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Hillside Burials

Hillside Cemetery was established with the sale of property from Jebediah and Nancy Winant in 1829, although the earliest grave stone is recorded by VLD as 1828. At one time the Baptist Church of S.I. stood at the site of the cemetery for approximately 30 years. The current owners of the cemetery is Willowbrook Park Baptist Church, 1780 Richmond Ave. For over 30 years this cemetery has been managed by Beverly Lehn who has done so in a volunteer capacity and continues to manage the site. The cemetery produces no income, receives extremely minor donations from the descendants of those buried at the site. In 2013 the Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries and the Willowbrook Park Baptist church entered into an agreement to save the old cemetery, the church would retain the deed of the property, FACSI would perform the seasonal maintenance.

The following is a transcribed list of burials at Hillside Cemetery. The early burials, prior to the 1880ís were taken from VLD grave stone study of 1922-3. The balance of the burial listing was taken from the old cemetery records.

Please note the majority of the date of death appears to be the date of interment. Interment dates are usually one or two days after the date of death. These records were transcribed to the best of our ability, the records are in poor condition and extremely hard to read. If you find a discrepancy in these records, please make that correction in your own files. We will not make any alterations to this listing. If you find these records not compatible to your own family history, you are encouraged to seek death certificates or other legal vital records through the New York City Municipal Archives located in Manhattan. This cemetery interment listing is provided as a courtesy from Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. to aid you in your genealogy or family history search only and should be not used as legal vital records.

Transcribed: by Lynn Rogers.
First NameLast NameSoundexDate of Death or Date of IntermentAgedLot #Single Gr.--row--#Cause of DeathMisc. Information 
AnthonyAbatoA1308/24/195518y Grave 2 Wooley Ave, died at Biloxi Miss 
ThomasAbnerA15612/30/194038y,1m,29dM.H. 5028 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
StillbornAccettolaA2345/23/1935 Shotwell  Mother Elsie Accettola, St. Vincent's Hosp.Silvie
JohnAddisonA32510/22/189487y35 ParalysisNew Springville, NY, marriedSteers
AbrahamAddisonA3254/8/189640y35 AsthmaNew Springville, singleSteers
Godrey L.AionaA50011/13/194038y,2dM.H. 5018 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Leonard V.AjelloA24010/27/194476y,9m,25d   42 Maple ParkwaySilvie
NancyAjelloA24010/13/195589yCrisalli  Died at Metropolitan Hosp. 
GeorgeAlexanderA42510/15/1923    14 Bennett St. died at SI Hosp.Connell
CarolineAliA40011/13/193653y,10m,11dFence lineGrave 14 Bayonne, NJPope
Anthony, Sr.AllegroA4268/27/195447y   Bayonne, NJMiglioricio
JeromeAmedeoA5306/17/195367y   Myocardial infectionJersey City NJ 
Hjalmar L.AndersonA5367/17/194062y,8m,7dM.H. 504 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
John M.AndersonA53612/17/194659y,5m,24dHyde  27 Elmira AveSilvie
George C.ApostleA1231/14/193075yFence lineGrave 4 Anna Foundas? 800 Rockland Ave 
E.B. ArcherA6264/22/1883  1 2 Children 
Edward ArcherA62611/20/193145y,4m141Grave 1 S.I. Hosp.Steers
Ella RuthArcherA6268/22/192738y     Steers
William A.ArcherA62611/9/194327days53  St. Vincents HospCooke
ArneArnesenA6525/22/194155yM.H. 5044 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
MichelinaArnoneA6557/1/193952y149Grave 5 Bayonne, NJPope
ProvisenzaArnoneA6555/14/194659y,1m,6d   Bayonne, NJ 
VincenzoArnoneA6556/25/193549y,4m,27d149Grave 2&3 Bayonne, NJPope
James H.AvensA1523/13/194160yM.H. 5037 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
JohnAvonaA15012/28/1939 149Grave 5, sec. 3 467 Ave C. Bayonne, NJPope
George M.BabbageB1207/24/193770y,1m,1d   US Marine Hospital 
CarmelaBaccarellaB2648/10/193242y,1m,4d148 Italian Society   Pope
Janette E.BaconB25012/6/1884  9   
George LakeBaileyB4003/31/194132y,10m,11dM.H. 5038 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Robert W.BaldwinB4358/4/19356y,3m,11d Grave 8, sec. 2Auto hit and run driverSt. Vincent's Hosp.Connell
Hilda VirginiaBanksB5205/21/193833y,5m,18d   Barker St. (date of death is hard to read) 
Daniel J.BarcalowB6248/10/1888 25  Opened lot 25, born 12/30/1826 
EfealiaBarcalowB6244/24/18938 hours36  Lockman Ave Mariners HarborSilvie
AnnBarcalowB6244/6/1891 25  Nee La Tourette, wife of Daniel J. 
Cornelius C.BarcalowB62412/1/18376m,23d   Infant son of Nicholas & Mariah 
David W.BarcalowB6245/17/193573y,3m,15d   16 Palmer Ave PRSilvie
DoraBarcalowB6241/10/189633y45 Cancer 186 2nd St. BklynSteers
Harold L.BarcalowB6241/17/191928y,3m,6d  Influenza192 Sharpe Ave PRSilvie
NicholasBarcalowB6248/23/189945y25 TB743 Driggs Ave NYC, marriedSteers
Ophelia M.BarcalowB6244/28/193470y,8m,29d  Apolexy Silvie
StillbornBarcalowB6244/14/1916   Miscarriage Silvie
SadieBarcarellaB6264/4/19301y,9m,4d178Grave 3, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
CarmoniaBarroneB6504/17/193245y,11m,2d147Grave 5  Pope
CarlBarwickB6206/29/194565y,1m,18d53Grave 3a, sec. 2 166 Clove RdSilvie
MaryBarwickB62010/8/19177y,8m,22d 3--a--6 400 Washington Ave M.H.Steers
Mary A.BarwickB6208/19/195672ysingle  Died at Staten Island Hosp.Steers
Harriett L.BassettB2303/8/194488y,5m,23d125Grave 4, sec. 3 56 DeHart Ave M.H.Steers
Peter GordanBassettB2302/10/193985y,8m,14d125Sec. 3 56 Dehart Ave M.H.Steers
Andrew B.BehanB5007/31/19156m, 17d  Marasmus60 Union AveMay
SerrofinaBellanciB45210/5/192937y,4m,14 8-3, Grave 1  Steers
GeorgeBeloinB4502/17/1923    33 Jewett AveConnell
Effie VirginiaBelvinB4152/24/190224y,2m  TB55 Simonson Pl.Connell
LillianBelvinB41512/5/19052y  2--4--2Cardiac Paralysis/diptheria71 Jewett Ave, PRConnell
Mary C.BelvinB4154/1/191773y,6m,23d  Old age1971 Richmond Terr, PR, buried by small gateConnell
William A.BelvinB4155/2/190472y, 6m  Pneumonia457 Bond St. PRConnell
JohnBenedittoB5336/21/19391m,26dCrimshaw  1783 Rich. Terrace, died at SI Hosp.Steers
SalvatoreBenedittoB5331/25/194325 daysCrimshaw  129 Cottage St.  
NickBerardinoB6632/2/193652y,4m,22d138Grave 2, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
CarloBernardoB6568/5/194161y, 9d   Bayonne NJPope
Stillborn boyBeuzynskiB25210/19/1942Stillborn   32 weeks stillborn boy son of Mary 
George B.BogartB2637/15/1899    Born 7/29/1837 
Tammy Eliz.BogertB2637/12/18943 m10  Mariners HarborSilvie
DaughterBogertB2633/1/19149y10 TBPort RichmondMerritt
Mrs. RufusBogertB2633/12/191432y, 8m, 12d10 TBSeaview Hosp.Merritt
RufusBogertB2631/19/191952y  TBSeaview Hosp.Silvie
SusanBogertB2632/7/190363y23/24 Myocarditis22 Bay Ave NYC, marriedFord
AgnesBolandB4533/7/193932y,2m,3d   Brentwood Suffolk County, born 1/1/1907Silvie
CarmellaBonamoB5503/31/196788y   Bayonne, NJMiglioricio
LoryBondauceB5327/8/194045y,5m,21dM.H. 502 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
FeliceBonomoB5504/6/193755y,10m,4d172Grave 4, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
EuriqueBonzaB5202/26/194150y,4m,14dM.H. 5033 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
CalvinBooseB2001/12/1926 167Grave 7, sec. 3  Steers
A.J.BossB2008/5/1888    Opened private lot 
AndrewBramanB6557/9/1865    Born 8/15/1815 
AzutaBramanB6552/13/1866    Born 3/13/1816 
Helen A. BramanB6554/7/1882    Born 11/25/1843 
Lucretia B.BramanB6557/5/193977y,8m,17dBraman  802 Curtis Ave WNBMeisholn
Walter M.BramanB6559/27/193879y,11m,10d137sec. 1 802 Curtis Ave WNBMeisholm
EmmaBramgenB65212/27/190082y13 SenilityJohn St. Mariners Harbor, married Andrew, born 11/1/1818Silvie
JohnBrennanB6551/18/1924    1011 Castleton Ave, died at SeaviewConnell
WifeBrinleyB6547/21/188519y   Wife of David, daughter of George Shotwell (dod could be 1865) 
SonBrinleyB6547/16/1885    Son of David (dod could be 1865) 
ThomasBrownB65012/25/189810d  Premature birth Connell
John H. BrundageB6537/6/186721y,9m,3d     
MargaretBrundageB6539/12/184719y,11m,18d   Wife of Abraham Brundage, daughter of Garret/Sophia Jones 
HelenBrunswickB6521/15/194952y,2m,20d55Grave 3, sec. 2 Orangetown NY, Brunswick plot 
Sarah A.BrunswickB65212/18/193995y55Grave 3, sec. 2 23 Wenlock St. PR reoppeningMerrett
AnthonyBullaroB4604/12/194579y,5m,17d151Grave 5, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ 
AnthonyBullaroB4604/12/1945 151Grave 5, sec 3 Removal to NJ 
Susan M.BurbankB6156/12/189368y20  Washington Ave. Mariners Harbor, marriedSilvie
Alfred R.BurbankB61511/27/1943 20  St. Vincents HospSilvie
ClarenceBurbankB6153/1/190910m,9d   BellevueConnell
EmmaBurbankB6157/13/190142y20  Water St. NYCWheler
MaryBurbankB6151/11/187182y   Widow of Peter 
EllenBurroughsB6203/27/193975y,11m,15d137Grave 6, sec. 3 16 Amity Pl. PRMeisholm
GeorgeBurtonB6352/3/194145y,6m,8dM.H. 5030 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
PhilipBus B20011/13/19512y173Grave 3 Plot owned by G&P Jersey St. 
CatherineBushB20012/9/193766y   29 Wenlock St. PRDrobinsky
Edna E.BushB2007/23/18955 m   Bloomfield S.I.Steers
EugeniaBushB2001/16/189640y18 ConsumptionVan Pelt Ave. Mariners Harbor, MarriedSilvie
Jacob P.BushB2002/8/183311m,8d   Son of Nicholas & Alethoa 
Martin MottBushB2001/22/194978y,4m,9d30Grave Center 27 Leadley Place PR, Legacy to church $5,000 
MaryBushB20012/16/188074y,6m,4d   Nee Cairns 
William F.BushB2008/28/18444y,12d   Son of Nicholas & Augusta 
Delafield M.ButlerB3465/14/1913   Marasmus318 Jewett Ave PRSilvie
Mallay?ButlerB3465/19/192412y 166Grave 2, sec. 3 74 Abbay Pl.Connell
AlonzoButtsB3209/18/1912    Born 7/23/1840 
BenjaminButtsB3205/21/189785y14 Old ageMariners HarborSteers
DanielButtsB3209/14/195071yButts  Marlboro, NJ 
ErnestButtsB3202/25/195380y12 Butts  Belvue Hosp. Silvie
Thomas W.ButtsB32010/26/193281y147   Connell
Jon. RalphButtsB3201884    Born 1880 
Robert Jas.ButtsB3201885    Born 1882 
GeorgeByronB6502/3/194414y,3m,7d75Grave 5, sec. 3 Richmond Memorial HospSchafer
Ira Cabon?C15012/19/1884  Free    
ThomasCachazoC2206/14/193528y139Grave 2, sec. 3 Jersey City NJPope
ChristinaCadixC3208/11/191542yCadix  Manhattan Hosp.May
Marie CerispanaCaiazzoC2004/22/193165y,11m,28dFence lineGrave 3 St. Vincent's Hosp.Scamadella
HarrietCairnsC6525/28/1836    Born 1/17/1765 wife of John 
JohnCairnsC6528/20/1839    Born 4/22/1754 husband of Harriet 
FrankCalecaC4208/16/193882y,8m137Grave 3, sec. 3  Pope
SerofinaCalecaC4203/1/193991y   Bayonne, NJPope
GladysCalvertC4168/12/18981 day11 Child Birthdied Smith InfirmarySilvie
RoseCandinoC5351/16/193658y,0m,7d141Grave 3, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
EllaCannonC5501/13/191434y,5m, 8d 18--4--2Disease of Heart29 Columbus Ave. M.H.May
Fred CarcassoniC6224/28/195368yG&P rear  SI Hosp. 
Delia CarpenterC6152/3/1910    Born 10/6/1823 
DominickCarpenterC6156/18/194064y,5m,20dCarpenter  Jersey City NJPope
SarahCartwrightC6366/28/190084y, 6m, 2d12 Heart FailureVan Pelt Avenue, marriedSteers
JohnCastroC2364/8/194749y98sec. 3   
RobertChaseC2008/16/195744yChase  100 Barker St. WNBBillops
Agnes CarolineChristensenC62310/21/194980yDogan  Grave in front of Dogan Monument 
Luding A.ChristensenC6232/18/195378y,1m,30d   Died at Hospital in Hempstead LI, deed to Bodien Henrickson 
JohnCicchottiC2306/15/194565y,11m    Bayonne, NJ 
VeronicaCicchottiC2303/22/194560y,5m,1d   Secaucus, NJ 
JanetteClanceyC45210/16/1923    SI Hosp.Connell
Genervie E.ClarkC4621/29/1885  8   
S.E.CleaseC42012/31/194564y,10m,20d79Grave 1, sec. 3 100 Barker St. WNB 
Catherine A.CleaveC4103/5/19091m,21d  Marasmus12 Winant AveSteers
OrlandoClemensC4557/17/194035y,3m,11dM.H. 503 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Mary V.P.CluteC4301921    Born 1838 
UnknownCollisonC4253/13/1913  2--3--13 Mariners HarborMay
Annie ConnorC5607/2/18972 weeksOld ground  Port RichmondSilvie
Sarah DConnorsC5625/16/188650y 10 Wife of Thomas 
ThomasConnorsC5621/4/189460y 10--3Brights DiseaseCivil War, Co. A 82nd NY, 52 St. 5th Ave NYC, married,Silvie
MaryCooC0003/16/192465y,6m,16d   SI Hosp.Silvie
Mrs.CookC2004/18/1889 Public  One grave in public plot 
Anthony CookC2001/21/18942y 10--3BronchitisPort RichmondSilvie
DellaCookC2001/31/190819y  Severe BurnsElm St. PRSteers
FannyCookC2004/16/190119y, 6m, 6d228 Heart DiseaseMaple Ave, PR, singleSteers
GeorgeCookC2005/15/193366y,0m,7dCookGrave 3   
Jesse C.CookC2004/21/190420y, 2m228 Stab woundPort RichmondSteers
JohnCookC20011/16/18998m 10th rowPneunomiaPort Richmond, N.W. corner of cemeterySteers
LorinaCookC2007/25/19037y, 5mOld ground Cholera70 Maple Ave PR, sect. 1Steers
MaryCookC2008/25/190411y, 8,228  22 12 W. 11th St. BayonneDempsey
PeterCookC2002/10/195875yCook  Seaview Hosp.Drobinski
SalvatoreCoppelloC14010/8/193866y,11m,6d151Grave 4, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
AngelinaCoriniC6501/3/194222y,3m,26d   Bayonne NJPope
Abraham CornishC65212/17/194252y,17d60  St. Vincent's Hosp.Silvie
FrancescoCoronaC6508/7/194964y   Bayonne, NJ 
LillianCoronaC6506/17/195341y  CoronerySecaucus NJ 
CatherineCorsonC6253/24/191855y  Dilation of HeartWashington Ave, M.H.Silvie
IreneCousinsC2529/27/195665ysingle  St. Vincent's Hosp.Chambers
Wilson R.CousinsC2522/29/195666y143Sec. 3 Died at St. Vincent's Hosp. Murray grave 
Abraham H.CozineC2507/24/190311m 7  W. New BrightonSteers
AliceCozineC2507/14/19083m, 16d  Cholera40 Grand St. M.H.Seaton
ChildCozineC2506/12/19066 hours  Premature birthParents: Sam & Louise Columbus Ave 3rd WardSteers
George A.CozineC2500/00/1911    Born 1874 
HesterCozineC2509/12/191364y,10m,23d  Apoplexy29 Columbus Ave. M.H.May
William AlbertCozineC2509/14/19175y,9m,8dDeHart  35 Gridley Ave M.H.May
SarahCransC6528/16/190486y, 4m25 SenilityWashington Ave Mariners Harbor, marriedDempsey
Christopher VPCrittendenC6357/16/187721y,11m,8d   Son of Geo. H. & Sarah Van Pelt 
ElmiraCrocheronC6267/3/191365y, 1m, 4d35   Steers
WilliamCropperC61611/7/191554y,11m, 25dRudigan  149 Arlington AveSilvie
Amanda M.CruserC62610/25/190552y, 1m, 18d52 TB83 Broadway, PRSilvie
Letitia CunninghamC5525/12/193863y,4m,1d   St. Vincent's Hosp. 
MeucesCurriazzaC6204/30/193660y,18dFence line Grave 6 Bayonne, NJPope
MichaelCutroneC36511/1/193552y,5m,3d139Grave 6, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ reopen gravePope
DominickDahiaD0003/20/192474y   180 Morningstar Rd.  
Lanah B.DavisD1203/17/188777y,8d   Wife of David 
MarjaretDavisD1205/19/184430y   Wife of James W. 
Abraham De HartD6304/17/184836y,4m,9d     
AnnDe HartD6304/9/186271y,1m,9d   Wife of William 
Catharine M.De HartD6309/22/185415y,3m,16d   Daughter of Abraham & Elizabeth 
ElizabethDe HartD6306/17,184630y,4m   Daughter of David & Ann Van Name 
ElizabethDe HartD6301/25/187281y,6m,25d     
John C.De HartD6306/12/185331y,8m,17d     
Joseph S.De HartD6303/27/191655y, 10m,18d28    
MargaretDe HartD6303/31/185121y,   Wife of John C. , daughter of David & Ann Van Name 
MatthiasDe HartD6307/11/1921    Born 11/14/1845 
MatthiasDe HartD63010/15/182036y,9m,19d   Wife Elizabeth 
SamuelDe HartD63011/18/1886    Born 9/8/1816, wife Ann 
TheodoreDe HartD6303/17/18481y,2m,17d     
Thomas H.De HartD6301/12/18365y,6m,20d   Son of William and Ann 
WilliamDe HartD63011/5/183756y,1m,26d     
AnnieDe HartD6309/6/190682y, 8m, 23d111/112 Indocarditis469 Richmond Terr, wife of Sanuel, born 12/30/1824Steers
ElizabethDe HartD6303/16/189881y111 Reinterment from P.R. CemMariners HarborSteers
Martha A.De HartD6308/21/194286y,6m,28d28 Decker  450 West Grand St. Elizabeth NJSchmidt
MatthiusDe HartD6303/16/189836y, 9m111 Reinterment from P.R. CemMariners HarborSteers
William HenryDe HartD63012/26/18506m,10d   Son of John & Gertrude Ann 
HankDeAngelloD5243/4/192942y    Scamadella
Abraham DeckerD26012/22/183834y,8m     
AlethiaDeckerD2603/4/193369y,6m,11d11Sec. 1 David DeckerSilvie
Ann ElizaDeckerD2608/18/18362y,4m,18d   Daughter of Abraham & Catharine M. 
Ann MarieDeckerD26010/20/18318m,7d   Daughter of James and Diana 
Catharine M.DeckerD2607/29/183628y,3m,5d   Nee Prior, wife of Abraham 
Charles L.DeckerD26011/13/195664y   Sunnyside Hosp. Meislohn
Clarence DeckerD2609/3/1864 63    
George C.DeckerD2604/10/187622y,11m   Cora Decker was added to the stone no further info 
Harriet VPDeckerD2605/21/18405y,3m,5d   Daughter of Abraham & Catharine M. 
John WilliamDeckerD2607/7/195388y   Cerebral vascular accidentLong Branch 
ManningDeckerD2601/9/193650y   Decker Ave, PRSilvie
MaryDeckerD2609/25/194573y,10m,14d   St. Vincent's Hosp, deed to Noah S. 
Mary L.DeckerD26011/9/195081y,3m,6d   Monmouth NJ 
Mary M.DeckerD2603/7/189838y, 5m63 PeritonitusBloomfield, marriedSteers
Noah S.DeckerD2604/18/193258y148 Italian Society  Kings County Hosp. 
Peter B.DeckerD2603/15/1922    St. Vincent's Hosp.Steers
SerenaDeckerD2609/4/184110m,1d   Daughter of Jacob & Lanah 
Vincent DeckerD26012/12/19152y,8m,12dFox Nephritis339 Grand St.May
RosalieDeFranksD16512/1/193842y,8m,28d   Bayonne, NJPope
WilliamDe HartD6304/8/18949y113 HemorrhageMariners Harbor, Steers
DominickDelgrassoD4264/7/192451y166Grave 1, sec. 3 St. Vincent's Hosp. 
GladysDelherfD46111/8/193622y,6m,9d137Grave 2, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
John & AnnieDelinquisD4525/20/1885  3 Child 
FrankDelisoD42011/17/193958y 137Grave 1, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ, reoppeningPope
VincenzinaDelisoD4205/5/193656y,6m,21d137Grave 1, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
James J.DelisseD4201/27/193626y,8m,28d138Grave 5, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ reopen gravePope
Anna A.DelpofD41112/20/193564y,7m,29dFence Line 5  Bayonne, NJ reopen gravePope
Ana RoseDeneggerD5262/11/194357y,6m,8d   St. Vincent's Hosp.Steers
Ira & MinnieDenickD5209/6/1883  0 Child 
ElviraDevenportD1511/21/189670y13 PneumoniaPort RichmondSilvie
RobertDiccasD2202/29/192842y   Richmond MemorialSteers
AngeloDiFranksD1653/27/193419y,2m,22d150Grave 1, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
Herbert G.DoganD2504/7/194876y, Fence LineGrave 92, sec. 2 Ocean Ave Jersey City NJ 
Mr.DungeeD52011/16/189232y7 Heart DiseasePort Richmond 
ElizabethDungeeD5202/22/195270y7Sec. 2   
Thos. DungeyD52012/9/18944 years7 Accidental by firePort RichmondSilvie
Frances E.DungeyD52011/6/189867y7 SyncopiaPort Richmond, marriedSteers
GladysDungeyD52012/26/19018y, 2m7 Gastritis1025 Marks Ave NYCRitch
SpotswoodDungeyD5207/12/190175y7 CancerNewark NJ, marriedSteers
Venus B.DungeyD5209/19/190219y, 9d, 12m44 Meningitis69 Newark Ave SI singleWeaver
Capney?DurreaD6007/12/189775y51 Pulminary AdemaPort Richmond, marriedSilvie
EleanorDurreaD60012/8/189570y51 Apoplexy401 E. 92nd St. NYC, marriedF. Passe
Scott M.DurreaD6005/17/190425y, 51 Injuries from fallWest New YorkArmstrong
MarieDurreaD6001/19/190848y51 CancerSt. Vincent's Hosp.Steers
Sophia J.DurreaD60012/20/191556y,8m, 10d  Cercinoma of Pelvis117 Maine Ave, WesterleighSilvie
Alexandar IrvingEbbesE1204/29/195457yDecker - Mary  Florence South Carolina 
GraceEbbesE1204/26/195365yDecker  Hollywood FL 
James H.EganE25012/26/194047y,5m,11dM.H. 5025 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Charles A.EkbergE21612/21/19194y   Born 1/23/1915 
DorothyEkbergE2163/1/195845yEkberg  Sunnyside Hosp. Silvie
EllenEkbergE2165/11/1965    Born 10/20/1877 
Harold H.EkbergE2161/16/191711y,2m,4d12 Diptheria24 Gridley Ave M.H. born 11/11/1905May
InfantEkbergE2166/10/19343 hours  Female Silvie
JohnEkbergE2168/16/1962    Born 5/2/1886 
EdnaEllisonE4258/22/194686y,5m,22dEllisonGrave 3Cancer Stomack  
LolaFabregasF16210/26/190711y   DiptheriaBuried to right of Rev. Kenny, lived Washington Ave, born 1896Steers
JamesFarrellF6408/22/192747y188Grave 4  Connell
EllaFellerF4604/2/193557y15 Van NameSec. 1  Silvie
AgnesFennerF5602/25/192979y,8m,9d    Moran
AvelinoFerreroF6604/24/194435y54Grave 4, sec.1 Jersey City NJ 
PietroFilipponeF4152/4/194875y,29d Grave 2, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ 
Henry C.FisherF26010/12/188932y53 or 33    
Eddie F.FisherF2605/25/18923.5y13 pneumoniaMariners HarborSteers
AnnaFisherF26012/12/191673y, 7m, 11 d33 PneumoniaVan Pelt Ave, widow of HenryConnell
Helen M.FisherF26012/15/193047y,3m,24d   802 Curtis AveSilvie
Henry C.FisherF2604/5/190372y, 6m20 La GrippeSimonson Ave, Mariners Harbor, marriedMerritt
EmmaFiumanoF55011/3/194734y,4m,Front Fence Line  St. Vincent's Hosp. 
EllaForesterF6233/5/193776y,2m,10dSteinbak  Essex Co. NJPope
MargriteForteF6308/15/192811m, 30d   161 Maple ParkwayScamadella
Sebastin F.FortunaF6354/20/194120yM.H. 5042 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
CatherineFoundasF5321/18/195662yFence lineGrave 9  Died at St. Vincent's Hosp.Silvie
Fannie M.FoxF2003/11/191352y 3--14  May
MarinoFranciscoF65212/11/194045y,3m,11dM.H. 5023 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Llewellyn W.FreemanF6557/5/192876y,11m,6d   180 Mersereau AveSteers
Mary AgnesFreemanF6557/10/193480y,8m,8d   120 Mersereau Ave.Steers
ElizabethFullagerF42612/15/184865y   Wife of Richard 
VincenzinaFuschiF2009/13/194962y,11m,23d   Bayonne, NJ 
MaryGaco or GowG2627/1/1938 65Grave 4, sec. 3 Van Pelt Avenue, M.H.Silvie
JosephGallucciG4207/19/194834y,1m,48dFence LineGrave A, sec. 2 Elizabeth NJ, deed to Mrs. Elizabeth Gallucci 
BenitoGarciaG6202/18/194263y,150Grave 4 - sec. 3 Bayonne NJPope
GaitanoGirardiG6631/1/192562y167Grave 1, Sec. 3  Connell
Ella RuthGoderickG36212/30/194379y,4m,23d53Grave 3, sec. 2  Steers
LouisGonzalezG52412/19/194349y111  Bayonne NJ 
HelenGordonG6357/29/1924 166Grave 4, sec. 3  Connell
ElizabethGrandineG65311/19/183247y,9m,18d   Wife of John Jones 
Mary RoseGrecoG62012/31/194164y,10m,26d   Bayonne NJ 
Andrew GrekopwichG62111/6/191739y 3--a--7 112 Holland Ave, M.H.Drobinski
JohnGresnin?G62510/1/193875y,10m,1d191Grave 5, sec. 3 Farm ColonySteers
FrederickGriffithG61311/28/1925 168Grave 6, sec. 3 Seaview Hosp.Connell
ChildGroseG6206/27/190612 hours  MarasmusNicholas Ave, 3rd WardSeaton
EslundGrouliG6404/1/194162y,3m,29dM.H. 5039 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
CarmelloGuagentiG2538/3/194766y,5m,17d164Grave 1, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ 
AliceHallahanH45012/21/194862y,11m,14d11sec. 1 Sunnyside Hosp, plot of Capt. D. Van Name, buried front of stone/left 
John HallahanH4508/7/194779y,11m,4d   127 Warren St.Cook
Margaret F.HalseyH42012/24/191188y747th row   
Ole ThomasHalvorsenH4166/14/195189y,4m,16d   Dispute over deed to grave 
Charlotte HamiltonH54312/1/185050y   Wife of William A. 
Elaine A.HansenH5258/31/193622daysFence line  Norwegian Hosp. 
Olga MarieHansenH5254/13/1910    Born 1881 
JohnHansonH5256/1886  5 Child 
WilliamHarminieH6556/16/194141y,3m,27dM.H. 5045 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Joanna BackerHaughwoutH2303/4/194185y,3m,15dHaughwout  322 Hillside TerraceOberg?
WilliamHaughwoutH2306/15/1861    Born 3/17/1825 
William HenryHaughwoutH2306/15/194588y,3m,3dHaughwout  322 Hillside Terrace 
Charles A.HawkinsH2529/9/191777y,5m,14d57 Cancer30 Union Ave, M.H. born 3/24/1840Steers
GertrudeHawkinsH252     Born 5/1/1857 
Feardon?Hawreluk?H6429/14/194257y151Grave 8 - sec. 3 Died in ambulance on way to hospitalDrobinsky
HerbertHayH0006/9/19311y,2m,8d54Grave 1, fence Rich. Boro Hosp.Steers
Rodaly W.?HazlewH2404/20/19503m,3d   91 Sharpe Avenue PR 
Bertha A.HeeneyH5002/3/193646y,6m,21dZeluff  St. Vincent's Hosp.Pope
ClaraHendricksonH5362/18/191778y,10m,17d71 PneumoniaWashington Ave Mariners Harbor, widow, born 3/27/1841Silvie
William F.HendricksonH5369/11/1916 71  Born 2/19/1834 
BorguildHermanH6551/10/19099m  PneumoniaElm Court WNBSeaton
Emil HernandezH65512/15/193721y,4m137Grave 5, sec. 3 98 W 19th St. Bayonne NJPope
Nettie G.HerveyH61012/31/189327y72 ConsumptionMariners Harbor, singleSteers
HoratioHerveyH6103/21/1907    Van Pelt AveSteers
James H.HoffmanH1555/12/189828y, 2m 13--2DrowningHarbor Rd, marriedSilvie
Elizabeth L.Holman, Sr.H4558/25/193052y,11m,15d   78 Lockman AvePope
Henry M.HolmesH4529/11/189326y15 TB Port RichmondSilvie
Willmetta J.HolmesH45210/14/194782y,11m,8dHolmes  St. Vincent's Hosp.  
CharlesHousmanH2552/12/190538y26 MeloncholiaHospital NYCSilvie
CorneliaHousmanH25511/22/189858y  ApoplexyPort Richmond, marriedSteers
Ann ElizaHousmanH25512/25/18431y,8m,25d   Daughter of George W. & Emeline (Died in a house fire of Polly Bodine fame) 
E.H. EmelineHousmanH25512/25/184324y,8m   Wife of George W. (Died in a house fire of Polly Bodine fame) 
SusanHousmanH2557/2/185447y,1m,19d   Wife of Jacob 
Mary M.HuntsingerH5321/26/1894 2 Brights DiseaseRahway City NJ, marriedConklin
MildredHutchinsonH32510/16/1923    253 Henderson AveConnell
Catherine A.HydeH3009/25/194690y,3m,27d   27 Elmira AveSilvie
FannyIazzettaI2309/24/1934 140Grave 1x2, sec. 2   
William E.IsineggerI2521/8/192818y,11m,8d   St. Vincent's HospSteers
Edwin B.IveyI1006/3/195561y     Meislohn
ElizabethIveyI1003/21/190127y, 5m69 ConsumptionBloomfield NJ, singleSteers
HenryIveyI1001/15/190451y70 TBMerrill AveConnell
Henry L.IveyI1001968 69-70Row 8 Born 1884 
JanetteIveyI1001/9/190538y, 4m69 PneumoniaDecker Ave, Bloomfield, marriedConnell
SophieIveyI1001963 69-70Row 8 Born 1882 
WilliamIveyI1008/19/194163y,1m,11dIvey  St. Vincent's Hosp.Cooke
EstelleJaquesJ22012/21/190244y 39/40 TBMariners Harbor, marriedSilvie
HaroldJaquesJ2209/22/18983y, 7m15 PneumoniaGranitvilleBraisted
Isaac AlonzoJaquesJ2202/20/190044y, 7m15 TBMariners Harbor, marriedSteers
HermanJarvisJ61211/15/194039y,9m,10dM.H. 5020 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
ErnestJeromeJ6502/25/19002m7 Asphyxia11 Elm St. Port RichmondSteers
Florence D.JeromeJ6506/14/1955 Dugan  Jersey City NJ 
IngvaldJohanesenJ5258/6/194058y,8m,12dM.H. 508 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Harriet AnnJohnsonJ52510/4/189975y, 8m, 4d10 GastritisPort Richmond, marriedSilvie
Alice M. JonesJ52011/20/189422y61 TBSummerville, singleSteers
Ainsley S.JonesJ5201/13/193161y,8m,24d   46 Erastina Pl.Silvie
AngelinaJonesJ5209/8/18453y,11m,15d   Daughter of John & Elizabeth 
CliffordJonesJ5204/7/195753y   Died ChicagoSilvie
ElizaJonesJ5201/14/18344m,27d   Daughter of Garret & Sophia 
Elizabeth JonesJ5207/12/193464y,3m27d   2200 Forest AvenueSteers
Gertrude AnnJonesJ5206/27/185024y,4m,28d   Wife of John Dehart 
John RobertJonesJ5206/30/194972y43  Obey Jones plot Westfield NJ 
SophiaJonesJ5206/14/184960y,2m,14d   Wife of Garret 
AntonioKalenzakK4525/9/191326y 2--6--20Pneumonia Drobinski
MargaretKashowK20010/24/191820y17 ConsumptionBrooklynDowling
EleanorKashowK2007/29/189670y17 Dysentery130 E. 51st NYC, marriedTracy MD
JessieKashowK2006/27/193868y17Grave 1, sec. 2   
RobertKashowK2003/19/192978y Unknown Kings Co. Hospital 
Mary L.KennyK5002/5/188952y 12 wife of Rev. Kenny, born in Barrington MA 11/10/1837 
Edith C.E.KennyK5009/25/192755y,2m,24d   Born 7/1/1872Steers
Rev. James E.KennyK50010/8/190073y 2--2--8PnemoniaWestern Ave, born 9/10/1827 Bath EnglandSteers
Henry JosephKeocherK2604/26/194114 daysM.H. 5040 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
AliceKerrK60010/9/1918    Born 8/31/1886 
Fred F.KerrK600     Born 1/23/1879 
Jane U.KeteltasK3431/1/1918    Born 7/4/1837 
Jane V.KeteltasK3431/4/191880y,5m,27d   3200 Terrace M.H.Steers
HaroldKingK52011/13/194051y,13dM.H. 5019 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
CatherineKinseyK5207/30/1911    Nee Van Pelt, born 7/7/1822 
CharlesKinseyK5209/27/189958y27  US Marine Hospital, marriedSteers
CharlotteKinseyK5204/14/1896Not listed18 Cerebral softeningPort Jefferson LI, married 
Jehiel M.KinseyK5206/12/1871    Born 5/17/1817 
LaviniaKinseyK52012/21/18522y,6m,13d   Daughter of Henry D. & Charlotte E. 
MaryKinseyK5208/30/190057y, 11m27 Cerebral HemorrhageVan Pelt Ave.Steers
William D.KinseyK5205/10/18433y,1m,10d   Son of Henry D. & Charlotte 
HarmonKirchnerK6251/17/190575y, 4m, 9d 2--5--2MyocarditisSimonson Ave, Mariners Harbor, marriedSteers
WilhelminaKirchnerK6257/13/189856y 2--5Pulminary hemorrhageSimonson Ave, Mariners Harbor, marriedSteers
E. M.KirkwoodK6231/22/190126y, 8,30 EmbolismMariners Harbor, MarriedConnell
Edith KirkwoodK6238/17/18951 m  Congestion of the lungsPort RichmondSteers
HermanKirschnerK6251/15/190675y   Civil War Co. D. 15th Heavy Artillery 
GustavKistenmakerK2358/16/194052y,4m,13dM.H. 506 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
MaryKlimomczK4558/4/19162y,7m,11d 3--a--1Infantile ParalysisElm Park 
JohnKlimovitchK4512/28/195880yrow A.  St. Vincent's Hosp.Drobinski
William BensonKlineK45012/26/19562mRichards  18 Norwood Ave 
Temple KnightK52311/7/1916    Removal to Fairview Cemetery 
JuliaKocsisK2205/26/194576y,3m,3dFence lineGrave 5, sec. 2 57-63rd St. W. NY, NJ, deed to: Anna Gaspar LadynSt. John's
FrederickKotaltasK3436/11/193674y,5m,1d   S.I. Hosp.Silvie
PeterKrauchuckK6228/25/194265y157Grave 5 sec. 3 Died at Seaview, deed to Stella Saukewick?Cooke
PaulKrohjeK6207/31/194049y,1m,7dM.H. 505 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
GottliebKrummK6503/10/191665y  MyocarditisCentral @ 223 Richmond Ave, buried at S of StinemireMay
WinfieldKruserK6268/23/1885    Child 
John HenryKullbergK41610/19/191836y,6m,9d 3--a--9Spanish Influenza41 Erastina Pl. M.H. singleMay
JosephLaBueL1006/5/193122y,4m,29d   Bayonne, NJ, reopeningPope
ConstandineLacattoL23011/22/1947 1A DriveGrave 1-2-3, sec2   
Nicholas A.LacattoL2303/30/194931yLacattoGrave 3 Died at Saipan 
RoseLacattoL23011/22/1947 1A DriveGrave 1-2-3, sec2 65 Summer Ave, Bulls Head 
LeonLachL2009/12/195467ySingle  Bayonne, NJ 532 Ave C.Jewsiak
Charles AlbertLockwoodL2304/3/194557y,9m,27d84Grave 4, sec. 2 110 Smith Place, PRSteers
CarolineLakeL20012/18/194182y,4m,25dVanName  Laura Van Name's plot, lived 140 Kingsley Ave 
CatherineLakeL2004/24/183552y,11m,26d   Wife of Daniel 
MargaretLakeL2001/12/185248y,2m,14d   Wife of Isaac 
WilliamLakeL20012/13/194379y,6m,8d117Grave 5, sec. 3 Van Name plot 
MatteoLamardillaL5638/14/193685y fence line 137 Van Pelt AveScamadella
MiltonLamb L5107/14/192414y166Grave 3, sec. 3 216 Market St. Connell
LacqudeLambiasoL5126/13/193456y Fence line  St. Vincent's Hosp.Silvie
NathanLapidusL13210/21/195562yFence SideGrave 2 Died at Bayonne NJ 
FiladelfeoLarcaL62011/16/194565y,7m,1d56Grave 1, sec. 2 18 Delmont St.St. John's
SadieLaskerL26011/11/193546y,68Grave 1, sec. 3nee Decker O'Brien
GretanoLauroL6002/4/193988y,4m,12d   87 Dehart Ave M.H.V. Scalia
OrsolaLauroL6002/28/194489y,5m,11d53  Plot 54, gr. 5, sec. 2, 87 DeHart Ave 
Henry LeidwallL3408/22/1945 Leidwall  Glen Rock, Bergan County NJ 
Selma O.LeidwallL3408/17/193070y,5m,7d242  3637 Storm St. NYC, deed dated 3/13/1905 
JamesLenzaL5207/14/195439 days117 Celia Van NameGrave 4 SI Hosp. 
E. EdnaLeonardL5636/1886  4 Free graveUndertaker
ManuelLeuosL2006/13/195052y125  Bayonne, NJ 
John D.LewisL2002/11/188272y    Born in Whales 
CarlLezethaL23012/28/193930y140Grave 2, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ burial of his legPope
Rosa A.LindwallL5345/29/195571yPauper  462 Bergen St. Bklyn 
WilliamLindwallL5342/2/190546y 2--5--3Apoplexy67 Lockman AveSilvie
William C.LindwallL5348/7/195667y,7,22dFront   Died at Mineola NY 
Mary LissendenL2533/5/189383y12 Chronic NephritisElm Park, marriedSteers
Clarence HenryLissendenL25310/8/193061y,5m,16d29Sec. 2 Mott PlotSteers
Elizabeth C.LissendenL2533/5/192483y,7m,12d   157 South Ave M.H.Steers
MargaretLissendenL2531/7/190352y, 7m15 PneumoniaElizabeth NJ marriedSteers
AnnLockermanL2655/28/185652y,1m,13d   (the date of death may be incorrect) 
MaryLockmanL2559/20/185394y,2m,7d   Wife of John 
AnnaLoreL6003/23/193312y,4m,18d   Bayonne, NJPope
Geovania C.LuagentiL2535/13/193256y,1m,27d164Grave 1, sec. 3  Pope
Augustine VincenzoLuceL2009/21/194873y,7m,3d   Bayonne, NJ deed to Josephine Luce, W. Cottage St. 
Josephine BarbaLuceL2003/9/195871y   Bayonne, NJHardy
Son SinLungL5205/9/194150y M.H. 5043 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
CharlesLureL60011/10/194114y,2m,22d   Bayonne NJPope
PeterMac IssacM2226/7/194153y   died at 145 St. & 7th Ave subwaySilvie
JosephineMacagrioneM2269/4/193510y149Grave 1, sec. 3d Bayonne, NJ - reopen graveO'Brien
MargaretMacDonaldM2359/28/195566y54Sec. 2 Died at New Haven CT 
ThomasMackM2004/19/194147y,10m,6dM.H. 5041 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Joseph H.MacKenzieM2529/1/194669y,1m,23d   121 Arlington Ave. MH. Was trustee of cemeterySilvie
FelippaMaglioM2402/21/192953y,10m,3d   40 Grandview Ave 
GuiseppiMaglioM2401/1/192574y167Grave 2, sec. 3  Steers
MariconnaMagnetoM2534/24/195066y135  Bayonne, NJ 
DomiickMaitaM3004/2/193548y,6,9d148 Italian Society   Pope
JackManshettoM5239/24/193422y,7m,3d178Grave 3, sec. 3  Pope
FrankMansutoM5237/3/195178y    Bayonne, NJ buried same grave as wife, rear of cemetery 
GaetanoMarattaM6307/24/194550y,11m,4d138Grave 3, sec. 3   
MaryMarchelloM6241/3/1935 140Grave 3, sec. 2  Pope
Louis N.MarchesonM62211/24/194029y,4m,27dM.H. 5021 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Maria LuigiaMarchettiM6239/15/195479y Gr 1, row 7 Bayonne, NJ 68 W. 56th St.Miglioricio
PeterMarchettiM6238/22/195757y   Bayonne, NJO'Brien
SalvatoreMarottaM6303/27/19367y,4m,1d138Grave 3, sec. 3  Pope
VictoriaMarottaM63011/1/194876y,8m,10d56Grave 5, sec. 2 1213 Richmond Avenue 
AntonioMarottaM63012/1/194482y,28d   Deed Victoria Marotte, 611 Caswell Ave 
HannahMarshM6207/8/184031y,9m   Wife of John 
Jane AnnMarshM6207/3/18361m,10d   Daughter of John & Hannah 
JohnMarshM62011/19/189560y  Bronchitisold grave, lived County HouseSilvie
JohnMarshM62011/19/189660yOld ground Bronchitisold ground, County HouseSilvie
John J.MarshallM62410/9/1851    Son of Madison M. & Maria L. born 3/1/1850 
MaryMarshallM6242/2/1853    Daughter of Madison M. & Maria L. born 8/4/1852 
Dr. Charles N.MartinM63511/9/194063y, 6m,6dM.H. 5017 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
BennieMartinezM6354/11/193640y,8m,28d137Grave 4 Bayonne, NJPope
DoloresMartinezM6359/8/19369m,24d   Bayonne, NJPope
PaulMaslesaM2429/20/191732y 3--1--5Fractured skull  
CarlMathesonM32512/8/194175y,7m,2d   St. Vincent's Hosp. 
KennethMathesonM3256/2/195672y98Sec. 2 Died at Seaview Drobinski
Sophia AnaMathesonM3254/3/194768y,6m,12d98Grave 5, sec. 2  Steers
Mable J.MatthewsM3204/25/193528y,4m,17d62 Jones Grave 3, sec. 2  Steers
MaryMayersM62012/28/194262y,4m,16d   Victory Blvd 
J.Mc QuyrkM2626/1886  6 Child 
JohnMcBrideM2163/3/194163y,5m,28dM.H. 5035 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Mary EmilyMcIntyreM25311/7/1916    Removal to Fairview Cemetery 
Temple McIntyreM2536/13/18957 m12  Died Smith Infirmary, 7/1916 removed 2 by JW WolfRunyon
Dorothy M.McKeeM2006/25/19047 d44 Convulsions105 Flatbush AveWeaver
Jennie E.McKeeM2007/1/19022y, 8m22 Pneumonia738 Benton St. BklynSteers
B.F. McLaughlinM2429/6/19033m 2--15ColitisRosebank, Conklin
ElizabethMcVicarM2121/21/190883y  Degeneration of Heart62 Pearl St. Eliz. NJHarnes
John J.MerrellM6408/29/1888 Old ground  Opened grave in old cemetery 
Jane AmelieMerrellM64012/26/190668y38 Chronic NephitisSummerfield AveSteers
LesterMerrellM6404/20/1922    St. Vincent's Hosp.Steers
Mary C.MerrellM6404/21/193865y71Grave 4, sec. 2 St. Vincent's Hosp.Silvie
Oliver S.MerrellM6406/29/18969 m  CholeraWashington Ave, Mariners HarborSteers
John A.MerrellM6403/14/189370y50 TB of StomachWashington Ave. Mariners Harbor, born 2/25/1823Steers
Arberta FrancesMerrellM6409/4/18992 m50 BronchitisWashington AveSilvie
David W.MerrellM6405/28/189965y38 Cardiac DiseaseMariners Harbor, born 4/30/1831Steers
John H. MerrellM6408/19/189670y50   "reburied in same grave with child Oliver Merrill" 
Arunah M.MerrellM64010/2/1877 38  born 9/13/1856, only child of David and Jane 
Michael M.MilinkM4523/15/193854y148Grave 3, sec. 3 306 Polaski St. PRDrobinsky
CatherineMillerM46011/23/189255y37  Mariners Harbor, marriedSteers
CeliaMillerM46012/5/1925 168Grave 7, sec. 3 224 Market St.Connell
FrankMillerM4608/6/194976y,4m,3d37 HeartHudson County NJ 
James C.MillerM4606/3/193152y,4m,28d143Grave 2 Reopen graveConnell
William J.MillerM4608/27/189567y37 Cancer of the StomachMariners Harbor, married, born 1828Steers
MaryMilukM4203/29/195760y   St. Vincent's Hosp.Meislohn
FrankMiranshirk?M6526/23/194148y1484 Bill to Julia Kolbaska, 108 Northfield Ave, died St. VincentsDrobinsky
JohnMissicM2204/21/193880y,9m,22d125Grave 4, sec. 3 32 Virginia Pl. WNB, born 6/27/1857Steers
Mary AgnesMissicM22012/9/191257y,6m126 Enlargement of HeartKingston NJ, born 6/11/1858Watson
Thomas L.MizeM20011/3/194322,8m,7d14  Sunnyside Hosp.  
John W.MooreM60010/10/189349y 14--1Cancer of the StomachMariners HarborSteers
Elisha B.MooreM6004/29/192974y   Central AvenueDrobrinski
GladysMooreM6007/10/190413d 2--3--15ConvulsionsNursery & Child's HomeSilvie
Margaret M.MooreM6002/11/19192m,20d 3--a--11Pneumonia15 Amity PlaceMay
MelindaMooreM6001/29/18966y 15--2DiptheriaVan Pelt Ave. Mariners Harbor,Steers
Sarah C.MooreM6003/29/191669y,11m,17d64  South @ Washington Ave, M.H. 
Sarah E.MooreM6003/9/19193y,6m 2-aa-11Pneumonia15 Amily PlaceMay
Jessie JohnMorrisM62012/4/18941 year 2--2Heart FailureWashington Ave, Old PlaceSteers
AdeliaMorrisM6208/15/191780y,3m,28d116 Old age68 Lockman Ave M.H.Silvie
BessieMorrisM6204/9/18958 years 5--2DiptheriaWashington Ave, Old PlaceSteers
CharlesMorrisM6201/28/189668y36 PneumoniaVan Pelt Ave. Mariners Harbor, MarriedSilvie
Chas.MorrisM6203/16/1898Removed  Reinterment to lot 116 sameRemoved from lot 36, sec. 2 to Lot 116, sec. 3 
HazelMorrisM62012/7/18955 years 6--2 Port RichmondSteers
LillieMorrisM62011/18/193769y   765 Sand Lane 
MarthaMorrisM62012/7/18954 years 6--2 Port RichmondSteers
CharlesMorrisM6201/26/1896    Born 9/12/1828 
AdeliaMorrisM6208/12/1917    Born 4/14/1837 
FerdinandMoscatoM23012/4/194943y,1m,10d   Bayonne, NJ 
JosephMoscatoM2302/2/193253y,11m,26d Grave 7 Bayonne, NJ Pope
AndrewMuirM60010/16/194059y,4m,20d147aGrave 2, sec. 3 Died at 373 Simonson AveSilvie
Robert BurnsMuirM60012/16/194725y,7m,13d   WWII KILLED IN ACTION 
Sarah E.MullinM45011/21/195772yMullin  19 Dongan St.Silvie
PasqualeMuridloM6342/13/195172yFence Line rear  76 Jersey St. 
Charles S.MurrayM6004/1/188727y24    
John AndrewMurrayM6002/6/193974y,2m,6d143Grave 4, sec. 3 29 Grove Avenue, PRChambers
Peter C.NelsonN42510/2/194771y,12d45 Van Name, Jacob  St. Vincent's Hosp. (plot 15 or 45) 
Robert M.NelsonN42511/1/195676y Grave 2 Willowbrook SSBodien
William P.NicholsN2423/24/189259y,11m,4d   Civil War Co. A 12th RI Vols, Veteran flag pole holder 
CharlesNiedritN36312/16/192744y,11m,22d168Grave 4 Seaview Hosp. 
George T.OakleyO24011/17/1884    Born 6/14/1830 
GeorgeO'BrienO1654/15/192547y167Grave 4, sec. 3 611 Castletown AveConnell
JohnOcsawO2007/19/192858y   St. Vincent's HospSteers
PeterOffergeldO1621/20/194260y   Bayonne NJ 
N. GrantOldhamO4353/31/195165y86Sec. 3 348 Maine Ave 
LouiseOliverO41611/24/194664y,0m,18d98Grave 6, sec. 3 2984 Rich. Terrace M.H.Steers
William E.OliverO41611/25/195575y98Sec. 2 Died at Farm ColonySteers
Carlynn MargaretOlsenO42511/18/19518y87-88Sec. 2 Lived 357 Hart Ave 
Florence ElenoreOlsenO42511/18/195113y87-88Sec. 2 Lived 357 Hart Ave 
George WilliamOlsenO42511/18/195152y87-88Sec. 2 Lived 357 Hart Ave 
Mae RuthOlsenO42511/18/195151y87-88Sec. 2 Lived 357 Hart Ave 
Ruth LouiseOlsenO42511/18/195121y87-88Sec 2 Lived 357 Hart Ave, died in house fire 
JosephOrlandoO6453/16/193960y   480 Jersey St. 
AntonioOttomanelliO3555/16/193943y9 fence line    
Dolores ElaineOvertonO16312/2/1949 Dogan  Grave rear of Dogan monument, Eugene/Sulvia Overton deed 
BarbaraPaletteP43011/1/19512y173Grave 2 Plot owned by G&P Jersey St., (Gugliamo and Petroangelo Funeral home) 
RoseParicoP6202/14/193658y,4m,1d138Grave 6, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
Edith Van NameParsonsP62511/18/195667yVan Name  Died at Northridge CASilvie
JohnParsonsP62510/28/194071y,3m,9dM.H. 5015 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
DominickPasseroP2604/12/195373y   Bayonne, NJMiglioricio
JosephinePasseroP2606/15/193650y,4m,11d137Grave 5 Bayonne, NJPope
VincenzoPauiccoP20010/15/193959y    Bayonne, NJPope
CarltonPennP50012/29/194022y,9m,26dM.H. 5027 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
FrankPerezP6201/15/195851y   Secaucus NJMiglioricio
MaryPerezP6206/14/193522y,3m,25d172Grave 3 Bayonne, NJPope
AntonioPestilliP23410/2/194064y,5dM.H. 5010 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
EllingPetersenP3625/26/190840y  AbscessUS Marine Hospital born Fiare Sogn Norway 11/11/1861Seaton
FreemanPetitP33010/17/195776y   St. Vincent's Hosp.Silvie
ConstantinePetterP3602/10/194145y,6m,1dM.H. 5031 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
FlorencePittsP3202/23/189817 y, 10m 14--2Val disease of the heartHarbor Rd, unmarriedDempsey
MaryPlateviaP4318/8/193541y,10m,2d139Grave 1, Sec. 3  Pope
Maria GuisseppePodaP3003/6/195074y    Bayonne, NJ 
Sarah EmelinePostP2301/3/183715m,3d   Daughter of Matthew & Margaret H. 
WilliamPostP2307/18/18563y,3m,18d   Son of Garrett P. & Harriet A. Johnson 
DesphenaPoulasP42012/12/193842y,6m55Grave 4, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ (buried at fence line)Pope
JosephPova?P1009/29/194212y,8m,18d148 Italian Society   Pope
RosinaPova?P1007/10/1938 163Grave 5, sec. 3  Pope
R.PriceP6204/21/195079y 25  Manhattan 
Mary TheresaPrimicanoP6523/3/194116 daysM.H. 5034 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
HelenProsfalasP6215/13/19289m,20d Grave 3  Drobrinski
DespindProskissloss?P6229/7/194157y,   Seaview Hosp.Drobinsky
Lillian MarieRandolphR5348/4/19415y,5m,12dCook  158 Blackford Ave, PR,Steers
FrancescoRappisiR1202/14/194171y149Grave 5 Bayonne, NJPope
FredRedmonR3553/22/1887  11   
ElizabethReidacR3209/13/1948 120Grave 6, sec. 3 Springfield, MA 
AdolphReinholdR54310/30/189366y 3 -- 1TBMariners Harbor, marriedSilvie
RitaReniaR5004/2/193048y,9m,28d147Grave 1, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
AgelinaRestiginiR2328/13/194166y,11m,17dM.H. 5046 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Sarah S.ReynoldsR5433/27/1887  7   
RobertRicardiR26311/20/1924 166Grave 8, sec. 3  Connell
John H. RichardsR2637/22/193556y,11m,29d190Grave 2, sec. 3 173 Raymond Pl. Silvie
KennethRichardsR26310/9/194133y,4m,14dRichards  33 Decker Avenue PRSilvie
KennethRichardsR2638/24/195675y190  997 Richmond avenueSilvie
Leonard RichardsR2631/9/19282y,6m,9dRichards  296 Washington Ave M.H.Silvie
MaryRichardsR2631911 23    
orace B.RichardsR26312/1/195372y73  535 South AveSilvie
SylviaRichardsR2638/1/19162y,3m,3d73 Scarlet FeverHarbor Rd, M.H.May
Albert M.RichnekR2522/23/1923    306 Harbor Rd.May
CarmelaRicottaR2307/9/195160y    Bayonne, NJ buried same grave as husband, rear of cemetery 
GuiseppiRicottaR2308/30/194756y,11m,1d164 Leone Society    
OwenRobertsR1631/5/190454y 2--2--16Shock following mutilationVan Name Ave, Mariners Harbor, marriedSteers
RichardRobertsR16312/6/194654y,8m,1d   Belevue Hosp.Silvie
Capt. NathanielRobinsR1523/20/183177y,4m,15d     
MaryRobinsR15212/23/184882y,6m,20d   Wife of Capt. Nathaniel 
William G.RobinsR1522/24/182612y,10m,5d   Son of Nathaniel & Mary (note he may have been 42 and not 12) 
Jose RodgriguezR32611/14/195464y,6m,11d   141 Ave E. Bayonne NJ 
JosephRodriguezR3627/4/19462y,9m,21d   Bayonne, NJ 
PinaRodriguezR36211/4/193948y,8m,29d149Grave 4, sec. 3 Bayonne, NJPope
Edward C.RoeR0006/28/194034y,2m,21dM.H. 501 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
FrancescaRoppisiR12010/22/193559y   72 W. 20t St. Bayonne NJ new gravePope
PedroRosanteR2532/14/194151y,5m,1dM.H. 5032 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
JaneRoseR2004/22/187286y,2m,7d   Widow of Luther Rose 
Matthew JohnRoseR2001/5/195354y    Single grave bought, lived Sharpe Ave PR, died St. Vincent'sSteers
William AugustusRoseR2006/2/194352y661 Died at 137 Van Name Ave 
AnnaRudigerR3267/30/189455y34  Port Richmond, marriedSteers
Eleanora C.RudigerR3267/24/195681y87  Died at Woodbridge NJ 
WilliamRudigerR32611/2/192758y,4m87Grave 1   
Frank E.RussoR20011/7/194057y,5m,12dM.H. 5016 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
CarolineSampsonS5124/28/188340y    Wife of Richard Lewis 
EllenSanierS5602/14/1923    1657 Castleton AveConnell
PeterSankilwiczS5243/28/19181y,5m,18d 3--a--8BurnsS.I. Hosp. Elm ParkDrobinski
SalvatoreSansoneS5254/3/194963y 138Grave 2, sec. 2 Bayonne, NJ 
Giane JosephSaturioS3602/5/194252y171Grave 3 - sec. 3 St. Vincent's Hosp.Drobinsky
Hans G.SchinkeS5202/6/193938y,11m,24d146Grave 6, sec. 3 6823 3rd Ave BrooklynPetrangelo
Mr.ScofieldS1434/6/190779y  General Debility Connell
SusanScofieldS1439/16/190372y, 5m, 15d22 Cancer of the BreastsWashington Ave. Mariners Harbor, marriedSteers
HaroldScottS3003/12/19006m 1st rowBronchitisRichmond AveSilvie
RobertScottS3007/23/18983y  DrowningDied at Ferry Bergan Point SISilvie
Mr.ScudderS3605/25/1884  3   
Phebe K.ScudderS3607/16/189487y 2--4Old ageBloomfield NY, marriedSteers
YvesSegoffS21011/25/194061y,11m,27dM.H. 5022 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Lafanette E.SencenbachS5251/6/1885  2 Child 
CharlesSeroeS60010/23/194057y,2m,3dM.H. 5012 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
MillieSerranoS6505/20/193116y,8m,7d   Reopen gravePope
Jacob & BanitaShadtS3006/1886  7 Child 
MatildaShakespierS2211886    Child 
SarahShirtpedS6313/9/1923    Bloomfield Rd.Steers
CatherineShongS52011/29/1884  6   
ChildShotwellS3402/19/18955 days39/40  Mariners HarborSilvie
Albert G.ShotwellS34012/3/190225y, 8m30 TBVan Pelt Ave PR, singleSilvie
Alice ShotwellS3406/30/19085y  ParalysisSt. Vincents Hosp.Silvie
Alice J.ShotwellS3408/14/190452y, 10m58 Double PnuemoniaWashington Ave Mariners Harbor, marriedSilvie
Carie E.ShotwellS3403/11/18951m30/40 BronchitisMariners HarborSilvie
CatherineShotwellS3408/8/190718y  PneumoniaErastina PlaceSeaton
CharlesShotwellS34012/30/194071y,8m,28dShotwell  St. Vincent's Hosp.Silvie
Frank V.ShotwellS3401/26/190929y  TBManhattan Hosp.Silvie
GeorgeShotwellS34012/10/190465y39/40 CancerSmith Infirmary, married (conflicting death dates, other Sept.)Silvie
George M.ShotwellS3407/26/193774y,9m,26d   55 Erastina Place M.H.Seaton
GertrudeShotwellS3402/25/190520y 39/40 TB31 Erastina Pl.Seaton
James ShotwellS34010/6/194165yShotwell  St. Vincent's Hosp.Silvie
James PandolfShotwellS3403/14/192979y,3m,25d58sec. 2 565 Washington Ave 
JaneShotwellS3402/10/194279y,7m,17dShotwell  33 Decker Avenue PR, 55 Erastina Pl. M.H.Silvie
John W.ShotwellS34012/18/192950y,3m,14dShotwell  2351 Forest Ave 
R. AmandaShotwellS34010/18/190663y39/40 CancerVan Pelt AveSilvie
Ruby JaneShotwellS34010/25/18951 year39/40 pneumonia/measlesMariners HarborSilvie
Sarah LorettaShotwellS34012/20/195382y   207 Otis Ave, born 6/2/1871Silvie
StillbornShotwellS3404/14/1916 41 Miscarriage  
Theorton B.ShotwellS3401/18/190053y, 5m60 CancerGranitville, marriedSteers
V.R.ShotwellS3408/21/1865    born 8/29/1864 
LucyShotwellS3404/6/1882    born 4/20/1874 
GotfriedShutpellS314     Civil War Co. B. 2nd US Artillery, Gov't issue grave stone 
GeorgeSinconeS5251/5/194163y149Grave 6 Bayonne, NJPope
Eli SmithS5303/28/1889 14    
ElieSmithS5303/26/188042y,10m   Civil War Co. K. 8th NY, Veteran flag pole holder 
FrankSmithS5301/20/193943y,24d143Grave 6, sec. 3  Petrangelo
JamesSmithS5309/29/1924 166Grave 6, sec. 3  Connell
MarySopiaS1003/9/193745y,5m,10d165Grave , sec. 3 Bayonne, NJ, "shallow grave"Pope
VitoSosaccoS2203/3/194349y,2d,8mP&G  S.I. Hosp.P&G
PietrinaSottileS3402/25/195381y   Single grave bought, lived 50 Grandview AveSilvie
GustinaSoturnoS3655/11/193949y,7m,3d8 fence line  Died 5/9/1939 
AbnerSovonS15012/20/194062y,4mM.H. 5024 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Anthony A.SparryS1605/25/189321y45 Spinal MenigitisWashington Ave Summerville, singleSteers
LouisSparryS1604/29/192967y,8m,29d    Steers
Nancy JaneSparryS1605/29/190876y  PneumoniaWashington St. M.H.Steers
Giroloma MangellaSpezealeS1243/21/193570y,9m,13d139Grave 1 Bayonne, NJPope
Michael AngeloSportoS1635/1/193039yFence line#10 and 11  Pope
CaterinaSpoteS1304/29/193259y,1m,18d172Grave 2  Pope
Ann SquierS6005/11/189595y15 Old ageJewett Ave. WB, marriedSteers
Edna SquierS60010/5/19078y   NephritisNew York City 
SadieSquierS60011/25/190327y, 3m, 11d15 TB267 Manhattan Ave. marriedRoemmele
WinnifordSquierS6001/20/190434y, 6m15 DiptheriaKingston Ave, marriedRoemmele
Mary W.St. JohnS5327/8/190052y59 Myocarditis28 Van Pelt Avenue, Silvie
Mary W.St. JohnS5327/6/190052y59  Wife of Lewis St. John 
RichardStauhegS3209/13/194060y,10m,28dM.H. 509 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
AmySteinbakS3511/25/191449y  NephritisSt. Vincent's Hosp.May
George W.StinemireS3557/30/18991 hour22 AsphyxiaMariners HarborSilvie
ArchibaldStevensonS3152/1/194359y,1m,27dButts  S.I. Hosp. Connell
StevenStevensonS31512/27/194055y,10mM.H. 5026 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
WilliamStevensonS3154/17/191542y 2--a--4TB200 Washington Park Brooklyn, 14 ft N post main drivewayConnell
EllisStinemireS35510/29/1888 Old ground  Child, grave in old cemetery 
Benjamin B.StinemireS3555/17/1878    Born 10/27/1823 
Chester L.StinemireS3555/10/18973y  PneumoniaOld ground, lived Port RichmondSteers
Elizabeth C.StinemireS3553/2/191486y,10m, 17d  MyocarditisElizabeth NJMay
Elizabeth H.StinemireS3559/16/18641y,8m   Daughter of Benjamin & Eliza 
EllieStinemireS3552/15/191971y,9m,23d 2-wall-7Nephritis42 Erastina Pl. widowMay
Lorannah StinemireS3559/1/18746y,8m,20d   Daughter of Benjamin & Eliza 
Mary E.StinemireS35511/26/191364y, 3m, 16d 6Diabetes3132 Richmond Terrace M.H. same grave as motherMay
Liberato StiringileS3652/25/193657y,10m,8d138Grave 4, sec. 3  Pope
SophiaStoothoffS3316/19/1914    Born 2/9/1819 
Elton M.StrongS3657/26/18999 m37 GastroMariners HarborSteers
Nearen?StrongS3657/29/18999 m37 GastroMariners HarborSteers
ErwinSwansonS5258/19/19075m  CholeraLockman AveSteers
LenaSweetS3007/24/193582y,6m,10d110Grave 2, sec. 3 300 Wooley AveSeaton
Hilda VirginiaTagrlandT2645/3/194180yFence line lower Cardiac Failure Silvie
C. AmandaTaylorT4608/20/1914    Born 2/5/1825 
GeorgeTaylorT4601/26/191313y,11m  EndocarditisJersey City NJElliott
George E.TaylorT46010/22/194057y, 4mM.H. 5011 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
HaroldTaylorT4608/25/19018m, 19d 2--4--3TB73 Van Pelt AveSteers
JohnTaylorT4605/29/1910    Born 10/21/1825 
John LoydTaylorT46012/26/18531y,4m,10d   Son of John & Amanda C.  
RudolphTaylorT46012/1/19054y, 1m, 18d 2--4--3Comp. Fracture of jawHarbor Rd. Mariners HarborSteers
JohnThompsonT5124/6/189281y49 Heart FailureLived Mariners Harbor, married, born 3/17/1811Steers
ElizabethThompsonT5126/27/189268.5y48 Cancer of the StomachMadison St. Bklyn, married, born 1823AJ Case, Bkly
George F.ThompsonT5125/20/189480y48 Pecresis?Brooklyn NJ, marriedSteers
Easter ThompsonT51212/14/185072y3m,16d   Relict of Josiah Thompson 
Easter AnnThompsonT51210/6/18431y,3m,26d   Daughter of John & Harriet 
EmmaThompsonT51212/1/195477yThompson  Elizabeth St. Steers
Ernest R.ThompsonT51210/29/195383y   26 Wright Ave SISilvie
George ThompsonT5124/4/194869y,8m,29d98Grave 1, sec. 3 17 Elizabeth St.  
George W.ThompsonT5126/4/18371y,9m,12d   Son of John & Harriet 
HarrietThompsonT51211/12/184326y,6m,29d   Wife of John  
JosiahThompsonT5124/27/18501y,8m,1d   Son of George F. & Sophia 
Mary H.ThompsonT5123/10/187366y,1m,23d     
OphiliaThompsonT5124/13/193572y,1m,21d49Sec. 2  Silvie
SophiaThompsonT5121/5/185132y,4m,8d   Wife of George F. 
William B.ThompsonT51212/5/189846y11 Shock hemorrhageMariners Harbor, marriedSilvie
MelindaThompsonT5126/10/1919    Born 6/19/1829 
George F.ThompsonT5121894    Born 1813 
MichaelTiowsinkiT25210/30/195053y,6m,14d142Sec. 3 St. Vincent's Hosp 
AgnesTomeiT5001/4/193562y,   Bayonne, NJPope
JamesTomeiT5002/8/1950 140Grave 4 Bayonne, NJ 
NicholasTountosT53211/30/193653yFence lineGrave 9 reopening New Springville, Steers
MargaretTraceyT62010/9/1924 166Grave 7, sec. 3  Connell
VincentTroianielloT65411/30/195057y   322 Broadway 
AlexanderTrojanT62510/27/19183m 3-aa-10Pneumonia120 Holland Ave M.H.Drobinski
AlphonsaTrupiaT6103/13/193247y,4m,28d163Grave 2, sec. 3 Deed to Charles TrupiaPope
CataldoTrupiaT6109/13/195470y   Bayonne, NJMiglioricio
JohnTurnpennyT6517/14/1922    1251 Richmond AveMay
MarthaTurnpennyT6513/8/191660y, 7m, 5d  Chronic Nephitis887 Old Stone Rd. Granitville, buried right of drive at wallSteers
BessieTuttleT3408/3/19075m  MarasmusMersereau AveSteers
Henry B.TyrellT6401/17/189631y 7--2Pneumonia330 W. 49th St. NYC, marriedSteers
VitoVaccaroV2604/24/195569y   Bayonne, NJ 545 Ave A.Miglioricio
ChildVan BuskirkV5127/4/1884  2   
A. Van BuskirkV51210/29/193548y Interment grave Jersey City NJSchaefer
FrederickVan BuskirkV512 4y,3m     
Martha Van BuskirkV51211/25/193379y,11m    Jersey City NJ 
PeterVan BuskirkV5127/3/190165y 2--2--4RR InjuriesFishkill NY, marriedDempsey
JamesVan CliefV5242/3/18941y 16--2MeaselsPort RichmondSilvie
ThomasVan CliefV52410/1/18949 hours14 Premature birth Silvie
FrederickVan CliefV5247/3/19052m 2--4--1MarasmusRichmond Terrace Seaton
MargaretVan CliefV5247/18/19043m, 22d 2--4--1ColitisRichmond Terrace WNBSeaton
MaryVan CliefV52411/12/189612 hours  Cardiac ParalysisCastleton Ave, Port RichmondSilvie
JohnVan DaleyV53410/31/194074y142aGrave 2, sec. 3 Died at St. Vincent's Hosp. 
SarahVan NameV5506/11/188945yOld ground  Old Cemetery 
PeterVan NameV55010/20/189380y6 DrownedMariners Harbor, married, born 1/8/1820Steers
Mary L.Van NameV5502/5/189473y6  Mariners Harbor, married, wife of Peter, born 3/2/1820Steers
AmiraVan NameV5501/19/190675y, 5m, 18d114 E 1/2 Cardiac HemorrhageMersereau Ave, born 7/29/1830 wife of Charles, dod could be 1/6/1906Steers
AnnVan NameV55011/10/184550y,6m,29d   Wife of David, nee Van Pelt 
Annie M.Van NameV55011/30/18958 m8 Congestion of the lungsMariners Harbor Steers
Capt. DavidVan NameV5509/15/185861y,11m,22d     
Capt. JacobVan NameV5502/12/190079y5 Cardiac Failure603 Richmond TerraceSteers
CatherineVan NameV5506/30/189572y9 General DisabilityPlaintfield NJ, marriedSteers
Catherine L.Van NameV5504/29/189911m, 10d6  Mariners HarborSteers
CharlesVan NameV5501/25/190780y, 3m, 10d114 W DiabetesAndros Ave, born 10/15/1826Steers
CharlesVan NameV5504/11/1925   Heart Disease62 Mersereau Ave MH, was trustee of cemetery, born 6/5/1857 dod could be 4/17Steers
CharlesVan NameV5502/16/1921    Born 1/4/1856 
Charles HenryVan NameV5504/10/18415y,10d   Son of Nicholas and Sarah  
DavidVan NameV5508/24/186648y,10m,15d     
David H.Van NameV5508/13/187334y,2m      
David MiltonVan NameV55010/00/18317m,19d   Son of Nicholas and Sarah  
Eleanor A.Van NameV55011/28/1878    Wife of David L. born 8/11/1841 
Elizabeth AnnVan NameV5507/1/190362y, 8m33 Cancer of the StomachVan Name Ave, M.H., married, nee Lissenden, born 10/12/1840 wife of David H.Connell
Elizabeth EmmaVan NameV5509/17/18736m    Child of David H. & Elizabeth Ann 
ElladoraVan NameV5509/4/18623m,28d   Child of David H. & Elizabeth Ann 
EmelineVan NameV5501/20/190173y23 TBRichmond Ave, born 2/28/1828Steers
FlorenceVan NameV5502/27/1915    Born 4/11/1868 
Frances A.Van NameV5504/12/194385y,10m,2d9sec. 1  Plainfield
George Van NameV5508/8/19034m, 27d6  54 Union Ave, Mariners HarborSteers
HenryVan NameV5508/1/18547y,8m,16d   Son of Peter and Mary 
HoraceVan NameV5503/1/194160y   Wyskoff Heights Hosp. BrooklynMeisholn
HoraceVan NameV5503/6/18695y,11m,13d   Son of Charles & Amira 
IreneVan NameV55012/6/18971.4 y9 PneumoniaMariners HarborSteers
IsaacVan NameV5507/27/1884 23  Born 6/8/1819 
John C.Van NameV55012/19/190080y, 5m9 General ProstrationPlaintfield NJ, marriedRunyon
Joseph Van NameV5508/31/191652y23/24  81 W. 51st St Bayonne NJBrowne
Joshua V.Van NameV5502/1/192873y,5m,21d   St. Vincent's HospSteers
Lizzie A.Van NameV55011/16/1882    Daughter of David & Rachel,, born 4/10/1865 
Margaret EmmaVan NameV5501/2/186521y,2m,3d     
NicholasVan NameV5504/16/188186y,2m,23d     
NicholasVan NameV5504/23/18443y,6m,19d   Son of John & Catherine 
Rachel AnnVan NameV55010/31/189579y8 pneumoniaMariners Harbor, married, wife of David, born 1/7/1819 (date of death could be 10/20)Steers
SarahVan NameV5507/6/187372y,29d   Wife of Nicholas 
Sarah J.Van NameV5506/9/188946y,6m,5d   Nee Cartwright,, wife of Henry 
SerenaVan NameV5506/16/190854y  CancerSmith InfirmarySteers
TheadoreVan NameV5503/17/18481y,2m,18d   Son of David and Rachel 
William DouglasVan NameV5506/19/184219y,6m,8d   Son of Nicholas and Sarah  
WillieVan NameV5505/19/1876    Son of David H. born 8/1/1871 
AaronVan PeltV5149/27/183347y,6m,19d     
AnnVan PeltV5148/13/183840y,7d   Wife of John I. 
Capt. CharlesVan PeltV5141903    Born 1846 
Capt. DanielVan PeltV5143/21/186452y,1m,19d     
Catharine Van PeltV5148/31/185094y,2m    Nee Van Name (called Granny Van Pelt, she had 10 children and over 100 g-children) 
CharlesVan PeltV5145/6/190656yOld ground Paralysissingle grave, GranitvilleSilvie
CharlesVan PeltV5141/8/188182y,8m,9d     
EmmaVan PeltV5143/21/191461y, 7m4 Apoplexy70 Seymore Ave PRSteers
FiladelfeoVan PeltV5143/20/187666y,3m,11d   Nee Cairns, wife of Daniel 
GladysVan PeltV51410/4/195119y 129 Ziel  Buried with stillborn infant 
Helen B.Van PeltV5148/13/18388m    Daughter of Ann & John I 
J. Seely A.Van PeltV5145/27/189955y, 7m3 Brights DiseaseWashington Ave, marriedSilvie
JacobVan PeltV5141/28/183377y,5m,12d     
Jacob Van PeltV51410/4/183810m,4d   Son of Jacob and Harriet 
James H.Van PeltV5144/5/194850y,7m, 10d114Grave 4, sec. 3 102 South Ave.  
JohnVan PeltV5145/3/18384y   Child of John and Ann 
John I.Van PeltV51410/24/18425m   Child of John I and Maria 
Lillian E.Van PeltV5143/10/194269y,11m,2dFence line lower  50 Chelsea Rd. ChelseaSilvie
Louisa F.Van PeltV5148/20/183716m   Infant child of John and Ann 
MargaretVan PeltV5149/8/182936y,10m,4d   Wife of John I. 
MaryVan PeltV5147/1/1862    Nee Upton, born 5/29/1790 
Mary E.Van PeltV5147/28/189956y48 Acute MelancholiaNewark NJ, marriedHeelman
MosesVan PeltV5142/8/1866    Born 2/23/1788 
PeterVan PeltV51411/25/183431y,5m,3d     
SarahVan PeltV5143/18/190969y  Heart Disease30 Manor Rd. WNB, born 1840Silvie
Sophia JaneVan PeltV5142/2/18377m,24d   Daughter of Andrew and Jane 
SusannahVan PeltV5149/2/185249y,10m1d   Wife of Charles 
Charles E.VasquezV22000/00/198271y   Born 1911 
CarmelaVencziaV52011/29/194867y,10m,22d   St. Vincent's Hosp. 
LuigiVeneziaV52012/23/194369y,4m53  910 Casell Ave, plot 53, gr. 2, sec. 2Silvie
JamesVitaleV3402/3/19417m,21d   S.I. Hosp. 
JuliaVoelpelV4148/18/18962 m  CholeraLived GranitvilleSilvie
RobertVon ReuttingerV56310/28/191643y 3--a-2Suicide by gas123 W. 80th St. NYC 
KarlWalterW4366/3/193327y,1m,6d55Grave 6, sec. 2 Mrs. Singore, M. Berg 124 Morris Ave NJSteers
HaroldWamboldW5142/21/194755y,8m,9d    Cook
Mary E.WamboldW5144/17/192885y,5m,16d118Grave 3  Silvie
Abraham W. WamboldW5148/18/1908   CholeraUnion Ave. M.H. born 12/1836 
GeorgeWamboldW5141/10/1922    St. Luke'sMay
MartinWamboldW514Oct-10    Born 11/1869 
John H. WanzerW5266/2/18564y,2m,4d   Eldest son of James D. & Augusta A. 
Harry P.WebberW16011/22/190126y 23 TBElizabeth NJ, 117 Hampton Pl. Ford
PhillipWechorkaW2625/4/194050y121Grave 3, sec. 3 180 Morningstar Rd PR,deed to Michael TorostekDrobinsky
EwaldWeedmanW3551/10/193949y   Richmond MemorialPetrangelo
Emily A.WeeksW2008/24/190372y, 5m, 17d9 Chronic NephitisPlaintfield NJ, married, born 3/5/1831Runyon
Rachel White W30011/9/194289y,8m,8dZeluff  St. Vincent's Hosp.Seaton
Alice M.WhitmoreW3565/24/191527y, 4m, 3d29 Appendicitis147 South Ave, M.H.Silvie
WilliamWiggansW2521/16/194142y,18dM.H. 5029 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
SamuelWilkensW4258/21/1924 166Grave 5, sec. 3  Connell
Henry AlbertWilkinsonW4251/30/195086yWilkenson   Mariners Harbor 
AudreyWilkinsonW4251/1/19257y    26 Bush AvenueSteers
EdithWilkinsonW42511/21/192764y,6m,18d   30 Van Pelt Ave 
JanWilkinsonW42512/7/19315m,29d    Drobinsky
Sarah A.WilliamsW45212/7/193874y,5m,4d   78 Lockman Ave M.H.Steers
MableWillshawW4206/11/193547y,1m,     Silvie
HelenWillshawW4201/26/195335yWillshaw  743 Patterson Ave M.H. Harmon
ThomasWilshawW4204/29/19299y,5m,25d    Steers
ThomasWilshawW42012/9/193049y,82Grave 4, sec. 4 Winant Ave.Steers
MaryWinantW5539/21/18316y,11m   Daughter of John and Martha 
SarahWinantW5534/2/190272y60 Senility5 Elm St. PR, marriedSilvie
Sarah AnnWinantW55311/26/183112y,22d   Daughter of John and Martha 
MichaelWolfW41011/10/1944    Belevue Hosp. 
George B.WoodW3002/7/189419y29/30 Typhoid FeverPort RichmondSteers
HattieWoodW3003/8/189522y29/30 Typhoid FeverSmith InfirmarySteers
AmandaWoodW3009/13/18603y,6m,19d   Child of George W. & Charlotte 
CatherineWoodW3005/25/18631y,2m,24d   Child of George W. & Charlotte 
Charlotte E.WoodW3002/9/18649m,24d   Child of George W. & Charlotte 
George W.WoodW30012/11/190584y 1  West New BrightonSeaton
HarrietWoodW3005/16/186973y, 25d     
Howard A.WoodW3007/24/18612y,8m,29d   Child of George W. & Charlotte 
LemuelWoodW30010/10/191660y,6m,16d241 north  128 Jewett Ave WNBSeaton
Walter B.WoodW3007/27/190122y29 TB of lungsNew Haven City, CT, singleBeecher
William H.WoodW3004/27/189754y29 Typhoid FeverMariners Harbor, marriedSilvie
TheodoreWrightW6235/20/189276y 10--12pneumoniaMariners Harbor, marriedSteers
Sarah J.WrightW6238/24/18483m,8d   Daughter of Thomas and Mary 
Eliza WyncoopW52111/4/190254yMorris Chronic BrightsSingle grave/Morris/free, Union Ave, 3rd Ward, MarriedSteers
Alvin ZeluffZ4103/4/195253y     
Arthur P.ZeluffZ41012/24/192365y   St. Luke's 
Capt. DanielZeluffZ4108/5/189853y1 DysenteryBoston MA, married born 1850Steers
E. AdellaZeluffZ4108/17/189810y1 Appendicitisdied Smith Infirmary born 1888Steers
Eliza E.ZeluffZ4104/22/194787y,8m,12dZeluff  535 South Ave MHSilvie
EllaZeluffZ4107/3/194271y,9m,6dZeluff  2192 Forest Ave M.H. 
Eva E.ZeluffZ4102/14/191659y,3m,23dTaylor   Steers
Hattie LangdonZeluffZ41010/4/194355y,20d61  Hanover St. Bridgeport CT, Plot 61 Zeluff, gr 5, sec 2Larsen
Mary EmilyZeluffZ4102/5/1923    State Hosp. Suffern NY 
Phoebe ElizabethZeluffZ4104/5/190275y,6m   Washington Ave 
RomaineZeluffZ4105/4/193868y,11m,37d61 JonesGrave 6 Mattawan State HospitalSteers
ShermanZeluffZ41011/17/193973y,30dJones  S.I. Hosp.Steers
WilburZeluffZ4106/7/19071 year  ConvulsionsWashington AveSteers
EmanuelZemmetZ5308/26/194052y, 1m, 26dM.H. 507 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
CatherineZerbiske?Z61211/9/192346y   Bayonne, NJConnell
Anna M.ZielZ4006/10/193965y,5m29Grave 3, sec. 3 South Avenue, M.H.Connell
ConradZielZ4006/16/195591yZiel  1003 Richmond Ave.Meislohn
Edward S.ZielZ40011/1/195032y Ziel    
JohnZielZ4004/9/194854y,3m,20d129-130Sec. 3 Richmond Ave PR 
Ruth V.ZielZ4004/8/19497m,14d139  15 Kinsey Place PR 
VirginiaZinzovia?Z5214/8/192518y167Grave 3, sec. 3  Steers
PeterZiokovichZ2123/4/194151y,5m,28dM.H. 5036 Special 50 grave site for Marine Hospital 
Fidor FrankZudanowizZ3524/10/191736y 3--a--4Labor - PneumoniaS.I. Hosp. Elm ParkDrobinski

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