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Old Clove Baptist Burials

From Lynn Rogers at FACSI

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
158 Myrtle Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)
  Old Clove Baptist
  Vosburgh, Leng and Davis Transcriptions with added comments by Morris Bricks
SurnameSoundexRow #1:
EDMONDSE355In memory of Mary A. EDMONDS, wife of William ELDREDGE, who died March 3, 1948, AE 22 years, 1 mo & 2 d's
ELDGREDGEE432Softly now the break of day
  Fades upon my sight away
  Free from care from sorrow free
  Lord I would commune with thee
  Her father lies buried on the left; died 1833 and her stepfather on the right, died 1844.  Erected by her Husband.
PEFFERSP162In memory of David R. son of James B. and Esther B. PEFFERS, who died Sept. 10th, 1834 aged 6 years and 4 days.
PEFFERSP162Sacred to the memory of Hannah PEFFERS, who departed this life Sept. 23rd, 1832 aged 29 years.
  O sister Dear! dry up your tear!
  I am not dead but sleeping here,
  As I am now soon you must be
  Prepare for death and follow me
  Erected by her sister, Ann PEFFERS
NYEN000Augustus NYE, Died Apr. 29, 1846 aged 33 years, 8 mo & 13 days
  Farewell dear wife, my life is past
  My love to you, while life did last
  Then after me no sorrow take
  But love my child, for my sake
NYEN000Mary Augusta, daughter of Augustus and Mary NYE,
  Feby 10, 1845, aged 2 y'rs 7 mo & 20 days.
WEBBW100James WEBB, died June 14, 1839, aged 3 mo & 28 d's
  Amelia, died Aug. 9, 1841, AE 1 yr, 9 mo & 10 d's
NYEN000Children of Augustus & Mary NYE
  Sleep lovely babes
  And take thy rest
  God call'd you home
  He thought it best.
LOCKMANL255In memory of John LOCKMAN, son of Charles and Susan VANPELT, who died September 10th 1921, aged 1 year, 2 months and 10 days.
VANPELTV514So fades the lovely blooming flower
  Sweet smiling solace of an hour
  So soon our transient comforts fly,
  And pleasures only bloom to die
  Row #2
COLEC400Abraham COLE departed this life June 12th, 1835, aged 59 yrs.
  Weep not for me surviving friends
  I've paid the debt was due;
  Prepare yourselves, you know not when
  Jesus will call you too.
  (Will file #413 book E page 131, probated October 28, 1835:
COLEC400Abraham COLE departed this life 12th June 1835 in Westfield, Rich. Co.
  Elizabeth COLE, Executrix and wife
  William COLE & James COLE, sons
  Margaret HOLMES (wife of Samuel), & Nancy wife of SIMONSON
  Witnesses, Joseph WILLIAMS, Joseph Y WILLIAMS and Richard WILLIAMS
  Will dated 15 September 1825
  Appraisers-Richard A.R. MARTIN, Joseph WILLIAMS (appraisers noted Abraham COLE of Southfield, not Westfiend, 6 Aug. 1835
  Surrogate-Richard CROCHERON, Village of Richmond
STEVENSONS315To my Mother, Ann STEVENSON, Died 1st of May 1843, in the 65th year of her age.
  Row 3
FOUNTAINF535In memory of Garret FOUNTAIN who died May 22nd in 1858, aged 92 years, 5 months and 17 days
  "Precious in the sight of the Lord,
  is the death of his saints"
  Psalms cxvi, 15
FOUNTAINF535In memory of Ann wife of Garret FOUNTAIN, who died October 8th, 1826, aged 57 years, 6 months, and 19 days
  O death thou destroyer can naught restrain thee
  Can neither usefulness piety or worth;
  The humble Christian and the unshaken friends
  The affectionate wife the tender parent,
  The useful Citizen lies here a prey to thee.
  But short thy reign, the resurrection morn,
  Shall set they prisoner free in an eternal day.
KRUSERK626In memory of Margaret, wife of Henry KRUSER, who departed this life April 16th, 1829, aged 73 years and 2 months.
  The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.
KRUSERK626In Memory of Henry KRUSER who departed this life, Nov. 2nd 1831, aged 79 y'rs 10 mos and 12 days
  Surely he shall not be moved forever
  Ps: 112.6
  Gather my Saints together unto me those that have
  made Covenant with me by sacrifice
  Ps: 50.5
  (Henry KRUSER:  Abstracts of Will File #365, Liber D, Pl 128, probated Feb. 2, 1832
  Executors:  Samuel BARTON, Rev. Arraurah R. MARTIN, Garrett FOUNTAIN
  Heirs:  Jacob DOZIER, Clarissa DOZIER
  Witnesses:  G.A. HARTMAN, Edward PERINE, Isaac FARDON (Dec'd by 1832)
  Dated:  13 October 1826
  Will of Henry KRUSER/KRUZER of Southfield lists James J. COMPTON and his wife Margaret COMPTON, Margaret PERINE, Joseph BRINS and the Corporators of the Aletta SPEERS, daughter of Henry SPEERS, dec'd, Lucia Ann MARTIN, Margaret KRUSER MARTIN, Henry FOUNTAIN, Henry VAN NAME, Margaret VAN NAME, Jacob DOZIER, John FOUNTAIN.  A financial note in the probate papers indicates that it cost 75 cents to cart the headstone from the Ferry to the graveyard, an indication that the gravestone was made off the island.  The signature of the Surrogate referred to his office then being in the town of Northfield, on June 26, 1834, rather than being in the town of Richmond.  At that time, the executors had bowed out of the picture and administrators were appointed and gave bond:  Joseph PERINE of Plainfield, Union Co., NJ William H. MOORE of Williamsburgh, Kings Co., NY & Howard E. COATES of New York City & Co.
FOUNTAINF535Sacred to the memory of Capt. Garret W. FOUNTAIN who departed this life Nov. 13, 1847, AE 48 y'rs, 3 mo's & 7 d's.
  He was a dutiful son, a kind Brother
  and affectionate Husband, he died in
  full hope of a blissful immortality
  may our last days be like his.
  Row #4
DECKERD260In memory of Ann DECKER, wife of Charles DECKER, who died May 21st 1844 aged 56 years, 6 months & 24 days.
  Her children arise up and call her blessed, her
  husband also and he praiseth her
  The Lord he called and bid her come
  Jesus smil'd and took her home
VROOMEV650In memory of Mary Vroome who died Oct. 13, 1851, AE 74 y'rs & 1 mo.
  She rest in hope
VREELANDV645In memory of Maria, wife of Israel VREELAND, who died Sept, 1 1849, AE 41 y'rs, 8 mo's and 26 d's
  Here lies a tender Mother
VREELANDV645In memory of Charles E., son of Israel & Maria VREELAND, who died May 22, 1846, AE 16 y'rs, 9 mos & 22 d's.
BURGHERB626In memory of Mary Eliza, wife of Joseph P. BURGHER who died Oct. 7th 1838, aged 22 years.
  As fades the rose so youthful bloom
  withers and drops into the tomb
  On lofty wings our prospects soar
  But death may blast them in an hour
  (Joseph B. BURGHER will probated Dec. 18, 1849, Liber page 57)
BARTONB635In memory of Mary E. wife of Samuel BARTON who departed this life August 10th, 1833 aged 36 years, 6 months and 1 day
  She was an agreeable companion
  an affectionate wife
  a tender mother and true friend
BARTONB635(Letters of Administration were issued for Samuel BARTON on Feb. 8 1858 - Liber 4, page 203)
VAN NAMEV550In memory of Catherine Marie, Daughter of David and Anna VAN NAME, who died November 24th, 1826 aged 2 years, 5 months and 4 days
  Alas twas brittle clay
  That built this body first
  And every month and every day
  tis mouldering back to dust.
MCCLEESM242In memory of James MCCLEES, Died April 29th, 1835 Aged 33 years, 2 months & 11 days
  (The Will of James MCCLEES was probated July 1, 1835 -- L. E, P119)
FOUNTAINF535Margaret wife of John A. FOUNTAIN, Died Feb. 6, 1868, aged 75 years, 5 months and 16 days
  We saw her pass from earth away
  As father did before:
  She went to join in singing,
  Praise forever more.
  We saw her linger here on each,
  wating her summons home
  patiently, she joined in prayer
  Not min, they will be done
  (The will of John A. FOUNTAIN was probated Sept. 6, 1865 - L.K, p. 264)
HAUGHWOUTH230In memory of Maria, wife of Isaac HAUGHWOUT, who departed this life July 31st 1840, Aged 27 years, & 3 months, also an infant, aged 15 days.
  Behold He taketh away who can hinder Him,
  who will say unto Him what doeth Thou, Job 9th Chap 12
  This life's a dream a fading flower
  That thrived and vanished in an hour;
  But death! false friend to you and me
  Will shortly come and summon thee.
  The above mentioned stone stands alone, forming the commencement of what would have been the sixth row (Davis)
  The following (3) stones are on the opposite side of the church foundation, that is, to the South (Davis)
IBERSONI162Sacred to the memory of Robert IBERSON, son of James and Isabella KENNEDY, who departed this life April 3rd, 1830 aged 18 years 11 months & 11 days.
  He grew up like a well watered plant; shot deep, rose high, and bid fair for manhood.  But just as the cedar began to tower, and promised ere long to be the pride of the wood, and prince among the neighboring trees, behold the axe is laid to the roots the fatal blow is struck and all his branching honours tumble to the ground; His life was sacrificed.
FORDF630Charles FORD, son of Aruna & Jane MARTIN, died April 21st 1825, aged 4 years & 4 months.
  Here lies the grief of a fond mother and the
  blasted expectations of an indulgent father.
  Sacred, To the memory of Rev. Arauna R. MARTIN, who departed this life
  October 26th AD 1835, Aged 50 years 1 month & 1 day
  He was one of the best of sons
  the kindest of brothers
  an affectionate husband
  and an indulgent father
  He faithfully discharged all the duties
  of a citizen and Gospel minister.
  He thundered in his preaching; he lightened
  in his life, he has gone home to hear the
  welcome sound "well done good and faithful servant."
  Erected by his wife to prove her love to the end.
  (The Will of Arauna/Araurrah/Aranna MARTIN  of the Town of Castleton, was probated-L.E. p. 167 - on Nov. 18, 1835, dated 22 Oct. 1835 it was kept by Runyon W. MARTIN of the City of New York, one of the two executors, until Nov. 18th Rev. MARTIN names his other executor as William A. BURTIS.  The Will was witnessed by Alfred A. SMITH of NYC and Frederick QUIN and Nathaniel BRITTON of Richmond County.  In addition to Jane Ann MARTIN, the widow, Samuel MARTIN was named as guardian for Lucie A. and Margaret H. MARTIN)

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