S552B420
     Daniel CBlake married1831B420 
    d/o Daniel and AnnMahala SalinaBlake born1832B420 
     ElizabethBlake born1835B420 
   1482 Eseck SBlake born1838B420 
     DanielBlake born1841B420 
     Elizabeth AnnBlake born1843B420 
    d/o Daniel and AnnElizabeth SBlake died1840B420 
    s/o Daniel and AnnEseck SBlake died1847B420 
     ElizabethSimonson died1838S552 
     EseckSimonson died1842S552 
     AbigailEgbert died1869E216 
     Dorothy BSimonson died1869S552 
   1483 Mahala SalinaBlakeCrocheronmarried1849B420C626
     John M/HCrocheron married1849C626 
     DanielBlake married1866B420 
     Barrent Simonson born1729S552 
     ArthorSimonson born1756S552 
     JohnSimonson born1758S552 
     BorntSimonson born1759S552 
     JoannahSimonson born S552 
   1484 Rubin Simonson born1765S552 
     EseckSimonson born1765S552 
     JacobSimonson born1768S552 
     Abigail Simonson born1769S552 
    c/o BorntJohannahSimonson died1779S552 
    c/o BorntArtSimonson died1753S552 
   1485s/o Abraham and JaneNathanCrocheron born1802C626 
    d/o Thomas and AnnEleanorLisk born1801L200 
     NathanCrocheron married C626 
     EleanorLiskCrocheronmarried L200C626
     sonCrocheron born1829C626 
    d/o Eseck and ElizabethDorothy BarnesSimonson born1797S552 
    d/o Eseck and ElizabethDorothy BarnesSimonson died1869S552 
     BarnetSimonson died1807S552 
     Abigail Simonsondied1807 S552
I-241  1486T B Simonson       
   1487 Oscar WSimonson married1880S552 
     Frances JanePriceSimonsonmarried1880P620S552
     Oscar WSimonson born1854S552 
     Frances J Simonsonborn1856 S552
     Thomas ButlerSimonson born1887S552 
   1488 Olive Blanche Simonson born1887S552 
     David FrancisSimonson born1885S552 
     Stafford Du BoisSimonson born1881S552 
     Thomas ButlerSimonson born1887S552 
   1489 William PercivalSimonson born1919S552 
     Anna MaySimonson born1923S552 
     Donald StaffordSimonson born1925S552 
   1490 Frances JaneSimonson died1890S552 
     Frances JaneDu Bois died1903D120 
     Oscar WardSimonson died1907S552 
I-242  1491        
   1492 William ASharrott livedca 1935S630 
     William HSharrott married1853S630 
     Mary JaneBedellSharrottmarried1853B340S630
     William WManee married1876M500 
     DanielSharrott born1795S630 
     GertrudeSharrott born1804S630 
     William HSharrott born1831S630 
     Mary Jane Sharrottborn1832 S630
     Ellen A Sharrottborn1854 S630
     AdrianaSharrot born1855S630 
     AbrahamSharrot born1858S630 
     Jane RSharrot born1860S630 
     Jacobson WSharrot born1862S630 
     WinantSharrot born1864S630 
     GertrudeSharrot born1866S630 
     William H JrSharrot born1870S630 
     Jacobson WSharrot died1863S630 
     WinantSharrot died1864S630 
     DanielSharrot died1876S630 
     GertrudeSharrot died1876S630 
   1494 William HSharrot died1895S630 
    prob 1905Henry HopkinsChapin died2005C150 
     J HMarshall died1910M624 
     MelindaSharrott born1872S630 
     Minard DSharrot born1875S630 
     Mary JSharrott died1920S630 
     Ellen ASharrott died1920S630 
I-243  1495        
   1496 GraceJorneay livedca 1935J650 
     JohnSeguine married1787S250 
     DavidJourneay married1803J650 
    w/o JohnCatharine GertrudeSeguineJohnsondied1816S250J525
     John Seguine born1757S250 
   1497_retake George BarnesSeguine born1788S250 
     JamesSeguine born1788S250 
     John SSeguine born1790S250 
     HenrySeguine born1793S250 
     AnnSeguine born1795S250 
     RobertSeguine born1797S250 
     StephenSeguine born1799S250 
     Catharine GertrudeSeguine born1803S250 
     Catharine GertrudeSeguine born1805S250 
     BorntSeguine born1807S250 
   1498_retake Catharine GertrudeSeguine died1805S250 
     John SrSeguine died1813S250 
     StephenSeguine died1818S250 
     HenrySeguine died1819S250 
     JamesSeguine died1820S250 
     MargaretSeguine died1848S250 
     JohnSeguine died1849S250 
     RobertSeguine died1873S250 
     George BSeguine died1873S250 
I-244  1499        
   1500 Livingston KnightSatterlee livedca 1935S364 
     Gen. LivingstonSatterlee born1840S364 
     Gen. LivingstonSatterlee died1902S364 
I-245  1501        
   1502 Cora L Fellowslivedca 1935 F420
     William AlfredRoss married1846R200 
     Rachel EllenHaughwoutRossmarried1846H230R200
     Alice RossButlermarried1868R200B346
     Thomas JeffersonButler married1868B346 
     William AlfredRoss married1886R200 
     Margaret LouiseHaughwoutRossmarried1886H230R200
     George Ross married1890R200 
     GeorgeRoss married R200 
     KatherineBroadbeckRossmarried B631R200
   1503 Cora LouiseButlerFellowsmarried1922B346F420
     Dana WillisFellows married1922F420 
     William AlfredRoss born1822R200 
     Rachel EllenHaughwout born1821H230 
     Alice Ross born1847R200 
     GeorgeRoss born1855R200 
     Margaret LouisaHaughwout born1833H230 
   1504 Charles WinfieldButler born1869B346 
     Cora LouiseButler born1872B346 
     Arthur RossButler born1881B346 
     Wiman FolsomRoss born1891R200 
     George (Carl) BroadbeckRoss born1916R200 
     Rachel EllenHaughwoutRossdied1884H230R200
     Charles WinfieldButler died1888B346 
   1505 Thomas JeffersonButler died1904B346 
     CharlesHaughwout died1900H230 
     William AlfredRoss died1906R200 
     Margaret Louisa Rossdied1814 R200
     Alice RossButlerdied1922R200B346
   1506 GeorgeRoss died1926R200 
     Dana WillisFellows died1928F420 
I-246  1507        
   1508 Cora L Fellowslivedca 1935 F420
     WilliamRoss lived1816R200 
     WilliamRoss married1813R200 
     WilliamRoss born1790R200 
     JaneKnoth born1797K530 
   1509d/o William and JaneAnn CatharineRoss born1813R200 
    s/o William and JaneJohnRoss born1815R200 
    d/o William and JaneJane ElizaRoss born1818R200 
    s/o William and JaneWilliam AlfredRoss born1822R200 
   1510d/o William and JaneAnn CatharineRoss died1814R200 
    s/o William and JaneJohnRoss died1853R200 
    d/o John and Ann KnothJaneKnothRossdied1823K530R200
    d/o William and JaneJane ElizaRossSimonsondied1861R200S552
     Jane ElizaRossSimonsonmarried R200S552
     William D Simonson married S552 
     WilliamRoss died1866R200 
   1511 GeorgeRoss died1926R200 
I-247  1512        
   1513 Mrs. P Ainsworthlivedca 1935 A526
     SarahRogers died1819R262 
I-248  1514        
   1515 Mrs. William  Robinsonlivedca 1935 R152
     WilliamRobinson married1877R152 
     Martha A B La ForgeRobinsonmarried1877L162R152
     Eileen LaForgeRobinsonRussellmarried1906R152R240
     Edward JohnsonRussell married1906R240 
     Sarah GertrudeRobinsonHendersonmarried1907R152H536
     CharlesHenderson married1907H536 
     Winslow DavisRobinson married1913R152 
     Florence KelloggNewellRobinsonmarried1913N400R152
   1516 WilliamRobinson born1851R152 
     Martha A B La Forge born1858L162 
     Sarah GertrudeRobinson born1879R152 
     Aimee VictorineRobinson born1881R152 
     Winslow DavisRobinson born1884R152 
     Eileen LaForgeRobinson born1887R152 
     EileenRussell born1907R240 
     Charles JrHenderson born1908H536 
     Mary La ForgeRussell born1909R240 
   1517 James WilliamHenderson born1909H536 
     Martha AnnRussell born1911R240 
     Robert MacDonaldHenderson born1912H536 
     Robert WinslowRobinson born1914R152 
     Edward Johnson JrRussell born1914R240 
     Donald La ForgeHenderson born1915H536 
     EuniceRobinson born1916R152 
     Faith HamiltonRussell born1918R240 
     Lyman NewellRobinson born1919R152 
     William HenryRussell born1920R240 
     John La ForgeRobinson born1924R152 
     James WinslowRussell born1927R240 
     Aimee VictorineRobinson died1882R152 
   1518 Sarah SwannRobinson died1917R152 
     William Robinson died1918R152 
     Robert MacDonaldHenderson died1930H536 
I-249  1519        
   1520 Hiram Reid born1791R300 
     MaryPease born1797P200 
     Hiram Reid married1815R300 
    s/o Hirm and MaryJonathan PeaseReid born1815R300 
    s/o Hirm and MaryWilliam Manley Reid born1817R300 
     PeterSmith married S530 
     MaryReidSmithmarried R300S530
I-250  1521        
   1522 William MWinant livedca 1935W553 
     AbrahamParlee born1742P640 
    c/o AbrahamJohnParlee born1744P640 
    c/o AbrahamCatyParlee born1745P640 
    c/o AbrahamJacobParlee born1748P640 
    c/o AbrahamHenryParlee born1752P640 
    c/o AbrahamBorntParlee born1754P640 
    c/o AbrahamPeterParlee born1757P640 
     Mary  born1783  
     John  born1785  
     Catey Rachel  born175_  
I-251  1527        
   1528 Mrs. S. A.  Metcalfelivedca 1935 M324
     Sarah T Oliver   O416
     Alexander SrOliver married1836O416 
     Sarah TheresaBettsOlivermarried1836B320O416
     Margaret AnnOliverNoakesmarried1863O416N220
     GeorgeNoakes married1863N220 
     Sarah JaneOliverGrobeckermarried1866O416G612
     WilliamGrobecker married1866G612 
     GeorgeMetcalfe married1872M324 
     AlexanderOliver born1812O416 
     Sarah TeresaBetts born1818B320 
   1529 Alexander JrOliver born1837O416 
     William HOliver born1838O416 
     Mary JaneOliver born1840O416 
     Margaret AnnOliver born1842O416 
     Sarah JaneOliver born1846O416 
     JosephineOliver born1848O416 
     John W McCuneOliver born1850O416 
   1530 Mary LouisaOliver born1853O416 
     FrankOliver born1855O416 
     Ella ElizabethOliver born1861O416 
     Mary JaneOliver died1844O416 
     Mary LouisaOliver died1856O416 
     FrankOliver died1862O416 
     John W McCuneOliver died1862O416 
I-252  1531        
   1532 Mrs. S. A. Metcalfelivedca 1935 M324
     Emmeline Moore   M600
     T W CharlesMoore born1794M600 
     Emmeline L Mooreborn1802 M600
     Elizabeth HarringtonMoore born1820M600 
     EmmelineMoore born1822M600 
   1533 Catharine AugustaMoore born1824M600 
     Harriet Theresa AnnaMoore born1826M600 
     Mary LouisaMoore born1830M600 
     CoraMoore born1833M600 
     William CharlesMoore born1835M600 
     Margaret WilliaminaMoore born1838M600 
     Grace EllinorMoore born1841M600 
     CharlesSimons born1842S552 
     Thomas WilliamSimons born1845S552 
     Sidney AugustusSimons born1846S552 
     Charles FrederickSimons born1852S552 
   1534 Charles LeopoldBurchard born1849B626 
     William ConradBurchard born1851B626 
     FrederickBurchard born1853B626 
     Louis FrederickBurchard born1854B626 
     Edmund LivingstonBurchard born1856B626 
     WeimerMotz   M320 
     Henry AlbertMotz born1856M320 
     Charles HoratioSquier born1863S600 
     Emmeline MooreSquier born1866S600 
   1535 William RobertMetcalfe born1866M324 
     Sidney AugustusMetcalfe born1869M324 
     William ClarenceMoore born1866M600 
     MabelMoore born1871M600 
     Charles EdwinHervey born1868H610 
     William AddisonHervey born1870H610 
   1536 EmmelineLockmanMooremarried1819L255M600
     Thomas William CharlesMoore married1819M600 
     Isaac MartinSimons married1841S552 
     Catherine AugustaMooreBurchardmarried1847M600B626
     John LeopoldBurchard married1847B626 
     Mary Louisa MooreMotzmarried1852M600M320
     Christian LudwigMotz married1852M320 
     Harriet Theresa AnnaMooreGrangermarried1857M600G652
     John AnthonyGranger married1857G652 
     HoratioSquier married1862S600 
     Sarah AnnCropseyMooremarried1863C612M600
     William CharlesMoore married1863M600 
     Margaret WilliaminaMooreMetcalfemarried1865M600M324
     CharlesMetcalfe married1865M324 
     Grace EllinorMooreHerveymarried1865M600H610
     Edwin AddisonHervey married1865H610 
   1537 Eliza HarringtonMoore died1845M600 
     John LeopoldBurchard died1857B626 
     Isaac MartinSimons died1857S552 
     Harriet Theresa AnnaGranger died1860G652 
     John AnthonyGranger died1860G652 
     Thomas William CharlesMoore died1873M600 
     CharlesSimons died1842S552 
     Thomas WilliamSimons died1845S552 
     William ConradBurchard died1855B626 
     WernerMotz died M320 
     Charles EdwinHervey died1868H610 
I-253  1538        
   1539 Mrs. Gordon Thompsonlivedca 1935 T512
     JohnMerrell born1785M640 
     Mary AnnMerrell born1802M640 
     MaryMerrell born1809M640 
     WilliamMerrell born1811M640 
     VinechyMerrell born1812M640 
   1540 JohnMerrell born1815M640 
     JohnThompson born1811T512 
     George FountainThompson born1813T512 
     WilliamMerrell born1744M640 
     Mary Merrellborn1750 M640
     AbigalMerrell born1770M640 
     MaryMerrell born1771M640 
     EliasMerrell born1773M640 
     PhebeMerrell born1774M640 
   1541 SusannahMerrell born1776M640 
     HesterMerrell born1778M640 
     ElizabethMerrell born1780M640 
     William JrMerrell born1782M640 
     JohnMerrell born1785M640 
     WilliamThompson born1801T512 
     JosiahThompson born1804T512 
     MaryMerrell born1807M640 
I-254  1542        
   1543 FrederickKeteltas livedca 1935K343 
     Egbert HMerrell   M640 
     Jane WMerrellKeteltasmarried1854M640K343
     John SKeteltas married1854K343 
     GarretMerrell married1860M640 
     Frances JBushMerrellmarried1860B200M640
     Elmer GMerrell born1891M640 
     Freddy J M Keteltas born1862K343 
     Mary ElizaMerrell died1854M640 
    1857 or 1847Egbert HMerrell died M640 
I-255  1544        
   1545 Gertrude Mezierlivedca 1935 M260
     John JMartling married1802M634 
     DorcasLa ForgeMartlingmarried1802L162M634
     Peter LMartling married1832M634 
     Mary AnnBrittonMartlingmarried1832B635M634
    GarretGarriet BVroom married1854V650 
     Mary EMartlingVroommarried1854M634V650
   1546 Varnum SMills married1855M420 
     Dorcas LMartlingMillsmarried1855M634M420
     Peter LMartling married1862M634 
     Deborah MBurgerMartlingmarried1862B626M634
     John BMartling married1864M634 
     Helen LMillsMartlingmarried1864M420M634
     James B Swift married1865S130 
     Helen SMartling married1865M634 
     Abraham BMartling married1869M634 
     Arrietta E Burger married1869B626 
   1547 John JMartling born1776M634 
     Dorcas La Forge born1783L162 
     Sarah AMartling born1801M634 
     Martha LMartling born1805M634 
     Eliza CMartling born1808M634 
     Peter LMartling born1811M634 
     Mary AnnMartling born1812M634 
     Mary EMartling born1833M634 
   1548 Dorcas LMartling born1835M634 
     John BMartling born1838M634 
     Jane AMartling born1840M634 
     Helen SMartling born1844M634 
     Abraham BMartling born1846M634 
     Sarah AMartling born1849M634 
    d/o John B and LouisaMary HMartling born1866M634 
   1549 Abraham BMartling born1846M634 
     Arietta EMartling born1847M634 
     Irene AMartling born1870M634 
     Mary LMartling born1872M634 
     Alice RMartling born1873M634 
     Peter LMartling born1874M634 
     Laura HMartling born1877M634 
     Frederic CMartling born1879M634 
     Hattie EMartling born1885M634 
   1550 Abraham BMartling born1892M634 
     VincentBodine died B350 
     John JayMartling died1854M634 
     Peter LMartling died1878M634 
     Hattie EMartling died1889M634 
     Dorcas LMartling died1842M634 
     Mary AnnMartling died1860M634 
     Sarah AMartling died1864M634 
     Varnum SMills died1865M420 
   1551 Jane AHuyler died1909H460 
     Arrietta E Martling died1925M634 
     Abraham BMartling died1933M634 
   1552 PeterLa Forge married L162 
     EmmaMeyersLa Forgemarried M620L162
    c/o Peter La Forge and Emma MeyersMarionLa Forge   L162 
     Charles SMezier married M260 
     Laura HuylerMartlingMeziermarried M634M260
    c/o Charles S Mezier, Laura Huyler MartlingAbraham MartlingMezier   M260 
    c/o Charles S Mezier, Laura Huyler MartlingCharles FrederickMezier   M260 
    c/o Charles S Mezier, Laura Huyler MartlingWilliam LaurenceMezier   M260 
   1553 Frederick PBrown married B650 
     Clare Louise MartlingBrownmarried M634B650
    c/o Frederick and ClareClark AustinBrown   B650 
     Abraham BrittonMartling married M634 
     MarjorieCarrollMartlingmarried C640M634
    c/o Abraham and MarjorieFrankMartling   M634 
     RaymondMartling   M634 
     MyrtleMartling   M634 
     MarjorieMartling   M634 
     DeweyMartling   M634 
     InfantMartling   M634 
I-256  1554        
   1555 Mrs. William Robinsonlivedca 1935 R152
     John La Forge   L162 
     David La Forge born1827L162 
     Gertrude AnnLa Forge born1830L162 
     John JrLa Forge born1832L162 
     MarthaLa Forge born1834L162 
   1556 SarahLa Forge born1838L162 
     EmmaLa Forge born1842L162 
     MaryLa Forge born1846L162 
     Martha A BlakeLa Forge born1858L162 
     John SrLa Forge born1805L162 
     MarthaLa Forge died1837L162 
     David La Forge died1837L162 
     CorneliaLa Forge died1850L162 
I-257  1557        
   1558 Henry P and AnnLa Forge   L162 
     Henry ParleeLa Forge born1816L162 
     Catharine AnnSpragueLa Forgeborn1822S162L162
     Henry ParleeLa Forge married1842L162 
     Catharine AnnSpragueLa Forgemarried1842S162L162
     CastillaLa Forge born1843L162 
     CastillaLa Forge died1902L162 
     AbrahamSprague born1781S162 
     AbrahamSprague died1861S162 
     Mary MartinSprague born1780S162 
     Mary MartinSprague died1851S162 
     Henry PLa Forge died1885L162 
     MargaretHamton born1759H535 
     MargaretHamton died1829H535 
I-258  1559        
   1560 Mrs. D. J. Tysonlivedca 1935 T250
     Daniel WLake married1803L200 
    s/o Daniel and MaryWilliam GLake married L200 
     AnnGiffordLakemarried G163L200
    d/o Daniel W and MaryEliza PLakeTysenmarried1831L200T250
     David JTysen married1831T250 
    d/o Daniel W and MaryMargaretta MLakeHydemarried1846L200H300
     Emmett WHyde married1846H300 
   1561 DanielLake born1719L200 
     Sarah Lakeborn1719 L200
    s/o Daniel and SarahWilliamLake born1750L200 
     ElizabethPoillonLakeborn P450L200
    d/o William and ElizabethElizabethLake born1778L200 
    s/o William and ElizabethDaniel WLake born1780L200 
    s/o William and ElizabethJohn WilliamLake born1783L200 
   1562c/o Daniel and MaryWilliam GiffordLake born1804L200 
    c/o Daniel and MaryDanielLake born1805L200 
    c/o Daniel and MaryJohnLake born1807L200 
    c/o Daniel and MaryAnnettie VoorhisLake born1809L200 
    c/o Daniel and MaryArthurLake born1811L200 
    c/o Daniel and MaryElizabeth PoillonLake born1814L200 
    c/o Daniel and MaryJames SwanLake born1817L200 
    c/o Daniel and MaryMargaretLake born1819L200 
   1563 ErastusLake born1821L200 
     SarahLake born1823L200 
     William BernardGifford born1751G163 
     Maryetta GiffordMersereau born1844M626 
   1564 WilliamLake died1783L200 
     SarahLake died1823L200 
     William BernardGifford died1814G163 
     John WLake died1819L200 
     Annetie VoorhisGifforddied1790V620G163
     Elizabeth Lakedied1830 L200
   1565 ErastusLake died1830L200 
     Maryette GMersereau died1877M626 
     Daniel WLake died1835L200 
     Annettie VLakeMersereaudied1882L200M626
     James SwanLake died1884L200 
   1566 JaneMersereauLakedied1884M626L200
     Arthur GLake died1887L200 
I-259  1567        
   1568 GraceJourneay livedca 1935J650 
     DavidJourneay lived1841J650 
     DavidJourneay married1813J650 
     John SJourneay married1836J650 
     DavidJourneay born1791J650 
   1569 Ann Journeayborn1795 J650
     John SJourneay born1814J650 
     HenryJourneay born1815J650 
     Mary AnnJourneay born1816J650 
     JacobJourneay born1818J650 
     DavidJourneay born1820J650 
     RobertJourneay born1821J650 
     StephenJourneay born1823J650 
     JamesJourneay born1825J650 
     JesseyJourneay born1827J650 
   1570 MargaretJourneay born1829J650 
     CatharineJourneay born1831J650 
     William OsbornJourneay born1833J650 
     AlfonseJourneay born1858J650 
     StephenJourneay died1852J650 
     RobertJourneay died1865J650 
     DavidJourneay died1877J650 
   1571 AlfonsoJourneay died1880J650 
     AnnJourneay died1890J650 
     Maria Journeaydied1878 J650
     William OsborneJourneay died1921J650 
I-260  1572        
   1573 Cornelius CJones livedca 1935J520 
     Cornelius CJones married1838J520 
     George FountainJones married1860J520 
     Hannah MLa GrangeJonesmarried1860L265J520
     Aaron B Decker married1863D260 
     Gertrude LJonesDeckermarried1863J520D260
     Abram DJones married1871J520 
     Hannah LDeckerJonesmarried1871D260J520
     Ansley BThatcher married1885T326 
   1574 C C JrJones married1887J520 
     SophiaVan NameJonesmarried1887V550J520
     Cornelius CJones born1817J520 
     ElizabethDehart born1821D630 
     George ThompsonJones born1841J520 
     Gertrude LakeJones born1844J520 
     Abraham De HartJones born1847J520 
     Eugenia AnnJones born1850J520 
     Ophelia FairmeJones born1852J520 
   1575Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyDanielJones born1778J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyDanielJones died1849J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyElizabethChristopher born1781C623 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyElizabethChristopher died1858C623 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyAbrahamJones born1800J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyAbrahamJones died1850J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyMariaJones born1802J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyMariaJones died1878J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyEstherJones born1807J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyEstherJones died1880J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyBarnettJones born1811J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyBarnettJones died1894J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyDanielJones born1815J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyDanielJones died1817J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyCornelius CJones born1817J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyCornelius CJones died1886J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyElizaJones born1819J520 
    Daniel and Elizabeth Jones FamilyElizaJones died1892J520 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyEdwardDe Hart born1782D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyEdwardDe Hart died1835D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyMaryVan Name born1786V550 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyMaryVan Name died1870V550 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyCatharineDe Hart born1804D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyCatharineDe Hart died1870D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyMosesDe Hart born1806D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyMosesDe Hart died1817D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyEdwardDe Hart born1809D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyEdwardDe Hart died1859D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyAbrahamDe Hart born1811D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyAbrahamDe Hart died1848D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyMary De Hart born1814D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyMaryDe Hart died1850D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyHenryDe Hart born1817D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyHenryDe Hart died1817D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyJohnDe Hart born1817D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyJohnDe Hart died1817D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilySophiaDe Hart born1818D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilySophiaDe Hart died1851D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyElizabeth De Hart born1821D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyElizabethDe Hart died1893D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyGertrude De Hart born1824D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyGertrude De Hart died1854D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyAnnDe Hart born1828D630 
    Edward and Mary De Hart FamilyAnn De Hart died1858D630 
   1576 Ophelia FairmeJones died1855J520 
     Eugenia AnnJones died1858J520 
     Cornelius CJones died1886J520 
     ElizabethJones died1893J520 
     Wyola JJonesThatcherdied1901J520T326
     George ThompsonJones died1902J520 
     Hannah MJones died1924J520 
I-261  1577        
   1578 Cornelius CJones livedca 1935J520 
     George TJones married1860J520 
     Hannah MLa GrangeJonesmarried1860L265J520
     Ansley BThatcher married1885T326 
     Cornelius C JrJones married1887J520 
     SophiaVan NameJonesmarried1887V550J520
     George TJones married1924J520 
     Jennie BStoddardJonesmarried1924S336J520
     George TJones born1841J520 
     Hannah MLa Grange born1840L265 
     Cornelius C JrJones born1861J520 
     WyolaJones born1866J520 
   1579 GeorgeJones born1872J520 
     Ansley BThatcher born T326 
     SophiaJones born1861J520 
     Minnie WyolaJones born1890J520 
     George T JrJones born1894J520 
     Jennie BStoddard born1893S336 
     Paul HaroldJones born1925J520 
     Ruth ElizabethJones born1928J520 
     Cornelius C JrJones born1930J520 
     Minnie WyolaJones born1890J520 
     George TJones died1902J520 
     Hannah MJones died1924J520 
     La GrangeJones died1924J520 
I-262  1580        
   1581 Mrs. Paul M.Fulton livedca 1935F435 
     DavidJohnson married1819J525 
     HenryJohnson born1794J525 
     DavidJohnson born1795J525 
     PeterJohnson born1797J525 
   1582 ElizabethJohnson born1799J525 
     Mary AnnJohnson born1801J525 
     ElizabethJohnson born1821J525 
     ElizabethWoglom born1800W245 
     Mary AnnJohnson born182_J525 
     Abraham WJohnson born1824J525 
     DavidJohnson died J525 
   1583 William D Butler died1897B346 
     Mrs Robinsondied1897 R152
     LeanRutan died1897R350 
     RandolfDrake died1897D620 
     GideonUnderhill died1897U536 
     JohnFisher died1897F260 
     WilliamToland died1897T453 
     HenardLavand died1897L153 
     John JWilliams died1897W452 
     ConductorHankins died1897H525 
     MrFoster died1897F236 
I-263  1584        
   1585 Frederick EHaughwout livedca 1935H230 
     CharlesHaughwout lived1852H230 
     Catharine Ann Haughwoutlived1852 H230
     CharlesHaughwout married1849H230 
     Catharine AnnDeckerHaughwoutmarried1849D260H230
   1586 Jane MHaughwoutSimonsonmarried1871H230S552
     Dr. JacobSimonson married1871S552 
     EugeneHaughwout married1898H230 
     Eugene CharlesHaughwout married1920H230 
     Frederick EHaughwout married1926H230 
     CharlesHaughwout born1826H230 
     Catharine AnnDeckerHaughwoutborn1830D260H230
     DanielHaughwout born1788H230 
   1587c/o Frederick and AnnaAllen LeffertHaughwout born1932H230 
    c/o Frederick and AnnaDana QuentinHaughwout born1934H230 
    c/o Frederick and AnnaSandra JoellenHaughwout born1935H230 
     Jane MedoraHaughwout born1850H230 
     Eugene Haughwout born1857H230 
   1588 Eugene CHaughwout born1899H230 
     Mamie MedoraHaughwout born1902H230 
     Frederick EugeneHaughwout born1908H230 
     Ida MayWeir born1899W600 
     BenjaminDecker born1791D260 
     Lane Metzer born1791M326 
   1589 JohnHaughwout died1841H230 
     DanielHaughwout died1848H230 
     Catharine AnnJackson died1852J250 
     JohnHaughwout died1852H230 
     CharlesHaughwout died1900H230 
     Catharine ADecker died1905D260 
   1590 Mamie MedoraHaughwout died1906H230 
     Eliza LaneDecker died1854D260 
     BenjaminDecker died1871D260 
     EugeneHaughwout died1924H230 
I-264  1591        
   1592 Rev L M AHaughwout livedca 1935H230 
     William HenryHaughwout born1857H230 
     JoannaBaker born1856B260 
     WillettaHaughwout born1883H230 
     Hilda MayHaughwout born1887H230 
     Carl LeffertHaughwout born1892H230 
     William HenryHaughwout married1886H230 
I-265  1593        
   1594 Martin ZHaughwout livedca 1935H230 
     Charles CHaughwout married1858H230 
     Jane E Van NameHaughwoutmarried1858V550H230
     Saul? M Drake married1865D620 
     MartinHaughwout married1871H230 
     Isadore LCameronHaughwoutmarried1871C565H230
     ThomasStanmere ? married1869S356 
     Harriet CHaughwoutStanmeremarried1869H230S356
     William MHaughwout married1878H230 
     John W HHaughwout married1834H230 
     Marie A WoodHaughwoutmarried1834W300H230
   1595 John WHaughwout died1892H230 
   1596 John W HHaughwout born1813H230 
     ? AHaughwout born1814H230 
     Charles CHaughwout born1837H230 
     Martin ZHaughwout born1841H230 
     MalindaHaughwout born1845H230 
     Harriet CHaughwout born1830H230 
     William MHaughwout born1856H230 
   1597 MalindaHaughwout died1876H230 
    or 186Harriet CHaughwout died1880H230 
     Elizabeth JaneHaughwout died1890H230 
     Charles CHaughwout died1911H230 
     Martin ZHaughwout died1920H230 
I-266  1598        
   1599_retake Cora L Fellowslivedca 1935 F420
     JohnHaughwout married1813H230 
     E JHaughwout married H230 
     A P Tyson married T250 
     C AHaughwout married1845H230 
     A EJackson married1845J250 
     R E HaughwoutRosemarried1846H230R200
     William ARose married1846R200 
   1600 CharlesHaughwout married1849H230 
     Catharine AnnDeckerHaughwoutmarried1849D260H230
     JohnHaughwout born1790H230 
     Margaret LouisaHaughwout born1833H230 
     MargaretChristopher born1795C623 
     Elsy JaneHaughwout born1814H230 
     JohnHaughwout born1817H230 
     DanielHaughwout born1819H230 
    RachelLocky ElenHaughwout born1821H230 
   1601 Catherine AnnHaughwout born1824H230 
     CharlesHaughwout born1826H230 
     PeterHaughwout died1815H230 
     EnosHaughwout died1818H230 
     IsaacHaughwout died1819H230 
     EnosHaughwout died1821H230 
   1602 RachelVanpelt died1823V514 
     JohnHaughwout died1841H230 
     HannahHaughwout died1845H230 
     DanielHaughwout died1848H230 
     Catharine Ann Jacksondied1852 J250
     ElsyChristopher died1814C623 
     PeterChristopher died1824C623 
     John JrHaughwout died1852H230 
     MargaretHaughwout died1872H230 
     JaneTysen died1891T250 
     A PTyson died1891T250 
   1603 CharlesHaughwout died1900H230 
     Margaret LouiseRoss died1914R200 
I-267  1604        
   1605 Egbert PHaughtwout married1807H233 
     JohnSimonson married1827S552 
     WilliamWheeler married1867W460 
     V PBarnesWheelermarried1867B652W460
     JohnMarrell married1867M640 
     Natalia EWheelerMerrellmarried1867W460M640
     MichaelWheeler married1842W460 
     Pheobe EHaughwoutWheelermarried1842H230W460
     PeterGuyon married1868G500 
     Pheobe EWheelerGuyonmarried1868W460G500
     James EWheeler married1869W460 
     Flora EHawesWheelermarried1869H200W460
     Hannah AnnHaughwout born1808H230 
     JamesHaughwout born1812H230 
     Elbert PHaughwout born1787H230 
     Eva MarrellHaughwout born1789H230 
     DanielHaughwout born1816H230 
     Pheobe EHaughwout born1818H230 
     WilliamHaughwout born1820H230 
     ElizabethHaughwout born1822H230 
     Hiram EHaughwout born1824H230 
     Ellen NataliaHaughwout born1827H230 
   1606 WilliamWheeler born1840W460 
     Hannah EllenWheeler born1844W460 
     James EWheeler born1846W460 
     Natalia EllenWheeler born1848W460 
     George BWheeler born1850W460 
     Pheobe CatherineWheeler born1852W460 
     Ann MarettaWheeler born1854W460 
     John LWheeler born1856W460 
     David RWheeler born1859W460 
     DavidGuyon born1869G500 
     Flora Louse Wheeler born1870W460 
     Jennie Merrell born1870M640 
     John EWheeler born1871W460 
     JohnMerrell born1872M640 
     WilliamWheeler born1873W460 
     Jennie Wheeler born1875W460 
     ElizabethHaughwout died1823H230 
     Egbert PHaughwout died1829H230 
     Hannah AnnSimonson died1829S552 
     DanielHaughwout died1838H230 
     EveHaughwout died1864H230 
     Hannah EWheeler died1846W460 
     Jennie Wheeler died1876W460 
     DavidWheeler died1883W460 
     Pheobe EWheeler died1883W460 
     James EWheeler died1888W460 
     George BWheeler died1896W460 
     William Haughwout died1899H230 
   1607 Egbert PHaughwout married H230 
     EveMerrellHaughwoutmarried M640H230
     Egbert PHaughwout died1829H230 
I-268  1608        
   1609 Mrs. WilliamStanderwick livedca 1935S353 
     William Eddey married1817E300 
     WilliamEddey born1794E300 
     Susannah Eddeyborn1796 E300
     JacobGernee married1842G650 
   1609_retake Cornelius C BEddey married1845E300 
   1610 SusannaEddeyDeverymarried1846E300D160
     PerryDevery married1846D160 
     Harreit FGurneeStanderwickmarried1860G650S353
     HenryStanderwick married1860S353 
     Elizabeth MaryEddey born1818E300 
     CarolineEddey born1820E300 
     Carnelius ColeEddey born1821E300 
     Susannah A JrEddey born1824E300 
     Catharine FrancisEddey born1826E300 
     Harriet FrancisGernee born1844G650 
   1611 William EddeyGernee born1847G650 
   1612 WilliamEddey died1828E300 
     Catherine FrancesEddey died1828E300 
     CarolineEddey died1849E300 
     SusanahEddey died1859E300 
     SusannahEddey died1893E300 
     Elizabeth MaryEddey died1900E300 
   1613 WilliamEddey married1817E300 
     WilliamEddey born1794E300 
     JacobGernee married1842G650 
     Cornelius C BEddey married1845E300 
   1614 SusannahEddey born1796E300 
     PerryDevery married1846D160 
     Harreit FGurneeStanderwickmarried1860G650S353
     HenryStanderwick married1860S353 
   1615 Elizabeth MaryEddey born1818E300 
     CarlineEddey born1820E300 
     Cornelius ColeEddey born1821E300 
     Susannah A JrEddey born1824E300 
     WilliamEddey died1828E300 
     Catharine FrancesEddey died1828E300 
     CarolineEddey died1849E300 
   1616 SusanahEddey died1859E300 
     Catharine FrancisEddey born1826E300 
     Harriet FrancisGernee born1844G650 
     William EddeyGernee born1847G650 
     SusannahEddey died1873E300 
     Elizabeth MaryEddey died1900E300 
I-269  1617        
   1618 T BSimonson livedca 1935S552 
     Fanny Dubois   D120
     Margaret AnnDubois born1818D120 
    s/o Nathaniel and FannyJohnDubois born1817D120 
     Margaret AnnDubois born1818D120 
     JohnDubois born1820D120 
   1619 Thomas BDubois born1823D120 
     John ButlerDubois born1826D120 
     Frances JaneDubois born1830D120 
     Nathaniel D RandolphDubois born1830D120 
    s/o Nathaniel and FannyJohnDubois died1817D120 
     Stafford DuboisSimonson born1831S552 
     Anthony SDubois born1833D120 
     JohnDubois died1841D120 
   1620 MargaretDubois died1824D120 
     JohnDubois born1755D120 
     MargaretDubois born1758D120 
     Nathaniel Fitz RandolphDubois born1788D120 
     Nathaniel Fitz RandolphDubois born1856D120 
I-270  1621        
   1622 Mrs. Edward FDissosway livedca 1935D220 
     Catharine Mary Dissoswaylived1857 D220
     James JohnsonDissosway born1833D220 
     Catharine MaryLa Forge born1834L162 
     Eva LouiseDissosway born1869D220 
     Stella IzettaDissosway born1874D220 
     James JDissosway married1856D220 
     Catharine MLaforgeDissoswaymarried1856L162D220
   1623 Eva LouiseDissoswayGuyonmarried1881D220G500
     Isaac WGuyon married1881G500 
     Henry SLa Forge born1790L162 
     Henry SLa Forge died1887L162 
     Catharine RLa Forge born1795L162 
     Catharine RLa Forge died1888L162 
     Catharine Mary Dissoswaydied1926 D220
     CastellaLa Forge died1902L162 
     James JDissosway died1928D220 
I-271  1624        
   1625 Mrs. Edward FDissosway livedca 1935D220 
     GabrielDissosway married1828D220 
     GabrielDissosway born1809D220 
     CatharineCole born1809C400 
     Mary AnnDissosway born1829D220 
     CorneliusDissosway born1831D220 
     James JohnsonDissosway born1833D220 
     Henry ParleeDissosway born1835D220 
     Sarah BeohmDissosway born1838D220 
     Francis AsburyDissosway born1840D220 
     CatharineDissosway born1844D220 
     GabrielDissosway died1879D220 
     CorneliusDissosway died1902D220 
   1626 Francis ADissosway died1911D220 
     CatharineDissosway died1899D220 
     Mary AWilliams died W452 
     James JDissosway died1928D220 
     Sarah B La Forgedied1922 L162
     F A Dissosway died1911D220 
     Mary ADissosway died1903D220 
     Henry PDissosway died D220 
    w/o AbrahamMary Coleborn1787 C400
    m/o Catharine Cole DissoswayMary Coledied1864 C400
     S BLa Forge died1822L162 
   1627 MarcDu Suachey   D220 
   1628 Israel RDissosway born1777D220 
     Israel RDissosway died1825D220 
     Israel RDissosway married D220 
     AnnOakleyDissoswaymarried O240D220
     CorneliusDissosway born1812D220 
     CorneliusDissosway died1840D220 
    d/o I.R.CarolineDissosway born1816D220 
     CarolineDissosway died1847D220 
    d/o I.R.Mary HDissosway born1808D220 
     Mary HDissosway died1865D220 
     John MDissosway born1847D220 
     John MDissosway died1843D220 
I-272  1629        
   1630No records       
I-273  1631        
   1632 Mrs. J. A. Sharrottlivedca 1935 S630
     Jacob R Sr.Cropsy married1821C612 
     Jasper FCropsy married1847C612 
     Harman BCropsey married1854C612 
     Jane SButlerCropseymarried1854B346C612
     Nicholas CMiller married1859M460 
     Emma CropseyMillermarried1859C612M460
   1633 William CMoore married1863M600 
     Sarah AnnCropseyMooremarried1863C612M600
     Arthur?Cropsey? married1870C612 
    or Carpenter; s/o J F and Mariah CropseyHarryCarpenger married1871C615 
     Charles BPost married1795P230 
    d/o H B CropseyFanny BHilyerPostmarried1795H460P230
     PeterCortelyou married1795C634 
     Jasper CManee married1847M500 
   1634 Jacob R Sr.Cropsey born1801C612 
     Fanny BCropsey born1855C612 
    d/o Harman B and Jane CropseyElizabethCortelyouCropseyborn1857C634C612
    d/o Harman B and Jane CropseyLaura KinseyCropsey born1860C612 
    s/o Nicholas C and Emma E MillerFrank CooperMiller born1860M460 
    s/o Arthur and EllenArthur Gillender JrCropsey born1876C612 
   1635 Peter SrCortelyou born1748C634 
     Emma HilyerCortelyouborn1771H460C634
    d/o Emanda and Arthur C MillerAnna or AnneMiller born1863M460 
    s/o Nicholas C and Emma MillerWalterMiller born1865M460 
    s/o Harman B and Jane CropseyJacob RCropsey born1866C612 
    s/o Harman B and Jane CropseyHoward BCropsey born1868C612 
   1636s/o William and Sarah MooreWilliam ClarenceMoore born1866M600 
    d/o William and Sarah MooreMaudMoore   M600 
    d/o Arthur and Ellie or ElsieBessie CGillender born1871G453 
    s/o H B CropseyJacob BCropsey born1866C612 
     Jasper FCropsey born1823C612 
     Cornelius CCropsey born1825C612 
   1637 Peter CCropsey born1827C612 
     Jacob B JrCropsey born1830C612 
     Harman BCropsey born1836C612 
    w/o Harman CJaneButlerCropseyborn1832B346C612
    d/o C C and FannyMable FlorencePost born1889P230 
     Emma CCropsey born1834C612 
     Sarah ACropsey born1834C612 
     Ellen BCropsey born1840C612 
    d/o Jasper and MariaMary CCropsey born1850C612 
   1638d/o Jasper and MariaJane TCropsey born1852C612 
    d/o J F and MariaRoseCropsey   C612 
    d/o J F and MariaLillyCropsey   C612 
     CorneliusCropsey died1847C612 
     Peter CCropsey died1847C612 
     Jacob RCropsey died1825C612 
    w/o Jacob RElizabethCortelyouCropseydied1870C634C612
   1639s/o Harman and JaneHoward BarcleauCropsey died1893C612 
     EmmaCortelyou died1834C634 
     PeterCortelyou died1857C634 
    s/o Harman B and JaneJacob RCropsey died1864C612 
    poss Arthur Gillender CropseyArthurGillender died1878G453 
   1640 Arthur JrGillender died1876G453 
    d/o Jasper and MariaLillie FCropsey died1887C612 
     Jasper FCropsey died1900C612 
    d/o Harman and JaneElizabeth CCropsey died1928C612 
    d/o Harman and JaneFanny BCropseyPostborn1855C612P230
    d/o Harman and JaneFanny BCropseyPostdied1930C612P230
   1641 Jacob Rezeau Sr.Cropsey died1897C612 
     Ellen BCropseyGillenderdied1909C612G453
     Jane BCropsey died1833C612 
    d/o Harman and JaneLaura KCropsey born1860C612 
    d/o Harman and JaneLaura KCropsey died1930C612 
I-274  1642        
   1643 Mrs J A Sharrottlivedca 1935 S630
     SarahCortelyou died1819C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou  1729C634 
   1644 SarahCortelyou born1735C634 
     Mabel FlorencePost born1889P230 
     NellyCortelyou born1754C634 
     MarthaCortelyou born1760C634 
     MaryCortelyou born1763C634 
     PeterCortelyou born1768C634 
    w/o FEmmHellyerCortelyouborn1771H460C634
    s/o CorneliusCornelius LawrenceCortelyou born1819C634 
     Cornelius LawrenceCortelyou died1821C634 
     Elizabeth AnnCortelyou died1824C634 
   1645 same as 1643 and 1644      
   1646 Cornelius LawrenceCortelyou born1819C634 
     Cornelius LawrenceCortelyou died1821C634 
    w/o CorneliusAnnWoodCortelyoudied1825W300C634
     CorneliusCortelyou born1795C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou married1816C634 
   1647 Miss AnnaDepew livedca 1935D100 
     Cornelius WDepew married1858D100 
     RufusDepew married1881D100 
     Heyward ADepew married1887D100 
     David ODepew married1893D100 
     Annie MAllenDepewmarried1893A450D100
   1648 Cornelius WDepew born1836D100 
     MelindaFisher born1836F260 
     EmmalineDepew born1859D100 
     RufusDepew born1860D100 
     David ODepew born1868D100 
     Hayward ADepew born1865D100 
     Jennie WebsterDepew born1882D100 
     Bertha ADepew born1892D100 
     Hazel ClareDepew born1898D100 
     Keneth ADepew born D100 
   1649 EmmalineDepew died1859D100 
     Hazel ClareDepew died1899D100 
     Cornelius WDepew died1899D100 
     Hayward ADepew died1904D100 
     EmelindaDepew died1913D100 
     RufusDepew died1927D100 
I-275  1650        
   1651 Mrs. George Washington Colelivedca 1935 C400
     George WashingtonCole married1881C400 
     George WashingtonCole born1853C400 
     George WilliamCole born1882C400 
     Mabel StoothoffCole born1886C400 
I-276  1652        
   1653 EmmaButts livedca 1935B320 
     JamesCole   C400 
     StephenCole lived1810C400 
     AnnCole born1765C400 
     JohnCole born1770C400 
     StephenCole born1771C400 
     JohnCole born1775C400 
     AbrahamCole born1776C400 
     MargaretCole born1778C400 
   1654 JamesCole born1780C400 
     WilliamCole born1782C400 
     MaryCole   C400 
     Stephen SrCole lived1799C400 
     Stephen SrCole born1744C400 
     AnnCole  1747C400 
I-277  1655        
   1656 Mrs. Edward F Dissoswaylivedca 1935 D220
     ElizabethCole lived1804C400 
     JacobCole born1781C400 
     Susannah Coleborn1790 C400
    s/o JacobDavidCole born1806C400 
     CorneliusCole born1810C400 
     Elizabeth LakermanCole born1813C400 
     CorneliusCole died1831C400 
     JacobCole died1848C400 
   1657 Henry SLaforge married1814L162 
     Henry SLaforge born1790L162 
     Catharine RLaforge born1795L162 
     Henry PLaforge born1816L162 
     Stephen ILaforge born1818L162 
     Bornt PLaforge born1819L162 
     Jacob LLaforge born1831L162 
     Ephraim ILaforge born1833L162 
     Harmon BLaforge born1826L162 
     Harmon BLaforge born1828L162 
     James AlfredLaforge born1830L162 
     John TLaforge born1832L162 
     Catharine MaryLaforge born1834L162 
     Emma ElizabethLaforge born1836L162 
     John LeonardLaforge born1839L162 
     Martha JaneLaforge born L162 
   1658 Harmon BLaforge died1829L162 
     John ILaforge died1838L162 
     Jacob LeonardLaforge died1838L162 
     John LeonardLaforge died1871L162 
    d/o Henry and Catharine, w/o DavidEmma ELaforgeParleedied1860L162P640
     Henry PLaforge died1885L162 
     Bornt PLaforge died1886L162 
     Henry TLaforge died1887L162 
     Mother  died   
   1659 CatharineSeguine born1763S250 
     CatharineSeguineLaforgemarried S250L162
     David Laforge married L162 
     CatharineSeguineJohnsonmarried S250J525
     EphraimJohnson married J525 
     CatharineSeguineLaforge Johnsondied1815S250L162
    s/o David and CatharineHenry SLaforge   L162 
I-278  1660        
   1661 Mrs Cora L Fellowslivedca 1935 F420
     Thomas JButler married1868B346 
     Cora LouiseButlerFellowsmarried1922B346F420
     Dana WFellows married1922F420 
     Charles WButler born1869B346 
     Cora LouiseButler born1872B346 
     Arthur RossButler born1881B346 
   1662 Charles WButler died1888B346 
     Thomas JButler died1904B346 
     Catharine G Butlerborn1802 B346
     Catharine G Butlerdied1893 B346
     Alice RossButler died1922B346 
    h/o Cora Louise ButlerDana WillisFellows died1928F420 
I-279  1663        
   1664 EdBurns   B652 
     JohnBennet   B530 
    s/o GaretWilliam  born1827  
     Henry  born1829  
   1665 WilliamBennet born1770B530 
     MarianMcCollen born1776M245 
     MarianMcCollen married1796M245 
     GarretBennet born1796B530 
     MarianBennet born1798B530 
     Anna BurgainBennet born1800B530 
     Hester TigheBennet born1803B530 
     CatyBennet born B530 
     CatyBennet died1807B530 
     John McCollenBennet born1807B530 
     WilliamBennet born1810B530 
   1666 Hughey McCullenBennet born1813B530 
     Jan BurgainBennet born1817B530 
     HesterBennet born1823B530 
     Peter HVroom born1822V650 
     Henery PVroom born1797V650 
   1667 Hugh MColm married1758C450 
     Mary Van dykColmmarried1758V532C450
     Margert MColm born1759C450 
     Nelley MColm born1760C450 
     JanneyCulm born1762C450 
     Lanah MCulm born1764C450 
     Archibil MCulm born1767C450 
   1668 Caty MCulm born1770C450 
     John MCulm born1772C450 
     Henry MCulm born1774C450 
     Henry MCulm died1776C450 
     Henry MCulm born1779C450 
     Ann MCulm born1781C450 
     Cornelious MCulm born1784C450 
     Henry PVroom married1821V650 
     Henry PVroom died1827V650 
   1669 WilliamBennett died1850B530 
    w/o WilliamMarian MCulmBennettdied1852C450B530
    s/o WilliamGarrettBennett died1857B530 
     MariahVroom died1867V650 
I-280  1670        
   1674 NathanielBritton deed1677B635 
     NathanielBritton will1683B635 
     Mary Brittondeed1686 B635
     Mary Brittondeed1686 B635
     NathanielBritton deed1686B635 
     Mary Brittondeed1687 B635
   1675 NathanielBritton deed1694B635 
     Mary Brittondeed1694 B635
     StephenMahault deed1694M430 
     WilliamBritton deed1691B635 
     JoshuaMarlet deed1693M643 
     RichardBritton deed1693B635 
     ObadiahHolmes deed1695H452 
     Elizabeth Holmesdeed1695 H452
     NathanielBritton deed1695B635 
     RichardBritton deed1696B635 
     Leonard Hendrickson deed1696H536 
     MarkDissosway deed D220 
     NathanielBritton deed B635 
     RichardHall deed H400 
     NathanielBritton deed B635 
     NathanielBritton deed1696B635 
     NathanielBritton deed1699B635 
     Mary Brittondeed1699 B635
     JaquesPoillon deed1699P450 
     NathanielBritton deed1701B635 
     Mary Brittondeed1701 B635
     RichardCurtis deed1701C632 
   1676 WilliamTilyer deed1711T460 
     Mary Tilyerdeed1711 T460
     Nathaniel Britton deed1711B635 
     NathanielBritton deed1714B635 
     Elizabeth Brittondeed1714 B635
     ThomasWalton deed1714W435 
     NicholasBritton fined1716B635 
     NathanielBritton disrespected1716B635 
   1677 NathanielBritton deed1719B635 
     Elizabeth Brittondeed1719 B635
     JacobVanderbilt deed1719V536 
     WilliamBritton deed1719B635 
     Rachel Brittondeed1719 B635
     Hendrickvan Lawa deed1719V540 
     JohnDurland deed1726D645 
     WilliamBritton deed1726B635 
     WilliamBritton deed1729B635 
     Rachel Brittondeed1729 B635
     JonathanRowland deed1729R453 
     NathanielBritton will1729B635 
     WilliamBritton married B635 
    apparentlyRachelStilwell married S344 
     NicholasBritton married B635 
     FrancesStilwell married S344 
     MarthaBrittonMooresmarried B635M620
     SamuelMoores married M620 
   1678 RachelBrittonDonganmarried B635D525
     ThomasDongan married D525 
     ThomasDongan married D525 
     MagdalenCharltonDonganmarried C643D525
     NathanielBritton died B635 
   1679 PhilippeCasier married C260 
     MarieTaineCasiermarried T500C260
     JeanBelleville married1677B414 
     SarahCasierGuyonmarried C260G500
     JacquesGuyon married G500 
     EstherBellevilleBrittonmarried B414B635
     NathanielBritton married B635 
     SaraBritton baptized1732B635 
     AbrahamBritton married1783?B635 
     AbrahamBritton bornca 1735B635 
     AbrahamBritton diedbef 1791B635 
   1680 CorneliusBritton born1777B635 
     CorneliusBritton died1832B635 
     CorneliusBritton married1802B635 
     AbrahamBritton married B635 
     GertrudeVan CliefBrittonmarried V524B635
     James LutherBritton married B635 
     AnnieWashingtonBrittonmarried W252B635
   1681 JamesBritton married B635 
     Jane Brittonmarried  B635
     WilliamBritton married B635 
     MaryPendletonBrittonmarried P534B635
     WilliamBritton married B635 
     LydiaLeonardBrittonmarried L563B635
     EbenezerBritton married B635 
     SarahBullockBrittonmarried B420B635
     LutherBritton married B635 
     RuthWinchesterBrittonmarried W522B635
     LutherBritton born1775B635 
     Seber WinchesterBritton married B635 
     PollyHarringtonBrittonmarried H652B635
I-281  1682        
   1683 WilliamBlake born1766B420 
     WilliamBlake married1791B420 
     William JrBlake born1792B420 
     JohnBlake born1794B420 
   1684 DanielBlake born1796B420 
     DanielBlake died1797B420 
     ElizabethBlake born1799B420 
     Daniel CBlake born1801B420 
     MaryBlake born1804B420 
     MaryBlake died1805B420 
     Richard CBlake born1806B420 
     Mary AnnBlake born1808B420 
     Mary AnnBlake died1811B420 
     EdwardBlake born1810B420 
     George WashingtonBlake born1812B420 
     AnnaBlake born1815B420 
   1685 Anna Blakedied1846 B420
     William WBlake died1852B420 
     William SrBlake born1810B420 
     Mary AnnBlake born1819B420 
I-282  1686        
   1687 Augusta Bodinelivedca 1935 B350
     EdmundBodine died1907B350 
     JeanBodine   B350 
     JohnBodine   B350 
I-283  1688        
   1689 Mrs. Mary Cortelyoulivedca 1935 C634
     JacquesCortelyou immigratedca 1652C634 
     JacquesCortelyou died1693C634 
   1690 JacquesCortelyou bornca 1662C634 
     JacquesCortelyou married C634 
     Marretie HendrickSmockCortelyoumarried S520C634
     PeterCortelyou bornca 1664C634 
     PeterCortelyou died1757C634 
     PeterCortelyou married C634 
     Dewertje / DeborahDeWitCortelyoumarried D300C634
   1691 CorneliusCortelyou diedbef 1690C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou married C634 
     NeiltieVolckersCortelyoumarried V426C634
    d/o Cornelius and NeiltieAnnetjeCortelyouLiquiermarried C634L260
     IsaacLiquier married L260 
     HelenaCortelyouVan Bruntmarried C634V516
     RutgersVan Brunt married V516 
     HelenaCortelyouThunissenmarried C634T525
     DeonysThunissen married T525 
     HelenaCortelyouHendricksonmarried C634H536
     HendrickHendrickson married H536 
   1692 MariaCortelyouBarkalomarried C634B624
     WilliamBarkalo married B624 
     WilliamCortelyou   C634 
   1693 NeeltjeCortelyou born1694C634 
    d/o Jacomyntje Van Pelt and Jacques CortelyouNeeltjeCortelyou baptized1726C634 
     JacquesCortelyou bornca 1698C634 
     JacquesCortelyou died1757C634 
     JacquesCortelyou married C634 
     Jacomintie Van PeltCortelyoumarried V514C634
     PeterCortelyou born1699C634 
     PeterCortelyou died1764C634 
     PeterCortelyou married C634 
     Neeltjo Van PeltCortelyoumarried V514C634
   1694 CorneliusCortelyou born1701C634 
     HelenaCortelyou born1703C634 
     WilliamCortelyou born1705C634 
     MariaCortelyou born1707C634 
     Dorothea / DeborahCortelyou born1709C634 
     NeeltjeCortelyou born1712C634 
     NeeltjeCortelyouJohnsonmarried C634J525
     BarentJohnson married J525 
   1695 CorneliusCortelyou born1729C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou died1781C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou married C634 
     SarahSpragueCortelyoumarried S162C634
     SarahSprague born1735S162 
     SarahSprague died1819S162 
    s/o AaronPeterCortelyou married C634 
     AddieGuyonCortelyoumarried G500C634
     AaronCortelyou born C634 
     AaronCortelyou died1789C634 
     AaronCortelyou married C634 
     ElizabethAndrovettCortelyoumarried A536C634
   1696 EleanorCortelyou born1754C634 
     EdwardBeaty married1773B300 
     MarthaCortelyou born1757C634 
     JacobCortelyou born1760C634 
     JacobCortelyou died1817C634 
     JacobCortelyou married1788C634 
     Jacob Beatty born1785B300 
   1697 MaryCortelyou born1763C634 
     MaryCortelyou died1795C634 
     EdwardEgbert married1781E216 
     JohnDorset married1784D623 
     PeterCortelyou born1768C634 
     PeterCortelyou died1857C634 
     PeterCortelyou married1795C634 
     Emma / EmmyHillyerCortelyoumarried1795H460C634
     PeterCortelyou born1752C634 
     PeterCortelyou died C634 
     PeterCortelyou married C634 
     SarahLawrenceCortelyoumarried L652C634
   1698 ElizabethCortelyouSeamonemarried C634S550
     RichardSeamone married S550 
     CorneliusCortelyou born1790C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou died1794C634 
     ElizabethCortelyou born1793C634 
     JacobBeaty married1812B300 
     SarahCortelyou born1796C634 
     DavidBarger married1812B626 
   1699 Gertrude MarthaCortelyou born1800C634 
     Gertrude MarthaCortelyouVan Namemarried1817C634V550
     MichaelVan Name married1817V550 
     JacobCortelyou born1805C634 
     JacobCortelyou born1806C634 
     JacobCortelyou married C634 
     MaryWinantsCortelyoumarried W553C634
     CorneliusCortelyou born1725C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou died1831C634 
     Sarah AnnCortelyou born1798C634 
     Sarah AnnCortelyou died1824C634 
     Sarah AnnCortelyouWoodmarried C634W300
     PeterWood married W300 
   1700 ElizabethCortelyou born1801C634 
     JacobCropsey married1821C612 
     LawrenceHillyer born1802H460 
     LawrenceHillyer married H460 
     ElizabethHeckelHillyermarried H240H460
     Peter LockmanCortelyou born1805C634 
     Peter LockmanCortelyou married C634 
     Ellen BogertCortelyoumarried B263C634
     PeterCortelyou married1795C634 
     Amy? HilyerCortelyoumarried1795H460C634
   1701 William CubberlyCortelyou born1829C634 
     William CubberlyCortelyou died1832C634 
     Frances WCortelyou born1831C634 
     Frances WCortelyou died1832C634 
     Jacob W  born1835  
     Jacob W  married   
      Kettletas married K343 
     Charlotte AnnCortelyou born1836C634 
     Charlotte AnnCortelyouMessiermarried C634M260
     William HMessier married M260 
     JosephineCortelyou died1833C634 
   1702 Sarah AnnCortelyou born1825C634 
     Sarah AnnCortelyouBiddlemarried1882C634B340
     Henry HBiddle married1882B340 
     Sarah AnnCortelyouBiddledied1906C634B340
     William L  married   
     AddieLang married L520 
     Theodore HartmanCortelyou born1836C634 
     Theodore HartmanCortelyou married C634 
     AdelineDelaneyCortelyoumarried D450C634
     Theodore HartmanCortelyou died1907C634 
   1703 Eugene AugustusCortelyou born1838C634 
     Eugene AugustusCortelyou married C634 
     SarahDelaneyCortelyoumarried D450C634
     David HeckleCortelyou born1841C634 
     David HeckleCortelyou married1872C634 
     Mary LCrocheronCortelyoumarried1872C626C634
     George ACortelyou   C634 
     Lawrence HCortelyou married C634 
     IdaEgbertCortelyoumarried E216C634
     ElizabethCortelyouBeattymarried C634B300
     JacobBeatty married B300 
   1704 ElwoodBeatty born1818B300 
     Henry Lawrence  born1857  
     Ada Elizabeth  born1865  
     Ada Elizabeth Brownmarried  B650
      Brown married B650 
     George Adolphes  born1858  
   1705 William H  married   
     IdaBrinkerhoff married B652 
     George S  born   
     Cammila H  born1873  
     Cammila H Blakemarried  B420
     George WBlake married B420 
     David HekkelCortelyou born1841C634 
     David HekkelCortelyou married C634 
     Maud SVon BenthuisenCortelyoumarried V515C634
     Stephen C      
     Mary L      
   1706 Chas M      
   1707 Mrs. Mary Cortelyoulived1937 C634
     JacquesCortelyou immigratedca 1652C634 
     JacquesCortelyou died1693C634 
     Corneliusvan Werckhoven   V562 
     JacquesCortelyou bornca 1662C634 
     JacquesCortelyou married C634 
     Marretie HendrickSmockCortelyoumarried S520C634
   1708 PeterCortelyou bornca 1664C634 
     PeterCortelyou died1757C634 
     PeterCortelyou married C634 
     Diwertje / Deborahde WittCortelyoumarried D300C634
     CorneliusCortelyou diedbef 1690C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou married C634 
     NeiltjeVolckersCortelyoumarried V426C634
     AnnetjeCortelyouLiquiermarried C634L260
     IsaacLiquier married L260 
     HelenaCortelyouvan Bruntmarried C634V516
     Rutgersvan Brunt married V516 
     DeonysThunissen married T525 
     MariaCortelyouBarkalomarried C634B624
     WilliamBarkalo married B624 
   1709 WilliamCortelyou   C634 
     NeiltjeCortelyou born1694C634 
     JacquesCortelyou bornca 1698C634 
     JacquesCortelyou died1757C634 
     JacquesCortelyou married C634 
     Jacomyntjevan PeltCortelyoumarried V514C634
     PeterCortelyou born1699C634 
     PeterCortelyou died1764C634 
     PeterCortelyou married C634 
     Neeltjevan PeltCortelyoumarried V514C634
   1710 CorneliusCortelyou born1701C634 
     HelenaCortelyou born1703C634 
     WilliamCortelyou born1705C634 
     MariaCortelyou born1707C634 
     Dorothea / DeborahCortelyou born1709C634 
     NeeltjeCortelyou born1712C634 
     NeeltjeCortelyouJohnsonmarried C634J525
     BarentJohnson married J525 
   1711 CorneliusCortelyou born1729C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou died1781C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou married C634 
     SarahSpragueCortelyoumarried S162C634
     PeterCortelyou married1772C634 
     AaronCortelyou born1726?C634 
     AaronCortelyou died1789C634 
     AaronCortelyou married C634 
     ElizabethAndrovettCortelyoumarried A536C634
   1712 EleanorCortelyou born1754C634 
     EdwardBeatty married1773B300 
     MarthaCortelyou born1757C634 
     JacobCortelyou born1760C634 
     JacobCortelyou died1817C634 
     JacobCortelyou married1788C634 
     JacobBeatty born1785B300 
     MaryCortelyou born1763C634 
     MaryCortelyou died1795C634 
     EdwardEgbert married1781E216 
   1713 JohnDorset married1784D623 
     PeterCortelyou born1768C634 
     PeterCortelyou died1857C634 
     PeterCortelyou born1752C634 
     PeterCortelyou diedca 1762C634 
     PeterCortelyou married C634 
     SarahLawrenceCortelyoumarried L652C634
   1714 ElizabethCortelyou died1770C634 
     RichardSeamone married S550 
     ElizabethCortelyouSeamonemarried C634S550
     CorneliusCortelyou born1790C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou died1794C634 
     ElizabethCortelyou born1793C634 
     JacobBeatty married1812B300 
   1715 SarahCortelyou born1796C634 
     DavidBarger married1812B626 
     Gertrude MarthaCortelyou born1800C634 
     PeterCortelyou married1795C634 
   1716 MichaelVan Name married1817V550 
     Gertrude MarthaCortelyouVan Namemarried1817C634V550
     JacobCortelyou born1805C634 
     JacobCortelyou born1806C634 
     JacobCortelyou married C634 
     MaryWinantsCortelyoumarried W553C634
     CorneliusCortelyou born1725C634 
     CorneliusCortelyou died1831C634 
     Sarah AnnCortelyou born1798C634 
     Sarah AnnCortelyou died1824C634 
   1717 PeterWood married1814?W300 
     Sarah AnnCortelyouWoodmarried1814?C634W300
     ElizabethCortelyou born1801C634 
     ElizabethCortelyou died1870C634 
     Jacob RCropsey married1821C612 
     Lorenz Hillaire / Lawrence HillyerCortelyou born1802C634 
     Lorenz HillaireCortelyou married C634 
     ElizabethHeckelCortelyoumarried H240C634
   1718 Peter LockmanCortelyou born1805C634 
     Peter LockmanCortelyou married C634 
     Ellen BogertCortelyoumarried B263C634
     PeterCortelyou married1795C634 
     Amy HilyerCortelyoumarried1795H460C634
     William CubberlyCortelyou born1829C634 
     William CubberlyCortelyou died1832C634 
   1719 Frances WCortelyou born1831C634 
     Frances WCortelyou died1832C634 
     Jacob WCortelyou born1835C634 
     Jacob WCortelyou married C634 
      KettletasCortelyoumarried K343C634
     Charlotte AnnCortelyou born1836C634 
     Charlotte AnnCortelyouMessiermarried C634M260
     William HMessier married M260 
     JosephineCortelyou died1833C634 
   1720 Sarah AnnCortelyou born1825C634 
     Sarah AnnCortelyou died1906C634 
     Henry HBiddle married1882B340 
     Sarah AnnCortelyouBiddlemarried1882C634B340
     William LCortelyou married C634 
     AddieLangCortelyoumarried L520C634
     Theodore HartmanCortelyou born1836C634 
     Theodore HartmanCortelyou died1907C634 
     Theodore HartmanCortelyou married C634 
     AdelineDelaneyCortelyoumarried D450C634
   1721 Eugene AugustusCortelyou born1838C634 
     Eugene AugustusCortelyou married C634 
     SarahDelaneyCortelyoumarried D450C634
     David HeckleCortelyou born1841C634 
     David HeckelCortelyou married1872C634 
     Mary LCrocheronCortelyoumarried1872C626C634
     George ACortelyou died1848C634 
     Lawrence HCortelyou   C634 
   1722 Lawrence HCortelyou married C634 
     Ida EgbertCortelyoumarried E216C634
     ElizabethCortelyou   C634 
     JacobBeatty married B300 
     ElizabethCortelyouBeattymarried C634B300
     ElwoodBeatty born1818B300 
     George SCortelyou born1846C634 
     David HekkelCortelyou born1841C634 
     David HekkelCortelyou married C634 
     Maud SVon BenthuisenCortelyoumarried V515C634
I-284  1723        
   1724 JacobVan Pelt born1755V514 
     CatharineVan Name born1756V550 
     JacobVan Pelt married V514 
     CatharineVan NameVan Peltmarried V550V514
     Benjamin Decker born1810D260 
     CatharineDecker born1812D260 
     ElizabethDecker born1815D260 
     SaryannDecker born1817D260 
   1725    born1819  
   1725_retake JohnDecker born1822D260 
     JacobDecker born1824D260 
     DavidDecker born1826D260 
     Mary JaneDecker born1828D260 
     AbrahamDecker born1830D260 
     AbrahamDecker born1783D260 
     AbrahamDecker died1789D260 
     AnnDecker born1785D260 
     JohnDecker born1786D260 
     DavidDecker born1788D260 
   1726 Mary AnnDecker born1790D260 
     Benjamin Decker born1791D260 
     AbrahamDecker born1794D260 
    w/o John BElizabeth Deckerdied1868 D260
     John BDecker born1786D260 
     John BDecker died1873D260 
    s/o John B anD ElizabethBenjamin Decker died1890D260 
    d/o John B and ElizabethSarah AnnDeckerBrothertondied D260B636
     Sarah AnnDeckerBrothertonmarried D260B636
     DanielBrotherton married B636 
    d/o John B and ElizabethElizabethDeckerStevensmarried D260S315
     JohnStevens married S315 
    d/o John B and ElizabethCatharineDeckerVan Namemarried D260V550
     CharlesVan Name married V550 
I-285  1727        
   1728 Mrs. F M Beasleylivedca 1935 B240
     Nicholas CDu Puy married1876D100 
     SarahMcFarlandDu Puymarried1876M216D100
     Gilbert LDu Puy married1879D100 
     MaryDodgeDu Puymarried1879D320D100
     Victor SDu Puy married1882D100 
     EmmaDu PuyDu Puymarried1882D100D100
     Barnet ForresterDu Puy married1889D100 
     Elinore BSimmonsDu Puymarried1889S552D100
     Frederick MorganBeasley married1901B240 
    d/o Gilbert LShirley StuartDu PuyBeasleymarried1901D100B240
   1729 Reuben Wilson married1908W425 
    d/o NicholasMary ElizabethDu PuyWilsonmarried1908D100W425
     AbrahamCrocheron born1764C626 
     MaryCrocheron born1769C626 
     AbrahamCrocheron born1787C626 
     Benjamin Crocheron born1781C626 
     ElizabethCrocheron born1791C626 
     JacobCrocheron born1793C626 
     SarahCrocheron born1795C626 
     DavidCrocheron born1797C626 
   1730 JohnCrocheron born1798C626 
     NicholasCrocheron born1802C626 
     Mary AnnCrocheron born1806C626 
     BarnetDu Puy born1808D100 
     Mary JaneDu Puy born1820D100 
     Nicholas CDu Puy born1848D100 
     Gilbert LDu Puy born1860D100 
     Geraldine CDu Puy born1852D100 
     Victor LDu Puy born1855D100 
     FourestineDu Puy born1857D100 
   1731 ForresterDu Puy born1858D100 
     CorneliusCrocheron born1795C626 
     Mary JaneCrocheron born1820C626 
     Ann ElizaCrocheron born1824C626 
     CorneliusCrocheron born1834C626 
     Elbridge GCrocheron born1827C626 
     Shirley StuartDu Puy born1885D100 
     Robert PDu Puy born1870D100 
   1732 Mary EDu Puy born1884D100 
     Leslie BDu Puy born1887D100 
     Charles TBeasley born1911B240 
     Mary JaneCrocheron born1860C626 
     Marian EBeasley born1916B240 
     Robert DBeasley born1916B240 
     Edna AdelDu Puy born1889D100 
     Alexander HDu Puy born1892D100 
     Geraldine IDu Puy born1898D100 
   1733 Elbridge GSylvester died1863S412 
     Benjamin Crocheron died1868C626 
     ForestineDu Puy died1857D100 
     Ann Eliza Sylvesterdied1888 S412
     Mary Jane Du Puydied1888 D100
     Leslie BDu Puy died1889D100 
     Barnett NDu Puy died1890D100 
     Robert PDu Puy died1904D100 
     MaryDodgeDu Puydied1935D320D100
   1734 CorneliusCrocheron died1845C626 
     Sarah Crocherondied1878 C626
     B ForresterDu Puy died1902D100 
     CorneliusCrocheron died1915C626 
     Robert Du PuyBeasley died1918B240 
     Edna AdelDu Puy died1917D100 
     Nicholas CDu Puy died1926D100 
     Victor SDu Puy died1933D100 
     Geraldine CDu Puy died1934D100 
     Gilbert SDu Puy died1929D100 
I-286  1735        
   1736 Elizabeth LDepuy livedca 1935D100 
     Catharine AnnDepew died1845D100 
     Moses WinantDepew died1847D100 
     Hannah V SJones died1863J520 
     EnosDepuy died1870D100 
     EnosDepew married1839D100 
     Ellen AWoglomDepewmarried1839W245D100
     William HDepuy married1863D100 
     Charlotte JHatfieldDepuymarried1863H314D100
   1737 Minard WDepuy married1865D100 
     John WDepuy married1870D100 
     Eugenia LDepuyDepuymarried1870D100D100
     Abraham EDepuy married1873D100 
     Emmer LDeckerDepuymarried1873D260D100
     Charles WDecker married1874D260 
     Hannah EDepuyDeckermarried1874D100D260
     George Brown married1879B650 
     Marry CDepuyBrownmarried1879D100B650
     Enos Depew born1815D100 
     Ellen AmyWoglom born1821W245 
     Minard WampleDepew born1840D100 
   1738 William HenryDepew born1842D100 
     Catharine AnnDepew born1844D100 
     Moses WinantDepew born1846D100 
     Abraham EnosDepew born1848D100 
     John WesleyDepew born1850D100 
     Hannah EllenDepew born1853D100 
     Elmira GertrudeDepew born1855D100 
     Mary Catharine Depuy born1858D100 
     Annie AugustaDepuy born1859D100 
   1739 OscarDepuy born1861D100 
     Amy JaneDepuy born1864D100 
     William HDe Puy died1931D100 
I-287  1740        
   1741 Gertrude W Snyderlivedca 1935 S536
    s/o "Negress Jine"Sime  born1777  
    s/o "Negress Jine"Peet  born1779  
     Haas  born1790  
     Ame  born1791  
     Francis  born1793  
     Silvanus  born1795  
I-288  1742        
   1743 Gertrude WSnyder livedca 1935S536 
     JohnHardenbergh married1770H635 
     RachelDubois Hardenberghmarried1770D120H635
     MorrichieHardenbergh born1771H635 
     AbrahamHardenbergh died1771H635 
     DaughterHardenbergh born1773H635 
     DaughterHardenbergh died1773H635 
     StepmotherHardenbergh died1774H635 
     SonHardenbergh born1774H635 
     SonHardenbergh died1774H635 
   1744 SonHardenbergh born1776H635 
     SonHardenbergh died1776H635 
     AbrahamHardenbergh born1777H635 
     JacobHardenbergh born1780H635 
     CharlesHardenbergh born1782H635 
     AlexanderHardenbergh born1784H635 
     SaraHardenbergh born1791H635 
     John AHardenbergh died1794H635 
   1745 Allan PSnyder   S536 
     Mrs. Dewitt Clinton Snyder   S536
   1746 John AHardenbergh married1770H635 
     RachelDubois Hardenberghmarried1770D120H635
     MorrichieHardenbergh born1771H635 
    f/o JohnAbrahamHardenbergh died1771H635 
   1747 DaughterHardenbergh born1773H635 
     DaughterHardenbergh died1773H635 
     StepmotherHardenbergh died1774H635 
     SonHardenbergh born1774H635 
     SonHardenbergh died1774H635 
     SonHardenbergh born1775H635 
     SonHardenbergh died1775H635 
     AbrahamHardenbergh born1777H635 
     JacobHardenbergh born1780H635 
   1748 CharlesHardenbergh born1782H635 
     AlexanderHardenbergh born1784H635 
     SaraHardenbergh born1791H635 
     John AHardenbergh died1795H635 
   1749s/o Negres JeneSime  born1777  
    s/o Negres JenePeet  born1779  
     Hass  born1790  
     Ame  born1791  
     Francis  born1793  
     Silvanus  born1795  
I-289  1750        
   1751 Mrs H M Hornlivedca 1935 H650
     Joseph HHeal married1850H400 
     Mary V PSmithHealmarried1850S530H400
     George AHeal married1875H400 
     Emma L GriffithHealmarried1875G613H400
     Augusta HHealDakinmarried1887H400D250
     John BDakin married1887D250 
     Frank JHeal married1887H400 
     Ella LouiseShutzendorfHealmarried1887S325H400
     Edna LouiseHealEricksonmarried1916H400E625
     John AErickson married1916E625 
   1752 Harry MiltonHorn married1911H650 
     Cornelia HealDakinHornmarried1911D250H650
     Joseph HughesHeal born1824H400 
     Mary Van PeltSmith born1832S530 
     George AlbertHeal born1853H400 
     Frank JudsonHeal born1858H400 
     Augusta HosmerHeal born1862H400 
     Joseph H JrHeal born1863H400 
     Anna EllisonHeal born1864H400 
     Ella BenedictHeal born1867H400 
   1753 Beatrice IreneHeal born1897H400 
     Cornelia HealDakin born1888D250 
     Cornelia KatharineHorn born1913H650 
     Harry Milton JrHorn born1914H650 
     John DakinHorn born1917H650 
     Mildred ElizabethHorn born1919H650 
     Edna LouiseErickson born1918E625 
     Mary FountainVan Peltborn1787F535V514
     MaryFountainVan Peltdied1842F535V514
     Joseph H JrHeal died1864H400 
   1754 Ella BHeal died1867H400 
     Joseph H SrHeal died1895H400 
     Mary VPHeal died1895H400 
     George AlbertHeal died1915H400 
I-290  1755        
   1756 Mrs. Harry M Hornlivedca 1935 H650
     John JrJewett born1809J300 
     Elisa BJewett born1810J300 
     James RJewett born1812J300 
     George WashingtonJewett born1816J300 
     Sarah RipleyJewett born1820J300 
     Lucy BarrettJewett born1823J300 
   1757_retake Charles HenryJewett born1836J300 
     Charles RipleyJewett died1818J300 
     Frederick AugustusJewett died1819J300 
     EmilyJewett died1825J300 
     William HenryJewett died1828J300 
     James RipleyJewett died1854J300 
     John JrJewett died1856J300 
     George W JrJewett died1877J300 
   1758 JohnJewett married1808J300 
     John JrJewett married1834J300 
     Elisa BarrettJewettGarrettmarried1830J300G630
     JohnGarrett married1830G630 
     George WJewett married1839J300 
    d/o CorneliuGertrudeDuryeeJewettmarried1839D600J300
     James RJewett married1841J300 
    d/o WilliamCaroline EProcterJewettmarried1841P623J300
     Lucy BarrettJewettSeavermarried1844J300S160
     Benjamin FSeaver married1844S160 
     Sarah RipleyJewettSheldonmarried1850J300S435
     William RSheldon married1850S435 
     Charles HJewett married1854J300 
    d/o EdwardMary Adelaide HullJewettmarried1854H400J300
I-291  1759        
   1760 Miss Eliza HilshLake livedca 1935L200 
     Richard WebbWood married1811W300 
     Richard WebbWood married1825W300 
    s/o Stephen and MaryRichard WebbWood born1787W300 
     HenryWilton born1801W435 
     SarahLake born1782L200 
     JohnLake born L200 
   1761 John ELake born1840L200 
     Mary EGledhill born1849G434 
     EdwardLake born1873L200 
     Eliza HLake born1874L200 
     Ann ELake born1875L200 
     John HLake born1877L200 
     SidneyLake born1879L200 
   1762 Ann ElizabethLakeCovertmarried L200C163
     Albert RCovert married C163 
     Albert LakeCovert born C163 
     Stephen SrWood died1831W300 
     SarahWood died1864W300 
     EdwardLake died1873L200 
     SidneyLake died1881L200 
     Mary EllenGledhillLakedied1921G434L200
   1763 Ann ElizabethLakeCovertdied1922L200C163
     John EdwardLake died1923L200 
     RichardWood died1845W300 
I-292  1764        
   1765 Miss Eliza HilanLake livedca 1935L200 
     GeorgeGledhill born1822G434 
     Eliza Gledhillborn1820 G434
     SussannaGledhill born1846G434 
     Mary EllenGledhill born1849G434 
     William HenryGledhill born1851G434 
     EdwardGledhill born1853G434 
   1766 Sueanna AguestGledhill born1855G434 
     PaulGledhill born1856G434 
     SueannaGledhill died1867G434 
     GeorgeGledhill died1872G434 
     WilliamGledhill died G434 
     Eliza Gledhilldied1898 G434
     Mary EllenGledhillLakedied1921G434L200
I-293  1767        
   1768 Mrs EvelynMartineauPerolivedca 1935M635P600
     CorneliusMartino born1777M635 
    d/o Anthony and MarthaMargaretBirdMartinoborn1789B630M635
     CarolineMartino born1807M635 
     EmelineMartino born1807M635 
     CorneliusMartino born1808M635 
   1769 StephenMartino born1814M635 
     JohnMartino born1814M635 
     Margaret  born1822  
    d/o Noah and CarolineMaria LouiseHodkins born1832H325 
    s/o Noah and CarolineJohn MartinoHodkins born1836H325 
     EvelynMartino born1879M635 
     CorneliusMartino died1823M635 
     EmelineJourneay died1850J650 
     CarolineHodkins died1850H325 
   1770 MargaretWendedl died1851W533 
     StephenMartino died1851M635 
     CorneliusMartino died1866M635 
     ElizabethMartineau died1878M635 
     Malvinea JMartineau died1883M635 
I-294  1771        
   1772 Mrs. Lot C. Alstonlivedca 1935 A423
     PeterSavery born1693S160 
     PeterSavery married1728S160 
     IchabodSavery born1730S160 
     IchabodSavery died1730S160 
   1773 MarySavery born1732S160 
     BenjaminSavery born1733/4S160 
     BenjaminSavery died1735S160 
     MarySmith  1743/4S530 
     IchabodSavery died1750S160 
     CorneliusVan Cleft married V524 
     Elizabeth Van Cleftmarried  V524
     EsterVan Cleft born V524 
     GidienVan Cleft born V524 
     Nicholas GarisonVan Cleft born1784V524 
     SarahVan Cleft born1788V524 
     SarahVan Cleft died1789V524 
   1774 SusannaVan Cleft born1790V524 
     AbrahamGarrison born1748G625 
     ElizabethGarrison born1750G625 
     MarySimonson born1752S552 
     AbrahamGarrison married1773G625 
     Mary Garrisonmarried1773 G625
     Nicholas Garrison born1773G625 
     NicholasGarrison died1774G625 
     AnnGarrison born1775G625 
     Alexander VictorDandignac born1827D532 
     Alexander VictorDandignac died1912D532 
     AgustusDandignac born1830D532 
     HestherDandignac born1832?D532 
   1775 ElizaDandignac born1836D532 
     Joseph VictorDandignac born1800D532 
     Elizabeth GVanderbilt born1806?V536 
     JosephDandignac married1820?D532 
     Elizabeth GVanderbilt married1820?V536 
     JohnSharp born1743/4S610 
     MarionSharp born1735S610 
     NathanielLake born1721L200 
     PeterHinman born1751H550 
   1776 AbrahamGarrison born1748G625 
     ElizabethGarrison born1750G625 
I-295  1777        
   1778_retake BorntSeguine born1768S250 
     HenrySeguine born1758S250 
     StephenSeguine born1761S250 
     JamesSeguine born1766S250 
     ElizabethSeguine born1770S250 
     FrederickSeguine born1773S250 
     JosephSeguine born1776S250 
   1779 Mary Seguine born1776S250 
     BelecheySeguine born1778S250 
     MarthaSeguine born1780S250 
     JohnSeguine born1757S250 
     CatharineSeguine  1762S250 
     JamesSeguine died1795S250 
     BorntSeguine died1831S250 
     FrederickSeguine died1837S250 
     JosephSeguine died1846S250 
I-296  1780        
   1781s/o AaronJacobVan Pelt born1813V514 
    s/o AaronJohnVan Pelt born1816V514 
    d/o AaronElizabethVan Pelt born1818V514 
    s/o CharlesJohnVan Pelt born1820V514 
     Jacob  born1755  
     Catharine Van NameVan Peltborn1756V550V514
   1782 BarbreyVan Pelt born1776V514 
     MaryVan Pelt born1776V514 
     JacobVan Pelt born1778V514 
     DavidVan Pelt born1782V514 
     CatharineVan Pelt born1784V514 
     Aaron Van Pelt born1786V514 
     MosesVan Pelt born1788V514 
     JohnVan Pelt born1790V514 
     ElizabethVan Pelt born1793V514 
   1783 AnnaVan Pelt born1795V514 
     CharlesVan Pelt born1798V514 
     PeterVan Pelt born1802V514 
I-297  1784        
   1785 Mrs Emma Montgomerylivedca 1935 M532
     JohannesSymontz married1711S553 
     Hendricktevan HochSymontzmarried1711V520S553
     Hendricktevan HochSymontzdied1720V520S553
     JohannesSymontz married1721S553 
   1786 JennekeSimonson born1724S552 
     ElizabethSimonson born1726S552 
     MarieSimonson born1729S552 
     ElizabethSimonson died1731S552 
     ElizabethSimonson born1732S552 
     JohannesSimonson born1734S552 
     JohnSimonson died1740S552 
     ElizabethSimonson died1740S552 
     JohnSimonson born1742S552 
   1787 JohnSimonson married1768S552 
     CorneliaSimonson born1770S552 
     JohnSimonson born1773S552 
     Jacob CorsenSimonson born1776S552 
     Jacob CorsenSimonson died1776S552 
     JacobSimonson born1777S552 
     JacobSimonson died1778S552 
   1788 JohnSimonson married1780S552 
     PollySimonson born1781S552 
     AbrahamSimonson born1782S552 
     PollySimonson born1783S552 
     JacobSimonson born1784S552 
     HenrySimonson born1786S552 
     JaneSimonson born1788S552 
     Robert CooperSimonson born1790S552 
   1789 ElizabethSimonson born1792S552 
     GarretSimonson born1796S552 
     JohnSimonson married1806S552 
     AnnPinner died1811P560 
I-298  1790        
   1791 Mrs. Emma Montgomerylivedca 1935 M532
     AbrahamSimonson married1803S552 
     AbrahamSimonson born1782S552 
     JohnSimonson born1804S552 
   1792 AbrahamSimonson born1806S552 
     JamesSimonson born1807S552 
     AbrahamSimonson born1811S552 
     Susin AnnSimonson born1818S552 
     Sarah EmelineSimonson born1820S552 
     CornelisSimonson born1823S552 
     Joseph FletcherSimonson born1825S552 
     AbrahamSimonson died1806S552 
     CornelisSimonson died1823S552 
     AbrahamSimonson died1826S552 
     JohnSimonson died1842S552 
   1793 SusannahSimonson died1871S552 
     JamesSimonson died1884S552 
     Sarah ESimonson died1894S552 
     AbrahamSimonson died1900S552 
     Susan AnnHouseman died1898H255 
     JamesHouseman died1902H255 
    w/o JosephAnn Sharotdied1839 S630
I-299  1794        
   1795 Mrs. Emma Montgomerylivedca 1935 M532
     LawrenceSimonson married1813S552 
     DanielSimonson married S552 
     EmmaHydeSimonsonmarried H300S552
     Richard LawrenceSimonson married1841S552 
     Richard LawrenceSimonson married S552 
     Sarah CKingSimonsonmarried K520S552
     Mary SophiaSimonsonSteersmarried1847S552S362
     JohnSteers married1847S362 
   1796 EllenSimonson married S552 
     JosephSimonson married S552 
     LenoraSimonsonScofieldmarried S552S143
     LesterScofield married S143 
     RobertKavana married1859K150 
     DavidSimonson married S552 
     SarahFagginSimonsonmarried F250S552
     HughCoffee married1862C100 
     JHaviland married1872H145 
   1797 LawrenceSimonson born1795S552 
     DanielSimonson born1819S552 
     JosephSimonson born1821S552 
     Richard LawrenceSimonson born1822S552 
     Mary SophiaSimonson born1825S552 
     EllenSimonson born1828S552 
     John TolbertSimonson born1830S552 
     LenoraSimonson born1833S552 
   1798 EmilySimonson born1837S552 
     David DeckerSimonson born1842S552 
    s/o Daniel and EmmaCharlesSimonson born S552 
    s/o Daniel and EmmaDanielSimonson born1849S552 
    d/o Richard and AgnesCarolineSimonso  born1842S552 
    d/o Richard and AgnesMary ASimonson born1844S552 
    s/o Richard and AgnesRichard L JrSimonson born1846S552 
    s/o Richard and AgnesWilliamSimonson born1847S552 
   1799d/o Richard and AgnesMaggieSimonson born1851S552 
    d/o Richard and AgnesEllenSimonson born1850S552 
    s/o John and MaryLawrenceSteers born1848S362 
    s/o John and MaryEdwardSteers born1850S362 
    d/o John and MaryMarySteers born1851S362 
    s/o John and MaryJohnSteers born1855S362 
    s/o John and MaryAlfredSteers born1857S362 
   1800 WinnieSteers born1862S362 
    d/o Joseph and EllenEmmaSimonsonMontgomeryborn1855S552M532
    s/o Joseph and EllenClintonSimonson born S552 
    s/o Joseph and EllenAlvinSimonson born1862S552 
    s/o Joseph and EllenJ FletcherSimonson born S552 
    s/o Lester and LenoraErastus Scofield born S143 
    s/o Lester and LenoraRichardScofield born S143 
    d/o Lester and LenoraMartha WScofield born1861S143 
   1801s/o Lester and LenoraWashington HScofield born S143 
    d/o Lester and LenoraSadie SScofield born S143 
    s/o Lester and LenoraLesterScofield born S143 
    s/o Robert and EmilyWilliamKavana born1859K150 
     DanielSimonson died1860S552 
     EmmaHydeSimonsondied H300S552
     AgnesSimonson died1862S552 
     RobertKavana died1865K150 
     EllenSimonson died1865S552 
     John TalbertSimonson died1878S552 
   1802 AgnesSimonson died1862S552 
     RobertKavana died1865K150 
     EllenSimonson died1865S552 
     John TalbertSimonson died1878S552 
     Willie JKavana died1878K150 
     Maggie JHaviland died1881H145 
     HughCoffee died1881C100 
     Rachel HSimonson died1883S552 
     CharlieSimonson died1886S552 
     Richard LSimonson died1850S552 
     DanielSimonson died1912S552 
   1803 Emiley JaneSimonson died1923S552 
     David DSimonson died1925S552 
I-300  1804        
   1805s/o JohnJohnWynants born1795W553 
     JedidiahWynants born1797W553 
     ObediahJones born1750J520 
    s/o Obediah and MaryMatthiasJones born1775J520 
   1806s/o Obediah and MaryBenjaminJones born1777J520 
    s/o Obediah and MaryJohnJones born1779J520 
    d/o Obediah and MaryJaneJones born1782J520 
    s/o Obediah and MaryGarrettJones born1788J520 
     AnnaJones born1791J520 
   1807s/o JohnJohnWynants born1795W553 
     JedidiahWynants born1797W553 
     ObediahJones born1750J520 
    c/o Obediah and MaryMatthiasJones born1775J520 
    c/o Obediah and MaryBenjaminJones born1777J520 
    c/o Obediah and MaryJohnJones born1779J520 
    c/o Obediah and MaryJaneJones born1782J520 
    c/o Obediah and MaryGarrettJones born1788J520 
    c/o Obediah and MaryAnnaJones born1791J520 
I-301  1808        
   1809 EliasPrice born1808P620 
     Mary AnnPrice born1814P620 
     Susan AnnPrice born1837P620 
     Phebe LouisaPrice born1838P620 
     ElizabethPrice born1840P620 
     Catharine EmelyPrice born1844P620 
     Cornelius LPrice born1848P620 
     JohnPrice born1852P620 
   1810 AdalinePrice born1855P620 
     JosephLake born1772L200 
     Mary AnnLake born1779L200 
     AbrahamLake born1799L200 
     John BLake born1801L200 
     NathanielLake born1803L200 
     Cornelius BLake born1806L200 
     CatharineLake born1807L200 
     JacobLake born1810L200 
   1811 AlettyLake born1818L200 
     CatharineLake died1827L200 
     MaryLake died1839L200 
     JosephLake died1854L200 
     John BLake died1882L200 
I-302  1812        
   1813 Mrs. Susan Halllivedca 1935 H400
     William DButler married1846B346 
     Catharine MSharrotButlermarried1846S630B346
     William DButler born1824B346 
     Catharine MSharrotButlerborn1823S630B346
     Abraham HenryButler born1846B346 
     ElizabethButler born1796B346 
   1814 ThomasButler born1798B346 
     Abraham HenryButler died1850B346 
     Catharine Mary Butlerdied1880 B346
     William DButler died1897B346 
     Martha AnnSharrot died1879S630 
     ElizabethButler died1858B346 
     ThomasButler died1882B346 
I-303  1815        
   1816 Miss DorothyWild livedca 1935W430 
     W LeslieConner lived1913C560 
     JamesJohnson married1839J525 
     Mary JaneWinantJohnsonmarried1839W553J525
     WinantWinant born1799W553 
     Christian MaryJohnson born1798J525 
     WinantWinant married1818W553 
     Christian MaryJohnsonWinantmarried1813J525W553
     JamesJohnson born1816J525 
   1817 Mary JaneWinant born1823W553 
    d/o James and MaryMary LouisaJohnson born1848J525 
    d/o James and MaryLenahJohnson born1845J525 
     James WinantJohnson born1851J525 
     JamesJohnson died1880J525 
I-304  1818        
   1819_retake Miss OliveWilloughby livedca 1935W421 
     Stephen B Davis born1844D120 
     Stephen B Davis married1876D120 
     Lottie F KappesDavismarried1876K120D120
     Lottie F KappesDavisborn1857K120D120
     H SIsbell born1825I214 
     H SIsbell married1883I214 
     Mrs Lottie EDavisIsbellmarried1883D120I214
     Frank DLyons born1853L520 
     Frank DLyons married1890L520 
     Mrs Lottie EIsbell married1890I214 
   1820 Frank BenjaminDavis born1878D120 
     LilianDavis born1879D120 
     Charlotte ElizabethDavis born1881D120 
     George HIsbell born1884I214 
     Stephen B Davis died1882D120 
     Lottie EDavis died1882D120 
     LillianDavis died1883D120 
     H SIsbell died1884I214 
     GeorgeIsbell died1886I214 
     Frank BDavis died1900D120 
     Lottie ELyons died1926L520 
I-306  1821        
   1822 LouisRudman married1881R355 
     Mary ElizabethEgbertRudmanmarried1881E216R355
I-307  1823        
   1824 A DBlake livedca 1935B420 
     Daniel CBlake married1831B420 
     Ann BSimonsonBlakemarried1831S552B420
     Mahaly SalinaBlakeCrocheronmarried1849B420C626
     John HCrocheron married1849C626 
     DanielBlake married1866B420 
     Elizabeth AnnBlakeEgbertmarried1866B420E216
     HenryEgbert married1866E216 
   1825d/o EseeckElizabethBarnesSimonsonborn1767B652S552
    s/o Eseeck and ElizabethGeorge BSimonson born1800S552 
     AbigailSimonson born1795S552 
     DorothySimonson born1797S552 
     AnnSimonson born1805S552 
    d/o Daniel and AnnMahaly SalinaBlake born1832B420 
     Elizabeth SBlake born1835B420 
     Eseeck SBlake born1838B420 
   1826 DanielBlake born1841B420 
     Elizabeth AnnBlake born1843B420 
     Elizabeth SBlake died1840B420 
     Eseeck SBlake died1840B420 
     Daniel CBlake died1876B420 
    w/o Daniel CAnn Blakedied1895 B420
    w/o StpehenAbigail Egbertdied1869 E216
     Dorothy BSimonson died1869S552 
I-308  1827        
   1828 A DBlake livedca 1935B420 
     Daniel Blake married1866B420 
     Peninnah AJewessonBlakemarried1866J250B420
     Virginia ABlakeCondronmarried1930B420C536
     FrankCondron married1930C536 
    s/o Daniel and PeninnahGeorge WBlake born1867B420 
    d/o Daniel and PeninnahVirginia ABlake born1874B420 
    s/o Daniel and PeninnahAlfred De GrootBlake born1884B420 
    d/o Daniel and PeninnahFlorence MayBlake born1886B420 
   1829 Florence Mary MayBlake died1888B420 
     Daniel CBlake died1876B420 
     Ann BBlake died1895B420 
     Dorothy BSimonson born1797S552 
     Dorothy BSimonson died1869S552 
     Peninnah A Blakedied1928 B420
   1830d/o Emiline and George WPeninnah AJewessonBlakeborn1844J250B420
    s/o Daniel C and Ann BDanielBlake born1841B420 
I-309  1831        
   1832 Stephen DecaturBarnes born1818B652 
     Judith WrightVan PeltBarnesborn1820V514B652
     Stephen DBarnes married1842B652 
     Judith WrightVan PeltBarnesmarried1842V514B652
     Ann LeonoraBarnes born1843B652 
     Ann LeonoraBarnes died1912B652 
     MelviniaBarnes born1845B652 
     MelviniaBarnes died1883B652 
     JaneBarnes born1847B652 
     JaneBarnes died1928B652 
     Leas DBarnes born1850B652 
     Leas DBarnes died1879B652 
   1833 Emma ABarnes born1852B652 
     Emma ABarnes died1886B652 
     Ophelia ABarnes born1856B652 
     Ophelia ABarnes died1885B652 
     StephenBarnes born1858B652 
I-311  1834        
   1835 Mrs William Braistedlivedca 1935 B623
     Cornelius MBraisted married1862B623 
     Lavinia BHughesBraistedmarried1862H220B623
     William FBraisted married1886B623 
     Fannie JaneHoagBraistedmarried1886H200B623
     William FBraisted married1918B623 
     Herberg GSchacht married1925S230 
     Gladys OBraistedSchachtmarried1925B623S230
     Albert RJohnson married1933J525 
     Florence EBraistedJohnsonmarried1933B623J525
   1836 Cornelius MBraisted born1837B623 
     Lavinia BHughes born1844H220 
     Charles MBraisted born1864B623 
     William PBraisted born1865B623 
     Solomon SBraisted born1867B623 
     Christopher CBraisted born1869B623 
     Camelia MBraisted born1871B623 
     ZillabelBraisted born1876B623 
   1837 John HBraisted born1881B623 
     EvaBraisted born1883B623 
     MabelBraisted born1885B623 
     WalterBraisted born1886B623 
     William PBraisted born1865B623 
     FannieBraisted born1869B623 
     LillianBraisted born1887B623 
     WalterBraisted born1889B623 
   1838 Raymond Braisted born1892B623 
     RoyBraisted born1894B623 
     HelenBraisted born1896B623 
     Williaim FBraisted born1897B623 
     JessieBraisted born1902B623 
     CorneliusBraisted born1900B623 
     Gladys OlivetteBraisted born B623 
     Florence EllaBraisted born1906B623 
   1839 EvaBraisted died1888B623 
     WalterBraisted died1886B623 
     MargaretHoag died1922H200 
     Cornelius MBraisted died1919B623 
     Lavinia BBraisted died1920B623 
     William PBraisted died1929B623 
I-312  1840        
   1841 DorothyFetterollBohnelivedca 1935F364B500
     Catherine Vanderbilt born1782V536 
    s/o John and CatherineJohn Cole born1801C400 
     JoelCole born1805C400 
     Jane MariaCole born1807C400 
     RichardCole born1808C400 
    f/o CatherineOliverVanderbilt  1836V536 
   1842 Lydia AnnCole born1810C400 
     Jacob VanderbiltCole born1813C400 
     OliverCole born1815C400 
     RichardCole born1816C400 
     Catherine Cole born1820C400 
     Mary ElizaCole born1822C400 
     EmelineCole born1828C400 
   1843 NancyDonly died1833D540 
     Catherine Cole died1862C400 
     Mrs Hopkinsdied1899 H125
     EmelineHenison died1899H525 
     Everet SLuyster died1906L236 
     JamesArmstrong died1905A652 
     MinBarnet died1806B653 
     CathrineVanderbiltCole  V536C400
I-305  1844        
   1845 Wm FDusenbury married1854D251 
     L A AlbroDusenburymarried1854A416D251
     LeopoldSchepp married1876S100 
     Wm F Dusenbury born1825D251 
     Sarah AlmiraDusenbury born1835D251 
     MaryetDusenbury born1855D251 
     EugeneDusenbury born1860D251 
     George AlbroDusenbury born1863D251 
     EugeneDusenbury died1860D251 
I-313  1846        
   1847 W D De Lamater livedca 1935D453 
     Leah MorganDupuyborn1735M625D100
     Leah MorganDupuydied1798M625D100
     JohnDupuy born1759D100 
     EllonerDupuy born1761D100 
     EllonerDupuy died1766D100 
     Elizabeth Dupuy born1764D100 
     ElizabethDupuy died1766D100 
     NicklasDupuy born1766D100 
     MosesDupuy born1769D100 
     Leah Dupuy born1773D100 
   1848 NicolasDupuy married1798D100 
     Sarah MariahDupuy born1799D100 
     MosesDupuy born1800D100 
     NickolasDupuy married1802D100 
     IsrealDupuy born1803D100 
   1849 Leah MorganDupuyborn1735M625D100
     Leah MorganDupuydied1798M625D100
     JohnDupuy born1759D100 
     EllonerDupuy born1761D100 
     EllonerDupuy died1766D100 
     ElizabethDupuy born1764D100 
     ElizabethDupuy died1766D100 
     NicklasDupuy born1766D100 
     MosesDupuy born1769D100 
     Leah Dupuy born1773D100 
   1850 NicolasDupuy married1798D100 
     Sarah MariahDupuy born1799D100 
     MosesDupuy born1800D100 
     NickolasDupuy married1802D100 
     IsrealDupuy born1803D100 
     IsrealDupuy married1827D100 
     Eliza AnnDeckerDupuymarried1827D260D100
     Eliza AnnDeckerDupuydied1834D260D100
     John Q ADupuy born1828D100 
     Mary ElizabethDupuy born1831D100 
     Isreal WDupuy born1834D100 
     IsrealDupuy married1838D100 
     Catharine AnnSimonsonDupuymarried1838S552D100
     Catharine AnnSimonsonDupuyborn1815S552D100
     Catharine AnnSimonsonDupuydied1870S552D100
     George WDupuy born1845D100 
     George WDupuy died1869D100 
     Charles MiltonDupuy born1850D100 
     Mary EmmaDupuy born1854D100 
     Mary EmmaDupuy died1869D100 
   1851 Isreal SrDupuy died1869D100 
     William HenryDupuy born1843D100 
     William HenryDupuy died1871D100 
     William HenryDupuy married D100 
     Gertrude CruserDeckerDupuymarried D260D100
     Gertrude CruserDeckerDupuydied1931D260D100
     CamillaDupuy born1866D100 
     CharlesDupuy diedyoungD100 
     CamillaDupuyDe Lamatermarried1896D100D453
     William D De Lamater married1896D453 
   1853 IsrealDupuy married1827D100 
     Eliza AnnDeckerDupuymarried1827D260D100
I-315  1859        
   1860 Charles WCole livedca 1935C400 
     Kinsey JPepper married1875P160 
     Martha ANicholsonPeppermarried1875N242P160
     John WesleyCole married1884C400 
     Susie ElizabethGrimley NicholsonColemarried1884G654C400
     Marion WCole born1887C400 
     Charles WiltbankCole born1893C400 
     Hugh RaymondWindsor died1891W532 
I-316  1861        
   1862 Abram Bond born1747B530 
     Anny Bondborn1752 B530
     Abram Bond married1768B530 
     Anny Bondmarried1768 B530
     BathshebaBond born1769B530 
     NancyBond born1771B530 
    or 1774WilliamBond born1775B530 
   1863 WilliamBond died1775B530 
     LevianBond born1776B530 
     LevianBond died1777B530 
     LevianBond born1778B530 
     LevianBond died1779B530 
     SarahBond born1780B530 
     SarahBond born1780B530 
   1864 AbrahamBond born1781B530 
     William MBond born1784B530 
     SarahBond born1786B530 
     DavidBond born1787B530 
     AbrahamBond died1789B530 
     AbrahamBond born1790B530 
     AbrahamBond died1792B530 
     JaneBond born1793B530 
     JaneBond died1793B530 
   1865 AnnyBond died1794B530 
     NancyBond died1796B530 
     William MBond died1805B530 
     AbrahamBond married1796B530 
     SusannaBond born1797B530 
     AbrahamBond born1803B530 
     AbrahamBond died1803B530 
   1866 Ann MariaBond born1805B530 
     Ann MariaBond died1806B530 
     JohnSharp married1796S610 
     Nancy BondSharp born1797S610 
     William BondSharp born1798S610 
     DanielSharp born1800S610 
     HelenSharp born1801S610 
     Abraham BondSharp born1803S610 
     Johnsharp born1806S610 
     MarySharp born1809S610 
   1867 William BondSharp died1814S610 
     MarySharp died1814S610 
     AbrahamBond died1810B530 
     DavidBond died1814B530 
    w/o AbrahamAnnBond died1823B530 
   1868 John BedellCole married1821C400 
    c/o John B Cole and Susan Bond ColeAbraham BondCole born1821C400 
    c/o John B Cole and Susan Bond ColeJohn HenryCole born1823C400 
    c/o John B Cole and Susan Bond ColeCornelius BedellCole born1826C400 
    c/o John B Cole and Susan Bond ColeGeorge NelsonCole born1833C400 
I-317  1869        
   1870 Miss Ada STotten lived1936T350 
     Ephriam JohnsonTotten born1806T350 
     Ephriam JohnsonTotten died1891T350 
     Harriet LozierOakley born1802O240 
     Harriet LozierOakley died1865O240 
     Ephriam JohnsonTotten married1827T350 
     Harriet LozierOakleyTottenmarried1827O240T350
     Ephriam JohnsonTotten married1869T350 
     Elizabeth SDownerTottenmarried1869D560T350
     GilbertTotten born1828T350 
     GilbertTotten died1850T350 
     Julia AnnaTotten born1831T350 
   1871 George OakleyTotten born1832T350 
     George OakleyTotten died1923T350 
     William WallaceTotten born1834T350 
     Frances EmmaTotten born1838T350 
     John JohnsonTotten born1840T350 
     James Brittan Totten born1843T350 
     Ella GarretsonTotten born1846T350 
     George OakleyTotten married1862T350 
     Mary ElizabethStylesTottenmarried1862S342T350
   1872repeats previous       
   1873d/o George Oakley TottenAda StylesTotten lived1936T350 
     EphriamTotten   T350 
   1874 Mrs Paul M Fultonlived1936 F435
I-318  1876        
   1877 Mrs. Samuel Bartonlivedca 1935 B635
     ElizaCloke lived1904C420 
     Mrs. Louise Phillipslived1904 P412
     William HCollyer married1865C460 
     Margaretta GDannCollyermarried1865D500C460
     ElizaDannDannmarried D500D500
     PatricDann married D500 
     Eliza DDannClokemarried D500C420
     JamesCloke married C420 
     William ThomasCollyer born1866C460 
     NathenCollyer born1869C460 
     William ThomasCollyer died1869C460 
   1878 ElizaDannClokedied1904D500C420
     William HCollyer died1868C460 
     MargarettaCollyer died1868C460 
     William TCollyer died1869C460 
     NathenCollyer died1869C460 
I-319  1879        
   1880 CatherineGarrison died1733G625 
     CatherineConner died1787C560 
     RichardConner died1792C560 
     AbrahamCroshron born1713C626 
     ?Croshron born1718C626 
     CatherineCroscheron born1725/6C626 
   1881 AnnConner born1751C560 
     AnnConner died1769C560 
     DanielCrocheron died1767C626 
     CatherineConner born1754C560 
     CatherineConner died1792C560 
     SarahConner born1757C560 
     SarahConner died1790C560 
     ElizabethConner born1761C560 
     ElizabethConner died1804C560 
     JohnGarretson married1787G632 
     RichardConner born1763C560 
     RichardConner married1791C560 
     SophiaCrocheron Clawson married1791C626 
   1882 CatherineConner born1792C560 
     RichardConner born1795C560 
     MaryConner born1797C560 
     ElizabethConner born1800C560 
     JonathanConner born1802C560 
     WilliamConner born1805C560 
     Sophia AnnConner born1807C560 
     DanielConner born1809C560 
   1883 SarahConner born1811C560 
     SarahConner died1811C560 
     JaneConner born1812C560 
     AbrahamConner born1813C560 
     Stephen AlexanderConner born1814C560 
     Henry AgustusConner born1816C560 
     Sarah LavinaConner born1818C560 
   1884 Mrs Samuel Bartonlived  B635
     CatherineGarrison died1733G625 
     CatherineConner died1787C560 
     RichardConner died1792C560 
     AbrahamCroshron born1713C626 
     ___aristCroshron born1718C626 
     CatherineCrocheron born1725/6C626 
     AnnConner born1751C560 
     AnnConner died1769C560 
   1885 DanielCrocheron died1767C626 
     CatherineConner born1754C560 
     CatherineConner died1792C560 
     SarahConner born1757C560 
     SarahConner died1790C560 
     ElizabethConner born1761C560 
     ElizabethConner died1804C560 
     John Garretson married1787G632 
     ElizabethConner married1787C560 
     RichardConner born1763C560 
     RichardConner married1791C560 
     Sophia CrocheronClawsonConnermarried1791C425C560
     CatherineConner born1792C560 
     RichardConner born1795C560 
   1886 MaryConner born1797C560 
     ElizabethConner born1800C560 
     JonathanConner born1802C560 
     WilliamConner born1805C560 
     Sophia AnnConner born1807C560 
     DanielConner born1809C560 
     SarahConner born1811C560 
     SarahConner died1811C560 
     JaneConner born1812C560 
     AbrahamConner born1813C560 
     Stephen AlexanderConner born1814C560 
     Henry AugustusConner born1816C560 
     Sarah LavinaConner born1818C560 
I-320  1887        
   1888 Ralph MCole livedca 1935C400 
     Isaac PreyBedell married1841B340 
     Catharine MWoodBedellmarried1841W300B340
     Isaac PBedell born1816B340 
     Catharine MWood born1821W300 
     Almeda FosketBedell born1848B340 
     James WoodBedell born1850B340 
     Isaac JrBedell born1853B340 
     John FernandoBedell born1855B340 
     Ida WBedell born1857B340 
   1889 Robert SBedell born1859B340 
    s/o Almeda Bedell LarkinWillisLarkin born1887L625 
     Almeda LBedellLarkindied1893B340L625
     Catharine M Bedelldied1898 B340
     Isaac PBedell died1909B340 
     WillisLarkin died1918L625 
     James WBedell died1920B340 
     John LBedell died1920B340 
     Drusella Boothdied1921 B300
I-321  1890        
   1891 Herbert JamesBedell livedca 1935B340 
     James WoodBedell married1877B340 
     Melissa JanePolemusBedellmarried1877P452B340
     Isaac LesterBedell married1910B340 
     Edna VictoriaJohnsonBedellmarried1910J525B340
     James WoodBedell born1850B340 
     Melissa JaneBedell born1854B340 
     Isaac LesterBedell born1880B340 
     Herbert JamesBedell born1887B340 
     Joseph TottenBedell born1889B340 
     Estelle MelissaBedell born1892B340 
     Geneva Evelyn Bedellborn1875 B340
     Geneva Evelyn Bedellmarried  B340
     James W Bedellmarried  B340
     Melissa JaneBedell died1910B340 
     James WoodBedell died1920B340 
I-322  1892        
   1893 Gilbert SBarnes livedca 1935B652 
     Gilbert SBarnes born1853B652 
     Eliza RebeccaDowd born1853D300 
     Gilbert SBarnes married1881B652 
     Eliza RebeccaDowdBarnesmarried1881D300B652
     Margaret ElizabethBarnes born1883B652 
     Helen StevensBarnes born1885B652 
     Andrew FayetteBarnes born1888B652 
     Charles GilbertMeyers born1906M620 
   1894 Helen WhitmanBarnes born1918B652 
     Helen StevensBarnes died1892B652 
     Andrew FayetteBarnes died1923B652 
     Blanche DimockBarnes died1923B652 
     Eliza RebeccaBarnes died1928B652 
   1895 Gilbert SBarnes lived1879B652 
I-323  1896        
   1897Must seeCol NicholasBurgher born1768B626 
     Col NicholasBurgher died1830B626 
     John KetletasBarnes born1792B652 
     John KetletasBarnes died1851B652 
     Joseph PBarnes born1814B652 
     Joseph PBarnes died1844B652 
     Emeline LBarnes born1830B652 
     Emeline LBarnes died1901B652 
     Addra BBarnes born1828B652 
     Addra BBarnes died1905B652 
     JohnBarnes died1814B652 
     JohnBarnes died1844B652 
     Stephen KBarnes born1820B652 
     Stephen KBarnes died1885B652 
     Stephen KBarnes married B652 
     Pheebie JaneFountainBarnesmarried F535B652
I-324  1898        
   1899 Mrs. H. J.  Jamiesonlivedca 1935 J525
     JacobVan Pelt born1755V514 
     CatharineVan NameVan Peltborn1756V550V514
     BarbreyVan Pelt born1776V514 
     MaryVan Pelt born1776V514 
     JacobVan Pelt born1778V514 
     DavidVan Pelt born1782V514 
     CatharineVan Pelt born1784V514 
     AaronVan Pelt born1786V514 
     Moses CVan Pelt born1788V514 
     JohnVan Pelt born1790V514 
   1900 ElizabethVan Pelt born1793V514 
     Annavan Pelt born1795V514 
     CharlesVan Pelt born1798V514 
     PeterVan Pelt born1802V514 
    s/o AaronJacobVan Pelt born1813V514 
    s/o AaronJohnVanpelt born1816V514 
    d/o A V P JrElizabeth Van Pelt born1818V514 
   1901s/o CharlesJohnVan Pelt born1820V514 
I-325  1902        
   1903 Mrs. H. J.  Jamiesonlivedca 1935 J525
     John B Decker   D260 
     BenjaminDecker   D260 
     Mrs. Calvin Van Name   V550
     JacobVan Pelt born1755V514 
     CatharineVan NameVan Peltborn1756V550V514
     JacobVan Pelt married V514 
     CatharineVan NameVan Peltmarried V550V514
     BenjaminDecker born1810D260 
     CatharinDecker born1812D260 
     ElizabethDecker born1815D260 
     SaryannDecker born1817D260 
     SusanDecker born1819D260 
     JohnDecker born1822D260 
     JacobDecker born1824D260 
     DavidDecker born1826D260 
     Mary JaneDecker born1828D260 
     AbrahamDecker born1830D260 
   1904c/o Benjamin Decker and MaryAbrahamDecker born1783D260 
    c/o Benjamin Decker and MaryAbrahamDecker died1789D260 
    c/o Benjamin Decker and MaryAnnDecker born1785D260 
    c/o Benjamin Decker and MaryJohnDecker born1786D260 
    c/o Benjamin Decker and MaryDavidDecker born1788D260 
    c/o Benjamin Decker and MaryMary AnnDecker born1790D260 
    c/o Benjamin Decker and MaryBenjaminDecker born1791D260 
    c/o Benjamin Decker and MaryAbrahamDecker born1794D260 
     Calvin D Van Name   V550 
   1905w/o John BElizabeth Deckerdied1868 D260
     John BDecker died1873D260 
     John BDecker born1786D260 
    c/o John B Decker and ElizabethBenjaminDecker died1890D260 
    c/o John B Decker and ElizabethSarah AnnDeckerBrothertondied D260B636
     DanielBrotherton married B636 
     SaryannDeckerBrothertonmarried D260B636
    c/o John B Decker and ElizabethElizabethDeckerStevensdied D260S315
     ElizabethDeckerStevensmarried D260S315
     JohnStevens married S315 
    c/o John B Decker and ElizabethCatharineDeckerVan Namedied D260V550
     CatharineDeckerVan Namemarried D260V550
     CharlesVan Name married V550 
I-326  1906        
   1907 Mrs. H. J. Jamiesonlivedca 1935 J525
     William HVanname   V550 
     Elizabeth AnnVanname   V550 
     Calvin D Van Name   V550 
     Lizzie Emma Van Name   V550
     Hazel JaneVan Name   V550 
     Sarabelle Van Name   V550
     Elizabeth PierceJamieson   J525 
   1908 William HVanname born1826V550 
     Elizabeth AnnDecker born1835D260 
     Calvin D Van Name born1857V550 
     Hazel JaneVan Name born V550 
     Elizabeth PierceJamieson born1920J525 
   1909 William HVanname married1851V550 
     Elizabeth AnnDeckerVannamemarried1851D260V550
     Calvin D Van Name married1882V550 
     Lizzie EmmaDonovanVan Namemarried1882D515V550
     Calvin D Van Name married1901V550 
     SarabelleO'NeillVan Namemarried1901O540V550
     Hazel JaneVan NameJamiesonmarried1918?V550J525
     Hugh JohnJamieson married1918?J525 
   1910 BenjaminDecker married D260 
     DinahLakeDeckermarried L200D260
     William HVan Name died1875V550 
     Lizzie Emma Van Namedied1892 V550
     Elizabeth AnnDeckerVan Namedied1920D260V550
     Calvin D Van Name died1924V550 
     BenjaminDecker born1810D260 
     BenjaminDecker died1890D260 
I-327  1911        
   1912 KatherineSeaman livedca 1935S550 
     Juliet Trenchlivedca 1935 T652
     John BHatfield lived1848H314 
     Margery THatfieldGranthamlived1848H314G653
     Sarah EHatfieldBingaylived1848H314B520
     JobHatfield married1800H314 
     Jane Van NordenHatfieldmarried1800V563H314
     BenjaminTrefay married1823T610 
     John V NHatfield married1825H314 
     SarahHatfield married1825H314 
   1913 Edward DBingay married1828B520 
     Gabriel V NHatfield married1832H314 
     CharlesTooker married1832T260 
     Stephen VKenney married1833K500 
     Magdalen V NHatfieldKenneymarried1833H314K500
     Edgar CGrantham married1837G653 
     Margery THatfieldGranthammarried1837H314G653
   1914 JamesTrefay married1839T610 
     John GBingay married1846B520 
     Sarah EHatfieldBingaymarried1846H314B520
     JobHatfield born1754H314 
     JaneHatfield born1784H314 
     John Van NordenHatfield born1802H314 
     DeborahHatfield born1803H314 
     Gabriel Van NordenHatfield born1804H314 
   1915 Magdalen V NHatfield born1806H314 
     PhebeHatfield born1808H314 
     Magdalen V NHatfield born1810H314 
     JaneHatfield born1811H314 
     Job BootsHatfield born1813H314 
     Cornelius V NHatfield born1815H314 
     Margery TookerHatfield born1817H314 
     Theodoria CoffinHatfield born1819H314 
     Sarah ElizaHatfield born1823H314 
   1916 JobHatfield died1825H314 
     Magdalen Van NordenHatfield died1808H314 
     Cornelius Van NordenHatfield died1823H314 
     Edgar CGrantham died1846G653 
     John GBingay died1848B520 
I-328  1917        
   1918 Samuel CBenjamin livedca 1935B525 
     Samuel CBenjamin born1867B525 
     Ollie K Benjaminborn1870 B525
    c/o Samuel and OllieElizabeth AnnBenjamin born1891B525 
    c/o Samuel and OllieMargaret PBenjamin born1894B525 
     Margaret EstelleBedell born1914B340 
     Joseph EvansBedell born1916B340 
     Malcolm WillisBedell born1918B340 
   1919 Benjamin ParkMarshall born1920M624 
I-329  1920        
   1921 William EJoline livedca 1935J450 
     William EJoline married1884J450 
     Cornelia ColeJolinemarried1884C400J450
     William EJoline born1860J450 
     CorneliaCole born1862C400 
     Philip ErnestJoline born1885J450 
     William SrJoline born1818J450 
   1922 Ann TottenJolineborn1821T350J450
     Harriet ElizabethJoline born1841J450 
     Aurintha AnnJoline born1842J450 
     Philip AugustusJoline born1844J450 
     Thomas ClarksonJoline born1846J450 
     Sarah VirginiaJoline born1848J450 
     Letitia TottenJoline born1850J450 
     Laua FrancesJoline born1853J450 
     AnnieAlfretta born1854A416 
     Willie LutherJoline born1856J450 
   1923 Clarence HJoline born1858J450 
     Clara SophiaJoline born1863J450 
     Thomas CJoline born1847J450 
     Aurintha AnnJoline born1848J450 
     Laura FrancesJoline born1857J450 
     Willie LutherJoline born1857J450 
     Clarence HJoline born1860J450 
     Letitia TJoline born1886J450 
     Clara SJoline born1889J450 
     Philip ErnestJoline died1885J450 
I-330  1924        
   1925 AnnaDePew livedca 1935D100 
     James HDepew married1875D100 
     AnalaskaVan BlarcomDepewmarried1875V514D100
     George EdwardDe Pew married1904D100 
     Anna TheresaFarrellDe Pewmarried1904F640D100
     Henry WilliamDepew married1910D100 
   1926 Mary Louis_ Depew born1877D100 
     George EdwardDepew born1879D100 
     Henry WilliamDepew born1888D100 
     James HDepew born1852D100 
     AnalaskaVan Blarcom born1853V514 
    c/o George and AnnaMary LDepew born1905D100 
    c/o George and AnnaAnalaskaDepew born1906D100 
    c/o George and AnnaAlbert EdwardDepew born1908D100 
    c/o George and AnnaHelenDepew born1910D100 
   1927c/o George and AnnaGeorgeDepew born1911D100 
    c/o Henry and M. L.Farnam HenryDepew born1911D100 
    c/o George and AnnaFrancis StanleyDepew born1912D100 
    c/o Henry and M. L.MadlineDepew born1912D100 
    c/o George and AnnaKatherine GraceDepew born1915D100 
    c/o George and AnnaRitaDepew born1919D100 
    c/o George and AnnaGeorgeDepew died1912D100 
    c/o Henry and M. L.MadlineDepew died1913D100 
    c/o George and AnnaFrancis SDepew died1913D100 
   1928 Mary LVan Blarcom died1883V514 
     William TDe Pew died1887D100 
     James AVan Blarcom died1896V514 
     Albert EDepew died1908D100 
     HelenDepew died1911D100 
   1929 AlbertVan Blarcum born1844V514 
     Sarah MalavinaVan Blarcum born1847V514 
     AnalaskaVan Blarcum born1853V514 
     AbrahamVan Blarcum born1859V514 
     Mary LouiseDepew died1937D100 
     AnnaDePewLeitchmarried D100L320
     Conwell NLeitch married L320 
     Farnum HDepew married1936D100 
     Helen ViolaRaguseDepewmarried1936R220D100
     George EDepew died1921D100 
   1930 James HDepew died1911 or 1912D100 
     AlfredStorer died1916S366 
     William FDepew died D100 
     Celia Flemingborn1843 F455
     Celia Flemingdied  F455
     Baby girlDePew died1912D100 
     Mary EBartineStorerdied1916B635S366
     Sarah MVanBlarcomMandevilledied1913V514M531
     Ray BReid died1914R300 
I-331  1931        
   1932 James ButlerSlaight livedca 1935S423 
     Isaac SSlaight married1859S423 
     Mary JButlerSlaightmarried1859B346S423
     Mary JaneButler born1838B346 
     Isaac SSlaight born1836S423 
     EnmundSlaight born1860S423 
     James ButlerSlaight born1864S423 
     Minnie NSlaight born1866S423 
     EdwardSlaight died1898S423 
     Isaac SSlaight died1902S423 
I-332  1933this folder has 57 pages       
   1934 Laura BYetman livedca 1935Y355 
     Joseph AsburyTotten married T350 
     RachelDrakeTottenmarried D620T350
     Joseph AsburyTotten born1796T350 
     Joseph AsburyTotten died1829T350 
     John CochranTotten born1818T350 
     Mary AntheTotten born1823T350 
     Carnelia MersereauTotten born1826T350 
     John CochranTotten married T350 
     Sarah AnnManeeTottenmarried M500T350
   1935 JamesTotten   T350 
     HarrietTotten   T350 
     RachelTotten   T350 
     MatildaTotten   T350 
     James Totten married T350 
     SusanAndrovetteTottenmarried A536T350
     HarrietTottenWeirmarried T350W600
     JamesWeir married W600 
     RachelTottenWymanmarried T350W550
     JamesWyman married W550 
     MatildaTottenVaitmarried T350V300
     CushmanVait married V300 
   1936 Mary AntheTottenLa Forgemarried T350L162
     HenryLa Forge married L162 
     James AsburyLa Forge died L162 
     Benjamin FranklinLa Forge married L162 
     Emily LouiseHuberLa Forgemarried H160L162
     ArmeniaLa ForgeManeemarried L162M500
     HaywoodManee married M500 
     AnnittaLa ForgeColemarried L162C400
     John HCole married C400 
     John HenryLa Forge   L162 
     May LouiseLa Forge   L162 
     AlonzoLa Forge married L162 
     EvaOvingtonLa Forgemarried O152L162
   1937 Hubbard RivelyYetman born1847Y355 
     Hubbard RivelyYetman died1924Y355 
     Hubbard RivelyYetman married1870Y355 
     Sarah VirginiaJolineYetmanmarried1870J450Y355
     Sarah VirginiaJoline born1848J450 
     Mortimer HazeltonYetman born1871Y355 
     Mortimer HazeltonYetman died1871Y355 
     Laura BlatchfordYetman born1872Y355 
   1938 Arthur HubbardYetman born1874Y355 
     Arthur HubbardYetman married1908Y355 
     May ColeDisoswayYetmanmarried1908D220Y355
     Grace HazeltonYetman born1876Y355 
     Grace HazeltonYetman died1933Y355 
     Annie LouiseYetman born1882Y355 
     Annie LouiseYetman died1882Y355 
     William JolineYetman married1910Y355 
     May LouiseWilliamsYetmanmarried1910W452Y355
     William ManeeJoline born1818J450 
     William ManeeJoline died1902J450 
   1939 William ManeeJoline married1839J450 
     JamesTotten married T350 
     HarrietBrownTottenmarried B650T350
     Harriet ElizabethJoline born1841J450 
     Harriet ElizabethJolineHazeltonmarried1862J450H243
     Harriet ElizabethJoline HazeltonAndrovettemarried1872J452A536
     John MiltonAndrovette married1872A536 
   1940 Aurintha AnnJoline born1842J450 
     Aurintha AnnJoline died1848J450 
     Philip AugustusJoline born1844J450 
     Philip AugustusJoline died1880J450 
     Philip AugustusJoline married1868J450 
     Cecilia AnnHutchinsonJolinemarried1868H325J450
     Thomas ClarksonJoline born1846J450 
     Thomas ClarksonJoline died1847J450 
     Sarah VirginiaJoline born1848J450 
     Sarah VirginiaJolineYetmanmarried1870J450Y355
     Hubbard RivelyJoline married1870J450 
     Letitia TottenJoline born1850J450 
     Letitia TottenJoline died1886J450 
     Letitia TottenJolineSpraguemarried1872J450S162
     David MulfordSprague married1872S162 
   1941 Laura FrancesJoline born1853J450 
     Laura FrancesJoline died1857J450 
     Annie AlferettaJoline born1854J450 
     Annie AlferettaJolineAyresmarried1876J450A620
     FrankAyres married1876A620 
     William LutherJoline born1856J450 
     William LutherJoline died1857J450 
     Clarence HenryJoline died1860J450 
     William ErnestJoline born1860J450 
   1942 William ErnestJoline married1884J450 
     William ErnestJoline married1900J450 
     Cecilia Ann HutchinsonJolinemarried1900H325J450
     Clara SophiaJoline born1863J450 
     Clara SophiaJoline died1889J450 
     Clara SophiaJolinePeppermarried1883J450P160
     Eli WesleyPepper married1883P160 
     BenjaminJoline born1793J450 
     BenjaminJoline died1882J450 
     AndrewJoline married J450 
     PhebeValentineJolinemarried V453J450
     ElizabethManee born1798M500 
     ElizabethManee died1880M500 
     PeterManee married M500 
     SarahButlerManeemarried B346M500
   1943 BenjaminJoline married J450 
     ElizabethManeeJolinemarried M500J450
     William ManeeJoline born1818J450 
     William ManeeJoline died1902J450 
     William ManeeJoline married1839J450 
     DavidJoline married J450 
     Ellen DLa ForgeJolinemarried L162J450
     Mary AnnJolineEllismarried J450E420
     Cornelius CEllis married E420 
     LucindaJolineTottenmarried J450T350
     Philip BrownTotten married T350 
   1944 BenjaminJoline married J450 
     Abigail JaneMooreJolinemarried M600J450
     LutherJoline married J450 
     Lydia AnnSpragueJolinemarried S162J450
     ElmiraJolineRydermarried J450R360
     EliasRyder married R360 
     TrumanJoline married J450 
     Susan ElizabethSpragueJolinemarried S162J450
     TrumanJoline married J450 
     FannieManeeJolinemarried M500J450
     AlonzoJoline married J450 
     MarthaLa ForgeManeemarried L162M500
     AndrewJoline married J450 
     PhebeValentineJolinemarried V453J450
     JohnJoline married J450 
     PhebePriceJolinemarried P620J450
     JonahValentine married V453 
     SusannahBedellValentinemarried B340V453
   1945 BenjaminJoline married J450 
     ElizabethManeeJolinemarried M500J450
     DavidJoline married J450 
     LucettaBaldwinJolinemarried B435J450
     DavidJoline married J450 
     SarahJenningsJolinemarried J552J450
     AnnJolineLa Veremarried J450L160
     EdwardLa Vere married L160 
     Phebe HJolineMeekermarried J450M260
     LouisMeeker married M260 
   1946 WilliamJoline married J450 
     Catharine Jolinemarried  J450
     AndrewJoline married J450 
     ElizaAbbyJolinemarried A100J450
     AndrewJoline married J450 
     Lydia Jolinemarried  J450
     JonasJoline married J450 
     LydiaManeeJolinemarried M500J450
     AnthonyJoline married J450 
     Amanda Jolinemarried  J450
   1947 Rhoda JolineRossmarried J450R200
     JohnRoss   R200 
     MaryJolineWoodruffmarried J450W361
     EliasWoodruff   W361 
     PhoebeJolineTottenmarried J450T350
     BenjaminTotten   T350 
     MatthiusJoline   J450 
     Rev JohnJoline   J450 
     AndrewJoline married J450 
     PhebeValentineJolinemarried V453J450
     BenjaminJoline   J450 
   1948 AnthonyJoline married J450 
     Abigail JaneBlanchardJolinemarried B452J450
     AndrewJoline married J450 
     Mary Jolinemarried  J450
     MaryJolineBlanchardmarried J450B452
     JohnBlanchard married B452 
     JohnJoline married J450 
     PheobePriceJolinemarried P620J450
     AndrewJoline diedaft 1741J450 
   1949 AndreJoline married J450 
     MadeleinePoupinJolinemarried P150J450
     JeanJoline born1694J450 
     Anna MadeleineJoline born1696J450 
     DavidJoline born1698J450 
     JeanneJoline born1701J450 
     AndrewJoline married J450 
     MaryChaplainJolinemarried C145J450
   1950 PeterManee married M500 
     SarahButlerManeemarried B346M500
     JamesManee   M500 
     ElizabethManeeJolinemarried M500J450
     BenjaminJoline married J450 
     PeterManee   M500 
     HenryManee married M500 
    s/b Winant?Susan AnnAndrovetteManeemarried A536M500
     FannyManeeWoodmarried M500W300
     Abraham HWood married W300 
     BelicheManeeSleightmarried M500S423
     RichardSleight married S423 
     WilliamManee married M500 
     NancyAndrovettManeemarried A536M500
      ManeePricemarried M500P620
     EliasPrice married P620 
   1951 HenryButler married B346 
     Belitja Butlermarried  B346
     HenryButler   B346 
     JamesButler   B346 
     NathanielButler   B346 
     FrancesButler   B346 
     SarahButler   B346 
   1952 RichardValentine married V453 
     PhebeHainesValentinemarried H520V453
     John SrBedell married B340 
     SusannahValentineBedellmarried V453B340
     John Valentine married V453 
     SusannahBedellValentinemarried B340V453
     JeminiaValentineWoodruffmarried V453W361
     WilliamWoodruff married W361 
     SamuelValentine   V453 
     MarthaValentineMarshmarried V453M620
     JosephMarsh married M620 
     PhebeValentineJolinemarried V453J450
     AndrewJoline married J450 
   1953 SusannahValentineLongmarried V453L520
     JohnLong married L520 
     JosephValentine married V453 
     TemperenceLittellValentinemarried L340V453
     BenjaminValentine   V453 
     LydiaValentineBrookfieldmarried V453B621
     BrownBrookfield married B621 
     EstherValentineBloomfieldmarried V453B451
     JohnBloomfield married B451 
     SarahValentineLittellmarried V453L340
     DavidLittell married L340 
   1954 RichardValentine married V453 
     PhebeHainesValentinemarried H520V453
     JonahValentine married V453 
     SusannahBedellValentinemarried B340V453
     EphriamValentine married V453 
     Rhoda PriceValentinemarried P620V453
     ObediahValentine married V453 
     MaryMulfordValentinemarried M416V453
     ObediahValentine married V453 
     Elizabeth BakerMaxwellValentinemarried M240V453
   1955 ObediahValentine married V453 
     Elizabeth RobertsDayValentinemarried D000V453
     PhebeValentineMillermarried V453M460
     John 3rdMiller married M460 
     MaryValentineClarkmarried V453C462
     HenryClark married C462 
     MaryValentineOakleymarried V453O240
     SylvanusOakley married O240 
     MaryValentineCammeemarried V453C500
     DavidCammee married C500 
     ElizabethValentineNorthmarried V453N630
     BenjaminNorth married N630 
     RachelValentineBakermarried V453B260
     WilliamBaker married B260 
     SarahValentine   V453 
   1956 JohnBedell diedbef 1763B340 
     JohnBedell married B340 
     SusannahValentineBedellmarried V453B340
     JacobBedell married B340 
     Eleanor or AulaPowersBedellmarried P620B340
     WilliamBedell married B340 
     TemperenceLittellBedellmarried L340B340
     MarthaBedellCarymarried B340C600
     DanielCary married C600 
     SusannahBedellValentinemarried B340V453
     JonahValentine married V453 
   1957 MaryBedellGraymarried B340G600
     HenryGray married G600 
   1958 JohnTotten married T350 
     AnnColeTottenmarried C400T350
     JamesTotten born1797T350 
     JamesTotten died1879T350 
     Phililp Brown married B650 
     AnnaHarnedBrownmarried H653B650
     HarrietBrown born1798B650 
     HarrietBrown died1885B650 
     JamesTotten married T350 
     HarrietBrownTottenmarried B650T350
     ElizabethTotten born1821T350 
     ElizabethTottenClarksonmarried T350C462
     ThomasClarkson married C462 
     AnnTotten born1821T350 
     AnnTotten died1895T350 
     AnnTottenJolinemarried T350J450
     William MJoline married J450 
   1959 Sophia HarnedTotten born1823T350 
     Sophia HarnedTotten died1861T350 
     Sophia HarnedTottenSmithmarried T350S530
     AlfredSmith married S530 
     PhilipTotten born1825T350 
     PhilipTotten died1882T350 
     PhilipTotten married T350 
     LucindaJolineTottenmarried J450T350
     PhilipTotten married T350 
     Susan ManeeTaylorTottenmarried T460T350
     CorneliaTotten born1839T350 
     CorneliaTottenJourneaymarried T350J650
     William OJourneay married J650 
   1960 LetitiaTotten died1843T350 
     John GilbertTotten died1858T350 
   1961 GilbertTotten married T350 
     MaryButlerTottenmarried B346T350
     JohnTotten born1771T350 
     JohnTotten died1846T350 
     AbrahamCole married C400 
     AbigailJohnsonColemarried J525C400
     JohnTotten married1792T350 
     GilbertTotten married T350 
     EleanorDunnTottenmarried D500T350
     AbigailTottenLa Forgemarried T350L162
     BenjaminLa Forge married L162 
   1962 JamesTotten born1797T350 
     JamesTotten died1879T350 
     HarrietBrown born1798B650 
     HarrietBrown died1885B650 
     JamesTotten married T350 
     HarrietBrownTottenmarried B650T350
     MaryTottenOakleymarried T350O240
     IsraelOakley married O240 
     JohnTotten married T350 
     ElizabethButlerTottenmarried B346T350
     Abraham ColeTotten born1804T350 
     Abraham ColeTotten died1827T350 
     Mary AnnBrackett born1812B623 
     Mary AnnBrackett died1898B623 
   1963 AbrahamColeTottenmarried C400T350
     Mary AnnBrackettTottenmarried B623T350
     Ephriam JohnsonTotten born1806T350 
     Ephriam JohnsonTotten died1901T350 
     HarrietOakley born1802O240 
     HarrietOakley died1865O240 
     Ephriam JohnsonTotten married T350 
     HarrietOakley married O240 
     Elizabeth S  born1821  
     Elizabeth S  died1894  
     Ephriam JohnsonTotten married T350 
     Elizabeth S Tottenmarried  T350
   1964 Joseph WesleyTotten born1808T350 
     Joseph WesleyTotten died1848T350 
     Fanny  born1820  
     Fanny  died1866  
     Joseph WesleyTotten married T350 
     Fanny Tottenmarried  T350
     Rachel AnnTottenSpraguemarried T350S162
     AbrahamSprague married S162 
     WilliamTotten   T350 
     LetitiaTottenBuglemarried T350B240
    BeegleRev. JohnBugle married B240 
     IsaacTotten   T350 
   1965 JohnTotten married T350 
     Ann Tottenmarried  T350
     GilbertTotten born1741T350 
     GilbertTotten died1819T350 
     MaryButler born1729B346 
     MaryButler died1832B346 
     GilbertTotten married1769T350 
     JamesTotten born1770T350 
     JamesTotten died1828T350 
     JamesTotten married T350 
     MaryJohnsonTottenmarried J525T350
     JohnTotten born1771T350 
     JohnTotten died1846T350 
   1966 JohnTotten married1792T350 
     Joseph GilbertTotten born1777T350 
     Joseph GilbertTotten died1818T350 
     Joseph GilbertTotten married T350 
     MaryCubberlyTottenmarried C164T350
     BetsyTotten born1772T350 
     BetsyTotten died1860T350 
     BetsyTottenColemarried T350C400
     Rev WilliamCole married C400 
     RachelTotten born1778T350 
     RachelTotten died1858T350 
   1967 RachelTottenJohnsonmarried1804T350J525
     JesseJohnson married1804J525 
     RachelTottenButlermarried T350B346
     JamesButler married B346 
     LetitiaTotten born1783T350 
     LetitiaTotten died1833T350 
     JamesJohnson married1805J525 
     MaryTotten born1781T350 
     MaryTotten died1861T350 
     MaryTottenPolhemusmarried T350P452
     Rev JosephPolhemus married P452 
     MaryTottenWilliamsmarried T350W452
     MatthewWilliams   W452 
   1968 JohnTotten married T350 
     Ann Tottenmarried  T350
     Rev JosephTotten died1818T350 
     Rev JosephTotten married T350 
     Mary Tottenmarried  T350
     GilbertTotten married T350 
     MaryButlerTottenmarried B346T350
     ThomasTotten   T350 
     HenryTotten   T350 
     MaryTottenBrownmarried T350B650
     NancyTottenPraymarried T350P600
     JohnPray married P600 
   1969 AbrahamCole born1736C400 
     AbrahamCole married1768C400 
     WilliamJohnson married J525 
     Rev WilliamCole born1769C400 
     Rev WilliamCole died1845C400 
     Rev WilliamCole married C400 
     ElizabethTottenColemarried T350C400
     IsaacCole born1772/3C400 
     IsaacCole married C400 
     MarthaSwainColemarried S500C400
     AbrahamCole born1778C400 
   1970 AbrahamCole married C400 
     AnnJohnsonColemarried J525C400
     LydiaCole died1838C400 
     LydiaColeWoglommarried C400W245
     CorneliusWoglom married W245 
     AnnCole born1773C400 
     AnnCole died1840C400 
     AnnColeTottenmarried C400T350
     JohnTotten married T350 
     EstherCole died1863C400 
   1971 EstherColeSwainmarried C400S500
     MarshallSwain married S500 
     PhebeColeLatourettemarried C400L363
     DavidLatourette married L363 
   1972 AbrahamCole married C400 
     RebeccaBrittonColemarried B635C400
     IsaacCole married C400 
     Esther Colemarried  C400
     EdwardCole born1770C400 
     EdwardCole died1848C400 
     AbrahamCole born1736C400 
     AbrahamCole died1815C400 
     AbrahamCole married1768C400 
   1973 Lambert CornelisseCool   C400 
     NathanielBritton married B635 
     AnnaStillwellBrittonmarried S344B635
     AbrahamCool married C400 
     RebeccaBrittonCoolmarried B635C400
     AbrahamCool married C400 
     Martha Coolmarried  C400
     RebeccaCoolAndrovettmarried C400A536
     PeterAndrovett married A536 
     CorneliusCool   C400 
     IsaacCool   C400 
   1974 Cornelius LambertseCool married C400 
     AtheirBrackhaugeCoolmarried B622C400
     Lambert CornelisseCool   C400 
     AbrahamCool married1695C400 
   1975 CorneliusLambertse married L516 
     AltieirBrackhougeLambertsemarried B622L516
     AltieirLambertseCouenhovenmarried L516C515
     GarritCouenhoven married C515 
     AltieLambertseElbertsonmarried L516E416
     ElbertElbertson married E416 
     Pieterje CorneliusLambertsevan Piermereutmarried L516V516
     Claus Jvan Piermereut married V516 
     Lambert CorneliusLambertse   L516 
   1976 NathanielBritton married B635 
     AnnaStillwellBrittonmarried S344B635
     WilliamBritton   B635 
     NathanielBritton   B635 
     SarahBritton   B635 
     RachelBritton born1668B635 
     AbrahamCole married1695C400 
     JosephBritton   B635 
   1977 RebeccaBritton   B635 
     BenjaminBritton   B635 
     RichardBritton   B635 
     JohnBritton   B635 
     AbigailBritton   B635 
     DanielBritton bornabt 1875B635 
     DanielBritton died1733B635 
     DanielBritton married B635 
     Elizabeth Brittonmarried  B635
     NicholasBritton   B635 
   1978 NathanielBritton married B635 
     AnnaStillwellBrittonmarried S344B635
     Daniel Britton born1676B635 
     DanielBritton died1733B635 
     DanielBritton married B635 
     Elizabeth Brittonmarried  B635
     MaryBritton born1700/01B635 
     MaryBritton died1747B635 
     MaryBrittonMooresmarried B635M620
     John Moores married M620 
     MaryBrittonHudemarried B635H300
     RobertHude married H300 
     DanielBritton   B635 
     DeliveranceBritton   B635 
   1979 DeliveranceBrittonMooresmarried B635M620
     JamesMoores married M620 
     WilliamBritton married B635 
     Sarah Brittonmarried  B635
     ElizabethBritton   B635 
     BenjaminBritton born1723B635 
     BenjaminBritton died1783B635 
   1980 ThomasBrown married B650 
     Agnes Brownmarried  B650
     PhilipBrown born1768B650 
     PhilipBrown died1853B650 
     AgnesHarned born1762H653 
     AgnesHarned died1805H653 
     PhilipBrown married1788B650 
     PhilipBrown married1806B650 
     WilliamBrown born1789B650 
     RebeccaBrown born1790B650 
     MichaelBrown born1791B650 
     ThomasBrown born1792B650 
   1981 FrancesBrown born1793B650 
     FanneyBrown born1794B650 
     BetseyBrown born1796B650 
     BetseyBrown died1830B650