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LaTourette/Britton Family Records

Contributed by Pam Gale May 2005

Thanks, Pam!

Transcribed by Janet May 27 2005 [Transcriber's notes in brackets]

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Jean LaTourette m. Marie Mescereau July 16, 1693
+ David LaTourette b. 12/28-1699 m. 1730 C. Poillon
++ David LaTourette b. 1738 d. 1808 m 1762 Eliz Morgan
+++ Mary (Polly) LaTourette * b. 9/15 1777 d. 6/8 1845 m. Samuel Britton b. 8/15-1767 d. 4/7-1815
++++ David Britton** b. 1810 -d. 1870 m. 1836 Mary Harrison

* I have her portrait which goes to the Staten Island Museum at my death
** Your great grandfather

Col. Nicholas Britton (one book has him born 1680 - another quotes from his tombstone that he was born 1679 and died Jan 12 1748 and reads as follows:
"Here lies ye Body of Col. Nicholas Britton aged 61 years Deceased Jan 12 1740."
"Here lies a man of tender heart
Unto the poor in every part.
He never sent the poor away
Which well is nown unto this Day."

on his wife's tombstone it reads:

"Here lies ye Body of Frances, wife of Col. Nicholas Britton - aged 66 years Deceased May ye 7-1748

I did not copy down the verse about her. She was Frances Stillwell, daughter of Lieut. Thomas and Martha (Billew) Stillwell.

Col. N. Britton's will mentioned wife Francke, daughter Martha Moore, daughter Rachel Britton and son Nathaniel Britton's children

Mary, Francke and Martha

From that I gather that his son Nathaniel died before Col. Nicholas.

this was taken from a book entitled - Wilson and Allied Families by Justice - page 107 [Alfred Rudolph Justice, Philadelphia 1929]
In another book, I found that Samuel and Mary (but it didn't say who Mary was) had two daughters - Addra born July 7-1771 and Mary born July 31, 1773.

and a Samuel and Polly Latourette were married May 24, 1797

I have not been able to find what he was Colonel of.

have her portrait
Alice Britton Bartling

(Mrs. E. Esplin wrote above notes)

Family Record
David Britton was born January 13th 1810
Mary Harrison was born March 11th 18_9 [probably 1819]
David Britton and Mary Harrison were married June 23rd 1836

Alexander H. Britton was born June 27th 1837
Mary D. W. Britton was born December 18th 1840
Charles A. Britton was born March 8th 1849
Alice Britton was born December 11th 1852

Charles A. Britton died April 28th 1850 aged 13 months and 20 days

Mary May Gill wife of Alex H Britton was born October 5th 1849

Childrens Ages
Samuel Britton was Born 7th April 1798 Dd 8th Febry
Joseph Britton was Born 3rd July 1799
James Britton was Born 11th Feby 1801
Patience Britton was Born 21st Januy 1803
Elizabeth Britton was Born 27th Sept. 1805
Adaline Britton was Born 30th Nov 1807
David Britton was Born 13th Januy 1810
Catharine Britton was Born 13th Feby 1812

Almira Britton was Born Jany 11th 1824
Married Feb 18th 1845 [?]

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