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from Manual for use of the Legislature of the State of New York, 1908


59 square miles
1890: 51,693
1892: 53,452
1900: 67,021
1905: 72,845

see spreadsheet

Castleton Corners - A. L. Geschiedt
Dongan Hills - William J. Mahoney
Greatkills - John W. Hetherington
Green Ridge - Frederick Kyleber
Huguenot Park - Rose P. Decker
Kreischerville - Morris Weinberger
Linoleumville - Helen B. Minton
Mariner Harbor - Abram E. Depuy
Milliken - George M. Wambold
New Brighton - John H. Eadie
New Dorp - Max Geldner
New Springville - Caleb V. Decker
Oakwood Heights - Eunice Sanderson
Port Richmond - Frank Foggin
Prince Bay - Charles O. Sprague
Richmond - George D. Sharpe
Rosebank - John J. Roehrig
Rossville - Elmer E. Sleight
Seaside - Alvin S. Decker
Stapleton - Adolph Lienhardt
Tompkinsville - Mary L. McRoberts
Tottenville - Minnie N. Slaight
West New Brighton - Robert P. Brown

Daniel D. Tompkins, of Richmond County, elected April 1807.

George S. Schofield, Jr. - Appraiser Richmond County

Port Wardens of the Port of New York - include Horace E. Buell (Special Port Warden) of Port Richmond, appointed April 18, 1895.

State Senators - 
Christie, Robert Jr. - of Bay View - 1864-5
Cooley, James E. - of Stapleton, 1852-3
Frost, Samuel H - of Tottenville, 1870-1
La Bau, Nicholas B - of Richmond, 1866-7

Officers of the Senate:
Stenographer: James C. Merriott - of New Dorp

Members of Assembly:
Richmond County - William Allaire Shortt
(also on the assembly committees for General Laws and Federal Relations)

Trial terms:
Justice Clark
Justice Kelly
Justice Thomas

Special Terms:
Justice Jaycox
Justice Blackmar
Justice Marean
Justice Clark

County Judge and Surrogate: Stephen D. Stephens Elected Nov. 1905
Sheriff: Joseph J. Barth of Stapleton, Elected Nov. 1906
County Clerk: C. Livingston Bostwick, elected 1905
District Attorney: Samuel H. Evins of New Brighton, Elected Nov 1907
Country Treasurer - office abolished by chapter 378, Laws of 1897.

Agricultural Society: Richmond County Agricultural Society of Dongan Hills,
President William S. Van Clief, Port Richmond
Secretary Edward P. Doyle, Port Richmond
Treasurer David F. Simonson, Port Richmond

Richmond County Savings Bank, West New Brighton
Staten Island Savings Bank, Stapleton

Insurance Companies: Richmond, West New Brighton, N. Y.

Liquor Tax Receipts for the year ending September 30, 1907: 94,517.54

Voting statistics indicate a slight edge to Democrats over Republicans, with a smattering of Socialists, Prohibitionists, andn Socialist Labors.
Castleton (1st ward)7683109571267916423172612144123659
Middleton (2d ward)68668332902910557114771320014035
Northfield (3d ward)520166197014981196411370115347
Southfield (4th Ward)4407442649806644632495169480
Westfield (5th ward)40524862528982588648916310198
Inmates of inst'ns101126
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