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Lake Cemetery Additional Burials

Thank you, Lynn!

The below records are the transcribed Vosburg, Leng and Davis grave stone study of 1922-3 this is a recording of the actual grave stones that were visible and legible at that time. At one point in the study V.L.D. state that they will not record all of the grave stones, just the stones of old Staten Island families, they noted areas of the cemetery that had grave stones but they believed these were of new Staten Island families and they were not going to record them. They make the exception for military markers or unique monuments. Grave stones are not a representation of ALL those buried in a grave or throughout the cemetery. Many did not have a monument and many were not added/inscribed on the existing grave stones. We find that the early burials of the First Baptist Church section of the cemetery are not completely recorded. Example, the large plot of Rev. White is not included in any of the listings.There are burials in this list that are not included in the larger Lake Cemetery burial records previously provided and there are burials in this list that are included in the previous listing as those were taken from cemetery records. These records were transcribed to the best of our ability, the records are in poor condition and extremely hard to read. If you find a discrepancy in these records, please make that correction in your own files. We will not make any alterations to this listing. If you find these records not compatible to your own family history, you are encouraged to seek death certificates or other legal vital records through the New York City Municipal Archives located in Manhattan. This cemetery interment listing is provided as a courtesy from Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. to aid you in your genealogy or family history search only and should be not used as legal vital records.

Transcribed: by Lynn Rogers.
Ellenor F.AmesA520 2/11/189110th row, 1st lotNee Doyle, Born 8/22/1831 wife of Capt. John Ames
HenryArchillesA62478y 5/2/1900on main pathway Forest AveCo. E. 41st NY Vol's Civil War
MariaBarcalowB62475y,5m,24d3/21/18783rd rowNee Jones, wife of Capt. Barcalow
Nicholas Capt.BarcalowB62480y,6m,21d3/25/18783rd row 
Robert BraxtonB62364y8/12/1904 USS Brandywine, Civil War
Edwin Y.BrayneB650 1/26/1897 Born 1/16/1829
Richard L.BrayneB650 9/24/1892 Born 1/20/1876, son of Edwin and Matilda
Ann M.BrinleyB654 12/8/1916 Born 10/16/1863, wife of John
JohnBrinleyB654 5/16/1921 Born 12/18/1838, 132nd NY and US Navy full Corporal, Civil War
Maria V.BrinleyB654 11/7/1914West of 13th rowBorn 12/25/1840
Oliver T.BrinleyB654 2/19/1924West of 13th rowBorn 10/28/1842
D.BrothertonB636 2/21/18985th rowBorn 8/4/1817
FrelinghuysenBrothertonB63611m,22d4/1/18465th rowBorn 54/9/1845, son of Daniel & Sally Ann
Harriet AnnBrothertonB6365y,18d4/13/18465th rowBorn 3/26/1841, daughter of Daniel & Sally Ann
Sarah A.BrothertonB636 5/8/18835th rowBorn 2/17/1817
Mother BrownB65096y4/3/1920West of 12th row 
Ellis BunnB50061y10/14/1903West of 12th row6th NY Ind. Battery, Civil War
John B.BurggrafB626 3/23/1912South sideBorn 9/15/1852
MarthaBurtisB632 8/1879 Born 4/8/1835, wife of James
WilliamBurtonB63567y3/17/1905 Co. B. 59th NY Vol's Civil War
Angelina T.BushB200 11/10/1920West of 12th rowWife of Aaron Bush
MiltonBushB200 8/22/1869 Born 3/22/1851, son of Aaron and Elizabeth Bush
William H. BushB20065y,4m,24d8/20/1892on main pathway Forest Ave 
Robert N.CochranC26574y1/5/19035th row 
WilliamColeC40046y,8m,5d10/8/18531st row 
Catherine A.CookC200 4/25/18923rd lotBorn 9/9/1822
Charles H.CorsonC625 19123rd lot.Born 1841, wife Ellen C. Beaty
Ellen C.CorsonC625 18723rd lotNee Beaty, born 1846
Hattie A.CorsonC625 5/11/1868West of 11th rowBorn 12/9/1859
MosesCorsonC625 1883West of 11th row 
DanielDe PuyD10066y11/18643rd row 
GertrudeDe PuyD10056y1/14/18623rd rowWife of Daniel
Alletta C.DeckerD26027y,5m,2d1/14/18566th row, 4th lotWife of J.V.P. Decker
Anthea DeckerD26057y10/16/18824th rowBorn 5/25/1825, wife of John Decker Jr.
BenjaminDeckerD260 3/18/1890 Born 9/20/1810
Clarence V.N.DeckerD260 4/21/1923West of 11th rowBorn 2/14/1873
D. AbrahamDeckerD260 5/27/1910West of 11th rowBorn 5/1/1830
DinaDeckerD260 10/3/1881 Born 2/1813, wife of Benj.
ElizabethDeckerD260 1/7/18685th rowBorn 4/13/1793
EmelineDeckerD26030y5/27/18804th rowBorn 3/8/1850
Emily JaneDeckerD260 8/23/1907West of 11th rowBorn 7/29/1832
Gertrude M.DeckerD260 11/27/1915 Born 9/14/1850 wife of Samuel W.
ImogenaDeckerD260 5/26/1904West of 11th rowNee Anderson, wife of Clarence V.N. Decker
James B. DeckerD26028y1/30/1905  
JohnDeckerD26081y12/15/19014th rowBorn 1/16/1820
John B.DeckerD260 4/7/18735th rowBorn 10/28/1786
Samuel W.DeckerD260 12/24/1922 Born 1/2/1846, Civil War
Sarah L.DeckerD260 2/18/1920South/of 1st lot DrivewayBorn 10/29/1838
Simon V.N.DeckerD260 12/1/1920South/of 1st lot DrivewayBorn 2/12/1832, Co. A. 82nd NY Vol, Inf Civil War
CatherineDoyleD400 6/5/188210th row, 1st lotBorn 12/25/1808, wife of Adam A. Doyle
FrancisDriverD61662y1/2/18922nd lot 
Mary AnnDriverD61666y8/23/18962nd lotNee Barton, widow of Francis Driver
Ann E.EgbertE216 4/4/19005th rowBorn 3/29/1831
Charles I.ElmsE452 10/16/1911 Born 8/5/1845 132nd NY Vol's Civil War Veteran
DanielElmsE45274y9/17/1896 Co. I. 156th NY Vol's Civil War
Ebenezer T.ElmsE452 1/14/1924 Born 3/20/1851
Elvira W.ElmsE452 5/24/1916 Born 9/23/1845
Emma J.ElmsE452 3/13/1923 Born 5/16/1848 wife of Ebenezer
J. OliverElmsE452 7/24/1893 Born 6/8/1879
Rebecca O.ElmsE45274y1/21/1899 Wife of Daniel
Harold EsterlyE2369m7/13/1887  
Lloyd ArnoldEsterlyE2362m,21d10/24/1895  
Ency EvelandE14546y,1m,18d10/2/1893 Wife of Theodore
TheordoreEvelandE145 2/9/1920 129th PA Vol's Civil War
DeidrichFreyF60073y7/29/1892West of 13th rowFather
Bernard J.GallagherG426 7/17/19034th lot, southBorn 2/1/1832
Mary A.GallagherG426 4/6/19064th lot, southBorn 3/27/1841, wife of Bernard
HiramGarrisonG625 18952nd rowBorn 1826
PameliaGarrisonG62578y,8m19242nd rowBorn 1829
Sherman S.GarrisonG6251y,6m5/5/18522nd rowSon of Hiram & Pamelia
Jane A.GreenG650 10/25/18763rd lotBorn 5/5/1842, wife of Thomas, daughter of Jacob & Susan Housman
Henry C.GritmanG635 5/18/1920East sideBorn 10/5/1844
Ann HaughwoutH23071y,1m,3d11/28/18881st rowWife of Isaac
IsaacHaughwoutH23091y,1m,10d3/19/19031st row, Willowbrook Rd 
SamuelHaughwoutH2308y,18d10/4/18541st rowSon of Isaac & Ann
Napoleon B.HolmanH455   Co. A. 2nd Ohio Inf. Civil War
George W. HousmanH255 10/20/1893North of DrivewayBorn 8/15/1832
JacobHousmanH255 1/23/18863rd lotBorn 7/26/1809
Robert HowardH630   Co. H. 54th MA Inf. Civil War
GraceHughesH22074y3/13/18954th lotWife of Samuel
SamuelHughesH22015y6/28/19054th lottwin son of JW & EA Hughes
Samuel HughesH22076y 1/12/18904th lot 
Samuel J.HughesH220 4/30/19074th lotBorn 11/30/1856
Correl L.HumphreyH51652y5/27/1895West of 13th rowAss't Surgeon, 80th NY Vol's, Civil War
Irvin J.HylandH45320y,2m,9d6/27/1898West of 13th rowSon of Wallace and Caroline
EloiseIngramI526 11/23/1912North of DrivewayNee Lake, born 11/23/1836
JohnIngramI526 7/29/1903North of DrivewayBorn 11/21/1831
Frederick WmJacquesJ220 8/16/18966th lotBorn 2/3/1872, son of Isaac & Margaret A.
Richard C.JohnsonJ525 12/23/18863rd lotBorn 12/10/1839, Co. K 132nd NY Civil War
AnnieJonesJ520 3/5/190714th rowBorn 5/31/1861
Ansley B.JonesJ520 8/23/19133rd lotBorn 8/12/1843
EldoradoJonesJ5202y,4m,2d3/21/18925th lotDaughter of John & Henrietta
EugeneJonesJ520 11/15/1903 Born 9/29/1868
FrederickJonesJ520 1910 Born 1840
Garrett JonesJ520 4/9/19174th rowBorn 2/26/1844
Harriet M.JonesJ52054y7/26/19013rd lotWife of Ansley
JuliaJonesJ520 3/26/19214th rowBorn 6/7/1851
Mary LouisaJonesJ520 10/13/18942nd lot or #20Born 2/4/1854, 3rd daughter of Maria L/Madison
Rebecca J.JonesJ520 3/2/18924th rowBorn 11/28/1873, wife of Horace Gage or Cage
Samuel D.H.JonesJ52032y6/25/19083rd lotBrother of Ansley
EzraJoyceJ20058y,7m,27d11/7/18532nd row 
Jeremiah KemptonK513 8/15/18852nd row westerlyBorn 1/25/1881, son of Thomas J. & Martha F.
Thomas J.KemptonK513 2/11/18952nd row westerlyBorn 2/11/1850
John N.KunzK520 7/5/1910At bend Born 8/17/1863 husband of Mary A. Young
CliffordLaidlawL340 00/00/1913West of 11th rowBorn 1913
EdwinLaidlawL340 00/00/1911West of 11th rowBorn 1911
EttaLaidlawL340 00/00/1903West of 11th rowBorn 1919
Aaron T.LakeL200 12/10/1907West of 12th rowBorn 9/12/1855
Albert H.LakeL200 10/19/1913South/West of DrivewayBorn 7/6/1911
AlfredLakeL200 7/23/1895West of 12th rowBorn 9/16/1825
Amelia F.LakeL200 19089th row, 1st lotBorn 1863, mother
Ann E.LakeL20080y,4m3/1/19029th row, 1st lotWife of Mottines
Ann M.LakeL200 3/14/18947th & 8th row of lots Born 10/26/1815 (orig. owners of property)
Catherine J.LakeL200 1896 Born 1842,
DanielLakeL200 10/13/1901South/West of DrivewayBorn 11/24/1844
ElizabethLakeL200 1/20/1901West of 12th rowBorn 5/31/1824, wife of Alfred
GertrudeLakeL200 3/30/1918South/West of DrivewayBorn 6/12/1845
JosephLakeL200 10/29/18667th & 8th row of lotsBorn 4/1/1810 (orig. owners of the property)
JosephLakeL200 2/10/1923South/West of DrivewayBorn 1/11/1847
Mary L.LakeL200 2/7/19199th row, 1st lotBorn 9/7/1833
Mottines S.LakeL20060y,1m4/8/18769th row, 1st lot 
Our BabyLakeL200 1/15/18599th row, 1st lotBorn 5/3/1858
Sarah C.LakeL200 10/9/1919South/West of DrivewayBorn 7/19/1852
William H.H.LakeL200 1897 Born 1842, wife Catherine J. Doyle
Elizabeth LatouretteL3634y,8m,4d12/28/18516th row, 5th lotElizabeth Matilda Ann, daughter of Peter & Alletta
Paul, Jr.LatouretteL363 10/6/19132nd lotBorn 4/7/1852
RuthLatouretteL363 2/21/19042nd lotBorn 8/8/1896
WillieLatouretteL3639m10/28/18862nd lotSon of Paul & Maretta
Jane LemmermanL565 6/23/1915 Born 11/19/1886, daughter of Wm A. & Lucy, wife of Frederick
John H.LeonardL56371y,9m,24d3/21/1892West of 13th row132nd NY Vol's Civil War
Mary E.LettsL320 8/25/1892 Born 4/12/1836, wife of J.C. Letts
Cousin LillieLetts?L320   Recorded only as Cousin Lillie
Our ErvieLetts?L320   Recorded only as "Our Ervie"
AbrahamLiskL200 9/13/1882 Born 5/23/1834
Catherine I.LiskL200 10/7/1909 Born 1/22/1884
Cloretta L.LiskL200 7/11/1900 Born 7/19/1881, daughter of Wm A. & Lucy
Emma M.LiskL200 7/3/1879LiskBorn 4/29/1852, wife of George W.
George W. LiskL200 5/24/1876LiskBorn 3/30/1851
Harry S.LiskL2002y 11/18/1891 Son of Sylvester
Jane M.LiskL200 6/6/1900LiskBorn 10/12/1816, wife of Capt. Jeremiah
Jeremiah Capt.LiskL200 9/28/1902LiskBorn 3/11/1814
John A.LiskL200 1/6/1910 Born 8/7/1874, son of Wm A. and Lucy
John, Capt.LiskL200 5/25/18754th lot, north halfBorn 5/14/1807
Lucy A.LiskL200 6/2/1919LiskBorn 2/2/1854, wife of Capt. William
MahiliaLiskL200 2/17/1891 Born 8/8/1838, wife of Abraham
Mary A.LiskL200 4/21/1902LiskBorn 8/13/1874, daughter of George and Emma
Mary AnnLiskL200 10/15/18894th lot, north halfBorn 12/25/1818, wife of Capt. John
Percy C.LiskL200 10/14/1892 Born 6/21/1886 son of Jeremiah & Delphine M.
SylvesterLiskL200 1/10/1895 Born 8/9/1860
William A. Capt.LiskL200  LiskBorn 5/14/1853
William AlfredLiskL200 4/30/1911 Born 8/7/1890, son of Wm A. and Lucy
WillieLiskL200 7/6/1880 Born 12/16/1876, son of Wm A. & Lucy
IsaacLockmanL25523y, 10m7/3/18636th row, 6th lotKilled at Gettysburg, Priv. Co. A. 82nd NY Civil War
CatherineLongL52033y2/18/1898 Wife of George
Harold LongL5207y,11m,14d12/19/1900 Son of Catherine & George
AnnaLorenzL652 3/4/1920South/of 1st lot DrivewayBorn 6/15/1845
John J.LudyL300 8/27/1890At main pathwayborn 3/12/1848
Charles A.LueckeL200 5/26/1896West of 13th rowBorn 8/24/1856, Veteran 61-65 Marker
Helena LueckeL200 10/14/1887West of 13th rowBorn 9/20/1883
ValentineLueckeL200 12/26/1892West of 13th rowBorn 2/14/1886
SeymourLyvereL16036y7/27/19084th rowHusband of Sophie
SophiaMarineM650  West of 13th rowBorn 3/27/1855
Howard MonroeMarshallM624 2/16/1864 Born 11/29/1858, son of Madison/Maria L.
Madison MarshallM624 1/22/18832nd lot or #20Born 8/9/1823
Marie L.MarshallM624 9/1/18932nd lot or #20Born 10/18/1825 wife of Madison
O.MarshallM62420y,1m,22d12/19/1892 Cannot read
JamesMartin M635 6/9/1921West of 13th rowBorn 3/16/1844
GabrielMartinoM635 12/16/18866th row,2nd lotBorn 10/7/1816
SophiaMartinoM635 11/4/18626th row, 2nd lotBorn 12/7/1818, wife of Gabriel
AbrahamMerrellM64083y,5m,9d1/14/18556th row, 4th lot 
CatherineMerrellM64075y,5m,21d8/5/18805th rowWife of Edward
CatherineMerrellM64082y,8m,17d4/17/18764th lotBorn 8/10/1793, wife of John I.
EdwardMerrellM64053y,3m,2d5/24/18545th rowcould be 22 days instead of 2 days
IreneMerrellM6406y,16d18905th rowBorn 1884
IsidoraMerrellM640 19185th rowBorn 1854
James L.MerrellM64029y,5m,21d5/8/18805th row 
John D.MerrellM64030y,10m,15d12/22/18476th row, 3rd lot 
John E.MerrellM640 7/29/19045th rowBorn 1/8/1827
John I.MerrellM640 19215th rowBorn 1852
John I.MerrellM64085y,9m,13d10/24/18814th lotBorn 1/11/1796
Leroy W.MerrellM640 10/13/1918 Born 3/22/1907
MarieMerrellM6405y,9m9/15/18495th row 
Mary J.MerrellM640 4/17/19205th rowBorn 2/28/1828 wife of John E.
Oliver H.MerrellM640 3/28/1916 Born 1/15/1901
Sarah AnnMerrellM64033y,2m,10d3/4/18845th lotBorn 12/23/1850, wife of Alonzo
Jacob V.P.MerrillM640 5/30/18965th lotBorn Nov. 29, son of Alonzo & Sarah A.
John L.MerrillM640 2/18/18885th lotBorn 3/7/1818
Susan AnnMerrillM640 9/8/18975th lotBorn 4/2/1823, wife of John L.
EllenMillerM460 11/3/1898on main pathway Forest AveBorn 10/9/1845
EthelMillerM4603 days12/16/1886Miller plotDaughter of Henry and Emily
WilliamMillerM460 8/24/1902on main pathway Forest AveBorn 6/1/1850
ElizabethMoonM500 11/12/18994th lot, southNee Gallagher, Wife of William born 8/19/1864
EllisonMoonM500 11/21/18994th lot, southBorn 10/29/1899
Ida R.MurphyM610 2/4/1879 Born 10/22/1875, daughter of Wm & Ida R.
Ida R.MurphyM610 10/4/1889 Nee Martineau, Born 10/26/1857, wife of William
William C.MurphyM610 6/13/1888 Born 10/1881, son of Wm & Ida R.
Elizabeth EthelNotteN300 12/3/191214th rowBorn 3/18/1873
CatherineParkerP62654y,8m,6d6/22/1853North of Driveway 
James H.PhillipsP412 5/28/19097th row of lotsHusband of Catherine
Edward J.ProudP630 00/00/191614th rowBorn 1846
Frances M.ProudP630 00/00/192214th rowBorn 1849
Frances MayProudP630 6/11/189114th rowBorn 8/19/1874
Our Baby EricRedmondR355 7/18/18976th lotBorn Sept. 1895, son of Thomas & Georgiana
Thomas J.RedmondR355 7/10/19076th lotBorn 7/25/1867
Everett H.ReinkeR520 2/28/19136th row, 1st lotBorn 12/1/1912
Sarah J.RichardsR263 11/14/1905North of DrivewayNee Ruddington or Buddington, born 9/3/1833
William L.RichardsR263 10/31/1903North of DrivewayBorn 9/16/1838
Jennie L.ScofieldS1431y,2m,26d10/14/18815th lot Daughter of Erastus & Gertrude
Carl W.ShoresS620 00/00/1911 Born 1912
Wm. C.ShoresS620 00/00/1913 Born 1885
Martha L.SnedenS535 19041st lot south eastBorn 1895
HenrySnyderS536   Co. F. 31st NJ Inf. Civil War
MelisaSparacioS162 5/25/1913South/of 1st lot DrivewayNee Van Name, born 8/17/1892, wife of Joseph Sparacio
David D.StevensS315 1/8/1894West of 13th rowBorn 3/4/1841
ElizabethStevensS315 3/6/1889West of 13th rowBorn 2/15/1815
JohnStevensS315 12/19/1898West of 13th rowBorn 6/14/1809
Frank E.StewartS363 4/20/1920 Born 8/25/1879
Clarence L.StinemireS355 9/8/1912West of 13th rowBorn 11/15/1899 son of Minnie E.
Minnie E.StinemireS355 7/24/1902West of 13th rowNee Brinley, born 5/8/1877
EmelineSutherlandS364   All Sutherland on one grave stone
JennieSutherlandS364   All Sutherland on one grave stone
MamieSutherlandS364   All Sutherland on one grave stone
SophiaSutherlandS364   All Sutherland on one grave stone
WilliamSutherlandS364   All Sutherland on one grave stone
Mary TrappaniT61576y,5m,9d5/19/18755th rowBorn 12/10/1798
GeorgeTurnerT656   Co. K. 132 NY Inf. Civil War
Joseph FrancisVan CliefV52423y4/26/1890West of 12th row 
Marie LouisaVan CliefV5249m,15d7/2/1863West of 12th rowBorn 9/17/1862
AaronVan NameV55081y11/4/19107th row of lots 
AbrahamVan NameV55040y,9m,14d9/15/18506th row, 5th lotCould be Sept. 13, 1850
AmbroseVan NameV550  7th row of lotsGrave stone says Our little Ambrose
Charles HenryVan NameV5506y,6m,16d2/7/18416th row, 5th lotSon of Abraham D. and Ann
CorneliusVan NameV55048y,3m,23d12/16/1843  
Edgar C.Van NameV550 6/3/1900 Born 3/19/1896
ElizabethVan NameV550 9/28/1920 Nee Decker, born 4/12/1835, wife of Wm H.
Frank I.Van NameV550 7/5/1913West of 13th rowBorn 9/28/1893
Hattie E.Van NameV55023y 1/10/1908South/of 1st lot DrivewayBorn 8/8/1884
Israel J.Van NameV550 11/13/1901 Born 8/2/1865
JaneVan NameV55077y11/15/19107th row of lots 
JohnVan NameV5501y,5m,28d1/26/1835 Son of Cornelius and Rebecca
LeroyVan NameV55019y2/11/1909South/of 1st lot DrivewayBorn 3/19/1889
Lizzie EmmaVan NameV550 5/14/1892 Born 3/6/1862, wife of 3rd S.I. B. Pres. Calvin D.
LuraVan NameV550  7th row of lotsGrave stone says Our Little Lura
Mary G.Van NameV55071y 6/12/18755th lot north half 
RebeccaVan NameV55036y,8m,23d10/1837 Wife of Cornelius
William H.H.Van NameV550 5/9/1875 Born 8/11/1826
Andrew P.Van PeltV51478y 4/11/1892 Co. K. 132nd NY Vol's, Civil War
AnnieVan PeltV51421y,20d7/15/1896 Born 6/25/1875
Benjamin F.Van PeltV514 3/10/1912on main pathway Forest AveBorn 5/14/1864
David M.Van PeltV514 12/27/18837th row of lotsBorn 5/15/1831
Ella MayVan PeltV51417y,2m,11d10/21/1894West of 12th row 
EmelineVan PeltV51414y,11m,15d10/30/18585th rowDaughter of John I & Maria
GeorgeVan PeltV51425y,1m,13d1/22/18645th row 
George, Capt.Van PeltV51432y3/19/1908  
IzoliaVan PeltV514 10/8/1882 Born 7/7/1867
JohnVan PeltV514 5/13/18896th row, 1st lotBorn 4/29/1889, son of John
John H.Van PeltV514 3/13/19096th row, 1st lotBorn 5/23/1859, beloved husband
John I.Van PeltV51466y,2m,12d9/30/18565th row 
MariahVan PeltV51460y,19d2/26/18625th rowRelict of John I. Van Pelt
Mary A.Van PeltV514 9/6/1898 Born 9/11/1871, wife of I.J. Van Name
Sarah C.Van PeltV514 9/3/1902 Nee Latourette, born March 1830, wife of Capt. Wm H. Van Pelt
Sarah F.Van PeltV514 8/28/1904 Born 2/23/1880
SophiaVan PeltV514 1/2/19097th row of lotsBorn 1/21/1839
Susan Van PeltV514 7/22/1914on main pathway Forest AveBorn 6/10/1865
V. HenryVan PeltV514 1/29/19197th row of lotsBorn 6/25/1861
William R.WengoroviusW52665y3/17/19024th lot 
Horatio S.WesterfieldW23654y 2/5/1905 Co. G 12th NY Vol's Civil War
AnnWhittleW340 00/00/190314th rowBorn 1833
George W. WhittleW340 7/26/189014th rowBorn 5/28/1870
MaggieWilliamsW452 4/14/1897 Nee Pritchard, Born 2/29/1862 wife of J.D. Williams
Charles W.YoungY520 7/17/1909At bend born 7/5/1908
GeorgeYoungY520 1/16/1897At bend Born 9/29/1867
Henry A.YoungY52069y12/12/1903At bend Born 3/11/1835, died at 8:20 pm, co. A. 1st NY Cavalry, Civil War
Mary M.YoungY520 12/12/1903At bend Born 6/2/1842, died at 8:40 pm

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