From The Staten Islander 15 January 1919

Transcribed by Bob O'Connor rwoconnor at bigfoot dot com July 1999. Thanks, Bob!





Lost at sea by sinking of USS Herman Frasch.

Anderson Edwin P.   Bond St., Port Richmond Killed in Action
Bardwell Darwin Eugene Lieutenant New Brighton Accidentally killed in aviation camp in west.
Beauvais Walton 1st Lieutenant 153 Main St., Tottenville Killed in Action
Bergherr Henry A.   966 Van Duzer St., Stapleton Died of wounds.
Blaine John J.   146 Winter Ave., NB Killed in Action
Bloom Edward A. Corporal 14 Tredwell Ave., Port Richmond Killed in Action
Bognadowis Edward M. Corporal Linoleumville Killed in Action
Carmicheal George A.   Stapleton Died of pneumonia on submarine chaser #213
Caterino Peter Dominick   332 York Ave., New Brighton Killed in Action
Clark Hamilton R. Lieutenant Clifton Died of pneumonia overseas.
Cosgrove George H. Corporal   Died of wounds received in action.
Costa Philip   Rosebank Died of pneumonia at Camp Upton
Cregan George   943 Van Duzer St., Stapleton  
Crilly Cornelius A.   Tompkinsville Drowned off the coast of Scotland
Daniels Maurice V.   Nicholas Ave., Port Richmond Killed in action Sept. 29th.
Davis Joseph M.   122 Hendricks Ave., NB Killed in Action
Davison Laurie E.   211 ward Ave., Tompkinsville Died of wounds
Decker Albert   28 South St., West NB Died of wounds.
Decker Byron W.   Bloomfield Killed in Action
DePalma Domenico   Tompkinsville Died of disease
Donovan James P.   New Brighton Killed in Action
Eden Franklin   New Brighton Lost at sea after sinking of USS Cherokee.
Egbert Arthur   West New Brighton Lost life on torpedoed transport President Lincoln
Ferrand George "Sandy" Mach. Mate 1st Class Arrochar USS President Grant. Died by accident on 10/07/1917.
Fickeisen Charles McDonald Corporal Livingston Killed in action on Sept. 29th.
Fitz Randolph, Jr. Franklin   Great Kills Died of Disease
Ford James Vincent   122 Fourth St., New Brighton Died of wounds.
Garrett Frank M. Private Stapleton Died of pneumonia at a hospital in France on 12/20/1918
Gill Harry H.   Prospect St., Elm Park Killed in Action
Gordon Samuel   Richmond Killed in Action
Higgins Francis W.   1381 Richmond Tpke. Lost from USS Aleede, sunk by German U-Boat.
Horenburg Charles   Montgomery Ave., Tompkinsville Died in hospital in France
Hussey Edward J. Sergeant 144 Fourth Ave., New Brighton Killed in Action
Kells Edmund W. Corporal Brooke St., Tompkinsville Killed in Action
Keppler John   Stapleton Died from severe wounds
Kisieleros Remen     Killed in Action
Komorowski Wincinty   141 Newark Ave. Killed in Action
Kryszewski Walter   Stapleton Lost at sea after sinking of USS Cherokee.
Kubatsky J. Private Stapleton Killed in Action
Laub Harold   Lineoleumville Died of pneumonia going overseas.
Leonard Michael J. Corporal Fort Wadsworth Killed in Action
Levy Nathan   New Brighton Fell to his death down hatchway on President Lincoln.
Macintyre Harold V. Corporal Eltingville Killed in Action
Maibauer Hugo R.   111 Decker Ave., Lineoleumville Died of wounds.
Mason Bernard William   Stapleton Died of pneumonia at Camp Pelham, NY
McMeekan Arthur Wallace   New Brighton Killed in Action
McNamara John Sergeant 250 Westervelt Ave., NB Died of wounds received in action.
Meil Robert E.   63 Maple Ave., Rosebank Killed near Philadelphia Navy Yard
Miczizki Ludwik   5 York Ave., New Brighton Killed in Action
Moeser John Sergeant Tompkinsville Killed in Action
Morgan Lester N.   Lineoleumville Died of pneumonia at Camp McClellan, Ala..
Muir Fenwick Sergeant Rosebank Died of pneumonia at Baltimore while in service of his country
O'Meara, Jr. John W.   Richmond Valley Killed in action by a machine gun bullet on 11/01/1918
O'Reilly Joseph Vincent Private 209 Taylor St., West NB Died of pneumonia in France
Oehlman Arthur   Stapleton Died in guard service on aqueduct.
Paine Alfred S.   37 Bement Ave., West NB Lost his life aboard USS Corington (07/01/1918)
Palmier Charles F.   53 Metcalfe Ave. Killed, previously reported missing.
Peterson Peter L. Private Port Richmond Died of Disease
Petro Stephen   Lineoleumville Killed in Action
Podskoch Josef   65 Maple Ave., Port Richmond Killed in Action
Pohl Julius F.   Stapleton Drowned off coast of Italy, October 5, 1918
Pouch Howard Rainsford 1st Lieutenant 83 Daniel Low Terr., NB Killed in Action
Ritterhoff Henry   Clifton Died of pneumonia in Arcadia, CA.
Rodgers Christopher   Lineoleumville Killed in Action
Rossell Daves Captain Staten Island Died of wounds.
Russell Almer G.   Broadway, Tottenville Killed in Action
Russell Charles   Tompkinsville Died of wounds.
Russo Louis Anthony   147 Fifth St., New Dorp. Died of wounds.
Sadousky August   New Brighton Died in hospital from wounds.
Shaevitz Abe   New Brighton Killed in Action
Slosson James Captain Staten Island Clubman Killed in Action
Smith Elwood LaForge   13 Johnson Ave., Tottenville Died of pneumonia at Newport, RI.
Smith Benjamin Atley Quartermaster Brighton Heights Naval Aviation; Killed in accident at Charleston, SC
Speck Walter   Rosebank Died of Disease
Staats Frederick   1189 Bay St., Rosebank Killed in Action
Stellenwerf Merron   26 Richmond Ave., Port Richmond Missing off the coast of France
Sullivan Thomas J.   Cary Ave., West New Brighton Killed in Action
Tappen James J.   67 Harrison St., Stapleton Killed in Action
Thompson William   New Brighton Killed in Action
Truppner Herbert G. Sergeant 126 Dongan St., West NB U.S. Marines; Killed in Action.
Van Pelt Abram   Bloomfield, Third Ward Died of wounds.
Walker, Jr. Randolph St. George   West New Brighton Killed in Action
Watkins Lionel Godfrey Sergeant Bard Ave., West NB Killed in Action
Whitall John Lieutenant West New Brighton Died of pneumonia in Chicago
White John E.   Pennsylvania Ave., Rosebank Killed at French front.
Woodruff Henry G. Sergeant New Brighton Killed in Action
Wornell Howard   Mariners Harbor Died of disease
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