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Postcard scan provided by Lance Armstrong.
A postcard of the Helvetia Inn which was run by Helvetio Bianda, and was located at the intersection of Annadale Rd and Amboy Rd.
Helvetia Inn

Actor's Home Postcard scan provided by Doris Lane .
"Actor's Home, West Brighton, Staten Island." Postcard No. 7697 of The National News Company, New York, Leipzig, Dresden. PolyChrome. Printed in Germany. Mailed 1907 in Jersey City to 87 Dwight Street, Jersey City, N.J.

Actor's Home 2 Postcard scan provided by Doris Lane Jerseycoa at qwestinternet.net.
"Actors Fund Home, West Brighton, S.I." Postcard No. 1333 of H. Ebertz & Co., Stapleton, S.I. Mailed 1914 from New York, N.Y. to Mount Hope, N.Y.

Sailor's Snug Harbor 1 Postcard scan provided by Doris Lane Jerseycoa at qwestinternet.net.
"Governor's Residence, Sailors' Snug Harbor, S.I." Postcard No. 204,297 of The Leighton & Valentine Co., N.Y. City. Printed in the United States. Circa 1905.

Sailor's Snug Harbor 2 Postcard scan provided by Doris Lane Jerseycoa at qwestinternet.net.
"Pass to the Cemetery, Sailors' Snug Harbor, S.I." Postcard No. 204,300 of The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Ltd., New York. Printed in Great Britain. Photo by Clegg. Circa 1905.

Sanitarium, Sailor's Snug Harbor Postcard scan provided by Doris Lane Jerseycoa at qwestinternet.net.
"The Sanitorium, Sailors' Snug Harbor, Staten Island, N.Y." Published by W. J. Grimshaw. Mailed 1914 from New Brighton Station to Walkill, N.Y.
10/7/14. We arrived at Walden safely Sunday. Was plenty light enough. Moon was up in good style. Was working near Charlie's this morning on Westervelt Ave. Was only part of a block away, I think. Lester."

Bird's Eye view of Richmond Postcard scan provided by Doris Lane Jerseycoa at qwestinternet.net.
"Bird's Eye View of Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y." Postcard No. 202,889 of The Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd., New York. Printed in Great Britain. Mailed from New Brighton, N.Y., St. George Station July 15, 1910 to Germany.
"St. George, S.I. 7/14/10. Dear Friend: Pardon me for not having sent the promised letter as yet. Have been busy moving to the country, from where I reach Sonneborn's in about 20 minutes by boat. It is fine over here, no City troubles & a quiet private life. Hope to be able to write soon more detailed. Kindly direct your letters until further notice to 222 Tompkins Ave., St. George, S.I., N.Y., U.S.A. With best regards, yours as be4."

Stapleton Postcard scan provided by Doris Lane Jerseycoa at qwestinternet.net.
Bird's Eye View, Stapleton, S.I." Published by H. Ebertz. Mailed from Rosebank August 6, 1915 to the Bronx.
"Dear Charles; I received your letter this evening and was glad to hear from you and that you are all well. We have terribble weather over here, every day raining. Not many Campers here this year. It is too cold....C. Siebert."

Staten Island Ferryboat Brooklyn Postcard scan provided by Doris Lane Jerseycoa at qwestinternet.net.
"S.I. Ferryboat 'Brooklyn'" - Postcard No. 55833 of The Rotograph Co., N.Y. City. Printed in Germany. Circa 1915.

Clove Lake Icehouse Postcard scan provided by Janet .
This is likely the Britton Ice House, when the Britton family ran the ice industry in Staten Island.
Postcard: 31K.

Family on the Front Porch Photo provided by Bill Staples billstaples at compuserve.com. His description:
Picture was taken at 27 New Street in Port Richmond. Man on left is my uncle, Charles E Holmes. Man on right is my grandfather's brother, William A Holmes, Jr. Girl on left is my mother, Margaret (Holmes) Staples. Girl in center is my aunt, Charlotte W Holmes. Woman on right is my grandmother Pearl M (Elms) Holmes. My best guess at time of picture is 1918-1922. My aunt was born in 1910, she looks to be about 10 years old in the picture.
Photo: 41K.

The Quarantine This original color chromolithographed engaving View of the Quarantine Grounds and Building, Staten Island, May, 1858 was published by D.T. Valentine for his manual in 1859. The lithography was done by George Hayward. The only color, as you can see, is in the griege background in the sky. The original docks are standing and the buildings look quite grand. A steamboat ferry is pulling into a dock at the left. Engraving: 51K.

Daughters of Liberty Parade Photo provided by Bill Staples billstaples at compuserve.com. His description:
I have been trying to identify this car for a year with no success. Anyway, I believe the scene is at the corner of Bement Ave and Castleton Ave. It is probably on June 14th 1919. The license plate is 1919. The annual Flag Day Parade was sponsored by, I believe, an organization called the Daughters of America. I don't know if they still exist. Their meeting room was on Albion Place in Port Richmond. My grandmother was an officer for many years. She is sitting behind the driver in the picture. I have no idea who the other people are.

I suspect the picture may have been an Advance photo. I sent a copy of the picture to Mike Azzaro last year, thinking he might be interested and might be able to identify the car and the people, if it is in their archives. I never heard from him.

The car is probably a few years older than the picture, as I understand that by 1919 the gas lights (headlights) had been replaced with electric ones, and these are still the gas powered ones.Photo: 23K

Staples in Parade Photo provided by Bill Staples billstaples at compuserve.com. His description:
A parade on Staten Island. I don't know where it is. The truck was being used as a float. It belonged to my grandfather John W Staples (J.W. Staples and Son of Bond Street Port Richmond). The man sitting in the truck is my father William C. Staples. Time is probably in the early 20's.Photo: 27K

Voorlezers House Postcard provided by Janet . Voorleezer's House: Earliest known elementary schoolhouse still standing in the United States built c. 1696. Postcard: 17K

Courthouse Postcard provided by Janet . The Third Courthouse, Richmondtown. Fine example of Greek Revival architecture. Built 1837. Postcard: 17K

Conference House Postcard provided by Janet . Conference House, Hylan Blvd. where Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Edward Rutledge met in parley with Lord Howe and Sir Henry Strackey in a vain attempt to end the Revolution by negotiation.

Another note: The story from my father (arthur bailey) was that his father (my grandfather-George Bailey ) donated that table sometime in 1920's. My Dad use to say it was funny to listen to people speaking at the conference house where they might say Ben Franklin sat at that table yet my father use to say that he use to eat oatmeal at that table when he lived on staten island (508 Clove Road)... just thought you'd like to know.. my Dad did indicate that somewhere on the table was a donation plate ... steve bailey (sbailey at widomaker dot com) in Williamsburg VA... Postcard: 20K

Conference House Basement Postcard provided by Janet . The basement of the Conference House, showing the large conference table (which is still used by the Officers and Directors of the Conference House for their meetings), the old Dutch tile floor and the tunnel which was used as an emergency escape route to the Raritan River. Postcard: 15K

Postcard provided by Doris. Postcard: 23K

Barrett, Nephews 1 Barrett, Nephews 2 Card scans provided by Doris Lane Jerseycoa at qwestinternet.net.
Advertising card of Barrett, Nephews & Co. Old Staten Island Dyeing Establishment, 334 Canal Street, New York. Established 1819 as the New York Dyeing & Printing Establishment, the plant of the Old Staten Island Dyeing Establishment was located in Castleton, Staten Island, along Broadway, in what is now West Brighton, but in the 19th century was known as Factoryville. In 1850 Col. Nathan Barrett left this company to form Barrett, Nephews & Co. on Cherry Lane (Forest Avenue) near Jewett Avenue where he built a new works on 8 acres. The Cherry Lane location is now the Forest Avenue Shopping Plaza. The Broadway location is now a public park. The second plant, as we see from the card, was also known as the "Old Staten Island Dyeing Establishment."

Lighthouse Hill A post card of the Lighthouse Hill Lighthouse - it is postmarked 19-JUL-1912. Card scan provided by Andrew Schmitt.
This image is 20K

New Dorp Pre 1950's picture of the New Dorp area train station and tracks throught New Dorp's Business District.
This image is 30k.

New Brighton New Brighton This is an arial view of New Brighton (or taken from some tall building) c.1900
This image is 27k.

Terra Marine Inn Terra Marine Inn, Huguenot Park in 1912
This image is 33k.

Martlings Falls This b/w postcard was published by Ferdinand Thoele, Jersey City, NJ, #148. c.1905 captioned MARTLINGS FALLS, RICHMOND BOROUGH, STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. This was taken from inside Clove Lakes Park.
This image is 99k.

SH Sanitarium Sailors Snug Harbors Sanitarium
This image is 79k.

Port Richmond Richmond Ave. of Port Richmond in the 1920's. Parts of th trolly tracks may still be in the road today. Also notice the theater.
This image is 51k.

Borough Hall This postcard is a view the Corn Exchange Bank, New Court House and Borough Hall as captioned.
This image is 34k.

Borough Hall This postcard postmarked 1914 bears the caption "REAR VIEW OF BOROUGH HALL, ST. GEORGE, STATEN ISLAND, N.Y." It was published by John Voigt Post Card Co
This image is 91k.

Concord Captioned the following: Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto os St. Sylvesters Church in Concord, SI, NY. Rev. B. H. Clark Rector.
This image is 48k.

Church of the Ascension The Church of the Ascension was destroyed by a fire in 1946. The building on the right is still standing and is currently occupied by Rogers Surveying.
This image is 61k.

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