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Index to Some 1999, 2000 Staten Island Obituaries

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Please note: The obits often appear online the day before they appear in the paper. If you don't find it in the date below, check the next day's paper.

Friday, June 16, 2000

Antoinette DiSalvo, 90, family matriarch
Daniel Scullin, affiliated brother with St. John Baptist de la Salle
Dorothy Boschi, 72, lifelong West Brighton resident
Ellen Barton, 70, administrative assistant
Gerald Sorensen, 93, yachtsman who loved the sea
Patricia Burns, 70, was a margins clerk
Wanda Palmer, 74, lifelong Islander

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Charles Schwalbe, 76, retired CBS sound technician
Christiana Feist, 72, retired court clerk
Frank Coco, 89, retired painter
Mary Crovo, 90, lifelong Staten Islander
Rudolph R. Pelliconi, 80, retired engineer

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Charles Raymond, 90, former boxing champ
Warren Michaelson, 79, lifelong Staten Islander
William Shea, 70, churchgoer known for his singing
Yvonne Whitehead, 53, was a social worker

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Cathy Jacobson, 40, teacher who wrote of mathematics
Donald Matheson, 77, native Staten Islander
Eve M. Potts, 71, Grasmere native
Herbert Finkelstein, 77, clothing industry worker
Josephine Theimer, 76, retired nurse's aide
Leslie Pouch, 93, was Pouch Terminal president
Robert Cloke, 66, retired sanitation worker

Monday, June 12, 2000

Alice Roberts, 80, a descendant of Island founders
Alphonse Dacey, 71, owned body shop
Anne Chakwin, 74, lifelong Islander
Evelyn Duff, 69 retired mail clerk
Helen Capers, 70, active in Scouting
James St. John, 62, truck driver
Joseph Harris, 82, was security guard, gravedigger
Judge John Caden, 57, was federal magistrate judge

Sunday, June 11, 2000

Brenda Rivera, 44, was care counselor
Lillian Carbonaro, 62, case reporter, receptionist
Lorraine Sankewich, 64, retired payroll supervisor
Monsignor Daniel Sullivan, 87, was pastor at Island churches
Nathan Kaplan, 52, retired dentist, composer
William DeLuca, 51, worked as supervisor
William N. Olsen, 87, retired telephone worker

Saturday, June 10, 2000

Eleanor Brennan, 86, was professional dancer
Joseph Pinto, 45, chef and caterer
Marion Barresi, 79, retired cook, seamstress
Richard Hyde, 86, worked for U.S. Navy
Russell Owens, 57, native Staten Islander
Ruth Hayden, 70, born in Tottenville
Sophie Ferris, 94, retired fitter, seamstress

Friday, June 9, 2000

Dominick Trentacoste, 67, was limo, taxi driver
Gladys Boden, 81, was active in her church
John Gavin, 34, was a music instructor
Kathleen Bruno, 65, native of Ireland

Thursday, June 8, 2000

Eugene Lotierzo, 87, was Oakwood resident
Joan Foley, 79, film processor for Eastman Kodak
Lucille Means, 78, was a dietary aide
Regina Aulicino, 73, was telephone operator
William Mosiello, 81, owned Smiley's Food Store

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Carl Steinbuch, 45, was a train operator
Catherine Galante, 66, was a secretary
Catherine Wismer, 63, was Bay Terrace resident
Gisela Horvath, 69, native of Germany
Jessie Frey, 87, owned clothing design company
Joseph Ruggieri, 91, was a custom tailor
Madeline Reilly, 79, substitute teacher
Peter Marino, 86, retired chef
Raphaella Lewis, 90, native Staten Islander

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Constance Griffin, 93, was a native Islander
Madeline Wisniewski, 84, retired seamstress
Onas Pippen, 38, former nurse's aide
Robert Bianco, 43, retired oiler

Monday, June 5, 2000

Accident victim dies
Gerard Miller, 44, was a native Islander
Herbert Gilpin, 60, retired steam fitter
Joseph Maceda, 47, a lawyer, was active in youth athletics

Sunday, June 4, 2000

Antoinette Fasulo, 86, retired seamstress
Dorothy Bormann, 84, retired secretary
Dr. Marc Roberts, 30, was chiropractor
Edna Mae Lydon, 94, typist, homemaker
Ethel Beyer, 99, longtime Islander
Frank Cangro, 87, was longshoreman, Sanitation worker
Irene Hladek, 75, was hospital volunteer
Peter Schwimer, 97, was the owner of Roman's Market for more than 50 years

Saturday, June 3, 2000

Charles Nolan, 77, attorney whose career spanned 4 decades
Elizabeth Ampudia, 47, lived in Eltingville
Ferdinand Cosentino, 82, owned fish market
Grazia DiBenedetto, 87, retired seamstress
Helen Richichi, 79, was a homemaker
James Muir, 83, retired welder
Mary McCutcheon, 80, was a homemaker
Michael Paleno, 70, retired mechanic
Ottavio Putzu, 55, retired Sanitation worker
Philip Auerbach, 83, retired printer

Friday, June 2, 2000

Richard Ferrara, 58, singer with 1950s group The Majestics
William Whitaker, 71, one of New York's Bravest

Thursday, June 1, 2000

Helen J. Mondello, 76, retired secretary
Helen Susko, 79, native of Ireland
Lawrence Luttrell, 61, retired ironworker
Lillian Conner, 77, lifelong Islander
Marie Plichta, 67, formerly of Sunnyside
Mary Lou Pakidis Shunk, 52, was an entertainer
Nellie Spitale, 84, Sunnyside resident
Rocco Faruolo, 69, coached at Sacred Heart
Rose Riccardi, 80, was commercial artist
Samuel Whitfield, 76, was maintenance worker

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Anthony Brizzi, 65, owned funeral home
Carmen Pierre, 84, retired receptionist
Donald Smith, 71, a lifelong West Brighton resident
Ethel Hansen, 71, retired sales clerk
Florence Gibbons, 80, Arden Heights resident
Joan Hobson, 67, native Islander
Judith Dogery, 58, was hospital registrar
Kenneth Cerreta, 44, respiratory therapist
Margaret Mooney, 67, VFW auxiliary leader
Marion Martin, 67, was mortgage collector
Thomas Sozzi, 36, ex-Islander killed in collision with school bus

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Catherine Chierchio, 78, retired nurse
Edward Stimus, 42, was special ed teacher
Gloria Serra, 75, homemaker, lifelong Islander
Michael Racioppo, 71, retired police captain
Muriel McKinley, 80, retired cashier
Roseann Palmieri, 55, saleswoman, volunteer
Rosemarie Koellner, 70, retired nurse's aide
Stefano Lombardo, 70, was restaurant owner

Sunday, May 28, 2000

Bernardo Chiatto, 85, retired pipe maker
Elizabeth Holihan, 74, retired seamstress
Frances Gross, 85, co-owner of cab service
Joan Scanlon, 63, teacher for 35 years
Joseph S. Jackus, 85, retired P&G worker
Norma Pedersen, 78, was homemaker

Saturday, May 27, 2000

Adelaida Caban, 69, was a housekeeper
Catherine Liotta, 91, made dolls' clothes
Concetta Gerace, 82, was a homemaker
Donald A. Gross, 52, reporter for Advance who covered health
Everett Van Cleaf, 73, retired plumber
Everett Van Cleaf, 73, retired plumber
George Ihnken, 83, was construction worker
Harry Criaris, 80, was management analyst
Iris Mushnick, 66, retired school aide
Raymond Kacik, 55, retired auditor

Friday, May 26, 2000

Felicia Guistiniaro, 93, artificial flower maker
John Hurley, 53, retired plumber
Julia Lepelletier, 80, was big band singer
Lillie Cooper, 84, was lab technician
Marie Dyke, 88, was a homemaker
Rocco Montali, 77, Arrochar Fuel founder

Thursday, May 25, 2000

Barbara Cavagnaro, 63, was native Islander
Charlotte Schweikert, 87, substitute teacher
Frank Paolucci, 88, retired plumber
James Carmody, 75, retired nurse anesthetist
Jennie Beltran, 49, was a homemaker
Katherine Nardiello, 80, was a homemaker
Salvatore Fulcinelli, 73, was stationary engineer
Theodore Pately, 79, retired truck driver
Theodore Shearin, 52, former truck driver

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Angela Gottlieb, 52, was V.A. hospital worker
Genevieve Policastro, 91, was designer of handkerchiefs
Harald Scheie, 91, Graniteville resident
Joseph Daniel, 73, retired business owner
Joseph Valentino, 96, owned shoe repair shop
Matthew Boccuzzi, 78, retired marine engineer
Nora Raymond, 80, was a homemaker
Raymond Pearson, 88, was lifelong Islander

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Mary Williams, 76, operated switchboard
Patricia Hightower, 51, lifelong Staten Islander

Monday, May 22, 2000

Michele Greenberg, 49, was a computer trainer
Sister Mary Angelica Toth, 84, longtime teacher
Theodore Platt, 60, served in the Navy, Bay of Pigs

Sunday, May 21, 2000

Alfonso Nardone, 75, retired accountant
Charles H. Schaumberg, 90, professional pianist, entertainer
Frank O'Brien, 85, retired deckhand
Mary B. Willmot, 88, retired nurse
Sister Kathryn Anderson, 61, a former school principal

Saturday, May 20, 2000

Claire Pantano, 71, retired teacher
Edith Butehorn, 82, was a secretary
Eileen Kipp, 75, retired nurse
Eileen Shields, 96, retired claims adjuster
Joseph Scrimenti, 62, retired Sanitation worker
Marie Bodner, 88, retired nurse's aide
Mary Tracy, 81, was a homemaker
Rosario Lo Bianco, 92, retired supervisor
Stanley Niekrash, 75, retired Sanitation worker
William Levi, 72, retired lab technician

Friday, May 19, 2000

Charles Conte, 54, was a truck driver
Clement Loffredo, 91, Westerleigh resident
Concetta DeCross, 94, was a homemaker
Deborah Scharnott, 47, was a registered nurse
Edith Phillips, 60, lifelong Islander
Frances Fox, 80, was book restorer
Grace Grube, 87 was a sales clerk
Joseph Gardella, 60, was a printer
Madeline Calarco, 83, was a homemaker
Marie Corritore, 83, lifelong Rosebank resident
Marie Cozzolino, 74, was native Islander
Mary Gross, 85, former teacher
Rita Shields, 71, administrative assistant
Robert Brennick, 73, retired engineer
Salvatore Monaco, 73, was city police officer
Vincent Buongiovanni, 72, retired manager

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Edith Grosso, 80, former bakery worker
Edward Cummings, 51, was a mechanic
Harvey Kirschbaum, 71, retired salesman
Henrietta Keller, 87, Westerleigh resident
Henry Cendrowski, 77, retired manager
Hilda Steinheber, 89, was a lifelong Islander
Jeffrey Santlofer, 46, worked in television
John Juliano, 60, retired Parks foreman
John Rajewski, 49, retired porter
Liberato Venditti, 79 was operating engineer
Mafalda D'Antoni, 82, was company VP
Margaret Murtha, 84, "belle of Harrison Ave.'
Maurice Doyle, 60, was investment banker
Nancy Morrone, 95, West Brighton resident
Robert Sands, 40, was a broker
Salvatore Cusumano, 58, former retail manager
Santi Scarcella, 79, retired barber
Vincent Dini, 67, retired machinist
Vincent Dudley, 79, was Advance bowling columnist
William Wilson, 51, retired store receiver

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Alice Connolly, 81, was a secretary
Angelina Tirone, 76, was Annadale resident
Edwin Buchanan, 74, former marine pilot
Flora Morton, 99, native Staten Islander
Katherine Dietrich, 62, Great Kills resident
Margaret Mangan, 72, Great Kills resident
Maria De Santis, 87, Richmond resident
Marie Alida Etienne, 77, Stapleton resident
Nancy Morrone, 95, West Brighton resident
Peter Vella, 79, tenor on 1930s radio
Sarah Rubin, 97, formerly of Silver Lake
Vincent Fortmuller, 84, retired pipefitter

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Carl Lanucara, 45, security guard
Corrine Parker, 76, was business owner
Irene Carfi, 58, developmental aide
Josephine Riccardelli, 89, worked at Willowbrook

Monday, May 15, 2000

Caroline Prims, 93, was homemaker
Harriett Nicholls, 91, was clerk, volunteer
Julianne Longobardi, 76, was a homemaker
Mark Esposito, 48, was truck driver
Mary Dooley, 86, Westerleigh homemaker
Vincent Fiore, 85, worked for steel firm

Sunday, May 14, 2000

Adrian Jacoby, 82, retired insurance agent
Dorothy Orbon, 70, was postal worker
Edward Paolella, 83, retired electrical engineer supervisor
Frank Lore, 84, retired truck driver
Gertrude Johnsen, 85, resident of Tottenville
Harriette Coons, 93, worked for Parks Dept.
Lillian LaSalle, 93 was receptionist
Mary J. Hanson, 66, Westerleigh homemaker
N. Shore violence: 2 shot, 1 slashed
Patrick Rowan, 72, was certified ER nurse

Saturday, May 13, 2000

Barbara Meinecke, 89, was Laundromat owner
Carmela Cianciulli, 81, retired seamstress
Carol Siversen, 60, retired secretary
Charles Casey, 65, NYNEX staff director
James Turner, 82, insurance executive
Juanita Malloy, 78, retired secretary
Lillian Ida, 86, New Dorp resident
Louise Attanasi, 67, lifelong Staten Islander
Patrick Russo, 57, securities executive
Thomas O'Keefe, 85, retired building manager

Friday, May 12, 2000

Eleanor Plunket, 88, was teacher at Dreyfus
Elizabeth Ruisi, 64, retired secretary
Frederick McQuarrie, 68, retired house painter
John Turner, 76, retired supervisor
Madeline Long, 83, was executive secretary

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Alphonso White, 82, was merchant seaman
Aurelia Westenburger, 98, worked for Avon
Carmine Spensieri, 78, retired contractor
Catherine Overbye, 78, insurance underwriter
Dorothy Kroll, 78, was a homemaker
Evelyn Setvedt, 83, was a homemaker
Helen Strigel, 57, longtime Islander
Josephine DiFranco, 76, homemaker and seamstress
Marie Tarantino, 83, resident of Venice, Fla.
Nicholas Bavaro, 65, retired retail manager
Paola Sciarrillo, 22, pre-med honor student
Salvatore Gallo, 80, retired police officer
Thomas Antonelli, 57, was electrical supervisor

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Angela Tygrett, 75, native Staten Islander
Barbara Buzbee, 78, homemaker, clerk, served in WACS
Dr. Anthony Cosentino, 87, surgeon was a founder of Doctors' Hospital
Francesca Gionnotto, 85, resident of Annadale
Julia Dimino, 74, retired teacher's aide
Justine Battaglino, 87, lifelong Islander
Kuriakose Pothen, 55, native of India
Lillian Marrone, 86, retired bookkeeper
Mae Macaluso, 81, was a homemaker
Marion Cawl, 98, native Islander
Michael Walsh, 76, retired economist
Monsignor Ralph Pakulniewicz, 75, was pastor of St. Anthony's
Vincent Pancila, 86, retired shipping clerk
William Post, 73, was ferry deckhand

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Ann Deanovich, 89, resident of New Dorp
Harriet Booth, 101, was the oldest Curtis alumna
James Leone, 86, retired barber
Joseph Preti, 89, retired supervisor
Marie Patrizio, 74, owned dress factory
Mary Pasqualini, 73, insurance underwriter
Nick Bruno, 60, great athlete became greater coach/teacher
Rita Childs, 84, was a homemaker
Sarah Wells, 46, administrative assistant
Theresa Plastina, 85, was a homemaker
Vincent Peters, 85, retired bank officer

Monday, May 8, 2000

Alice Goodman, 70, was a homemaker
Angelina Serece, 90, was a homemaker
Betty Gant, 78, accounting executive
Edith Wilkie, 81, secretary with international groups
Florence Rafaniello, 65, was a homemaker
Salvatore Moramarco, 83, machine operator
Thomas Burke, 56, was police officer

Sunday, May 7, 2000

Asta Anderson, 95 was self-employed
Elsie E. Bennett, 92, retired executive
Father, daughter die a day apart
Helen E. Murawski, 89, was a homemaker
Irene May Jensen, 96, was a homemaker
Jacob Kissinger, 75, retired police officer
Kathryn DeSantis, 40, was a homemaker
Mona J. Trogan, 65, worked as a teacher
William Okeson, 76, retired bus driver
Willie Perry, 58, worked as a mason

Saturday, May 6, 2000

Ann Marie McAlarney, 52, lifelong Islander
Beverly Cook, 45, was a nurse's aide
Chesley A. Hill, 77, retired tugboat engineer
Herman E. Kurg, 86, was lab supervisor
Marguerite McCarthy, 57, lifelong Island was former stock transfer clerk
Mary Lupoli, 84, was a homemaker

Friday, May 5, 2000

Anthony Paletto, 91, was postal service clerk
Arthur Burck, 86, was expert on mergers and acquisitions
Elda Tuzzo, 85, retired secretary
Ida Gravino, 88, was a homemaker
Marion Harris, 70, retired machine operator
Son of former Islanders killed when bike is hit by car

Thursday, May 4, 2000

Carmela Palucki, 87, was retired store manager
Doris Ioannidis, 63, was teacher, volunteer
Frances Flynn, 61, New Dorp resident
Herb Kasper, 63, former sales associate
Jean Gemma Alfieri, 80, was homemaker
Josephine D'Angelo, 82, was a seamstress
Patrick Hart, 60, was a dockman
Philip Weissman, 87, retired clothing cutter
Robert Peters, 61, highly decorated city police officer
Taj Khan, 60, cargo supervisor
Walter Sanne, 56, retired systems analyst

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Joseph Riccardi, 75, Navy chief warrant officer
June Daggett, 75, retired benefits manager
Rev. Dominick Russo, 81, 'cowboy' priest
Robert Minto, 88, Parks official, founder of softball league
Vincent Loshiavo, 68, company vice president
Willie Jones, 74, was construction worker

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Abraham Agar, 87, was IRS official
Burton Tait, 76, retired credit manager
Isabella Coluccio, 86, was a homemaker
Marion Collisson-Brown, 85, lifelong Islander
Pasquale Baratta, 49, retired nurse
Robert King, 75, retired clerk

Monday, May 1, 2000

Alice Mattei, 67, Oakwood homemaker
John Grew, 66, company vice president
Kenneth McFee, 67, was traffic manager
Marie Nuzzi, 86, longtime Island resident
Mary Niezgodski, 79, was a homemaker
Mehboob Roberts, 70, custodial engineer
Stella Roesch, 86, retired laundry worker

Sunday, April 30, 2000

Adeline Marcigliano, 75, retired seamstress
Edith Karol, 83, was homemaker
Patricia Thompson, 71, elections board worker
Robert Nolan Sr., 64, retired warehouseman
Shirley P. Merrell, 74, was retired secretary

Saturday, April 29, 2000

Mary Colandrea, 88, lifelong Islander and retired clerk

Friday, April 28, 2000

Anne Gabber, 84, homemaker, clerk
Anthony Ceseri, 59, was a real estate broker
Bernice Warmouth, 77, native Islander
Diana Hendricksen, 76, native Islander
Funeral set for murder victim
Kenneth MacRae, 65, human resources director
Mary Bianco, 79, was a homemaker

Thursday, April 27, 2000

Alphonse Verardi, 80, retired postal driver
David Smith, 59, was soccer coach at Moore Catholic
Doris Winant, 91, family came to America on the Mayflower
Solveig-Sue Thomas, 77, retired secretary
Thomas Corbett, 74, was a security guard
Thomas McKay, 54, telephone dispatcher

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Adeline Vetter, 86, was retired nurse
George Pellei, 77, retired accountant
Mary Taylor, 57, retired kitchen aide
Nancy Fiorini, 79, was a homemaker
Philip Aliotta, 66, was Fire Dept. lineman
Ruth Spring, 57, was manager
Sylvia Matthews, 89, retired secretary
William Wiley, 86, retired brewery worker

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Anthony Carlo, 70, retired superintendent
Betty Cahill, 69, education official
Frances Papacena, 89, was Great Kills resident
Giuseppe Nattoli, 106, was a native of Sicily
Helen Vatovec, 86, was a homemaker
John Corio, 80, Rosebank resident
Julius Giacalone, 85, was shipping manager
Paul Schwarz, 91, was retired machinist
Richard Maguire, 68, deputy U.S. marshal

Monday, April 24, 2000

Maria Lombardo, 96, native of Italy
Mary Fellin, 78, was saleswoman
Philip Lasky, 48, was personnel consultant
Sonja Hoyen, 67, lifelong Islander
Vincent Varrassi, 80, retired barber, laborer

Sunday, April 23, 2000

Ann Kerr, 89, was secretary at PS 14
Elaine Torino, 56, worked at ShopRite
Ethel Hill, 82, was a homemaker
Eugene Jones, 70, retired firefighter
Joseph McMullen, 77, retired police officer
Lillian Power, 87, was a homemaker
Thomas F. Brennan, 66, retired pharmacy owner
William McManus, 92, was Wall Street runner

Saturday, April 22, 2000

Carmine Masula, 91, retired railroad worker
Dorothy Birkle, 81, was club owner, barmaid
Edward Mahon, 73, retired elevator operator
George Dowtin, 66, was janitorial assistant
Lui Lan Leung, 86, was a homemaker
Mary Fago, 77, was a homemaker
Richard Shestak, 48, was a banker

Friday, April 21, 2000

Arthur Shakin, 91, retired men's clothier
Frank Riviccio, 72, square dance caller
Helen Chiomenti, 86, retired physical therapist
Jessie Orlando, 67, was a homemaker
Muriel Mohlenhoff, 83, was a homemaker
Providencia Nieto, 60, therapy assistant
William Murphy, 90, retired doorman, laborer

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Dominick Cordone, 61, was a butcher
John Marfoglio, 64, retired manager
John Wall, 80, retired builder
Mary Anne Callahan, 54, was a homemaker
Mary Crowe, 85, was a homemaker
Supreme Court judge noted for 'judicial temperament'

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Beatrice Morrison, 81, World War II nurse
Henry Meadors, 76, retired bus driver
Joseph Pagan, 82, was stationary engineer
Joseph Sorena, 86, was swim club owner
Leona Feitelson, 94, taught at PS45 for 25 years
Phyllis Miles, 35, was nursing assistant

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Florence Walters, 65, was a line supervisor
Halina Schubert, 87, was a homemaker
Kenneth DeForest, 78, was community activist
Robert Harrison, 58, retired civil engineer
Rose Johnston, 80, retired restaurateur
Salvatrice DeMarco, 84, was a hat designer
Thomas McCole, 38, was carpenter, caterer

Monday, April 17, 2000

Frank Masiello, 76, lifelong Staten Islander
Helen Lykes, 82, was a homemaker
Lillian Ostrowski, 82, retired insurance broker
Margaret Kacinski, 97, retired secretary

Sunday, April 16, 2000

Catherine Gergenti, 61, was a homemaker
Gwendolyn Trismen, 94, was a homemaker
John J. Whalen, 88, retired engineer
Judge Peter Cusick, 69, noted jurist was active in many Island causes
Richard Cross, 70, retired police sergeant

Saturday, April 15, 2000

Anna Matrone, 59, was a homemaker
Elizabeth Barone, 69, retired secretary
Frieda Erickson, 92, was a homemaker
Martha Emrich, 80, retired office manager
Muriel Waage, 87, Westerleigh resident

Friday, April 14, 2000

Catherine Ansert, 73, retired check processor
Charlotte Clegg, 81, lifelong Staten Islander
Chester Wydrinski, 84, was forklift operator
Daniel Spellacy, 70, retired police sergeant
Eugene Christian, 67, retired city firefighter
Janet Cawse, 92, retired teacher, widow of judge

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Agnes Forminio, 79, retired seamstress
Claire Saccaro, 94, was executive secretary
Dorothy Johnson, 84, was homemaker
Edna Lenahan, 82, retired office manager
Frank Tyler, 78, D-Day veteran
Gilbert Lopez-Dickenson, 40, former Islander
Marguerite Oates, 78, retired practical nurse

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Carmela Graffigna, 68, lifelong Staten Islander
Dolores Tyson, 66, communications operator
Enes Fecci, 84, worked for AT & T
Henry Morse, 79, retired detective
Jennie Petruzzi, 81, owned luncheonette
Kathy Reilly, 53, City Hall staff analyst

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Antoinette Vigorito, 74, retired teacher
Eugene Heitshusen, 86, retired supervisor
Gerald Johnson, 78, World War II veteran
John Kelly, 71, worked at P & G
John Romer, 79, was mechanical engineer
Katherine Trubenstein, 62, clerical worker
Mary Berner, 69, was a homemaker
Michael O'Keeffe, 66, retired dispatcher

Monday, April 10, 2000

Barbara Woodfolk, 61, was commissary manager
Clifford Winant, 70, retired bus driver
Louis Fazio, 59, active church member
Margaret Nelson, 76, was lifelong Islander
Wanda Tolwinski, 83, was insurance executive

Sunday, April 9, 2000

Catherine Serpico, 70, retired insurance clerk
David Catalfumo, 25, owned catering firm
Dr. Maged Armanious, 62, president of Island Dental Society
Edward Baumann, 92, Brooklyn Union retiree
Evelyn Glemming, 74, worked for post office
John Bittel, 47, retired police officer
Joseph Hall, 77, worked as auditor
Josephine Baldomir, 83, retired garment worker
Lucia Salerno, 95, was homemaker
Phyllis Belle-Oudry, 60, Island homemaker

Saturday, April 8, 2000

Alex Tomaszzewski, 84, buying agent, violinist
Angela Gioscia-Seto, 52, executive assistant
Charles Booth, 66, was auto parts salesman
Harold Swanson, 82, retired mechanic
Joan Coccaro, 57, nursing school director
Josephine Cordaro, 68, Eltingville resident
Martha Pelczar, 61, lifelong Staten Islander
Pasquale Iavarone, 95, retired plasterer/painter
Robert Cone, 83, retired GM executive

Friday, April 7, 2000

Angelo Bonica, 74, retired pizzeria owner
Eugene Downes, 71, retired chief electrician
Henry Falco, 76, owned clothing store
John Rebagliati, 91, retired chef
Joseph Balogh, 63, equipment operator
Josephine Caneco, 93, was real estate pioneer
Suzanne Martire, 89, retired seamstress

Thursday, April 6, 2000

Anne Sorice DeStefano, 73, lifelong Islander
Carole Murphy-Falco, 47, was a secretary
Catalino Ramos, 94, was merchant seaman
John Hermansen, 85, retired port hiring agent
Margaret Loeffler, 96, a teacher for 35 years
Nicholas Bitetti, 89, active in church and community
Rocco Paccione, 78, retired senior mechanic
Rose Villani, 91, retired seamstress
William Decker, 92, retired electrician

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Alice Piccirello, 61, was a waitress
Alvina Wilke, 94, retired secretary
Genevieve Willis, 85, was real estate broker
John Coakley, 80, newspaper pressman
Mae Paganucci, 94, lifelong Island resident
Margaret Johnson, 84, retired teacher
Mary Sinatra, 83, retired seamstress
Michael Checchia, 51, was Army veteran
Michael Fiumano, 90, retired bartender
Philip LoSacco, 67, retired cab driver
Robert Robinson, 75, retired chemical tester
Ruth Wain, 62, retired postal clerk
Thomas Finn, 75, was maintenance worker
Thomas Porter, 93, maintained trucks

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Antoinette Befumo, 88, retired dressmaker
Carol Giovazzino, 56, homemaker, dog trainer
Catherine McVitie, 82, retired nursing assistant
Evangeline Carter, 97, was a domestic worker
Isabelle Nedwodney, 92, retired clerk
James Edwards, 91, retired supervisor
John Hammer, 73, owned courier service
Philomena Rondinone, 76, was DMV supervisor

Monday, April 3, 2000

Florence Loffredo, 92, retired stenographer
Harry Santore, 70, retired truck driver
Mary Clark, 60, was registered nurse

Sunday, April 2, 2000

Ann Campbell, 93, worked as cook
Dorothy Todd, 90, retired business owner
John Andrillo, 71, retired carpenter
Richard Blacknik, 70, was shipping clerk

Saturday, April 1, 2000

Christina Raisley, 79, retired seamstress
Howard Clifton, 87, retired bank vice president
Marie Speciale, 67, retired seamstress

Friday, March 31, 2000

Adolphine Bruns, 95, was embroidery worker
Angelina Ranello, 89, retired nurse's aide
Ann Fuschetto, 72, retired dressmaker
Francis Felci, 43, longtime Islander
Helen Ciulla, 80, retired store manager
John Hally, 78, retired customs inspector
Loretta Barbara, 78, longtime Islander
Nripendra Majmudar, 99, judge in India
Pat Tomasulo, 80, retired accountant

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Arlene Brabyn, 72, retired bookkeeper
Jean Miller, 58, retired dietitian
John Edkins, 80, was shipper and receiver
Marie Schafer, 78, retired merchandiser
Michael Pass, 71, retired machinist
Natalie Licciardello, 84, was seamstress
Teresa Tacopina, 88, retired insurance clerk
Vincent Paolini, 72, retired marine oiler

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Alfred Schuhsler, 83, retired Fire lieutenant
Anna Marie Crupi, 89, was homemaker
Clarke Young, 63, retired Army corpsman
Donato Daiuto, 91, retired bookkeeper
Elsie Bundy, 94, laboratory assistant
Joseph Dennan, 80, shop owner, orthotist
Josephine Amato, 98, longtime Islander
Margaret Scalercio, 67, co-owned dry cleaners
Regina Salvaggio, 65, was a homemaker
Thomas de la Pena, 50, computer operator
Thomas Pangborn, 78, retired blacksmith
Vivian Campbell, 84, retired school secretary

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Antoinette Conti, 76, was a dressmaker
Catherine McDonald, 99, was a homemaker
Concetta Cosentino, 79, a homemaker
Domingo Isasi, 61, owned civil engineering firm
Virginia Trautmann, 81, librarian, widow of former Advance editor

Monday, March 27, 2000

Anthonio Mignano, 78, retired mechanic
Diane Tibbs-Palmer, 53, sales director
Elizabeth Buckley, 50, retired glass shop owner
Jerimiah McKibbin, 59, was claims adjuster
Joseph Mustari, 87, retired longshoreman
Winifred Jones, 82, retired nursing aide

Sunday, March 26, 2000

Florence B. Raichle, 90, former teacher
Grace Rizzo, 80, retired dressmaker
Ira A. Brown, 74, retired police officer
James I. King Jr., 39, worked as a truck driver
Margaret Geidel, 80, Tottenville homemaker
William Dorgan, 75, was warehouseman

Saturday, March 25, 2000

Cathleen Hyland, 91, was a homemaker
Christian Broms, 92, retired inspector
Eleanor Schurtman, 57, was teacher, secretary
Fernando Endozo, 76, retired security guard
Henny Carlsen, 90, was a homemaker
Michael Herszdorfer, 9, lived in Great Kills
Michael Mullen, 52, retired police lieutenant
Richard Klein, 51, insurance executive

Friday, March 24, 2000

Anne Corr, 59, had candy store for 30 years
Arlene Doherty, 61, was pet store owner
Ernest Olson, 71, retired civil engineer
Fred Cantey, 71, was sales representative
Funeral set for crash victim
Margaret Tenusak, 79, was bank manager
Marie Pietrangelo, 76, retired seamstress
Ralph Porcell, 87, retired building inspector
Raymond Marzullo, 71, chef, restaurateur
Robert Lauro, 51, disc jockey and news director for WSIA

Thursday, March 23, 2000

Andrew Zaino, 80, retired laborer
Fred Hoyer, 75, was teacher, librarian
Julia Garabedian, 80, was registered nurse
Madeline Wilson, 67, retired school aide
Malcolm Smith, 82, former executive director of Richmond Memorial
Mary Cafiero, 82, was a seamstress
Philip Rasmussen, 90, supermarket manager
Richard Gladman, 70, retired correction officer
Vincent D'Antoni, 80, retired mechanic

Wednesday, March 22, 2000

Angelo Cocchiara, 69, retired laborer
Anna White, 89, retired garment worker
Antonius Vandergraaf, 75, seaman sailed around world 7 times
Joseph Frisina, 65, food sales agent
Madelein Kaveny, 85, retired secretary
Mary Harris, 63, was clerical worker
Robert Burke, 44, was a chef
Sylvester Askins, 76, retired machinist

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Benjamin Fazio, 77, was phone serviceman
Carol Lamb, 82, was phone company worker
Hazel Schermerhorn, 88, was a homemaker

Monday, March 20, 2000

Peter Higgins, 71, a retired draftsman
Rose Zazulka-Golando, 82, retired dietary aide
William Briggs, 53, honored for on-the-job heroism

Monday, March 13, 2000

James Chukalas, 66, retired Con Ed mechanic
Lester McTarsney, 59, retired transit welder
Sister Mary Virginia Cotter, 80, biology chairwoman, professor

Sunday, March 12, 2000 

Angelina Copia, 94, retired seamstress
Eva Voss, 86, worked for dress firm
George Sweeney, 61, retired bus operator
John Henry Rouson, 91, former artist, cartoonist
Josephine Pizzarelli, 76, retired school aide
Louise Corrier, 85, retired secretary
Paul Percoco, 68, retired firefighter
Salvatore Navarria, 83, worked at naval depot
Victoria A. Alexander, 44, was Island resident
Wilbur George Jr., 64, was maintenance worker

Saturday, March 11, 2000 

John Rose, 37, was a chef
Joseph J. Graziano, 89, managed Singer store
Mary Magrone, 74, was a homemaker
Stanley Kaminski, 78, retired postal worker
Theresa Kasegrande, 82, retired statistician
Vincent Sammarco, 84, retired garment worker
Wilbur Remus, 88, retired truck driver

Friday, March 10, 2000 

Antonio Messina, 78, retired restaurateur
Diane Taccetta, 34, was medical secretary
Eugene Holton, 75, retired office manager
Gonxhe Vata, 67, maintenance supervisor
Helen Sheldon, 46, was a receptionist
Mary LaSala, 74, was a homemaker
William Higgins, 82, retired boilermaker

Thursday, March 9, 2000 

Beverly Cassler, 69, retired unit clerk
C. Thomas Gallo, 74, accounting firm partner
Ernest Hafner, 78, was floor scraper
Frank Morelli, 57, fire chief's aide
Joan Filipowicz, 66, was a homemaker
Karen Vincent, 49, registered nurse
Marie Spencer, 73 social worker, teacher
Robert Willard, 80, medical firm president
The Rev. David Clifford, 42, was vicar of Holy Rosary Church

Wednesday, March 8, 2000 

Anthony Scarzafava, 75, retired laborer
Elena Penza, 72, was a homemaker
Elizabeth Joergens, 79, was a homemaker
Emma Isola, 85, retired stock clerk
Eva Andriulli, 72, was a homemaker
Lillian Grazioli, 67, was a homemaker
Margarete Schierholt, 95, retired nanny had to flee Nazis
Marion Van Nostrand, 76, keypunch operator
Michael Sheehan, 57, first Snug Harbor director
Robert Buthorn, 50, retired butcher
Robert Loeffler, 53, was computer operator
Thomas Noeth, 64, longshoreman, seaman

Tuesday, March 7, 2000 

Brother C. Thomas Wilkinson, 75, was guidance counselor at St. Peter's
Cindy Taylor, 55, was a homemaker
Giuseppe Vitale, 72, barber, owner of Port Richmond shop
John Stuckey Sr., 74, was controller and treasurer
Mark Jacques, 45, was counselor for the disabled
Maureen Herrlich, 66, retired bookkeeper
Timothy Carmody, 83, was former priest

Monday, March 6, 2000 

Catherine Schioppo, 71, was business owner
Lucetta Liberatore, 78, was a homemaker
Madeline Bovino, 73, was a homemaker
Marguerite Granata-Briganti, 84, salon owner
Michael Fernandez, 85, retired engineer
Patrick Hutchinson, 37, was store manager
Robert Russo, 63, had heart attack while driving
Thomas Abate, 66, business owner

Sunday, March 5, 2000 

Ilse Landry, 84, retired hairdresser
James McCarthy, 75, loved Island's outdoors
Naomi Hechavaria, 82, was a homemaker
William J. Doyle, 79, former Parks director

Saturday, March 4, 2000 

Ann Kilkenny, 65, was a floral designer
Celia Crowe, 99, retired recreational aide
Dorothy Reycraft, 79, native Islander and retired nurse
George Siravo, 82, a top music arranger
Harry Hadland, 67, retired teacher
Jesus Castro, 45, retired cable splicer
Marilyn Heintz, 68, retired teacher
Rachel Greenstein, 87, former Islander
Roy Anderson, 78, retired dock builder

Friday, March 3, 2000 

Anthony DeCarlo, 51, school principal
Catherine Tantillo, 89, was a homemaker
Elizabeth Porter, 79, retired Avon Lady
Harry Lentz, 81, former food inspector
Marion Castellano, 74, was music store owner
Marlene Wangenstein, 63, was a homemaker
Milton Rabin, 83, former business owner

Thursday, March 2, 2000 

Angelina Rotunno, 72, was a homemaker
Edith Burzillo, 87, was a homemaker
Ernest Bugge, 86, retired waiter
George Parente, 81, retried export packer
Joseph Falcone, 82, World War II veteran
Josephine Luisi, 84 was a homemaker
Katherine Leuze, 78, was a homemaker
Margaret McSheehy, 78, retired teacher
Maryann Altieri, 55, former housekeeper
Pasquale Lacertosa, 68, was barber, hairstylist
Sister Clare Miriam Roche, 84, was teacher
Vincent Iommi, 77, shoemaker, park worker

Wednesday, March 1, 2000 

Amiah Gustus-LaFrance, 6 days old
Eugene Moretta, 91, retired engineer
Frank Nappi, 74, retired foreman
John Coussoule, 39, accident victim, business owner
Meta Markert, 99, was a homemaker
Michael Gormley, 81, retired store manager
Pasquale Stabene, 74, retired longshoreman
Robert Nardo, 71, retired elevator inspector
Rose Juliano, 99, retired seamstress
Rose Lumetta, 61, retired supervisor
Thomas Brooks, 90, retired supervisor

Tuesday, February 29, 2000 

Carl Kalmus, 85, retired sales manager
Gerard Drumm, 74, retired police lieutenant
Helen Adamavage, 75, was a homemaker
James Engles, 64, was EMT, police officer
John Kurschner, 78, electrical technician
Maria Cardinale, 92, was a homemaker
Sara Windley, 61, was a homemaker

Monday, February 28, 2000 

Carl B. Finkelson, 83, retired naval architect

Eleanor Crocco, 77, retired bookkeeper
Judith Tapinis, 52, retired nurse
Louis Venosa, 52, sales manager
Owen Millar, 68, was phone lineman
Stefania Mrozowicz, 76, retired seamstress
Sylvia Sher, 85, retired science teacher
Walter Mullen, 77, retired engineer

Sunday, February 27, 2000 

Alice R. Vallely, 93, was a homemaker
Allan Kucin, 72, was active in radio, TV
Bernice Oberschewen, 62, child care worker
Elaine Andersen, 62, retired secretary
Josephine Shaw, 79, native Islander
Kenneth Stockman, 62, was a banking executive
Louis Fabiani, 83, retired butcher
Mark Langone, 43, was decorated city firefighter
Rita Newell, 81, worked as clerk

Saturday, February 26, 2000 

Amelia Royal, 97, was a homemaker
Ann Dunn, 89, was file clerk supervisor
George Castiglia, 62, business owner
James Rendeiro, 62, customs house broker
James Rice, 83, retired jewelry plater
Leonard Verkuil, 88, owned store
Nicoletta Napoli, 100, was a homemaker
Regina Clark, 71, was a homemaker

Friday, February 25, 2000 

Charles Crisson, 66, retired mechanic
Eric Bernard, 59, math teacher
Ethel Copeland, 94, retired bookkeeper
Frank Cimato, 86, was newspaper reporter
Howard Sternberg, 57, was an accountant
James Rendiro, 62, customs house broker
Katherine McDougall, 69, retired nurse
Kay Brackett, 84, retired bookkeeper
Phyllis D'Aniello, 61, retired legal secretary
Raphael Lupardo, 79, retired factory worker
Salvatore Cundari, 75, retired mason tender
William Raymond, 67, retired firefighter

Thursday, February 24, 2000 

Anna Nicastro, 80, was a homemaker
Dora Steiniger, 78, retired dietitian
Felix Curcuru, 81, retired business owner
Marie Pagliaro, 66, retired postal supervisor
Marion Panzica, 78, was a homemaker
Rachel Marone, 67, died in car accident
Turell Hunt Green, 63, was a teacher
Walter Loures, 68, retired supervisor

Wednesday, February 23, 2000 

Adam Solomon, 24, paramedic, med student
Andrew Maggio, 80, merchandising executive
Catherine Kirk, 82, retired health monitor
Evelyn Wittke, 74, retired store manager
Hannah Little, 86, retired nurse
John Arena, 75, retired foreman, bus driver
John Romano, 69, retired store owner
Joseph Castro, 39, owned car maintenance center
Josephine LaMendella, 82, owned luncheonette
Suzanne Gianvito, 75, was a retired art instructor

Tuesday, February 22, 2000 

Ann Puccio, 65, office manager
Charles Paczkowski, 83, was factory supervisor
Dorothy Cividanes, 85, was a homemaker
Mamie Overton, 75, retired housekeeper
Mary McFadden, 71, retired postal worker

Monday, February 21, 2000 

August DeLorenzo, 89, maintenance foreman
Charles Beyer, 88, was insurance executive
Daniel Castellano, 76, retired dry cleaner
Francine Targia, 53, was a homemaker
Joseph Mathis, 52, longtime CYO sports official
Lydia Gleason, 85, was a homemaker
Rosaria Antonucci, 93, was a homemaker
Roy Nystrom, 74, department store exec

Sunday, February 20, 2000 

Anthony Barbella, 46, was bank trader
Anthony J. Soldano, 73, U.S. Navy veteran
Cyril Finegan, 63, born in Ireland
Domiano Ventura, 80, retired Transit foreman
Edward H. Finnegan, 62, retired Sanitation worker
Francisca Perez, 84, was housekeeping aide
Frederick Crowe, 67, retired Sanitation worker
Lenore Rita Spencer, 80, retired Navy employee
Mabel E. Racinski, 81, retired sales clerk
Maria Falcone, 91, a native of Italy
Maurice Ryan Jr., 75, retired patent attorney
Myrtle Cox Linnett, 96, native of Tottenville
Paul Errigo, 53, worked as an electrician

Saturday, February 19, 2000 

Concetta Arnone, 87, retired seamstress
Florence Smith, 78, was customer service rep
Georgia D'Agostino, 89, native Islander
Gladys Navarino, 88, retired nurse
Louis Melillo, 73, retired letter carrier
Wayne Cutler, 50, retired machine operator
William Filak, 75, housing inspector

Friday, February 18, 2000 

Carmella Mazzariello, 93, owned restaurant
Christine Auger, 88, was a homemaker
Gus Fritzora, 76, former mechanic
Jeanette Hicks, 61, was homemaker
Josephine Guglielmo, 79, former beautician
Norma Griffiths, 79, retired bookkeeper
Rose Hallren, 78, was New Dorp resident
Therese Murphy, 73, retired sales manager
Vera D'Alecy, 86, was homemaker
Violet Hofmann, 91, was a homemaker

Thursday, February 17, 2000 

Frances Vultaggio, 82, retired seamstress
John Braniff, 89, played for Stapleton Stapes
John Sibulski, 87, retired electrician
Louise DiPilla, 80, was a homemaker
Lucille Mogol, 98, was a homemaker
Robert Orlando, 67, retired firefighter

Wednesday, February 16, 2000 

Dorothy Moresco, 95, Dongan Hills resident
Elizabeth Redding, 89, cook, foster parent
Helen Bernard, 84, retired teacher
James Durante, 71, advertising manager
Nancy Maniscalco, 90, retired seamstress
Nicholas D'Aiuto, 68, retired DEP foreman
Robert Maiorella, 74, import-export manager

Tuesday, February 15, 2000 

Beatrice Rubenstein, 82, Advance Woman of Achievement
Carmela Petrelli, 84, was a homemaker
Grace Fortmuller, 76, was retired clerk
Helen Czapalski, 89, was a homemaker
Helen McDermott, 84, retired nurse
John Mallet, 58, owned contracting firm
Joseph McMurry, 46, retired cook
Mary Morin, 88, was real estate broker
Nancy Maniscalco, 90, retired seamstress

Monday, February 14, 2000 

Marcus Levy, 81, was trucking executive
Salvatore Messina, 55, retired firefighter

Sunday, February 13, 2000 

Anthony Condelli, 80, former barber
Clay Schowengerdt, 6, student at PS 35
Dominick Covelli, 85, was a shoemaker
Giovanni Noto, 61, retired contractor
James A. Blount, 74, retired trucking assistant
John R. Parisi, 78, electrician's helper
Kenneth Duffy, 86, owned luncheonette
Kenneth Warren, 58, was maintenance worker
Keyniah Miles, 3 months, resident of Stapleton
Lorraine Lamica, 78, retired waitress
Maurice Grosso Jr., 77, was salesman, engineer
Rocco Ameduri, 91, highway foreman and Republican club leader
Santo Crupi, 84, nightclub owner
Walter Mallien, 92, shipping lines supervisor

Saturday, February 12, 2000 

Anthony DiRe, 70, was construction worker
Daisy Boyd-Salvatore, 76, was supervisor
Dominick Aragona, 94, was electrical contractor
Eleanor Plevretes, 77, was a homemaker
Frances Beinert, 91, retired secretary
Ida Corrente, 78, was school dietary aide
John Techky, 83, owned cafe
Josephine DeForest, 87, was a bookkeeper
Manuel Alvarez, 76, retired bus driver
Patricia FitzPatrick, 81, retired social worker
Thomas Javaruski, 75, owned television service

Friday, February 11, 2000 

Charles Glanbocky, 55, insurance claims adjuster
Joanne Bradley, 43, telephone operator
John Kelly, 71, retired firefighter
John Sullivan, 72, retired bank guard
Josephine Pignatano, 70, survived Andrea Doria sinking
Loretta Fagan, 95, was a librarian
Olga Nee, 78, retired teacher's aide
Patricia DeMatteo, 57, former hospital worker

Thursday, February 10, 2000 

Andrew Gagliardi, 74, retired waiter
Arnold Prehn, 85, was automotive engineer
Bruno Bolusi, 60, self-employed tailor
Christine Hundley, 86, was day care worker
Clara Zarelli, 91, was a homemaker
Dr. Peter Stone, 75, retired surgeon
Frank Huber, 76, retired accountant
Gloria Cerami, 72, was a homemaker
John Szczecina, 85, retired Sanitation driver
June Campomenosi, 78, was a homemaker
Marjorie Trasborg, 83, retired teacher
Patrick Curci, 67, owned oil company

Wednesday, February 9, 2000 

Beatrice Port, 92, was a homemaker
Catherine Servello, 89, was a homemaker
Charles Russnok, 86, retired longshoreman
Daniel Parker, 53, retired Sanitation worker
David Holmes, 34, assistant bank supervisor
Francis Moran, 79, retired warehouse clerk
Genevieve Petersen, 87, retired beautician
Joseph Tornquist, 90, retired carpenter
Madeline Bye, 91, retired clerk
Sally Finger, 89, social worker, activist was Advance honoree
The Rev. Patrick Walsh, 76, was a Franciscan Friar of the Atonement

Tuesday, February 8, 2000 

Anne Manzi, 80, was a homemaker
George Crocco, 57, was bus driver, mechanic
Joseph Jaffe, 97, import/export manager
Mark Bungay, 29, died in car accident
Mary Donovan, 86, manager of Buda Bakers for 30 years

Monday, February 7, 2000 

Adam Buda, 88, retired baker, founded Buda Bakers, Grant City
Alice Wall, 77, was business owner
Anna Scherb, 95, was homemaker
Dorothy Marie Knudsen, 69, retired secretary
John Johannesen, 80, retired claims adjuster
Katherine Mackey, 87, was telephone operator
Stella Yozaites, 76, former secretary
Theresa Prestia, 92, was a homemaker
Vito Lattanzi, 72, retired maintenance man
Wilbur Sidney, 73, decorated Army veteran

Sunday, February 6, 2000 

Albert Miller, 87, stock exchange worker
Catherine Windsor, 90, retired secretary
David Chapman, 60, owned floor-covering firm
Donald Caldwell, 65, worked as a chef
Dorothy Anderson, 62, was school lunch aide
Edmond Van Dusky, 86, retired machine operator
Ida Stratton, 92, retired nurse
Nannette Dummett, 61, retired nurse's aide
Robert McLaughlin, 64, retired elevator operator
Ruth Francis, 76, retired secretary
Ruth M. Ferrie, 97, former secretary
Salvatore Eadicicco, 67, mason contractor
Wallis Casazza, 59, was homemaker
William Kaplan, 45, patient-care attendant

Saturday, February 5, 2000 

Barbato Roccanova, 67, retired chemical engineer
Clara Ciufo, 90, retired seamstress
Dominick Casale, 81, co-founder of restaurant
Elvira Vargas, 76, was hot-dog vendor
Francis Lupardo, 76, decorated war veteran
Juanita Berrios-Diaz, 79, day care worker, caterer
Louise Mountcastle, 78, was social worker
Nicola Agnese, 87, was Parks employee
Patricia Roos, 62, was commercial artist
Ralph Dailey, 84, retired dockbuilder
Robert McLaughlin, 64, retired elevator operator
Rudolph Sellers, 50, was dietary supervisor

Friday, February 4, 2000 

Anna Gundersen, 94, retired secretary
Anthony Pomposello, 88, retired house painter
Eileen Brogan, 77, was a teacher and police officer
Joan Corcillo Decker, 66, worked for FedEx
Johnnie Ray Artis, 54, was security supervisor
Joseph Perro, 77, retired Sanitation worker
Katherine Setteducato, 92, was homemaker
Peter Andruzzi, 84, was prisoner of war
Santos Quintana, 75, retired carpenter

Thursday, February 3, 2000 

Angelina Druda, 75, retired purchasing agent
Bernadette Anderson, 69, watercolorist
Bernard Russo, 72, retired transit worker
Francis Evans, 75, was a retired chef
Helen Currie, 69, switchboard operator
Margaret Andrews, 73, was social worker
Rose Ryan-Bernacik, 90, was a homemaker
Salvatore Graziano, 72, retired engineer

Wednesday, February 2, 2000 

Connie DiGuiseppe, 79, was a retired school aide
Grace Hansen, 69, retired ferry dispatcher
Helen Riecke, 78, worked for Citibank
Jennie Scotto, 73, was a homemaker
John Ferri, 72, retired groundskeeper
Joseph Woych, 81, was truck driver, caterer
Katheleen Sullivan, 71, was police detective
Peter D'Aiuto, 66, had heart attack shoveling snow
Richard Breuss, 74, was a fisherman
Rosanne Jeffreys, 78, was a homemaker
Sidney Dembner, 86, retired salesman
Vincent Agoglia, 80, retired police inspector

Tuesday, February 1, 2000 

Antonetta Barbato, 92, was a homemaker
Eugene Cipriano, 88, retired supervisor
Glenn Sine, 41, worked for Sanitation
James Taylor, 54, maintenance supervisor
Lillian Silvestri, 88, retired clothing presser
Loretta McAtee, 89, retired teacher
Mae Perosi, 89, was homemaker
Memorial service to be held for Debbie Riedel, 42
Prinzie Wickremesinghe, 93, was a nurse
Rae Keer, 84, retired charity worker
Signe Stoddard, 87, was a foster parent

Monday, January 31, 2000 

Edward Mundy, 51, was shoe salesman
Elvera Baldassarre, 94, was a homemaker
Gertrude McIntyre, 92, retired secretary
Mary L. Donovan, 89, worked at Willowbrook

Sunday, January 30, 2000 

Albert Marcellino, 85, retired legal secretary
Elizabeth Parks, 96, telephone operator
Frank Broderidge, 87, retired driver
Helen Grande, 68, Tottenville homemaker
James Brinn Jr., 57, account executive
Margaret Maier, 91, former bank employee
Margaret Potzta, 75, former business manager
Pearl Kornblum, 80, administrative assistant
Phyllis M. Lemmer, 82, former Island resident

Saturday, January 29, 2000 

Harriet Kivlehan, 87, honorary member of Korean War veterans organization
Kathleen Hooker, 83, was singer, homemaker
Michael O'Neill, 81, a founder of Warren Jaques Committee
Pat Visconti, 63, retired mechanic
Seymour Cohen, 77, worked at supply depot
Tessie Barbaro, 83, was a homemaker
Thelma Gilby, 94, retired sales clerk

Friday, January 28, 2000 

Annette Fleschner, 73, was a homemaker
Clyde Kaufmann, 78, was active in civic theater
Frances Raynor, 72, insurance underwriter
George O'Connell, 65, retired Sanitation worker
Marilyn Butler, 65, retired clerk
Stephen Hetzel, 70, supermarket manager
William O'Neill, 62, was elevator mechanic

Thursday, January 27, 2000 

Annette Sleschner, 73, was a homemaker
Brother Nicholas (James) DeFeo, 87, served Society of St. Paul Alba House
Daniel Sullivan, 78, retired meatcutter
Elizabeth Thompson, 81, retired school aide
Ethel Costello, 76, was a nurse
George Ellis, 74, was a supervisor
Irene Mojecki, 64, retired administrator
Jennie Herbst, 86, was a foster grandparent
Leonard Higgs, 95, retired tailor
Margaret Foster, 76, retired administrator
Mary Fanning, 58, worked at Borough Hall
Vivian Tynan, 70, was a homemaker
Walter Bergen, 63, retired truck driver

Wednesday, January 26, 2000 

Anthony DeOrio, 79, retired lithographer
Anthony Magliacca, 41, was construction worker
Francis Loprete, 77, retired truck driver
Irma Wentworth, 63, was a homemaker
James McCauley, 75, retired truck driver
Jeanne Smith, 72, was a homemaker
Jennie Marino, 85, retired buyer
Madeline Dentino, 81, retired bank worker
Margaret Mohlenhoff, 89, was a homemaker
Maria Paniccioli, 84, retired seamstress
Marian O'Shea, 80, retired bank teller
Mary Phillips, 97, retired journalist
Muriel Madigan, 77, was a homemaker
Raymond Ritzheimer, 92, retired city bus driver
Sheila Bowen, 73, was a homemaker
Theresa Pacifico, 96, fan of Curtis Sliwa

Tuesday, January 25, 2000 

Anita Alimossy, 81, was life insurance clerk
Bridget Mulhall, 90, retired bank clerk
Filomena Onorato, 85, was cook, laundress
Irene Oliver, 100, was dental secretary
James Six, 66, was assistant bank vice president
Joseph Burrofato, 41, was an electrician
Joseph Tarropino, 64, was maintenance man
Josephine Monforte, 79, retired bank clerk
Leo Paternostro, 61, retired contractor
Teresa Fiorino, 84, retired dressmaker

Monday, January 24, 2000 

Barbara Keller, 67, was retired nurse
Christine Rose, 92, lifelong Staten Islander
Clifford Velten, 90, was cop, firefighter
Donna Vella, 37, was youth counselor
Gloria Alianiello, 69, administrative associate
Harrison Etheridge, 80, retired bus driver

Sunday, January 23, 2000 

Fernando J. Olivo, 88 retired waiter
Filomena Fiumefreddo, 88, was homemaker
Gunhild Jacobsen, 88, was homemaker
James Halliwell, 65, was medical technician
Joseph F. Maher, 76, retired fire captain
Mamie Costanza, 98, was homemaker
Margaret Pettinato, 67, was homemaker
Walter Zorcikowski, 78, retired plumber, foreman

Saturday, January 22, 2000 

Christine Runfola, 78, retired secretary
Constance Carter, 85, was a homemaker
Daniel Donovan, 81, retired accountant
Francis Goffred, 72, was Fire lieutenant
Frank Azzarelli, 76, retired longshoreman
Gloria Lardieri, 77, was payroll supervisor
Helen Humbert, 89, was supervisor at Sears
John Mazzaro, 66, was a foreman
John Pistek, 82, retired sanitation worker
Joseph Lorenzo, 66, retired longshoreman
Robert Cummings, 46, worked for Amtrak
Saverio Renzi, 90, was chief port steward
Stanley Kugit, 92, retired accountant
Stephen Yatwa, 58, Con Edison manager

Friday, January 21, 2000 

Helen Marinelli, 90, retired phone operator
Mary Gilvey, 65, was Eltingville homemaker
Peter Caruso, 85, retired longshoreman
Walter Bratvold, 74, construction worker

Thursday, January 20, 2000 

Arthur Brennan, 90, was sales representative
Barbara DeVito, 62, was a homemaker
Benny Marciante, 27, was a police officer
Dorothy Burns, 83, retired EKG technician
Faye Perrello, 76, retired phone operator
Joseph Morio, 44, was a truck driver
Julius Kiritz, 76, was AT & T foreman
Martin Lynch, 52, was a horse groomer
Ruth Wilford, 86, retired practical nurse

Wednesday, January 19, 2000 

Carl Warren, 86, was the first principal of PS 32
Carmine Aquino, 83, retired superintendent
Catherine McGorty, 98, was a housekeeper
Catherine Nickel, 67, was a homemaker
Charles Eller, 69, assistant foreman of the Advance's composing room
Elida Vazquez, 67, was former school aide
Elizabeth Parathiras, 101, retired fur finisher
George Quinn, 75, insurance underwriter
Isabel Hudec, 87, retired secretary
John Conway, 30, taught English at CSI
Lucille Martino, 87, was a crochet beader
Margaret Buckley, 92, was a homemaker
Margaret Liander, 86, was statistician, teacher
Max Garber, 92, was Island business owner

Tuesday, January 18, 2000 

Ellen Roddin, 85, was a security officer
Isabel Sheehy, 87, retired bookkeeper
Josephine DeMarco, 80, was a homemaker
Josephine Napolitano, 81, was a homemaker
Oscar Alvarenga, 47, maintenance worker
William Tepelmann, 73, owned tavern

Monday, January 17, 2000 

Barbara O'Beirne, 65, was restaurant owner
Clifford Scheiner, 80, steamfitter, plumber
Eleanor Peterson, 91, was telephone operator
Joseph Nasso, 55, retired glazier
Rose Bonaventura, 69, was homemaker
Sharee Grant, 33, was data processor

Sunday, January 16, 2000 

Aurora Shear, 73, restaurant manager
Esther McCafferty, 99, was a homemaker
George Skogstrand, 47, worked in grocery store
Henry Raftrey, 54, worked in construction
Jane Clark, 82, was homemaker
Larry Parsowith, 75, worked in real estate
Margaret Goodrich, 97, retired factory worker
Mary Ciavattoni, 68, tailor, fabric designer
Pauline Aldrich, 90, retired clerical worker
Rocco Vitale, 74, built skyscrapers
Virginia Vitale, 82, retired bank teller

Saturday, January 15, 2000 

Alfred Young, 86, retired truck driver
Edith Trimarche, 84, retired school aide
John Kelly, 71, retired Fire lieutenant

Friday, January 14, 2000 

Albert Bosco, 81, owned tavern
Angelina Gulino, 84, was a homemaker
Anthony Milone, 19, construction worker
Antoinette DiClerico, 86, former secretary
Gerard McLees, 78, was marketing manager
Gloria Leonard, 54, minister and co-founder of Port Richmond church
John Anthony Marco, 83, was Transit foreman
Joseph Mastroberti, 47, editor won Emmy Award
Kevin Consiglio, 11, student at PS 52
Robert Armitage, 84, retired plumber
Sister Mary Rose Norman, 86, worked at former Island school

Thursday, January 13, 2000 

Charles McCarthy, 67, retired engineer
Helen Barone, 74, was a homemaker
Joseph Fleming, 72, retired attorney
Nicholas DeLuca, 78, retired DEP inspector

Wednesday, January 12, 2000 

Carmela Paone, 88, retired seamstress
Florence Cafiero, 71, retired secretary
Gertrude McCabe, 83, retired city worker
Gloria Tait, 74, retired claims examiner
Jennifer Marcello-Murphy, 26, was PS 55 teacher
Louis Parolari, 75, retired machinist
Richard Sullivan, 55, was construction worker
Sister Maria Concepta Mulhern, 83, was a teacher
Theodore Siminski, 69, retired security officer
William Rovendro, 56, antiques dealer

Tuesday, January 11, 2000 

Domenica Forlenza, 87, was dress designer
Fred Cibelli, 85, retired plumber
Frieda Rahn, 89, owned pharmacy
Josephine Novak, 92, was a homemaker
Katherine Sherman, 67, retired hospital director
Kirk Kowalchuk, 47, retired fire lieutenant
Luciano Loglio, 65, owned printing shop
Mary Dempsey, 86, retired cafeteria worker
Thomas Wall, 76, owned luncheonette

Monday, January 10, 2000 

Joseph Cassara, 79, retired bus driver
Joseph Rentkowski, 90, retired railroad foreman
Michael DeLuca, 64, was police officer, business owner
Ruth Gamon, 92, was a homemaker
Teresa Garzone, 92, was homemaker
Vincent A. D'Elia, 70,was retired businessman

Sunday, January 9, 2000 

David Marren, 68, systems designer
Elizabeth Bryant, 34, teacher's aide
Emmi Meyer, 82, former bakery owner
Gaetano Bilotti, 81, Gypsum plant retiree
Helen Fioto, 84, was a homemaker
John Tuzeo, 79, retired machinist
Mary C. Shay, 80, was a homemaker
Neil Andrew Thorsen, 57, native of Great Kills

Saturday, January 8, 2000 

Albert Ciardiello, 81, retired bus driver
Angelina Giammarino, 68, was homemaker
Anne Paine, 73, worked in public relations
Christopher Perrotta, 72, retired teacher
Gail Addeo, 55, volunteered for many organizations, causes
Jane Rogers, 70, was operator for New York Telephone Co. for 15 years
Josephine Williams, 87, was a homemaker
Marie Bishop-Washington, 69, lifelong Islander
Roy Steskal, 55, retired police officer
Veronica Johnston, 73, retired dietary aide

Friday, January 7, 2000 

Angel Mendez-Otero, 82, retired machinist
Dominick De Bernardo, 62, owned Carvel store
Georgiana Brinley, 94, retired banker
Helen Mahon, 69, was a cashier
John DiGangi, 80, was business owner
Joseph DeSanto Jr., 56, meat company executive
Joseph Rydzefski, 82, retired chauffeur
Joseph Vallone, 53, was a clerk
Mary Notafrancisco, 82, retired beautician
Mary Pannone, 93, was a homemaker
Robin Ling, 69, broker and inventor
Simon Muise, 85, retired auto mechanic
Stephen Crowe, 87, retired police officer

Thursday, January 6, 2000 

Artis James Clemons Jr., 50, was window washer
Barbara Gaeta, 84, was a homemaker
Betty Jacoby, 67, retired teacher, manager
Ciro Scilluffo, 62, drove newspaper truck
Edward King, 71, was a landscaper
Irene McNally, 72, retired receptionist
Jesse Cohen, 91, owned flower shop
John Magnussen, 72, construction foreman
Juanita Ginyard, 81, was a homemaker
Margaret Goldie, 96, retired Con Ed supervisor
Rose Arrigo, 86, was a homemaker
Steven Winslow, 45, was construction worker
Teresa Mancini, 91, was a homemaker
Teresa Moretto, 83, was a homemaker

Wednesday, January 5, 2000 

Albert Rehorn, 75, was electrical engineer
Barbara Wall, 84, retired teacher
Beatrice Toye, 75, retired school aide
Charles Fleschner, 58, was custodial assistant
Daisy Covaleski, 95, owned Great Kills deli
Drusilla Scott, 49, was a homemaker
James Wholihan, 63, was importer-exporter
Joseph Bevacqua, 45, was retail manager
Joseph McDermott, 64, worked for UCP
Stephen Smith, 94, was barge and tugboat captain

Tuesday, January 4, 2000 

Catherine Thompson, 68, retired banker
Dorothy Akerley, 68, retired phone operator
Eleanor Rothmund, 81, was a homemaker
Elizabeth Stiles, 77, taught at Dreyfus
Isabelle McKenna, 71, export correspondent
John Banks, 52, was insurance exexcutive
Mary Nichols, 97, retired saleswoman
Nancy Greene, 70, was purchasing director
Palma Garzone, 79, social services worker
Rose Joseph, 58, was a beautician
William Gerrity, 65, was operations specialist

Monday, January 3, 2000 

Cecilia Hernandez, 45, supermarket cashier
Doris Tidd, 73, administrative assistant
Dorothy Ryan, 70, was homemaker
Edward E. Hannigan, 80, photographer who began his career at the Advance
Edward Temborski, 42, was scheduling supervisor
Elizabeth Royal-Ruvola, 86, homemaker
Joann Fragiacomo, 52, was a homemaker
Larry Bearnarth, 58, Island star pitched in the major leagues
Mary Erickson, 91 youth counselor
Paul J. Rohrig, 79, was a caretaker
Ruthlyn Flash, 48, was a bank clerk

Sunday, January 2, 2000 

Daisy Marino, 73, retired legal assistant
Edgar R. Gundersen, 69, retired securities broker
Eleanor Mazzeo, 82, a retired nurse
Florence Roszak, 81, was a homemaker
George Caputo, 79, retired laborer
Ida M. Costa, 86, was a homemaker
Ines O. Villarruel, 90, retired seamstress
Jean A. Temple, 82, was a homemaker
Jennie Kane, 91, longtime Island resident
John P. Ford, 70, retired clerical worker
Josephine Savoca, 82, was homemaker
Mabel Don Diego, 91, retired phone operator
Pasquale S. Merli, 82, retired bookbinder

Friday, December 31, 1999 

David Barry Bailey, 89, retired DOT worker
Dominick Brascia, 79, was real estate agent
Dorothy Bergin, 74, worked at CSI
Gerard McCarthy, 57, city administrator
Gregory Felline, 71, retired marine foreman
Joseph Westcott, 57, groundskeeper, inspector
Yvonne Sebastiano, 60, retired cosmetician

Thursday, December 30, 1999 

Brandon Hyde, newborn
Eugenia Duff, 78, was a homemaker
Evelyn Heldmann, 91, was a homemaker
Frances DeRosa, 51, retired hospital clerk
Frederick Schmidt, 67, retired boiler engineer
George Marsac, 81, retired laundry supervisor
Kathryn Ruggles, 87, was a homemaker
Luke Pascarelli, 82, retired funeral director
Marie Warnock, 74, retired secretary
Marion Ellsman, 81, taught at St. Peter's School for 40 years
Mildred Klein, 85, retired dietary aide
Patricia Chambers, 65, retired secretary
Rose Kibble, 80, was a homemaker
Sam Territo, 91, retired car service owner
Vincenzo Caruso, 79, retired finish presser

Wednesday, December 29, 1999 

Aage Jensen, 90, retired Con Ed lineman
Anthony Camplone, 65, retired bus driver
Carmen Garcia, 67, was a homemaker
Donald MacPherson, 80, engineering supervisor
Maria Bruno, 100, retired seamstress
Marie Decker, 83, retired bookkeeper
Michael Cerullo, 85, retired laborer
Nunzio Palemine, 87, retired longshoreman
Pearl Ferre, 88, was a homemaker

Tuesday, December 28, 1999 

Anna Garfield, 71, retired safety officer
Anna Squier, 89, was a homemaker
Catherine Butler, 94, was a homemaker
Emil Olsen, 97, retired carpenter
Emma Barbato, 83, was a homemaker
Felice Maneggia, 86, retired laborer
William McCann, 70, National Guard officer

Monday, December 27, 1999 

Dr. Augusta Goldin, 93, educator, author
Edith D'Ambrosio, 78, retired dental assistant
Frank J. Hader, 76, retired church custodian
Frederick Smaldone, 54, was a custodian
Geraldine Dowell, 91, was a homemaker
Irene Zgardowski, 85, retired operator
Jack Beacken, 83, retired waiter
Lee Mannino, 78, was a homemaker
Vincent Mangia, 73, retired mechanic
William Korkowski, 66, retired boiler maker

Sunday, December 26, 1999 

Anna Maenza, 68, was a homemaker
Elena Berlingieri, 89, retired seamstress
John Juliano, 62, retired program analyst
Josephine Rizzo, 79, retired bakery worker
Joyce DePaulis, 50, lifelong Island resident
Mary Chmil, 83, retired nurse

Friday, December 24, 1999 

Brenton Allison, 83, retired truck mechanic
Harold Stevenson, 61, was a carpenter
John Kelly, 68, retired sales executive
Margaret Caruso, 73, worked at Willowbrook
Raymond Baumann, 58, taught at PS 31 for 28 years
Rita DuVal, 78, retired senior clerk
Stella Lopez, 81, was school attendant

Thursday, December 23, 1999 

Albert Surko, 83, retired welder
Alfred Nigro, 83, retired supervisor
Evelyn Sherwood, 78, retired clerk adjuster
Fredrick Nelson, 55, retired ambulette driver
Helen Paone, 81, retired bookkeeper
Santo Vince, 89, retired Sanitation worker
Thomas Scanlon, 84, was forklift operator
Vincent Tortorici, 61, retired cement mason

Wednesday, December 22, 1999 

Eleanor Feniello, 84, retired cashier
Frank Azzara, 71, was a security guard
Jean Colombo, 67, was a homemaker
John Ausby, 61, retired bus driver
Marie Cordano, 88, retired secretary
Mary Johnson, 78, seamstress, beautician
Thomas McCracken, 63, worked for AT & T

Tuesday, December 21, 1999 

Lawrence Bianco, 76, retired postal supervisor
Mary Russo, 79, retired secretary
Nicholas Ciardiello, 80, retired bus driver
Sandra Scott, 43, maintenance worker

Monday, December 20, 1999 

Bailey Peake, 40, truck driver
Bernadette Taylor, 73, was cafeteria manager
Catherine Gargiulo, 58, retired saleswoman
Eunice Schaaf, 87, was a homemaker
Giovanina Lattanzi, 92, was a homemaker
Jean Schwartz, 83, retired bookkeeper
Joseph W. Gerchario, 98, retired bookbinder
Maria Bertoncini-Kawick, 79, was homemaker
Paul Borowski, 69, was hospitals controller
Rocco Paccione, 87, maintenance officer
Saul Jones, 54, suffered heart attack on ferryboat
William Williamson, 81, retired aircraft inspector

Sunday, December 19, 1999 

Angelina Tummino, 80, lifelong Staten Islander
Anne Stokel, 76, worked for Con Ed
Dawn Hinton, 35, was office worker
Elsie Merrell, 91, Mariners Harbor native
John Hicking, 78, retired insurance agent
Mary Beyer, 85, retired saleswoman
Nettie Parotino, 91, resident of Rosebank
Scott Morisi, 16, St. Peter's HS student

Saturday, December 18, 1999 

Aloysius Veith, 75, retired ferry engineer
Anne Muir-Colston, 86, retired secretary
Ernest Podlucky, 53, was owner of company
Frances Wagner, 84, retired packer
Frank Mazzariello, 87, lifelong Islander
George Braisted, 66, retired truck driver
Herman Kaestel, 88, was supermarket owner
Steve J. Ignizio, 82, retired sanitation worker
Vincent Macaluso, 93, retired supervisor, builder

Friday, December 17, 1999 

Alfred Brunner, 90, retired sanitation supervisor
Anthony Pollina, 85, was bus dispatcher
Antoinette Luciano, 97, retired store manager
Eunice Gillaspie, 82, was a homemaker
Jeanne A. Hewitt, 81, was a homemaker
Joseph Mazurek, 82, retired grocery manager
Josephine Fannella, 99, retired saleswoman
Nicholas Aloi, 76, was a plant manager

Thursday, December 16, 1999 

Anthony Dogery, 82, retired civil servant
Carmine Vitale, 84, retired motorman
Carrie Padovano, 92, was a homemaker
Fred Lahr, 85, attorney was longtime community leader
Istvan Balogh, 86, retired draftsman
Joseph Bulatowicz, 9 months old
Mary O'Connor, 84, was homemaker, nurse
Pauline McDowell, 55, retired hospital clerk
Richard McGinis, 65, was active in theater

Wednesday, December 15, 1999 

Anthony Lovett, 42, father of Shatiek Johnson, was a construction worker who battled cancer
Carolyn McKinney, 77, was food service worker
Cynthia Lashley, 79, retired school cook
Edna Carannante, 78, retired school aide
Joseph Blum, 79, was sales director
Rose Kearney, 90, was crochet beader


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