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Blazing Star/Rossville Burials

Thank you, Lynn!

Rossville Burying Ground

Also known as:

Blazing Star, Sleight Family and Seguine Family Burying Ground

History, by William T. Davis 1922 (edited)

“The first settlers of Staten Island often chose what seemed to them most pleasing sites for the last resting place of their departed dead. A notable example of this was the small burying ground on Cemetery Hill, to the west of Richmond village, and an almost equally pleasing site is the sudden rise of land close to the edge of the salt meadow at Blazing Star, the good old name for what has been called Rossville since about 1837. This narrow strip of upland lies between the Fresh Kill road, now knows as Arthur Kill road and the before mentioned salt meadow. The buying ground is one of the very early ones, and one of the first community burying grounds on the Island. The strip of land between the old road and the steep bank leading down to the salt meadow, is so narrow that the gravestones were arranged in fifteen rows, containing from one to six stones in each row. Of the six earliest gravestones, dating from 1751 to 1761, all but that to the memory of Abraham Cole face west. The remaining thirty five stones face east, the usual custom in the earlier cemeteries.

On November 4, 1888 the writer copied the inscriptions on a number of gravestones in this old burying ground. We find mention of twelve different family names; five English, five Huguenot or French and two Dutch.”

The cemetery was designated a New York City landmark in 1968. The following is the transcription of the 1922 V.L.D. grave stone study. William T. Davis notes grave stones that were found in 1888 and not found in 1922. In 1989 FACSI updated this listing and note graves stones no longer visible or not found. Some of the last names which should be exactly the same are not, they are slightly different, example Marshel vs. Marshell. Grave stones are not a representation of ALL those buried in a grave or throughout the cemetery. Many did not have a monument and many were not added/inscribed on the existing grave stones

These records were transcribed to the best of our ability, the records are in poor condition and extremely hard to read. If you find a discrepancy in these records, please make that correction in your own files. We will not make any alterations to this listing. If you find these records not compatible to your own family history, you are encouraged to seek death certificates or other legal vital records through the New York City Municipal Archives located in Manhattan. This cemetery interment listing is provided as a courtesy from Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. to aid you in your genealogy or family history search only and should be not used as legal vital records.

Transcribed by: Lynn Rogers

First NameLast NameSoundexAgedDate of DeathDate of BirthRow/Location Misc.
AnnAyresA62056y,5m,1d10/24/1828 9th rowWife of Elihu, white marble stone
ElihuAyresA62069y,6d5/30/1836 9th rowWhite marble stone
AbrahamColeC40039y,1m9/22/1751 3rd rowOldest extant stone in the cemetery
Harmon B.LaforgeL1623y,3m,15d5/26/1829 13th rowSon of Henry S. and Catherine R.
JacobLaforgeL16216y,5m,11d4/11/1838 13th rowSon of Henry & Catharine Laforge, white marble
John t.LaforgeL1625y,10m,1d4/5/1838 13th rowSon of Henry and Catherine, white marble
JohnMarshallM62486y10/9/1811 3rd rowBrown stone
CatherineMarshelM624 3/18/178210/30/17573rd rowBrown stone
SusannahMarshelM62489y10/2/1801 3rd row 
ElizabethOakleyO24076y1/1/1819 11th rowIsrael & Elizabeth Oakley were the great great grandparents of Wm. T. Davis
IsraelOakleyO24085y, 12/10/1824 11th rowBrown stone,
AbrahamParleeP64044y,9m,23d11/2/17601/10/17164th rowBrown stone
BorntParleeP64072y1/20/1825 5th rowBrown stone
HenryParleeP64078y,9m,9d1/12/1831 5th rowFound in 1888, not found in 1922
JohnParleeP64017y,9m,6d1/2/17613/27/17434th rowBrown stone
JohnParleeP64040y11/7/1824 5th rowSon of Bornt Parlee, brown stone
RachelParleeP64091y,7m6/18/1854 5th rowFound in 1922, not found in 1989
ElizabethPoillonP45054y6/6/1820 7th rowDaughter of James and Catherine Sequine, brown stone
BorntSequineS25064y7/17/1831 14th rowWhite marble stone
Catharine GertrudeSequineS2502y,7m,4d11/22/1805 10th rowDaughter of John & Margaret Sequine, brown stone
CatherineSequineS25068y8/12/1803 6th rowWife of James Sequine, brown stone
CatherineSequineS25013y,4m6/23/1831 15th rowDaughter of George & Elizabeth Sequine, brown stone
CorneliusSequineS25043y10/2/1836 7th rowWhite marble stone
FrederickSequineS25063y,6m,25d1/25/1837 14th rowWhite marble stone
HenerySequineS25026y8/26/1819 10th rowSon of John & Margaret Sequine
JamesSequineS25063y,6m,27d9/23/1795 6th rowBrown stone
JamesSequineS25027y,7m,7d4/7/1826 7th rowSon of Stephen & Susannah Sequine, white marble stone
JohnSequineS25055y,10m,21d10/6/181311/15/175710th rowBrown stone
MargaretSequineS25059y,2m,30d3/7/1844 7th rowWife of Stephen Sequine, white marble stone
StephenSequineS25085y,10m,7d2/5/1847 7th rowWhite marble stone
StephenSequineS25018y,8m6/13/1818 10th rowSon of John & Margaret Sequine
SusannahSequineS25034y,9m,4d5/31/1804 7th rowBrown stone
EdmundSheaS00017y,2m,24d8/19/1826 8th rowSon of William and rachell Shea, not found in 1989
John G.SheaS00052y10/8/1865 8th rowFound in 1922, not found in 1989
RachelSheaS00039y 4/25/1819 8th rowWife of William Shea. Found in 1922, not found in 1989
HitetiaSimonsonS55267y7/25/1789 2nd rowReal name: Hilletje. Daughter of Henrick and Catherine Winant, Baptized 1/7/1722
CatharineSlaghtS423 2/28/17604/5/16941st rowWife of Henrick, grave stone missing in 1989
JacobSlaghtS42326y6/20/1751 1st rowSon of Henrick, grave stone missing in 1989
AnnWinantW55325y,6m,23d12/19/1828 12th rowWife of Bornt P. Winant. Found in 1922, not found in 1989
M.F.WinantW5537m,5d2/2/1828 12th rowSon of Bornt P. and Ann Winant
PeterWinentW553104y8/8/175816542nd rowGrave stone missing in 1989

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