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August 1863 Draft

Transcribed by Janet July 2004

Source: New York Times, 01Sep1863, page 1


Morris has some important background on Staten Island During the Rebellion. Here is a brief summary.

Initially, in the Civil War, Staten Island provided more men than required, and its people banded together to provide for the soldiers and their families. However, tensions rose, the $300 exemption frayed nerves, and the draft riots occurred. Support wavered, and, as Morris notes:

"The Supervisors authorized the County Treasurer to raise fifty-thousand dollars, by the issue of county bonds, "to be appropriated as might be necessary in providing for those who might be drafted and were not able to pay the exemption fee of three hundred dollars, under the Conscription Act which it was expected, would be enforced in the First Senatorial district." "

In August of 1863, the expected draft was called. Richmond County, part of the First Congressional District, was required to furnish 594 men. There were 2,205 ballots deposited in the wheel - presumably men eligible for the draft. Morris calls this number "enrollment" and breaks it down as:

Castleton:  559
Southfield: 463
Northfield: 444
Westfield:  438
Middletown: 301
This is NOT a record of who served. This was a month following the draft riots. Morris quotes an unnamed "writer of the time" as mentioning "the obnoxious clause in the conscription act, which promised exemption to all drafter men who should pay three hundred dollars."

Morris further states that "This draft, so far as gaining men for the service was concerned, amounted to very little. A majority took advantage of the three hundred dollar clause. The five hundred and ninety-four men, called for in the quota, were accounted for as follows: Seventy-four were aliens; ten furnished substitutes; ninety-four were exempt for physical disability; one hundred and three were exempt for other causes; one hundred and sixty-two commuted, and one hundred and fifty failed to report."

So take this list more as a directory than a military enrollment.

Transcriber's notes

I standardized the place names as they were (/appeared to be) spelled at the time. I did NOT standardize people's names. I left every one exactly as found. If you would like me to recheck my source - some letters were unclear - email me at janetb at bigfoot dot com

Draft August 31, 1863

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Alexander Jno Middletown
Anderson G Middletown
Anderton Henry New-Brighton
Androvette A W Westfield
Androvette J M Westfield
Androvette Jno Westfield
Arents Horatio Westfield
Armstrong T New-Brighton
Attridge Wm Factoryville


Bache Manuel Middletown
Balter Henry Northfield
Banker John Middletown
Barde F B Southfield
Barnes Joseph Northfield
Barnes Peter Northfield
Barrett Reub'n Shore Road
Bedell Cornelius Westfield
Belch John Middletown
Benham Philip Westfield
Bennett Thos W Middletown
Berry Rev John Westfield
Biddle Charles Westfield
Bird O W Southfield
Birtwhistle Thos New-Brighton
Bishop George Castleton
Bissell James Northfield
Blenistrin Peter Westfield
Boardman Jno H Northfield
Bodine Alfred Northfield
Bodine James Castleton
Bostwick Wm Middletown
Bower Charles Mariners' Harbor
Bowman And New-Brighton
Boylan Michael Jr. Factoryville
Brackler Victor Northfield
Bradden Jas Northfield
Bradey E Northfield
Bradley John Middletown
Bradley Oscar Middletown
Bradley W C New-Brighton
Brady James Southfield
Brady Philip Southfield
Brantz Justis Middletown
Braston Thos New-Brighton
Brennon Denis Middletown
Brindley Alexander Mariners' Harbor
Broughton L Snug Harbor
Brown Christo'r Westfield
Brown Richard Northfield
Buckner Wm Middletown
Burbank Daniel Southfield
Burbank Ed Middletown
Burbank Wm Middletown
Burgher Wm Southfield
Burns Christie Southfield
Burns John Southfield
Burtiss James Northfield
Bush J Mariners' Harbor
Bush Jno Mariners' Harbor
Butler Augustus Middletown
Butler Isaac Middletown
Butler Thomas Tottenville
Butler Tunis Middletown
Byrne Owen Southfield


Cameron Jas Southfield
Cannon Alf'd Long Neck
Capron Geo Westfield
Carroll Pat New-Brighton
Cary Anth'y B Northfield
Cave_nah Arthur New-Brighton
Cavenna Robt Northfield
Cercory Thos B Centreville
Chambers Wm P Middletown
Claus Chas W Middletown
Clifford John Middletown
Clope John Southfield
Codmus Geo Northfield
Cogan Ed Middletown
Colderbank Jon'n Northfield
Cole Cornelius Southfield
Cole Cornelius Westfield
Cole Geo H Westfield
Collin Philip Middletown
Conarkalin Mich'l Middletown
Concklin Daul ? Factoryville
Conlow Jas Southfield
Conners Crowell Westfield
Conners Jno Factoryville
Connor Jno E Southfield
Conover Jno G Northfield
Conrad Rev Thos K Southfield
Conroy Daul ? Southfield
Cooley Wm Westfield
Cornell Dan'l Southfield
Correy Jas Southfield
Corson David Northfield
Corson Freeman Factoryville
Corson Jas Castleton
Cosgrove Jas Southfield
Creighton John New-Brighton
Crippen Thos B Centreville
Crocheron Jas Northfield
Crocker Wm B Southfield
Crooker Geo A Southfield
Cropsey Jno G Long Neck
Cubberly Stephen Northfield
Currie Wm Middletown
Curry Sylvester Middletown
Cusick Pat Southfield


Daly Philip Factoryville
Davis George B Jr New-Brighton
De Boise Albert Westfield
De Boise Geo W Tottenville
De Hart Ramar Tottenville
De Pew Wm Westfield
De Puy Henry Graniteville
Decker Ed Westfield
Decker Enoch Bullshead
Decker Japhet A Butcherville
Decker Parmer Mariners' Harbor
Decker Reuben Long Neck
Deiur Cyprian Middletown
Delany Owen Middletown
Delany Peter Northfield
Depew Cornelius Westfield
Depuy Austin Northfield
Depuy Theodore Northfield
Devier Michael Northfield
Dickerson Rev G F Springville
Dickinson Robert Middletown
Dignon James Southfield
Dissosway Jas Westfield
Dissoway Cor's Tottenville
Dobbin John Middletown
Dolan Patrick Southfield
Dollan Ed New-Brighton
Donovan Dennis Castleton
Donovan Jno Factoryville
Donoven Jno Factoryville
Dooly John Northfield
Doran Pat Southfield
Doran Patrick Southfield
Dowd Jas New-Brighton
Downer Isaac Southfield
Doyle James Southfield
Drake Jesse J Westfield
Dugan Chas W Factoryville
Duggan Daniel Northfield
Dupuy Joseph Springville
Durand Alex Middletown
Dushaw Wm Southfield
Dwyer Mich'l Middletown


Eagan Kairen Castleton
Eagen Pat Factoryville
Eccleson Wm New-Brighton
Egbert B Southfield
Egbert Henry Graniteville
Ellis Abraham Mariners' Harbor
Ellis Abram Westfield
Ellis Nath Northfield
Ellis Sebastian Westfield
Ellwood Wm Southfield
Emmons I W Southfield
Evans Jacob Southfield


Fake Reed M Castleton
Farley Chas W New-Brighton
Farley Peter N Bedford
Farr Wm New-Brighton
Faucater Wm Rossville
Fay F H New-Brighton
Featherstone T New-Brighton
Fellows Wm Jr Clifton
Fennelly Denis Southfield
Finnerty T Middletown
Finnestine M Northfield
Fish Thos Jr Southfield
Fisher Geo Tottenville
Fitzgerald Thos Southfield
Fitzpatrick Thos Southfield
Flake Jeremiah Southfield
Flanidan Ed Southfield
Flannigan Wm Westfield
Fleming Jno Factoryville
Foale Henry A Southfield
Foley Thos Middletown
Foley Thos B Southfield
Foran Robt Northfield
Ford Geo Castleton
Frie Chas W Middletown
Frisk Fred Springville


Gaffney Ed Southfield
Gardener D Middletown
Garretson E E Southfield
Garretson J Southfield
German J H DeWitt Middletown
Gibson Ed Southfield
Gibson Richard Southfield
Gillespie W P Middletown
Gilmartin J Middletown
Glover Wm Factoryville
Gobler Chas Southfield
Goldsmith G Factoryville
Goodhart J Middletown
Gould Wm Southfield
Greble Henry Middletown
Greene J W Westfield
Greene William Westfield
Groush Philip Middletown
Grusley Thos Northfield
Gunsett J Middletown
Guyon C D Westfield
Guyon Henry Westfield
Guyon J N Tottenville
Guyon James Southfield
Gweeler Jas Factoryville


Hadley Abm Southfield
Haig Pat Southfield
Hale Matthew Northfield
Hall Frank H New-Brighton
Hall Jas H Northfield
Hanly Wm Factoryville
Harrison Aaron B Westfield
Hartmeyer Aug Northfield
Hatchie John Factoryville
Haughwaut Abm Springville
Havens Jas Southfield
Heal Peter Castleton
Heidman G Southfield
Henderson Barry Factoryville
Hennel Jacob Westfield
Henry Jos Westfield
Herbert L Southfield
Herdon Frank Rossville
Hereker A Southfield
Hews Wm P Watch Oak
Heydecker Geo New-Brighton
Hicks John Southfield
Hicks Saml Southfield
Hilker Phillip Southfield
Hillyer Jas A Factoryville
Holmes Thos Southfield
Holtzball Ed Castleton
Hoog Nicholas Westfield
Hooker Thos M New-Brighton
Hopkin David New-Brighton
Houseman John W Middletown
Houseman Nathan Middletown
Houseman Nicholas Northfield
Housman Albert Graniteville
Housman Jacob Northfield
Howell Henry Southfield
Hubbard Wm H Castleton
Hyer Matthias Factoryville


Idler - Northfield


Jackson Frank Snug Harbor
Jackson John Westfield
Jacobs Benj P Middletown
Jacobs Ber'd Cherry-lane
Jennings I Middletown
Jenson Wm Port Richmond
Johnson Caleb Northfield
Johnson Geo Southfield
Johnson James Southfield
Johnson Jas Southfield
Jones Frank Westfield
Jones Obadiah Northfield
Journeay Wm Tottenville


Kaiser David Northfield
Kaltermerise J Smithfield
Kane Matthew Middletown
Kappers E Southfield
Kearns ? Jas Southfield
Keehoe Matthew Southfield
Kegan Jas Southfield
Keller Philip Middletown
Kelly Jas Southfield
Kelly Pat Middletown
Kennedy Jas Northfield
Kenney Pat Westfield
Kensey John Mariners' Harbor
Kepper Chas Middletown
Kettletass Jno Bullshead


La Forge Eph Westfield
La Forge F W Westfield
La Forge Harman Westfield
La Forge Rch'd Rossville
Lake John Tottenville
Lake Ozias A Northfield
Lambert R C Westfield
Landon Dawson Westfield
Langford F New-Brighton
Langton Pat Factoryville
Lavarett R Northfield
Law Zachariah Southfield
Leary Geo Southfield
Lehman Hy Middletown
Leisk Chas Northfield
Lessington Wm Northfield
Lestrange Pat Middletown
Lever Edmund Castleton
Levitt W R Middletown
Lewis Rev John Southfield
Linan Michael Southfield
Longstreet J M Northfield
Lovett Wm Blooming View
Lowcamp Wm New-Brighton
Luiz John Southfield
Lutz J Southfield
Lyden Pat New-Brighton
Lyon Saml Cherry-lane
Lyons Wm H Castleton


Mack Pat Northfield
Mallen H Southfield
Mallett D Northfield
Mance Wm Jr Westfield
Manee Jonah Westfield
Marry Jas Southfield
Marsh E Port Richmond
Marshall A Tottenville
Martin John Southfield
Martling J Plank Road
Matthews William Middletown
McCabe Pat Snug Harbor
McCarty S Middletown
McCombe Ed Westfield
McCoy Jas Middletown
McCullough N Middletown
McCusker J Middletown
McCuskey J Middletown
McFassney D Middletown
McFay G Middletown
McGee Wm New-Brighton
McGerry Jas Annadale
McGill Hugh Castleton
McGovern Mich Westfield
McGuire J R Middletown
McGuire Jas Southfield
McGuynness J Southfield
McKee Wm Middletown
McKenna W New-Brighton
McKinna T New-Brighton
McKinstry J New-Brighton
McLaughlin J Southfield
McLaughlin M Northfield
McLaughlin W C Northfield
McMahon M Northfield
McMann Peter Southfield
McNamara J Southfield
McNamara Pat St Johns
McQueen A Middletown
McQuirk F Southfield
McRoberts John Middletown
Meads Pat Middletown
Meads Russell Southfield
Mease Henry Castleton
Meisner C Northfield
Merrell J Northfield
Meservey J B Southfield
Messereau A Castleton
Messerye J W Southfield
Metcalf Thos Southfield
Meyer J H Middletown
Middlebush G A Northfield
Miers Elisha Southfield
Miles J Snug Harbor
Miller Aug Bullshead
Miller Henry Northfield
Miller John Southfield
Miller Jos Cherry-lane
Millett Ste'n New-Brighton
Mitchell Bryan Southfield
Moore Alfred Westfield
Moore D Middletown
Moore Jno Westfield
Morris Jas Southfield
Morrison Jno Northfield
Morriss A New-Brighton
Morton J Middletown
Mosle A Southfield
Mullen John Middletown
Mullen T Middletown
Muller - Port Richmond
Mulley J New-Brighton
Mulligan Pat Westfield
Mulpeters M Southfield


Nagle Thos Westfield
Neats John Northfield
Neider John Southfield
Newport H New-Brighton
Nicholson Jos H Tottenville
Nolan Peter Southfield
Noller David Westfield


Oakley Phillip E Westfield
O'Brien Jas Middletown
O'Brien Lawr'e Westfield
O'Brien T New-Brighton
O'Brien T D Middletown
O'Brien Tim Factoryville
Ochahausen H A Southfield
O'Dwire And Southfield
Olsen Neils Middletown
O'Mara D New-Brighton


P_hart Garrett Tottenville
Page David Northfield
Parson J New-Brighton
Partington M Castleton
Perine J H Southfield
Perkins Fred Southfield
Pero David Castleton
Pero Walter Castleton
Perrell Wm Westfield
Peter Henry Southfield
Peterson A Southfield
Peterson Lawr'e Northfield
Pettit R Northfield
Pew Henry Castleton
Plunt Geo Plank Road
Porter John Westfield
Post Ezekiel Mariners' Harbor
Post Garrett Northfield
Post Isaac Mariners' Harbor
Prall Oscar Springville
Preezley Chas Middletown
Preret Sebastian Middletown
Prior Wm Northfield
Purcell T Southfield


Quigley Jas Rossville
Quinn Michael Southfield


Ran John Southfield
Reckhon Wm Tottenville
Redmon Michl Southfield
Redmond John Northfield
Rhinehard L Middletown
Rhyne Thos Middletown
Richle Jacob Southfield
Richmond Hy Plank Road
Rickhoa Jas W Tottenville
Riley Owen Southfield
Riley Thos New-Brighton
Ripley C H Vreeland-st
Robinson Peter Southfield
Robinson Saml Northfield
Roe Ed F Castleton
Roeck John F New-Brighton
Rogers Jas Southfield
Rosenplanter L New-Brighton
Rushart Saml Factoryville
Rushton Philip H Northfield
Russel John W Tottenville
Ryan Jas Southfield
Ryder David M Westfield
Rymers Chris Northfield


Salter Albert Northfield
Salter Rich New-Brighton
Salter Thomas Northfield
Scheille J B New-Brighton
Scheneuberger Henry Factoryville
Schinerbgler G Southfield
Schott Henry Middletown
Schott Peter Middletown
Schultz Aug Middletown
Scott Wm Middletown
Seaman B Westfield
Sears Chas New-Brighton
Sedley H Port Richmond
Sheehan P New-Brighton
Sherdin G New-Brighton
Sherrott Dan Pond Road
Sherrott David Northfield
Shroeder J Port Richmond
Simmonson G Middletown
Simonson C Northfield
Simonson C J Southfield
Simonson H M Cherry-lane
Simonson I I Springville
Simonson J D Springville
Sinnott Pat Southfield
Sisk Wm Southfield
Slayt Isaac Tottenville
Slayt John Westfield
Slocum R Northfield
Smith E P New-Brighton
Smith E S New-Brighton
Smith Henry Graniteville
Smith J W Westfield
Smith Jno Jr Southfield
Smith Pat Southfield
Smith Phil New-Brighton
Soloman Thos Southfield
Spingler Gotleib Middletown
Spires G W Southfield
Sprague Albert Westfield
Sprague Chas Rossville
Sprague Jas Westfield
Sprague Wm Westfield
Squires Geo Southfield
Squires Hor Southfield
Squires Saml Southfield
Standerwick T Middletown
Standerwick Wm Middletown
Standing Saml Middletown
Stanwick Hy Middletown
Steers Thos Castleton
Stewards Matt Northfield
Still Jacob Southfield
Stillwell Jno Westfield
Stillwell Richard Middletown
Stoddart Fred Factoryville
Sullivan D Southfield
Sullivan Jer Middletown
Sullivan P New-Brighton
Sullivan Pat New-Brighton
Sutcliff Jas Southfield
Swack Abrah Middletown
Swack Isaac Middletown
Sweeney Dan Concord


Tansey John New-Brighton
Tate Jas Middletown
Taylor Chas B Southfield
Taylor Clinton Middletown
Taylor John Graniteville
Taylor Rev T T Southfield
Taylor Wm Westfield
Tobin T New-Brighton
Totten Joseph Westfield
Tracy Wm Southfield
Tyson A Southfield
Tyson David J Southfield
Tyson Jacob A Southfield


Van Buskirk Isaac Middletown
Van Name - Mariners' Harbor
Van Name David Northfield
Van Name David H Northfield
Van Name How Northfield
Van Name Howard Northfield
Van Name Peter Northfield
Van Namee David Mariners' Harbor
Van Neime Joshua N Tottenville
Van Pelt Aaron W Northfield
Van Pelt Hen'y Northfield
Van Pelt John Old Place
Van Pelt John Middletown
Van Pelt Nicho's Mariners' Harbor
Van Riper H'y Middletown
Van Wagener - New-Brighton
Velpert Henry Middletown
Vreeland Jas Middletown
Vroome Albeeh Northfield


Wadsworth Chas Castleton
Walthout E New-Brighton
Wambo Fred Old Place
Wandle Al Southfield
Ward James Tottenville
Watkins Joseph Westfield
Waudell Walter J Middletown
Weir Geo Westfield
Welsh James Southfield
Welsh Walter Southfield
Wetherspoon David Castleton-av
Wheelahan M Wood Road
Wheelchan T Southfield
White John Middletown
White Thaddeus Westfield
Whittemore Richard New-Brighton
Wicks John Castleton
Widmeyer Henry Middletown
Wilby Samuel Middletown
Wilkinson J New-Brighton
Williams Jas Westfield
Willis Daniel Northfield
Wilson Geo Southfield
Winant A W Westfield
Winant Abra'm Westfield
Winant C J Westfield
Winant Henry Westfield
Winant Saml Westfield
Winters H Middletown
Wirtz Jacob Southfield
Wolforts O New-Brighton
Wombo A Old Place
Woods D J Tottenville
Woods Frank Southfield
Woods Jas B Middletown
Woods Peter Southfield
Woods Thos Southfield
Woods Wm L Westfield
Wright G F Long Neck
Wyeth N W Northfield
Wynant C G Westfield
Wynant Wesley Westfield


Young Jas Southfield
Young John R Castleton


Zealiff Benj P Northfield
Zeucty John Middletown
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