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Thank you, thank you, thank you to all lookup volunteers!!!

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Help Offers and Book Information

Please note, books and help offers (lookups) have been combined. A title followed by a description shall now be combined with information of a lookup volunteer. These fellow researchers have generously offered their time. Please be specific when requesting lookups. All potential volunteers are encouraged to email SIGenealogy We are looking to gather a collection of books either ourselves, or thru online lookup volunteers. Please email SIGenealogy with or for info! If anyone has a book listed here or knows how to get hold of a copy, let us know. Thanks.


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  • Family Trees ObituariesHelp.org Family tree templates available in PDF form. These free forms can be used to create your own personal family tree.



Informal poll of Essential Staten Island Resources:

  • Morris,1898, Two volumes, Reprint available from Higginson Book Co., (Mass)
  • Leng & Davis: 1929, Five Volumes, Out of print, Jack Gilbert will do lookups (some).
  • Annals of Staten Island from its discovery to the present time by J. J. Clute, reprinted 1986. Hearts of Lakes Pub., Interlake. NY 14847.
  • S.I. Historical Society, if you can get appointments
  • Court House, including Supreme Court records.


Please Note: These books may be found on E-Bay or Amazon at times.Please check other online distributors before bidding. You may prevent getting ripped off (spending too much on ebay). Please be aware of the price you bid and the price it should sell for.

  • The Face Behind the Veil, a fiction novel set partly in Staten Island, written by a Staten Islander. The author says, "Because the book is based on the memories of senior citizens still living on Staten Island, and paints an accurate picture of the Island's past, I am wondering if you would be interested in posting two related links on the rootsweb pages. Story locations include the historic St. George Theatre when it was in its prime, the historic Horton's Row townhomes in New Brighton (pictured on the book's cover) and an elegant Victorian home in Clifton.". First Chapter Free.

FHL film numbers by ED:
# 2341346 ED's 1- 16 and 101-107
# 2341347 ED's 17- 37 and 108-143
# 2341348 ED's 38- 60 and 144-207
# 2341349 ED's 61- 79 and 208-276
# 2341350 Ed's 80-100 and 277-363

  • Annals of Staten Island from its discovery to the present time by J. J. Clute. Out of print.
    • You can wait-list at amazon.com.
    • For sale for $49.00 at Higginson Book Company.(You need to do a Find on the book title or scroll thru the books.)
    • $35 at (gone).
    • Ed - sinker at globalnet dot co dot uk and Sharon - sharon dot ross at unh dot edu have volunteered to check it.
  • Berries in the Hot by Doris Lane Scheduled to be published by eWorks Publishing. It is a serialized historical fiction in installments set in late nineteenth century Staten Island.
  • Pierre Billiou Family by Elmer Garfield Van Name. An account of the Pierre Billiou family on Staten Island with an addenda on the Simonson family of the same area. Soft cover; 16pp; 1960; G.C.H.S.
  • History of the Branch of the Bodine Family founded by Cornelius Bodine by E.P. Bodine.
    Ask Janet for lookups. Not indexed.
  • Books WeOwn, a volunteer lookup list hosted by Rootsweb, has New York Volunteers - and Family Histories by Surname *under books we own, when they come back online*.
  • Britton Genealogy by Elmer Garfield Van Name. A good study of the Britton-Britaine-Britten family from the early generations in Somersetshire, England, to those in Staten Island, New York. Soft cover; 34pp.; 1964,repr. 1970; G.C.H.S.
  • Genealogy Britton by Edward E. Britton.
    • Janet for lookups. Not indexed. Contains mostly information on the Winchester and Caroline Amelia (Parker) Britton line of Brooklyn.
  • Cadmus - Pam Sears has offered CADMUS info. email Pam - pjsears at stratos dot net for more info.
  • The 1850 Federal Census for New York State.
  • Pierre Cresson, the Huguenot of Staten Island, Pennsylvania and New Jersey Progeny by Elmer Garfield Van Name. References are fully documented in this genealogy, which also contains material on the De la Plaine and Demarest lines. Soft cover; 21pp.; index; 1968; G.C.H.S.
  • The Crocheron Family of Staten Island, NY, by Charlotte M. Hix, 1979 - lookups by Charlotte - cmhix at metrocast dot net
  • Days Afield on Staten Island by William T. Davis. $10 at the SIIAS.
  • Decker Holly Tooker is collecting all Staten Island Deckers. This is a work in progress, an ongoing effort. She says, "I offer to answer DECKER questions ...FREE... I can offer DECKERs, 1850, 1855, 1860, 1865 and SI DECKERs 1933/4 Directory." Also some gravestone inscriptions and church records. Please email Holly Saartje81 at aol dot com if you would like to share your DECKER info with her, or to ask her to check for your person.
  • History of Richmond County (Staten Island) From its Discovery to the Present Time [1887]. ed. by Richard M. Bayles.
  • The Housman (Huysman)-Simonson Family of Staten Island, N.Y. by Elmer Garfield Van Name. This is a narrative of these two families with records from the late 1600's to the early 1800's. Soft cover; 10pp.; 1955, repr. 1981; G.C.H.S. (See also The Simonson Families of Staten Island, N.Y.)
  • Images of America
    • IMAGES OF AMERICA Staten Island in the Twentieth Century $16.99 at (gone).
    • IMAGES OF AMERICA Staten Island II OP $18.99 at (gone)
    • IMAGES OF AMERICA Staten Island $18.99 at (gone).
  • Ken - adobeblues at email dot msn dot com - has info on the Killmeyer family given to him by Susan Killmeyer, the great-granddaughter of Nicholas Killmeyer. The name is associated with an old (1859) restaurant on Staten Island.
  • Morris's Memorial History of Staten Island by Ira K. Morris.
    • For sale for $95.00/2 Vol set at Higginson Book Company. (You need to do a Find on the book title or scroll thru the books.)
  • Old Families of Staten Island excerpted from Annals of Staten Island by J. J. Clute. I recommend you get the original book, but if you want this one, it's
    • $15.95 at (gone)
  • Daniel Perrin, "The Huguenot", by Howland D. Perrine,1910 - lookups by Charlotte cmhix at metrocast dot net
  • Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York by Rosalie Fellows Bailey.
  • The Church of St. Andrew Richmond, Staten Island Its History, Vital Records and Gravestone Inscriptions by Davis, William T., Leng, Charles W. and Vosburgh, Royden Woodward, Staten Island Historical Society, 1925
    Includes 1) extractions for: Christenings 1752-1796, Marriages 1754-1808, Communicants 1769-1792 [all on one index];
    Note: the church book states: "This index makes no pretext of "http://richmond.nygenweb.net/ the spelling of the printed text, the aim being to aid and not perplex the reader. Surnames are indexed with the spellings now [1923] usually used and consequently most familiar to the reader... "
    2) 817 Gravestone inscriptions - complete with type of stone[sometimes], complete transcription [1923]-- [and where they were illegible in 1923 there are notes from former transcriber's work]. The stones are all numbered so you can often tell who is next to one another- but there are no apparent 'family plots'. (If anyone has seen a map showing where the identified rows are, Jim - elbrecht at email dot com - would love to know about it) There is a separate index for the cemetery.
    3) 70 pages of history of the church 1705-1875 with its own index.
    • Jim - elbrecht at email dot com - will check for surnames in the indexes.
  • The Simonson Families of Staten Island, N.Y. by Elmer Garfield Van Name. This is a supplement to Mr. Van Name's work on the Housman (Huysman) -Simonson Family of Staten Island, N.Y. It traces five generations of the early Simonsons. Soft cover; 20pp.; 1950, repr. 1981; G.C.H.S.
    • $5.00 + .75 postage at the Gloucester County Historical Society. (You need to do a Find on the book title or scroll thru the books.)
    • Contact aol.com user DianneD with a person's name for a lookup.
  • Staten Island, 1524-1898 by Henry G. Steinmeyer. Publisher is out of stock.
    • $17.50 - 30.50 at amazon.com.
    • Ed - sinker at globalnet dot co dot uk , Janet , and Sharon - sharon dot ross at unh dot edu - have volunteered to check it. Not much genealogical information, but historically fascinating.
  • Staten Island Church Records by Tobias Alexander Wright, NYG&BS, 1909. This rare volume, originally printed in a limited edition of 100 for theNew York Genealogical and Biographical Society, includes some very old and useful material:
    (1) Records of the Dutch Reformed Church of Port Richmond, S.I.: Baptisms from 1696 to 1772.
    (2) United Brethren Congregation, commonly called Moravian Church, S.I.: Births and Baptisms, 1749 to 1853; Marriages, 1764 to 1863; Deaths and Burials, 1758 to 1828.
    (3) St. Andrews Church, Richmond, S.I.: Births and Baptisms from 1752 to1795; Marriages from 1754 to 1808.
    • Sells for $27.50 at (gone).
    • Also $27.50 at (gone).
    • ed - sinker at globalnet dot co dot uk has volunteered to check it, and so has Jeanne - jebloom at mcs dot net. Also, most recently, Jill - jjglisson at aol dot com .
  • Staten Island; gateway to New York by Dorothy Valentine Smith. Yep, out of print.
    • Amazon
    • Janet will check it, but it's not a genealogy book.
    • $200.00 at (gone)
  • Staten Island Wills and Letters of Administration, Richmond County, New York, 1670-1800 by Charlotte M. Hix, 1993. Out of print.
    • Wait-list at amazon.com.
    • $33.00 at (gone).
    • Not in stock for $24.00 at Willow Bend Books.
    • and (Hope Farms is defunct). It's Called New York Volume 1.
    • lookups by Charlotte - cmhix at metrocast dot net
  • The Swaim Tysen Family by Joseph Mullane - lookups by Charlotte - cmhix at metrocast dot net
  • This Was Staten Island by Dorothy Valentine Smith.
    • Ed - sinker at globalnet dot co dot uk - has volunteered to check it. It's mostly photographs.
  • The Swaim Tysen Family by Joseph Mullane - see SWAIM Some Descendants of Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt, by Jean M. Rand, 1991 - lookups by Charlotte cmhix at metrocast dot net

  • The Early History of the Van Name Family by Elmer G. VanName. Published by the Staten Island Historical Society, July - September 1953,#3, Vol 14, pp. 19-24.

    • e-Mail Janet for a person lookup. Various FTM charts are available too.
  • Staten Island Gravestone Inscriptions... aka Vosburgh's Inscriptions by Davis, Leng, and Vosburgh. They are transcriptions from several Staten Island cemeteries.

    • Volume I, 1923-24: Sylvan Grove, Merrell, Hillside, Ascension, Staten Island, and Fountain
    • Volume II, 1924-25: Bethel, West Baptist, St. Luke's, Vaughan, Marine, Lake, North Side Methodist Episcopal
    • The SIHS has done a free lookup for me over the phone.
    • The Family History Library carries it. It's on film number 0514657 Items 2-3. Another copy is film 0017902 Items 1-2. Rental is approx. $3.75
    • The SIIAS will check it for their usual $15/hr research fee.

    Online Book Sellers

    • Free Books We Own, a volunteer lookup list hosted by Rootsweb, has New York Volunteers - sorry, no volunteers for Staten Island here - and Family Histories by Surname.
    • amazon.com and search for keywords Staten Island genealogy
    • Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America specializes in rare and antiquarian books, maps, and prints.(One member is Tuttle, see below.)
    • Bibliofind (taken over by Amazon) offers a searchable library of seven million old, used and rare books offered here for sale by three thousand booksellers around the world. It's a great source. (gone) Search for Staten Island in the title - note that they won't all be genealogy-related, but many will be.
    • Genealogical Publishing Company's parent.
    • Genealogy Books.
    • Gloucester County (NJ) Historical Society has several Staten Island-related books for sale, published by them, at reasonable prices.
    • Heritage Books for reading and reference materials on history and genealogy.
    • Higginson Book Company specializes in genealogy and history.
    • Hope Farm Press is defunct
    • Tuttle Antiquarian Books bought by De Wolfe and Wood and check out their (gone) as well.
    • Willow Bend Books (gone) sells and publishes books, especially genealogical and historical materials.
    Found on GenGophers.com: 
    Cornelis Melyn, patroon of Staten Island and some of his descendants
    Author: Burton, Paul Gibson; Becker, Alfred LeRoy
    Pages: 17
    Location: Ogden Utah FamilySearch Library, FamilySearch International
    Found on GenGophers.com:
    Jean Belleville, the Huguenot, his descendants : an update to 1999, Vol. 3
    Ivan L. Andrews, 928 pages, location Genealogical Society of Utah d.b.a FamilySearch; 

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this page, including all the above lookup volunteers.

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