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Index to Davis, Leng, and Vosburgh's Tombstone Inscriptions
Volume 2 Intro

Staten Island Gravestone Inscriptions from the Bethel, West Baptist Church, St. Luke's Additions, and Vaughan Cemeteries in the former town of Northfield. And Marine Cemetery (Quarantine Hospital) in the former town of Castleton, now in the Borough of Richmond, City of New York. Copied in 1924, by William T. Davis, Charles W. Leng, and Royden W. Vosburgh. Photographs by William T. Davis

Transcribed and Edited by ROYDEN, WOODWARD, and VOSBURGH
New York City,
April, 1925

More Information
This index was input by Bob O'Connor. It comtains more than two thousand names!!! from information provided with the permission of the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences. Thanks for the hard work, Bob! Additional information may be obtained through the SIIAS or by requesting film # 0017902 from the LDS.

Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Leng, Davis, and Vosburgh's 1920s transcribed inscriptions from various SI cemeteries that they felt were in danger of being abandoned. They were correct, as most, if not all of them, are in fact neglected. The work is in two volumes and the SIIAS and SIHS each hold copies. The Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences has generously allowed Bob O'Connor to scan its index and us to put it online. Thanks, SIIAS for permission to share the data! And thanks, Bob O'Connor for OCR'ing, proofreading (many times), and correcting the index! See Volume 1 and Volume 2. With the index information, you can write the SIIAS, who, for a fee, will copy the tombstone inscription for you. The info on tombstones can be very valuable; I have solved a couple of family mysteries already with this data!

The Data Note: The index attempts to show ONLY THE NAME OF THE PERSON DECEASED and the NUMBER of the gravestone. As far as possible the maiden names of the married women are shown, thus; "Cornelia J. (Johnson) Bird" instead of "Cornelia J. Bird." The married females are not crossed indexed and appear only under the surnames of their husbands. The names of parents, husbands, or persons otherwise mentioned in the gravestone inscriptions are not indexed.

Index to Tombstone Numbers and Cemeteries
1 to 12511 to 127Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
1252 to 1309127 to 133West Baptist Church Yard
1310 to 1511133 to 152Lake Cemetery
1512 to 1524153 to 155The Church Yard of the North Side Methodist Episcopal Church (including the private burial lot of Robert C. Simonson)
1525 to 1557155 to 159Marine Cemetery (Quarantine Hospital)
1558 to 1676160 to 171St. Luke's Cemetery Additions and Vaughan Cemetery

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