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RDC: Brighton Heights, Silver Mount Burials

Thank you, Lynn!

Reformed Protestant Church of Staten Island, corner stone laid October 10, 1818. June 1851 the Reformed Dutch Church of Stapleton is organized, the new corner stone was laid on October 27, 1863. March 23, 1870 the name is changed to The Reformed Church of Brighton Heights Staten Island. In a deed November 15, 1824, recorded February 12, 1825 the cemetery is eight tenths of an acre. In a deed recorded in June 1874 the cemetery is sold to Samuel Cooper, undertaker for $2,500 and the removal of the bodies and re-interment in Silver Mount Cemetery, February 4, 1878. January 10, 1878 Plot #429 in Silver Mount Cemetery is purchased for this purpose. Royden Vosburgh indicates in 1922 that Plot #429 is not taken care of within Silver Mount. “The reader cannot fail to observe the small number of gravestones that are now found in the Reformed Church plot, after examination of the copy that follows. However, after making every allowance, it does not appear that half the interments in the Stapleton Cemetery can be found at Silver Mount, even after including all the gravestones in family lots individually owned, which are not within the bounds of the Reformed Church Lot.”

The layout of this plot according to Mr. Vosburgh: “There are four well defined rows in the plot. The stones of these rows were probably transferred from the south side of Main Avenue from the old cemetery, which section had been used for general interments as distinguished from the family lots.”

In addition to the graves in Plot #429, according to the notes from V.L.D, they transcribed a selection of grave stones throughout Silver Mount. “The selection was intended to include the family plots of certain families known to have been connected with the Reformed Church of Brighton Heights Staten Island and supposed to contain gravestones at one time in the Stapleton Cemetery. No assurance can be given that the selection represents all the gravestones so transferred; in fact it is now known that the Gillespie lot at least was omitted. “ V.L.D. notes that old grave stones are used as paving stones for the pathways. They record some of these that are still readable and that were placed on the pathways face up.

These records were transcribed to the best of our ability, the records are in poor condition and extremely hard to read. If you find a discrepancy in these records, please make that correction in your own files. We will not make any alterations to this listing. If you find these records not compatible to your own family history, you are encouraged to seek death certificates or other legal vital records through the New York City Municipal Archives located in Manhattan. This cemetery interment listing is provided as a courtesy from Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. to aid you in your genealogy or family history search only and should be not used as legal vital records.

Transcribed: by Lynn Rogers.
First NameLast NameSoundex18yDate of DeathDate of BirthMisc.
MilliganAlstonA42318y7/21/1800 Son of Moses, formerly mid shipman of the US ship Adams
Orin M.ArmstrongA65245y8/2/1826  
Letitia AnnBakerB26010y,2m,9d12/13/1831 Daughter of Joseph
JohannBeckmannB255 6/20/18538/27/1800Came as Captain of the Bremer Barque Figaro on 28 May 1853 as far as New York and died on Stten Island
InfantBentB530 11/29/1851 Buried with mother Mrs. Sarah Bent
SarahBentB53023y11/29/1851 Daughter of Thomas & Mary Atkinson, of Ashton County of Lancanshire England, who departed this life on this Island
Albert T.BlakeB420 2/17/191212/28/1854 
Baby IdaBlakeB4206m,12d3/2/1858 Daughter of David R. & Frances Blake
Catherine O.BlakeB42061y,9m,2d8/6/1854 Wife of Benjamin a native of Truro, Cornwall England
Charles HoratioBlakeB4203y,12d8/28/1850 Son of David R. & Frances Blake
David R.BlakeB42036y,5m,6d4/24/1858  
ElinorBlakeB4205y,8m,10d4/18/1858 Son of David R. & Frances Blake
Francis BlakeB4205y,8m,21d2/25/1856 Son of David R. & Frances Blake
Margaret B.BowenB5006y,6m6/28/1827 Died at Sea, daughter of H.R.N. & M.W. Bowen
Eleanor BradleyB63484y, 1/10/1879  
George BradleyB63484y,8m,13d3/31/1858  
JamesBradleyB63470y,26d1/20/1857 An honest man is the noblest work of God
JamesBrashB62080y11/2/1840 Weaver a native of Scotland, well known and highly respected on Staten Island
Andrew BrownB65037y7/26/1828 A native of Edinburgh Scotland but for many years a resident of Savannah, Georgia
JanetClarkC46276y8/16/1852 Nee Graham, wife of Donald Clark, late of Kilninver Parish Argyleshire Scotland, died at sea
Margaret HitchcockClarkC462 19101877"Our Daisey"
AnnaCooperC16045y,6m,27d4/2/1856 Wife of Samuel
George B.CooperC1609y,5/17/1872  
Jane R.CooperC16017y,3m3/9/1855 Daughter of Samuel & Ann
JennyCooperC1604m,13d12/3/1869 Little Jenny
NellyCooperC1601y,3m5/22/1872 Our little Nelly
S.CooperC160 19201845 
SamuelCooperC160 19081814 
MaryCorcoranC62623m,18d10/17/1848 Daughter of Anna Marie
Beekman Van BurenDenyseD520 8/30/18443/6/1825Youngest son of Capt. James D. Dense. Born on S.I.
Denyse D.DenyseD52083y,7m,19d12/16/1847  
MaryDenyseD52080y8/1/1849 Widow of Denyse D. Deynse
Elizabeth L.DeshonD250 1/20/18956/17/1830Nee Keteltas, Wife of Henry S.
Henry SargentDeshonD250 7/9/19092/19/1828 
Mary AnnEastwoodE23365y12/18/1857  
ArabellaEccles?E24253y9/22/1831 Wife of John, late of North Loach England, died on the third day after her arrival in America, deeply lamented by her family and friends.
LetitiaElliottE43079y10/16/1881 Nee Irvine, wife of Samuel McKenzie
Samuel McKenzieElliottE43065y4/29/1875 Lt. Col. 79th NY Highlanders and Brig. Gen US Vols, Civil War
William H.GibsonG125    
CatharineGillespieG42156y2/16/1845 Wife of Capt. John
ElizabethGillespieG42142y5/30/185? Wife of Capt. John
John, Capt.GillespieG42157y3/10/1858  
ArchibaldGordonG635 9/9/18487/25/1800Of Dumfrieshire Scotland, born Wexford Ireland, died at Tompkinsville
HannahGordonG635 1/9/18499/19/1847Daughter of Archibald & Sarah Ann
Sarah AnnGordonG635 7/10/185612/19/1805Wife of Archibald
SusanGordonG6352 days1/8/1843 Daughter of Archibald & Sarah Ann
JohnGrantG653 6/30/1849 "Who was killed at sea by falling from the main top sail, yard of Ship Ferezpore, on the voyage from Liverpool to NY, erected by his brother Capt. Charles of Belfast Ire.
James Harcourt MDH626 7/31/18703/16/1809 
SophiaHawleyH40043y5/18/1842 Wife of Truman, departed this life in the City of New York
AnnHetheringtonH36527y8/15/1831 Wife of William
David, Capt.HigginsH252 5/14/18499/16/1786Died in the faith of the gospel
Sarah AnnHigginsH25255y7/26/1858 Wife of Capt. David
AliceHitchcockH322 6/17/1903 Daughter of Ella & James Roosevelt Hitchcock
Ella B.HitchcockH322 11/2/1911 Wife of James Roosevelt
Francis FolgerHitchcockH322 18971864 
Gen'l Geo. HowardHitchcockH322 18381919132 Regt NY Inf. Civil War Lieut. Col.
HowardHitchcockH322 7/18/18359/19/1834Son of Daniel R. and Mary
James RooseveltHitchcockH322 4/12/18783/28/1841Col. 9th Regiment NGSNY, Winchester Post 197 GAR
Mary A.HitchcockH322 19141840Nee Field, wife of Gen'l George
Mary H.HitchcockH322 19191874 
Sarah HowardHitchcockH322 9/16/18615/3/1843 
Frances HollingsworthH452 18691802 
Susan G.HollingsworthH452 19011830 
William F.HollingsworthH45245y2/6/1846  
Major GeorgeHowardH630 7/13/18511/23/1787 
SarahHowardH630 9/24/18398/9/1789 
Francis PendletonHuttonH3504y4/7/1841 Son of Francis & Catherine Hutton
Wm ThompsonJamisonJ52520y,10m,13d9/4/1848 Died in Stapleton, S.I., a member of the Tompkins Cadets, In Life universally beloved, indeath equally regretted, his bereaved shopmates of the SI Malleable Iron Works erected this
Lilly M. Th.JergelJ624 8/9/185212/16/1851Born in Nurnberg Germany died on Staten Island
Edward BernardKaupeK100 7/17/18594/7/1859 
Amelia KeteltasK343 12/27/18721/16/1811Wife of Stephen
Arietta A.KeteltasK343 4/28/18901/4/1833 
Stephen KeteltasK3434y,5m,29d9/16/1831 Son of Stephen and Amelia
ElizaLa FortL16351y,7m8/15/1826 Wife of Capt. John
Francis La FortL16333y6/1835  
John Capt.La FortL16380y10/1846  
Cornelia PlattLansingL5259y,2m,3d11/28/1841 Child of Richard P. and Susan Platt Lansing
Frances TappenLansingL52510y,11m,22d11/28/1841 Child of Richard P. and Susan Platt Lansing
Phillipina SlossonLansingL5255y,3m,1d11/28/1841 Child of Richard P. and Susan Platt Lansing
John O'BryanLe FortL16325y, 9m5/11/1821 Son of John & Eliza La Fort
Amelia G.LudlowL340 1/12/18985/14/1830Nee Smith, wife of Stephen K.
ArietaLudlowL3408y,6m7/2/1830 Daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth
Caroline E.LudlowL340 2/3/187211/12/1815 
Edmund A.LudlowL340 19121821 
ElizabethLudlowL340 5/29/18728/17/1786 
George HowardLudlowL34011y,9d12/8/1841 Son of Joseph & Elizabeth
Little Angel LudlowL340 6/6/1862 Daughter
Lothaire ClaudineLudlowL34011y,5m12/13/1841 Son of James O & Mary C.
Minerva HartorLudlowL340 19011821 
Sarah CordeliaLudlowL3404y,4d2/25/1824 Daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth
Stephen K.LudlowL340 12/31/18901/14/1825 
William D.LudlowL340 1/24/19239/8/1828Son of Joseph & Elizabeth
Eliza D.LymanL550 11/3/18959/24/1826Nee Ludlow, Wife of John H. Lyman
John H.LymanL550 6/3/18827/27/1806 
WillistonLymanL5503weeks/3d10/5/1854 Son of John H. & Eliza D.
Ann Van BeurenLyonL50016y1/2/1843 Adopted daughter of Major Gen. Van Beuren
S.E.W.MacfarlaneM21665y,6m,9d10/14/1877 Wife of John Macfarlane
Sabra?MarshM620 3/14/18711/12/1793 
Stephen GardnerMarshallM624 7/18/184911/14/1818Who died in his vessel at sea
JaneMcCottryM23675y 5/16/186? Wife of Samuel
AngelineMillsM4205y,6m,22d7/10/1846 Daughter of Zophar & Eliza, departed this life in the City of New York
George W.MillsM42037y2/3/1842 Departed this life in the City of New York
HildahMillsM42051y8/13/1831 Consort of Nathaniel Mills who departed this life in the City of New York
NathanielMillsM42052y5/26/1832 Departed this life in the City of New York
Samuel, Capt.NickelsN24256y,3m,18d6/3/1841  
Jonathan, Capt.NickersonN26229y4/10/1833 of Chatham Mass
John MalcolmOgilvieO241 2/11/18515/16/1850 
JamesReauveauR1003y,4d12/11/1844 Son of John & Mary L.
SarahRoffR100 9/29/18595/30/1817 
Clara HitchcockSandwoodS533 19021866 
AbrahamSequineS250 7/24/18677/8/1827Husband of Mary
Abraham L.SequineS250 5/8/18905/7/1860 
James, Jr.SequineS25023y,4m,17d11/28/1848  
Mary SequineS25075y,5m,18d2/8/1864  
Mary A.SequineS250 1/8/19117/20/1836 
Theo.SimonsonS552   Corp'l Co. B. 132nd NY Inf. Civil War
Charles TownSmithS530 19071827 
FrankSmithS53014 days5/6/1859 Twin Children of Charles C. &Henrietta S. Smith
JuliaSmithS5303m,14d8/7/1859 Twin Children of Charles C. &Henrietta S. Smith
MargaretSmithS530 18931837Nee Gordon, wife of Charles Town Smith
Maria J.SmithS53070y,26d10/31/1869  
Samuel RusselSmithS53051y 12/24/18514/10/1801S.R. Smith MD (Smith Infirmary)
Francis SquireS600 8/18/183510/1/1795Born at Fairfield CT, died on board the Brig Himmaleb? On his passage from Port au Prince to New York
John S.StanderwickS3531y,6m,12d4/23/184610/11/1844 
William StanderwickS35317m,21d7/31/1841 Son of Griffen and Cornelia Tompkins
GeorgeSturgesS36233y9/1826 of Boston
George FordTaxterT23669y,3m,2d10/18/1863  
AnnieThompsonT5126m,16d5/27/1870 Daughter of William & Mary
Mary R.ThompsonT512 7/9/18904/12/1843Wife of William
AgnesTompkinsT512 11/20/187610/16/1843Nee Pound, wife of Griffen
Griffen, Jr.TompkinsT512   Winchester Post 197 GAR
Louisa AdelineTompkinsT51222y,2m,15d6/26/1820 Wife of Griffen Tompkins (note by VLD: "this is probably the first wife of Griffen Tompkins"
Susan MaclarenTompkinsT5126m 4/1836Daughter of Griffen and 2nd wife Cornelia
AnnVan BeurenV51655y2/22/1847 Wife of Beekman H.
Beekman H.Van BeurenV51677y2/17/1847 A just and upright man
AbrahamVan PeltV51475y,2m,9d7/3/1856  
CatharineVan PeltV51484y,9m11/18/1858  
Henry, Sr.Van PeltV51471y,4d8/3/1832 "The grave of"
HowardVan PeltV51447y,7m4/20/1878 Anchor Emblem on grave stone
LanerVan PeltV514 4/5/1873  
Margaret Van PeltV51464y,5m1/3/1898  
MaryVan PeltV51455y,1m,18d2/13/1842 Wife of Abraham
PeterVan PeltV51467y,2m,4d11/11/1842  
SarahVan PeltV514 8/16/1875  
Stephen A.VaughnV25027y,3m,20d8/14/1852 Son of Lewis and Sarah
Hannah M.VermilyeV654 18991828Nee Tompkins wife of Theodore C.
T.C.VermilyeV654 3/31/18899/27/1849 
Theodore C.VermilyeV65455y11/13/1879  
Ann MariaVreelandV64525y,65m7/16/1853 Daughter of Catherine & William
Catherine ElizaVreelandV64550y or 60y6/15/1853 Widow of the late Wm Vreeland
EderVreelandV645 8/10/18546/23/1836Son of Catherine & William
Jane R.VreelandV64515y,11m,2d2/2/1849 Daughter of Catherine & William
Julia AnnaVreelandV64523y,3m1/13/1853 Daughter of Catherine & William
Richard HowardVreelandV64520y,7m,7d4/3/1846  
Eleanore MaryWalserW4265m,19d12/10/1880  
Mary A.WalserW42665y6/17/1890  
PaulWalserW426 2/26/1887 Darling son of Oliver and Ella
Theo. HavelockWalserW42619y4/24/1878  
Theo. Walser, M.D.W42677y4/23/1902  
AnnaWesterveltW236 4/22/18909/21/1803 
AnnaWesterveltW236 4/17/18492/26/1833 
CasparWesterveltW236 6/6/185211/1/1844 
EllsworthWesterveltW236 10/4/18974/4/1843 
ErnestWesterveltW236 9/20/18471/10/1847 
Gilbert W.WesterveltW23628y7/16/185? Of New York who died at this place of the prevailing epidemic, erected by his friends of the City of New York
James DanielWesterveltW236 7/27/185211/19/1834 
John S.WesterveltW236 7/31/18696/15/1799 
John SloatWesterveltW236 8/19/18675/5/1831 
Sarah AnnWesterveltW236 2/23/18423/5/1826 
SusanWesterveltW236 11/14/18438/29/1836 
WinthorneWesterveltW236 12/3/18622/24/1838 

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