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All known newspapers in alphabetical order (most available at the New York Public Library online catalog)
Note: These dates are NOT all the dates published. They include only those I found evidence of.
50 Plus senior news. (Bellport, N.Y.)1975-currentChronicling America
The arrow. (Staten, Island, N.Y.)1981-19??Chronicling America
The Black agenda. (Staten Island, N.Y.)19??-currentChronicling America
The Black reign community newspaper. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1998-currentChronicling America
The Black reign community newspaper. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1996-currentChronicling America
The Brighton Heights observer. (New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y.)1888-1???Chronicling America
The broadside. (West New Brighton, N.Y.)1909-1910Chronicling America
Brooklyn Daily Eagle (not Staten Island, but contains many Islanders)1841-1902Brooklyn newspapers
The Cash register. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1966-1966Chronicling America
The daily advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.)191?-1921Chronicling America
Daily gazette. (Stapleton [N.Y.])1887-18??Chronicling America
The daily Republican. (New Brighton, N.Y.)1859-19??Chronicling America
Democrat-herald. (Tompkinsville, N.Y.)1910-19??Chronicling America
Der deutsche Staten Islander1874NYPL catalog
Der deutsche Staten Islander. (Edgewater [i.e. Stapleton], Staten Island [N.Y.])1867-18??Chronicling America
Deutscher Staten Islander. (Stapleton, N.Y.)1???-19??Chronicling America
The dolphin. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1956-19??Chronicling America
The Downtowner. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)1960-1981Chronicling America
Eltingville-Annadale American. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1975-1???Chronicling America
Eltingville-Annadale star reporter. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)1965-currentChronicling America
Great Kills star reporter. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)????-currentChronicling America
Great Kills village reporter. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1965-19??Chronicling America
The harbor watch. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)1965-1???Chronicling America
Hill news and star advertiser. (Staten Island, N.Y.)196?-19??Chronicling America
Hill news and star reporter. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1966-196?Chronicling America
The home news. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1967-196?Chronicling America
The Island shopper and community news digest. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1958-1959Chronicling America
The Little corporal. (Stapleton [N.Y.])1853-1???Chronicling America
Mid-Island star. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1979-1???Chronicling America
The New advocate. (Staten Island, N.Y.)196?-currentChronicling America
New Dorp star reporter. (Staten Island, N.Y.)19??-currentChronicling America
The News ferry. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1973-197?Chronicling America
The News letter1896-1903NYPL catalog
The News letter [microform]. (St. George, Staten Island [N.Y.])1896-1903Chronicling America
The News letter. (St. George, Staten Island [N.Y.])1896-1903Chronicling America
The news-letter. (Staten Island, N.Y.)189?-18??Chronicling America
North Shore Advocate1876
The North Shore advocate. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1869-1877Chronicling America
North shore star reporter. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)1965-currentChronicling America
The Port Richmond journal. (Port Richmond, N.Y.)18??-1???Chronicling America
The Richmond Argus1898-1904NYPL catalog
The Richmond Argus. (West New Brighton [Staten Island], N.Y.)1898-1904Chronicling America
The Richmond borough advertiser. (Stapleton [i.e. Staten Island, N.Y.])1915-1915Chronicling America
Richmond County advance. (West New Brighton, N.Y)1886-1921Chronicling America and NYS Historic Newspapers
Richmond County democrat. (Tompkinsville, N.Y.)1880-19??Chronicling America
Richmond County Gazette1859-1882NYPL catalog
Richmond County Gazette1885-1885NYPL catalog
Richmond County Gazette1885-1889NYPL catalog
Richmond County gazette, and Staten Island gazette and sentinel. (Stapleton, N.Y.)1885-1885Chronicling America
Richmond County gazette. (Stapleton [Staten Island], N.Y.)1885-1889Chronicling America
Richmond County gazette. (Stapleton, N.Y.)1859-1882Chronicling America
Richmond County Herald1880-1910NYPL catalog
Richmond County herald [microform]. (Stapleton, N.Y.)1880-1910Chronicling America
Richmond County herald. (Stapleton, N.Y.)1880-1910Chronicling America
Richmond County Mirror1837-1839NYPL catalog
Richmond County mirror : being a Staten Island edition of the New-York mirror. (Stapleton, N.Y.)1845-1845Chronicling America
The Richmond County mirror [microform]. (New Brighton [i.e. Staten Island], N.Y.)1837-1839Chronicling America
The Richmond County mirror. (New Brighton [Staten Island], N.Y.)1837-1839Chronicling America
Richmond County Republican and Saturday morning advertiser. (Tompkinsville [N.Y.])1831-183?Chronicling America
Richmond County Republican. (Tompkinsville [N.Y.])1831-1831Chronicling America
Richmond County Sentinel1876-1882NYPL catalog
Richmond County Sentinel1885-1889NYPL catalog
Richmond County sentinel. (New Brighton, N.Y.)1885-1889Chronicling America
Richmond County sentinel. (New Brighton, N.Y.) 1876-18821879-1882Chronicling America
Richmond County Standard1881-1900NYPL catalog
Richmond county standard [microform]. (New Brighton, N.Y.)1881-1900Chronicling America
Richmond County standard. (New Brighton, N.Y.)1881-1900Chronicling America
The Richmond Republican. (Tompkinsville, Staten Island [N.Y.])1827-1830Chronicling America
The Semi weekly Staaten Islander. (Stapleton, N.Y.)1851-1???Chronicling America
The Sepoy1859NYPL catalog
The Sepoy. (Stapleton, Staten Island [N.Y.])1859-1859Chronicling America
South shore community news and advertiser. (Great Kills, N.Y.)1958-19??Chronicling America
South shore star. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1965-currentChronicling America
Stapleton star reporter. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1965-currentChronicling America
Staten Island Advance1886-presentNYPL catalog
Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1921-currentChronicling America
Staten Island advertiser. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1877-1???Chronicling America
Staten Island American. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1951-19??Chronicling America
Staten Island chronicle. (Stapleton [N.Y.])1855-????Chronicling America
Staten Island daily record. ([Staten Island, N.Y.])1934-19??Chronicling America
Staten Island eagle. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1987-19??Chronicling America
The Staten Island Gazette1901-1903NYPL catalog
Staten Island Gazette and Sentinel1882-1885NYPL catalog
Staten Island gazette and sentinel. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1882-1885Chronicling America
The Staten Island gazette. (Port Richmond, County and Borough of Richmond, N.Y.)18??-1903Chronicling America
Staten Island home news. (Staten Island, N.Y.)196?-19??Chronicling America
Staten Island independent [microform]. (Staten Island [N.Y.])1893-1899Chronicling America
Staten Island independent. (Staten Island [N.Y.])1893-189?Chronicling America
Staten Island journal American. (New York, N.Y.)19??-19??Chronicling America
Staten Island journal. (Stapleton, Staten Island (N.Y.))1864-18??Chronicling America
The Staten Island leader. (Edgewater [i.e. Staten Island, N.Y.])1866-1930Chronicling America and NYS Historic Newspapers
Staten Island lifestyles. (Staten Island, NY)2000-currentChronicling America
Staten Island News and Independent1900-1907NYPL catalog
The Staten Island news and independent [microform]. (Richmond Borough [Staten Island], N.Y.)1900-19??Chronicling America
The Staten Island news and independent. (Richmond Borough [Staten Island], N.Y.)1897-19??Chronicling America
The Staten Island news. (Richmond Borough, City of New York [N.Y.])1897-1897Chronicling America
Staten Island post und Sud New York Anzeiger. (Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.)1887-19??Chronicling America
Staten Island post. (Staten Island, N.Y.)19??-19??Chronicling America
Staten Island register. (S.I., N.Y.)1966-currentChronicling America
Staten Island star, Mid-island star. (Staten Island, N.Y.)196?-1???Chronicling America
The Staten Island star. (West New Brighton, N.Y.)1877-191?Chronicling America
The Staten Island sun. (Stapleton, N.Y.)1842-1???Chronicling America
Staten Island times. (Tottenville [Staten Island] N.Y.)1890-1???Chronicling America
Staten Island Transcript1929-1931NYPL catalog
Staten Island transcript [microform]. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1929-19??Chronicling America
Staten Island transcript. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1899-1927Chronicling America
Staten Island transcript. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1929-19??Chronicling America
The Staten Island union. (North Shore, Richmond County [N.Y.])1864-18??Chronicling America
Staten Island weekly herald and island shopper. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1959-1959Chronicling America
The Staten Island World1908-1920NYPL catalog
The Staten Island world [microform]. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1908-1920Chronicling America
The Staten Island world. (Stapelton [Staten Island, N.Y.])1908-1920Chronicling America
The Staten Island world. (Staten Island, N.Y.)19??-19??Chronicling America
The Staten Islander [microform]. (Stapleton [N.Y.])1847-????Chronicling America
The Staten Islander. (New York, N.Y)1836-1837Chronicling America
The Staten Islander. (St. George, New Brighton Post Office, N.Y.)1889-193?Chronicling America
The Staten Islander. (Stapleton [N.Y.])1847-18??Chronicling America
Storm front. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1999-currentChronicling America
The Times-transcript1927-1929NYPL catalog
The Times-transcript [microform]. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1927-1929Chronicling America
The Times-transcript. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1927-1929Chronicling America
Tri-boro post. (Oakland Gardens, N.Y.)1970-19??Chronicling America
Wagnerian. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1934-currentChronicling America
Westfield independent. (Tottenville, N.Y.)1886-1???Chronicling America
The Westfield times. (Tottenville, Staten Island, N.Y.)1881-1???Chronicling America
The World1901-1908NYPL catalog
The World [microform]. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1901-1908Chronicling America
The World. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1933-1???Chronicling America
The World. (Staten Island, N.Y.)1901-1908Chronicling America
Yipster times. online resource (None)1972-1978Chronicling America
Yipster times. volume (Staten Island, N.Y.)1972-1978Chronicling America

Author: Howell (George P.) & company, New York.
Title: Centennial newspaper exhibiton, 1876. A complete list of American newspapers. A statement of the industries, characteristics, population and location of towns in which they are published; also, A descriptive account of the great newspapers of the day.
Publication date: 1876.
Collection: Making of America Books (Mich)

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