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Index to Oct - Dec 2021 Staten Island Obituaries

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Staten Island Advance Death Notices now at http://obits.silive.com/obituaries/siadvance/ - 90 days online
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Please note: The obits often appear online the day before they appear in the paper. If you don't find it in the date below, check the next day's paper.
LAST NAME, First Name (MAIDEN); Age; Locations; Newspaper date yyyy-mm-dd (death date); spouse(s), (marriage), (spouse death), (military honors)

OLSEN ANDERSON, Annette C. (SAMUELSON); 86; SI NY>NJ>CO>Glen Gardner NJ; 2021-10-23; Norm ANDERSON (div) (d)
HYLAND, Deborah Kelly (); 73; West Brighton SI NY; 2021-10-23; Stephen HYLAND (1973)
McENERNEY, Kevin; 65; South Beach SI NY>Silver Lake>WA?>Tucson AZ; 2021-10-23; Kristi ___
PETIT, Karol Ann (); 70; SI NY; 2021-10-23; 

CURCIO, Lillian (INSALACO); 84; Bklyn NY>SI NY; 2021-10-22; Anthony CURCIO (Apr 1959) (d ca 2003)
POPKO, Raymond; 88; Manh NY>SI NY; 2021-10-22; Helga KOEHLER (ca 1964) (d 2009)

BLOMQUIST, Patricia (CUMMINGS); abt 87; SI NY; 2021-10-21; George BLOMQUIST (d) (mom nee MARZALIK)

GENEREUX, Catherine A. (); 106; Bklyn NY>SI NY; 2021-10-20; Paul GENEREUX Sr. (1945) (d 2008)
GOULD, Edward James; 91; Bklyn NY>Randall Manor SI NY>Grasmere; 2021-10-20; Vita Marie VITIELLO (d 2018)
KENNEDY, Frances M. Catherine (BROWN); 92; Bklyn NY>Meiers Corners SI NY>Eltingville>Annadale>Westerleigh; 2021-10-20; Thomas KENNEDY (1949) (d 2019)
NISTAD, Christine (GALLAGHER); 60; SI NY; 2021-10-20; 

[no obits found for 2021-10-19]

O'ROURKE, Margaret Mary; 87; Stapleton SI NY; 2021-10-18; ___ SABINO?
SCHIUMO, Frank Paul; 89; SI NY>Toms River NJ; 2021-10-18; Marie DI CLEMENTE (ca 1953)

GIURICEO, Mary (); 89; Richmond SI NY; 2021-10-17; Mario GIURICEO (d)
SLATON, Norman R.; abt 63; SI N>Portsmouth VA; 2021-10-17; 
PETTI ZWILLMAN, Grace Luise (MIMS); 68; SI NY>NJ>New Vernon NJ; 2021-10-17; Carmine PETTI (d), Evan ZWILLMAN

[no obits found for 2021-10-16]

McDOUGALL, Loretta Ann (DWYER); 93; SI NY>Palm Bay FL; 2021-10-15; Edwin HYSLUP (div) (d), Samuel McDOUGALL (d)
RAUN, William; 90; SI NY; 2021-10-15; 
TODARO, Catherine (MADONIA); 93; SI NY (d Albermarle NC); 2021-10-15; Eligio TODARO (d)

BALDINGER, Bernard J.; 82; SI NY; 2021-10-14; Peggy ___ (d) (mom nee BURKE)
CONNOLLY, Jeanne (LORENZO); 60; Dongan Hills SI NY; 2021-10-14; John CONNOLLY Sr. (ca 1984) (survived by mom?)
ZAGARIA, Rachel T. O.F.S. (); 84; Bklyn NY>SI NY; 2021-10-14; 

DeROSA, Eugene; 98; Bronx NY>SI NY>Tampa FL; 2021-10-13; Victoria GALLA (ca 1950) (d 2014)
PUCCI, Raymond; ; Oakwood SI NY; 2021-10-13; 

AWN, Lourdes S. (NASSR); 97; Manila PHI>NY>Somerset [NJ?]; 2021-10-12; Mitchel AWN (d)
GENTILE, Donna (COPPOTELLI); 60; Annadale SI NY; 2021-10-12; Michael GENTILE (ca 1984) (maybe survived by mom)

[no obits found for 2021-10-11]

MacDUFFIE, Daniel James; 67; SI NY>FL; 2021-10-10; Margaret ___ (ca 1981)
BROWN, Thomas H. Jr.; 78; SI NY>CA>NY>NJ>NY>Woodridge IL; 2021-10-10; Marie Ann SWENSON (1966) (d Mar 2015)
FANUZZI, James; 88; SI NY>IL>Delray Beach FL; 2021-10-10; Doris PANZARINO (1956) (div), Elizabeth JACHIMOWICZ (1976) (mom nee SHARKEY)
SILLER HARRELL, Saralee Anne; 72; Cranford NJ>SI NY>Forked River [NJ]; 2021-10-10; Mac HARRELL (mom nee BLOHM)

MacDUFFIE, Daniel James; 67; SI NY>FL; 2021-10-09; Margaret ___ (ca 1981)

DERNBACK, Elliott Michael; ; West Brighton SI NY>Warren NJ; 2021-10-08; Violet ___ (mom nee DEZELICH)
LOPEZ, William John; 18; SI NY; 2021-10-08; (mat gpa HAFELE)
LOSCALZO, Victor; 98; Meiers Corners SI NY; 2021-10-08; Beryl ___ (d)

HAFEY, Michael J.; 91; SI NY>Berkeley Twp [NJ]; 2021-10-07; Domenica ___ (d 2017)
KASZUBSKI, Louis; 87; ; 2021-10-07; 
MacDUFFIE, Daniel James; 67; SI NY>FL; 2021-10-07; Margaret ___ (ca 1981)

ALONSO, Ramon V.; 99; Matanzas City CUB>SI NY; 2021-10-06; Herminia NODARSE (ca 1953)
DRISCOLL, Patricia (KEPPLER); 70; SI NY; 2021-10-06; (mom nee NEVIN)
HANLEY, Elizabeth Ann (GIACONA); 72; Rosebank SI NY>Stapleton>AZ>Richmondtown; 2021-10-06; James HANLEY (d)
MATONE, SantaAnn (MATONE); 54; Bklyn NY>SI NY; 2021-10-06; 
RISPOLI, James; 74; Bklyn NY>New Dorp SI NY>Richmondtown>Sunset Hill>Ocean NJ, Naples FL: 2021-10-06; Rosemarie LONGO (ca 1972)

CUMMINGS, Regina Dolores (BRYAN); 71; SI NY>NJ>Berlin NJ; 2021-10-05; 
GALDORISI, Cora (); 87; Bklyn NY>New Dorp Beach SI NY; 2021-10-05; John GALDORISI (ca 1953)
GIARDINA, Philomena N. (LaSORSA); 94; NYC>NY>Cromwell Circle SI NY; 2021-10-05; Louis GIARDINA (d)
O'SULLIVAN, Katherine (MURPHY); 82; Bklyn NY>SI NY>Millstone Township [NJ?]; 2021-10-05; Timothy O'SULLIVAN (ca 1960)

[no obits found for 2021-10-04]

BOSSERT, George V.; 81; Dongan Hills SI NY; 2021-10-03; Doris ___ (14Oct1961)
BUNEO, Carole (JORDAN); 82; Manh NY>SI NY; 2021-10-03; Bruce V. BUNEO (ca 1960)
SUCCO, Theresa (); 84; SI NY>Boca Raton FL; 2021-10-03; possibly Anthony J. SUCCO (d)
SVEGLIATO, Michael Joseph; 86; SI NY>Houston TX; 2021-10-03; Judy ___ (ca 1964) (mom nee RICCA)

GROVES, Timothy C.; 48; ; 2021-10-02; 

HERSCH, Douglas S.; 72; Bklyn NY>Rosebank SI NY>Richmondtown; 2021-10-01; (three Good Conduct Medals, the National Defense Service Medal, two Sea Service Deployment Ribbons, the Vietnam Service Medal, and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal Combat Action Ribbon recipient)
RUSSELL, Elizabeth A.; 57; SI NY>Port Orange FL; 2021-10-01; 
YACCARINO, Steven; 57; SI NY; 2021-10-01; 

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