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Sylvan Grove Cemetery, Vosburgh Leng Davis

This is a transcription of the VLD grave stone study that was done in 1922-23'ish, whereas, the historians recorded existing grave stones in Sylvan Cemetery that they could see and read. There are many notations of obvious graves with no grave stones. Other notations indicate grave stones that are unreadable. This is not a complete list of all burials. The complete list did not survive. Grave stones after 1922-23 are not included in this transcription. In 2011, with funding that was supplied by the S.I. Borough President, James Molinaro, FACSI along with monument restoration expert Joseph D'Armetta found, uprighted, recorded and photographed all existing graves stones found in 2011. The complete package of VLD original transcriptions and the updated 2011 photographs have been donated to the S.I. Museum (718-727-1135, Cara Dellatte, Archivist) for easy access and research. The following list was transcribed by Lynn Rogers, Executive Director of the Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries. This list should be used for research purposes only. Obtaining a death certificate is advised.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

Holly Tooker has taken over maintenance of most of the graves on the FindAGrave Sylvan page. She has submitted corrections to the VLD list. Thank you, Holly!

It's always best to go back to the original - the cemetery. You may also borrow VLD from the FHL; it's film 17902 and/or 514657.


There are a few times that a girl is listed as 'son of' - we are leaving these as transcribed.


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
MaryAndersonA5365/3/18101/27/1878100Widow of Frederick R. Anderson 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
IraBedellB3407/15/18157/11/18492aged 33 y, 11 mo, 27 d's.  
Ada B.BlakeB42018752/18/190574  
JohnBlakeB420 3/9/18555aged 60, 6m, 18 d 
William A.BlakeB4201878 74 See correction
MaryBoamanB550 8/15/1795171Aged 38, wife of William 
MarcyBossB200 9/26/1847197Aged 64y,8m,7dSee correction
JaneBowman(?)B55018053/8/1905124Relict of George Cropsey & Joseph Egbert 
Angeline BrownB650 6/2/186936Aged 33y, 5m, 20 d 
EllaBrushB62012/30/18566/21/1881216Wife of GE Brush 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
Abigal A.CannonC550 4/1/1880234Wife of Alfred Cannon, aged44 y 
AbrahamCannonC550    See correction
Andrew W. CannonC550 1/4/1895224Aged 78 years 
Ann T.CannonC5509/25/18133/22/1878232Note there is no VLD#231 
CatherineCannonC550 6/5/1853230Aged 62y, 5m, 3 days 
DavidCannonC550 7/26/1866222Aged 52y 
GeorgeCannonC550 3/28/1867221Aged 1 y, 10 m. Sonof David/RM Cannon 
Henry CannonC55012/6/18586/27/1897220 See correction
MargaretCannonC550 6/29/1841140Aged 48 y 
Margaret GertrudeCannonC5504/8/18745/20/1879233Daughter of Alfred/Abigal A. Cannon 
MaryCannonC550 9/14/183497Aged 56, wife of Andrew Cannon 
ThomasCannonC550 9/10/183399Aged 57 yearsSee correction
SarahCastineC235 1/10/1893101Wife of John Castine. Died at Jacksonville, Fla, aged 59 y 
JohnChristopherC6238/5/18055/10/188473"There is rest for the weary" 
LariaChristopherC623 3/20/189372Aged 86 years, wife of John ChristopherSee correction
Margaret ChristopherC623 8/26/186242Aged 27, wife of John 
Garret B.ConklinC524 4/30/1851138Aged 1 m. 10 day's. 
Henry ClayConklinC524 8/5/1852138Aged 2 years. 
John A.ConklinC524 11/25/1847139Aged 31y, 9m, 29 d. 
AnnCortelyouC634 2/1/1825174Aged 29 y, 9m, 23 d, Daughter of James and Ann Wood, Wifeof Corn. Cortelyou died of consumptn 
CorneliusCortelyouC634 9/25/1821175Aged 2y, 5d. Son of Corn & Ann CortelyouSee correction
EveCoxC200 4/29/1865215Aged 81y, 1m 27d. Wife of James Wood 
GeorgeCropseyC612 8/1/1838123Aged 40y, 6d 
John H.CropseyC612 10/31/1871235Aged 41y, 7m, 27d "Farewell my dear only son" 
AnnieCsopigaC120 9/6/191327aged 55 years, granite stoneSee correction


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
DoraDe HartD6303/31/18534/24/1882159Daughter of Capt. Samuel & Mary De Hart 
EllaDe HartD630  162"Our little Ella, it is well with the child" 
EvaDe HartD630  158"Our Eva" 
GeorgeDe HartD630 12/23/1867161Aged 2 y, 8m 
Mary E.De HartD63018263/8/1905155  
Mary K.De HartD63018603/7/1905156  
MosesDe HartD6301/23/18505/8/1878160Son of Capt. Samuel & Mary De Hart 
SamuelDe HartD63018273/7/1905157  
WilliamDe HartD630 5/26/1856199Aged 2 y, 6m, 3 d. Son of William & Sarah De Hart 
Abraham DeckerD260 9/3/1851118Aged 41y, 5m 
Abraham C.DeckerD260 5/26/180780Aged 31 y (white marble stone) 
AdelaideDeckerD260 6/5/184237aged 1 yr, 10m 12 d 
Adria AnnDeckerD260 11/20/1842151Aged 1 y, 1 m, 3 d. Daughter of Drummond & Susan W. Decker 
Adria F.(?)DeckerD260 12/15/1848152Aged 5y,2m, 15d. Daughter of Drummond & Susan W Decker 
Alice A.DeckerD260 11/30/185083Aged 3 y, 2 m 
AnnDeckerD260 1/1/1905212Aged 34 y, wife of Matthew Decker 
Ann J.DeckerD260 5/20/184769Aged 50 y, 5m, 11 days, Wife of John b. Decker 
Aubre B.DeckerD260 1/31/186382Aged 2 years 
BenjaminDeckerD260 5/3/1854108Aged 38 y,8m, 18 d 
Benjamin DeckerD260 7/30/1830105Aged 74y 
Betsey A.DeckerD2602/20/18084/19/1886181Wife of John B. Decker 
BorntDeckerD260 6/15/1844120Aged 81 years, 4m, 1 day. 
Capt. Samuel P.DeckerD260 10/20/188177Aged 62y, 2 mo, 27 d 
CarolineDeckerD260 7/29/1840134Aged 5y, 8m, 6d. Daughter of John H. & Martha Decker 
CarolineDeckerD260 8/29/1834141Aged 26 days. Daughter of David & Caroline Decker 
CatherineDeckerD260 6/5/185781Aged 81 years, Wife of Abraham Decker 
CatherineDeckerD2609/3/183410/11/190591Wife of Martin Zeluff, maiden name Decker 
CatherineDeckerD260 7/21/1853103Wife of David Decker, aged 69ySee correction
CharityDeckerD260 7/26/186852Daughter of Jacob R. & Lanah Decker, aged 22 y, 10m, 12 d 
Charlie W.DeckerD260 4/5/186665Aged 4 y, 11m, 20 d, Son of Sylvanus S. & Catherine M. Decker 
Content G.DeckerD260 3/31/1850228Aged 32y, 6m , 27 d. wife of Benj Decker 
DavidDeckerD260 1/1/1870103aged 82 ySee correction
David H.DeckerD260 6/14/1843208Aged 18y, 6m, 20d. Son of Edward / Elizabeth Decker 
DrummondDeckerD260 9/4/1884149Aged 72y, 4m, 23 dSee correction
EdwardDeckerD260 1/24/1831207Aged 35y, 9m,. 7d. 
ElizabethDeckerD260 1/29/186450Widow of Samuel Decker, in her 75th year 
ElizabethDeckerD260 8/14/1828112aged 1 y, 22 days, Daughter of Wm & Mary Decker 
ElizabethDeckerD260 10/10/1868129Aged 58y. Relict of Richard R. Decker, wife of John Hancock 
ElizabethDeckerD260 9/13/1834206Aged 30y, 6m 23d. Wife of Edward Decker 
Elsee MariaDeckerD2602/26/18193/9/1903217Wife of John Van Pelt 
Emeline A.DeckerD260 1/11/1856189Aged 4m, 21d. Of Samuel P. and Margaret A. Decker 
EnochDeckerD260 9/22/1834110aged 1 year. Son of Abraham & Jemima Decker 
EnochDeckerD260 7/28/1828111Aged 1 year, 10m 6 d, Son of Wm & Mary Decker 
Enoch D.DeckerD260 1/8/1834114Aged 19y, 2m, Son of Richard C. and Mary Ann Decker 
Ephraim DeckerD2609/8/18479/8/1847153Infant "Opend and Shut" Infant son of Drummond and Susan W. Decker 
Ephraim P.DeckerD260 11/13/185766Aged 5 m, 13 days, Son of Sylvanus S. & Catherine M. Decker 
Hannah C.DeckerD260 2/9/1841121Aged, 72y, Wife of Bornt Decker 
Hannah E.DeckerD260 9/11/1839135Aged 1 y, 2m. Daughter of John H. & Martha Dacker 
Harriet L.DeckerD2605/28/18482/2/187632Wife of James M. Decker, "He gave and has taken away" 
Jacob R. DeckerD260 4/10/186252Aged 55y, 20d 
James L.DeckerD260 12/23/1851190Aged 7 yr, 5m. Son of Samuel P and Margaret A. Decker 
James M.DeckerD26012/14/18505/21/189133"They will be done" 
JamimaDeckerD260 2/2/1872119Aged 60y, 5m, 18d. Wife of Abraham Decker 
JaneDeckerD260 1/3/1827115Aged 19 y, Son of Richard C. and Mary Ann Decker 
Jane ElizaDeckerD260 7/27/1843127Aged 14y, 11m. 4 d. Daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Decker 
Jennie L.DeckerD260 3/8/186067Aged 11 m, 20 days. Son of Sylvanus S. & Catherine M. Decker 
Jeremiah KinseyDeckerD260 5/16/1842176Aged 20y,10m,23 d.  
John B.DeckerD260 10/6/18796890 years 
John E.DeckerD260 2/28/186586Aged 21 y, 11 m 
John E.DeckerD260 3/6/1848154Aged 2y, 4m, 12 d. Son of Matthias & Alice Decker 
John J.DeckerD260 12/9/183438Son of Silas R. & Mary L. Decker, aged 16m, 4 d 
John R.DeckerD2608/14/180511/23/189094  
John T.DeckerD260 3/4/1834122Aged 46 y, 23 d 
Joseph C.DeckerD260 5/19/1856178Aged 45y, 4m, 19d,  
LanahDeckerD260 3/6/189752Aged 87 y, 9 d 
MargaretDeckerD260 1/14/1873229Aged 75y, 6m, 9d 
Margaret A.DeckerD260 3/18/190678Aged 87y, 4 days. Wife of Capt. Samuel P. Decker 
Margaret L.DeckerD2601/7/183712/19/186692  
MaryDeckerD260 9/1/183370Aged 9 y, 1 m, 5 days. Daughter of John b. and Ann Decker 
MaryDeckerD260 4/6/1826107Aged 72 y, wife of Benj Decker 
MaryDeckerD260 3/13/1884 or 1864227Aged 91y, 6m, 13d. Relict of Richard DeckerSee correction
Mary AnnDeckerD260 10/4/1858104aged 68, 8m, 14 d 
Mary AnnDeckerD260 2/21/1831113Aged 1 y, 10 m 27 d, Daughter of Wm & Mary Decker 
Mary AnnDeckerD260 11/11/1851117Aged 76 years, 6m, 17 d Wife of Richard C. Decker 
Mary AnnDeckerD260 9/12/1813146Aged 47y, 12 d. Wife of Matthias Decker 
Mary C.DeckerD260 10/23/186151Daugher of Almer & Caroline Decker, aged 1m 4 days 
Mary C.DeckerD260 2/14/1861137Aged 6y, 3m, 16 d. Son of John H. & Martha Decker 
Mary E.DeckerD260 9/10/1854133Aged 3y, 5m. Daughter of John H. & Martha Decker 
Mary L.DeckerD260 5/29/186439Wife of Silas R. 57y, 11m, 6 d 
MatthewDeckerD260 6/24/186141Aged 88 y, 3m, 3d 
Matthew W.DeckerD260 4/10/1858213Aged 69ySee correction
MatthiasDeckerD260 2/21/1853147Aged 87 y, 2m, 8d 
RichardDeckerD260 12/8/1848226Aged 80y, 8m, 29d 
Richard C.DeckerD260 4/17/1828116Aged 57 years 
Richard HenryDeckerD260 1/1/1861126Aged 10y, 1m 5 d. Son of F.D. & M.A. Decker, died on New Years Day 
Richard R.DeckerD260 12/14/1846128Aged 46y, 4m, 11 d 
Samuel DeckerD260 7/29/186249aged 76y, 3m, 16 d 
Sarah A.DeckerD26018404/1/190579  
Sarah C.DeckerD260 1/8/184775Aged 2 y, 2m 8 d. Daughter of Abraham L. & Mary F. Decker 
Sarah E.DeckerD260 4/30/184184Aged 2 yrs, 11 mo 
Silas L.DeckerD260 9/8/186640Aged 57y, 7m, 17dSee correction
Tabitha JaneDeckerD2601/23/180512/27/187193Wife of John r. Decker 
WilliamDeckerD260 9/10/186082Aged 49 years, 6 m. 
WilliamDeckerD260 8/15/1853125Aged 11 1/2 mo. Infant son of F.D. & M.A. Decker 
William H.deckerD260 4/22/1848136Aged 8 m, 22 d. Son of John H. & Martha Decker 
William O.DeckerD260 1/3/186785Aged 27 y, 3 m 
John F.DenkerD5269/2/18201/27/188929Native of Germany 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
SarahEgbertE216 12/5/1826106Aged 76 y, wife of Edward Egbert 



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
JohnGartrellG636 7/1/190519grave in the form of a crib. In 1922 they note the grave is carefully attended 
MagdalenaGeyerG6004/27/18339/22/1880109Wife of Jacob Woehrle 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
JaneHaughwoutH230 2/7/189545Aged 77 years, wife of Daniel 
Jane ElizaHaughwoutH230 8/28/186247Daugher of Daniel & Jane Haughwout, aged 18y, 11m, 28 d 
LorenaHaughwoutH230 8/12/186546Aged 14y, 28d 
Samuel F.HaughwoutH2306/8/184712/27/188848Co. E, 4th NY Volunteers (Civil War) 
James G.HennanH5506/13/18576/8/189216Son of John & Rachael, rest beloved son 
SarahHicksH200 7/6/1833200Aged 31y, 4m. Wife of Benjamin Hicks, daughter of James/Ann Wood 
ElizabethHousmanH255  3aged 2 y, 10 m.  
MaryHousmanH255 3/27/18463aged 26 y, 5m, 19d, Wife of David J. 
SarahHousmanH255  3aged 8 m 
FritzHuttscherH32611/1/18757/14/188976Born in Hamburg (stone is in German) 



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
Ann JonesJ520 9/12/18813583 years, 5 m. 
DanielJonesJ520 9/14/1849209Aged 8y, 9m, 24 dSee correction
JoannJonesJ520 3/3/1855209Aged 16y, 2m, 21dSee correction
Mary ElizaJonesJ520 3/13/1855209Aged 10y, 7m, 21 d (#209 - children of Ezekiel/Eliza WoodSee correction


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
Abigail AnnKingstonK5232/22/18374/16/18747Wife of John Kingston 
AnnieKloseK420 8/10/18919aged 4m, 10 d 
AugustaKloseK42018933/15/190515grave in the form of a crib, painted inscription behind 
K. Benj.KonczK5209/27/18601/20/190818aged 46 y, Weep not for me dear ones, I am not dead by sleeping 
LidiaKonczK5209/2/18925/1/190817aged 17 years, Rest in Peace 
CharlesKrullK64018483/29/190558granite monument 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
Rachael M.La ForgeL1625/30/18232/18/1901220CANNON - Wife of David Cannon 
Eliza LandmanL535 3/21/190363Aged 88y, 1m 7 d 
Henry LandmanL535 10/20/190764Aged 79y, 9m 
AnnalettLeonardL563 5/6/185989Aged 21y, 14 d. Daughter of Cornelius & Hannah M. Leonard 
Hannah M.LeonardL563 9/4/186290aged 50(?) years, 11 m, 11 d. Wife of Cornelius Leonard 
JohnLobleinL14510/26/18431/9/189310Rest in Peace (#10 is in plot surrounded by Iron FenceSee correction


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
ErnstMathernM36511/25/18376/1/190925Father, rest in peace - fragile metal markets 
LudmillaMathernM3653/7/184212/4/191024Mother, rest in peace - fragile metal markers 
HelenMcGregorM26210/21/184610/22/184826Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven, stone flat, marble 
EmmaMelsonM4251/2/1836Left blank96  
John B.MelsonM4252/21/18289/5/188096Masonic Emblem 
AnjanetteMerrellM640 6/16/186643Wife of Thomas S.  
ArriettaMerrellM640 8/4/186244Daughter of Thomas S. & Anjanette Merrell, aged 1 yr, 4m. 9 d 
Sarah E.MerrellM64012/14/18601/11/188157Daughter of Joseph W & Matilda A. Ball, wife of Geo. W. Merrell 
John V.MeyerM6003/27/18441/19/190214  
Katherine V.MeyerM60011/25/18392/3/192214Granice monuments side by sideSee correction
SophiaMeyerM6001/23/182110/10/190729/30His wife (wife of John F. Denker) 
Frances AnnaMillerM460 10/13/185556Daughter of Henry & Sarah Miller, aged 1 y, 7m, 21 d 
Frances C.MillerM460 11/23/184953Daughter of Peter and Phebe Miller, aged 19y, 4 m 
Henry P. MillerM46010/18/18356/5/186854  
Loenyoretta(?)MillerM460 8/23/186655aged 1 yearSee correction
ElizaMorganM625  223Wife of John Morgan 
HannahMorseM620 9/30/18456aged 7 m, Daughter of John & Martha A. MorseSee correction


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
RachaelNicklesN242 10/27/1838148Aged 38 years, 3m, 27d. Wife of William Nickles, daughter of Matthias & Mary Ann Decker 
JohnNickolasN242 9/5/18524aged 4 m, 28 d, Son of Alfred & Mary CorsonSee correction



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
Eugene A. PetitP330 5/31/189459  
GenePetitP330 4/23/189259aged 4 y, 8m. "Asleep" 
William PetitP3309/8/18115/4/185361  
William H.PetitP33012/3/18336/14/188362  
Annie VirginiaPriceP6202/19/18538/24/1909225Mother 
BenjaminPriceP620 3/20/1843166Aged 73y 
DanielPriceP620 6/17/1872167Aged 85y 
EliasPriceP620 4/26/1882163Aged 75 years 
Eliza JanePriceP620 2/23/1875169Aged 75y, 5m, 3 days. Wife of Daniel Price 
JohnPriceP620 8/5/1875164Aged 22y, 9m, 25d. Son of Elias & Mary Ann Price 
LettyPriceP620 11/27/1856168Aged 67y, 5m, 10d, wife of Daniel Price 
Mary A. PriceP620 4/25/1897163Aged 83 years, Wife of Elias Price. 
Mary A. PriceP620 4/14/1895170Aged 59y 
Rev. EliasPriceP620 8/1/1844165Aged 83y, (see Clute's Hisory of S.I. page 291 for info on Rev. Price)See correction
 PriceP620  219  
RobertProhaskaP62040698/24/191128His deaply afflicted parents.See correction




First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
Alexander LouisSelleS4009/4/186011/3/188922Born France, sone of Louis V. & Jeanne V. Selle. Only son and brother 
AnnSharotS630 11/4/1839198Aged 29y, 2m, 21 d. Wife of Joseph Sharot 
Alethea A.SimonsonS552 11/16/1827173Aged 11 mo., Daughter of James & Alethea Simonson 
WesleySofieldS143 1/11/18948US Steamer Sabine - Gone but not Forgotten 
JoanStevensonS315 3/20/1844204Aged 35y, 14d. Daughter of Charles D. Wood/JoanSee correction
Sarah FrancesStevensonS315 2/9/1848203Aged 17 y, 10m,9d. Daughter of George W/Joann Stevenson 
Gustav JohnSutorS360 12/17/19021346 years 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
William EverettTaylorT460 10/13/189623aged 10y, 2 m, 21 d - small metal monument about 1 foot high 
FrancisTjarksT26218463/28/190512My beloved mother, 11&12 are granite monuments side by side 
John U.TjarksT2629/9/18536/18/189111Born in Germany 
KatieTjarksT26218773/12/190511To forget is vain endeavor, Loves remembrance lasts forever 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
UnknownUnknownU525 1/22/1813172Aged 3mo, 3 days, --James & Alethea Simonson 
UnknownUnknownU525 12/23/1904201… year, 3m, 6 d. (may be one of 3 bown stones noticed by Mr. Davis in 1888) 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
AlbertVan PeltV514  71 See correction
Benjamin B.Van PeltV514 10/27/190388Aged 83 y 
IdaVan PeltV5145/14/18586/28/1859130Daughter of William & Mary E. Van Pelt 
JohnVan PeltV514 4/5/1885218Aged 69y, 2m, 18d 
John WilliamVan PeltV5143/25/18549/27/1856131Son of William & Mary E. Van Pelt 
MaryVan PeltV514 12/28/189688Aged 85ySee correction
Mary E.Van PeltV5146/29/183210/30/1859132  
WalterVan PeltV514  71 See correction
Sarah Van TassellV532 11/30/1865214Aged 55 y  
ElizaVennV5009/25/18185/28/1873102Wife of Henry B. Benn (grave stone says "Our Mother")See correction


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
CarolineWellsW420 2/18/1841142Aged 8 y, 8m, 4 d. Daughter of RP Wells 
Frances E.WellsW420 9/1/1854144Aged 12y, 2m, 8d. Son of RP & Sarah Wells. 
JaneWellsW420 8/24/1834145Aged 36y, 3m, 1d. Wife of Reuben P. Wells. 
ThomasWellsW420 1/25/1841143Aged 6m, 7 d. Son of RP Wells 
Jacob P. WhiteW300 3/9/184987Aged 1 y, 2 m. Son of George & Joanna H. WhiteSee correction
Juliette BlancheWoehrleW6409/11/18897/9/189020Daughter of Louis G. & Henrietta B. Woehrle, only child 
LouisWoehrleW6403/28/186312/11/188921My Husband, son of Jacob & Magdalena G. 
AbrahamWoodW300 5/26/1843193Aged 25y, 7m, 11d.  
Abraham L.WoodW30012/27/18263/16/1854187  
Adra PrineWoodW300 4/6/1837194Aged 17y, 3m, 15d 
AnnWoodW300 5/11/1839195Aged 81y, 1m 27d. Wife of James Wood 
EdwardWoodW3009/3/18041/2/1887183 See correction
Eliza JonesWoodW30010/17/18191/8/1892211Widow of Ezekiel Wood 
ElizabethWoodW300 12/28/1823191Aged 44 y. Wife of James Wood, daughter of CD Alston, died consumption 
EzekielWoodW300 9/1/1862210Aged 48y, 10 m 6 d. 
FreemanWoodW300 6/22/1865188Aged 37y, 1m 
HenriettaWoodW30012/24/18238/7/1900177Wife of Joseph C. Decker 
HenriettaWoodW300 3/21/1855202Aged 31 y. Daughter of Charles D/Joanne Wood, Granddaughter of Walter/Abigall Dongan 
JamesWoodW300 9/18/1831182Aged 29y, 2m, 5 d. Son of John and Mary Wood 
JamesWoodW300 12/28/1826192Aged 49y 
JamesWoodW300 3/14/1840196Aged 83y, 7m, 13 d 
JoannWoodW300 10/11/1828205Aged 40y. Wife of Charles D. Wood, daughter of Walter/Abigal Dongan 
JohnWoodW300 5/30/1864185Aged 85y, 2m, 17d 
MaryWoodW300 11/26/1851184Aged 71y, 10m, 12d, wife of John Wood 
PeterWoodW300 10/15/1841180Aged 49 y, 2m, 1 d. 
Sarah AnnWoodW300 6/7/1824179Aged 26y, 1m, 4d. Wife of Peter Wood, daughter of Peter and Emma Cortelyou 
Sarah E.WoodW300 10/11/1849186Aged 19y, 6m, 25d 
Susan W.WoodW300 1/25/1866150Aged 52y, 8m, 10d.Wife of Drummond Decker 




First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 

First NameLast NameSoundexDate of BirthDate of DeathVLD #Grave Stone Found 
     1Footstone "W.R.H." headstone missing 

Corrections - from Holly Tooker. Thanks, Holly!

74 William A Blake born and died 1878
197 Mercy Boss, not Marcy
Abraham Cannon is missing
27 Annie Csepiga not Csopiga
40 Silas R Decker
102 Catherine Decker 1863 [Janet's note: 103?]
103 David Decker in his 82nd year
149 T Drummond Decker
213 Matthew M Decker
220 Henry M Cannon
99 Thomas Cannon in his 57th year
72 Maria Christopher not Laria
175 Cornelius Laurence Cortelyou
227 Mary Decker 1864
10 Loblein by iron fence markers not markets
14 Meyer granite not granice
55 Seenyoretter Miller
6 Hannah J Morse
#4 John NICKOLAS s/o Alfred & Mary CORSON is how I transcribed it. But now I’m confused as to the last name. Is it John Nickolas CORSON? Is Alfred’s last name NICKOLAS? Help!
165 Rev Elias Price Clute’s History not Hisory
28 Prohaska deeply not deaply
204 Joan Stephenson (you have Stevenson and Daughter of Charles D. Wood/Joan) < confusing
#71 Albert and Walter Van Pelt – was there no info given?
88 Mary A Van Pelt I have her aged 78 years and the stone says “His wife” (Benj B’s)
102 Henry B Venn not Benn
87 Jacob P W White
183 Edward J Wood
209 Daniel Jones, Joann & Mary Eliza are children of Ezekiel & Eliza WOOD. They are not Joneses

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