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Slaves in Richmond County, Staten Island

The New York Slavery Records Index is a searchable compilation of records that identify individual enslaved persons and their owners, beginning as early as 1525 and ending during the Civil War.

We have indexed and soundexed the Staten Island/Richmond County names in this index. If you find a name on the index that you want further information on, click the link above and do a search for that name.

Owner first Owner last Owner Soundex Slave first Slave last Slave Soundex
John Andervat A536      
Peter Andervat A536      
Adrian Bancker B526      
George Barnes B652      
Robert Barnes B652      
Joseph Barton B635      
Edward Baty B300      
Beadle B340 Diana beadle B340
Benjn Becker B260      
Benjn Becker B260      
Israel Bedell B340      
Cornelius Begell B240      
John Begell B240      
Joseph Begell B240      
Silas Begell B240      
William Bennet B530 Mongo    
James Berdine B635      
Henry Bergen B625      
Stephen Biddle B340 Hannah Jarvis J612
James Briton B635      
Nathaniel Briton B635      
Nathaniel Briton B635      
Abrm Burbanck B615      
Cornelius Buskirk B262      
James Butler B346      
Nathaniel Butler B346      
Thos Butler B346      
Alexr Carnes C652      
Peter Cartelyou C634      
Jonathan Clawson C425      
Stephen Coberly C164      
Abrm Cole C400      
Cornelius Cole C400      
Abrm Cole Sr C426      
Richard Conner C560      
Cornelius Corson C625      
Richard Corson C625      
Shelden Corson C625      
Daniel Coson C250      
Elias Cripps C612      
Abrm Crocheron C626      
Abrm Crocheron C626      
Daniel Crocheron C626      
Henry Crocheron C626      
John Crocheron C626      
Nicholas Crocheron C626      
Cornelius Cruse C620      
Henry Cruse C620      
Roper Dawson D250 Dublin    
Edward De Hart D630      
Saml De Hart Sr D632      
Magdalen Debau D100      
Charles Debeau D100      
Matthias Debeau D100      
Catharine Decker D260      
John Decker D260      
Matthew Decker Sr D262      
Garret Degrote D263      
John Degrote D263      
Peter Degrote D263      
Lewis Dey D000      
Israel Disosway D220      
Nelly Disosway D220      
Hester Dockerty D263      
John C Dongan D525      
Walter Dongan D525      
John Dorsett D623      
Benjn Drake D620      
Jonathan Drake D620      
Randal Drake D620      
Augustus Dubois D120      
John Dubois D120      
Lewis Dubois D120      
John Dubois Jr D126      
Medcalf Eden E350 Harry eden E350
Abrm Egburt E216      
Abrm Egburt E216      
Edward Egburt E216      
Tunis Egburt E216      
Garret Ellis E420      
Mary Ellis E420      
Sebastian Ellis E420      
Anthony Fountain F535      
Anthony Fountain F535      
Cornelius Fountain F535      
Jacob Freeland F645      
W. Halimus Freeland F645      
John Frost F623      
Daniel Garobarance G616      
Haromoness Garretson G632      
John Garretson G632      
John Garretson G632      
Jacob Garrettson G632      
Barzilly Grover G616      
Ann Guyon G500      
James Guyon G500      
John Guyon G500      
Nathaniel Harriott H630      
Richard Harris H620 Tom    
James Hart H630      
Nicholas Haughwout H230      
Peter Haughwout H230      
James Hetfield H314      
Saml Holmes H452      
John Housmon H255      
Richard Housmon H255      
Lawrence Hylliger H426      
John Jacobson J212      
David Jaquess J220      
Ephraim Johnson J525      
Nathaniel Johnson J525      
Albert Jorney J650      
Albert Jorney J650      
John Jorney J650      
Nicholas Jorney J650      
William Kingston K523      
John Kittletass K343      
Isaac Lackerman L265      
Isaac Lackermon L265      
Joseph Lake L200      
Joseph Lake L200      
Daniel Lake Jr L226      
Joseph Lake Sr L226      
Daniel Lake Sr Lake L226      
David Latutor L336      
David Latutor L336      
James Latutor L336      
Benjn Lauzalear L246      
James Lawrence L652      
Nicholas Lazer L260      
David Le Forge Sr L162      
David Lewis L200      
Jonathan Lewis L200      
Mary Lewis L200      
William Lockman L255      
Abrm Marshall M624      
John Marshall M624      
Benjn Martinno M635      
Cornelius Martinno M635      
Stephen Martinno M635      
Robt McCloud M243      
Cornelius McLeane M245      
Abrm Menee M500      
Cornelius Mercereau M626      
Daniel Mercereau M626      
David Mercereau M626      
David Mercereau M626      
Jacob Mercereau M626      
Jacob Mercereau M626      
John Mercereau M626      
Joshua Mercereau M626      
Lucy Mercereau M626      
Peter Mercereau M626      
Stephen Mercereau M626      
John Merrell M640      
Tyon Merrell Sr M642      
Jacob Mersereau M626 Jack    
John Mersereau M626 Hank    
Benjn Micheau M200      
John Micheau M200      
John Micheau M200      
Paul Micheau M200      
Paul Micheau Jr M226      
Daniel Minor M560      
Richard C Moore M600      
Charles Morgan M625      
Jesse Morgan M625      
William Morgan M625      
Anthony Neal N400      
John Nichols N242      
John Nichols N242      
Benjn Parker P626      
Barnet Parley P640      
Abrm Pelyon P450      
John Pelyon P450      
John Pelyon P450      
John Pelyon P450      
Edward Perine P650      
James Perine P650      
Joseph Perine P650      
Peter Perine P650      
Peter Poilon P450      
Garret Post P230      
Abrm Prall P640      
Benjn Prall P640      
Peter Prall P640      
Joseph Precket P623      
Terrence Reilley R400      
Jacob Remson R525      
Peter Reseau R200      
Abrm Rickhow R200      
Jacob Rickhow R200      
Abrm Rolph R410      
Gozen Ryerss R620      
Lewis Ryerss R620      
Adrian Ryersz R620 Hector    
Adrian Ryersz R620 Hector    
Jacob Sebring S165      
James Segoin S250      
John Segoin S250      
Jeremiah Simonson S552      
John Simonson S552      
John Simonson S552      
Thos Skinner S560      
Thos Skinner Jr S562      
John Sleght S423      
Jacob Sleght Jr S423      
Jacob Sleght Sr S423      
Christian Smith S530      
Bernard Sprong S165      
Nicholas Stilwell S344      
Nicholas Stilwell S344      
Daniel Storey S360      
Thos Storey S360      
James Stoughtenburgh S323      
James Stringham S365      
Benjn Swaine S500      
Martines Swaine S500      
Simon Swaine S500      
Ashur Tapin T150      
Joseph Taylor T460      
Morris Taylor T460      
Thos Taylor T460      
Gilbert Totten T350      
James Totten T350      
Joseph Totten T350      
Daniel Turner T656      
John Tyson T250      
John Tyson T250      
John Van Debelt V531      
Abrm Van Duzer V532      
Aaron Van Name Sr V552      
George Van Pelt V514      
John Van Pelt V514      
John Vandyck V532      
Vinant Vinants V553      
Matthias Vroom V650      
Christian Vroome V650      
John Wandall W534      
Caleb Ward W630      
Richard Webb W100      
Gideon White W300 Abraham white W300
Gideon White W300 Hannah white W300
Peter Winant W553      
Daniel Winant Sr W553      
Christian Winants W553      
Jacob Winants W553      
Peter Winants W553      
Abrm Woglon W245      
Abrm Woglon W245      

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