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Second Asbury (Zion) African Methodist Episcopoal (AME) Church and Cemetery

aka, Old Slaves Burying Ground/Cherry Lane or Colored Cemetery

From Lynn Rogers at FACSI:
Upon reviewing old files held by Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries I came across the following burial records for the obliterated cemetery, known as the Second Asbury (Zion) African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and Cemetery aka, Old Slaves Burying Ground/Cherry Lane or Colored Cemetery that once stood at the corner of Forest Avenue @ North Avenue. The site is now a shopping center. A bank stands on the property.

Many, many thanks to FACSI and Lynn for the information!

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
158 Myrtle Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310
Our FACSI page
FACSI facebook page
Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)

History of Second Asbury

FirstLastAge at deathNotesDate of DeathSoundex
AaronBush47b 4/5/18428/2/1889B200
AliceBush60 3/13/1893B200
EdithBush5 mo 10/5/7890 (1890?)B200
?Cook Child of John6/13/1894C200
ClarenceCrawford  4/10/1892C616
EdithCrowley5 8/19/1885C640
JaneCrowley7 1/13/1882C640
JohnCrowley36 11/17/1887C640
JeremiahCurtis73 7/13/1882C632
CorryDavis3(son of Henry Davis)9/24/1894D120
EugeneDavis3moElm St, PR10/5/1900D120
Lulu EllaDavis9mo(daughter of Henry Davis)2/6/1895D120
Wilson JDavis72 4/23/1895D120
Francis D.DeHart63 9/1872D630
MaryFrancis35Rich. Terrace, PR12/15/1900F652
BlancheHill1mo 8/29/1898H400
CarrieHill3 mo 7/7/1890H400
MarieHill39Lockman Avenue7/10/1890H400
AugustinJones22 2/8/1879J520
JohnKays3y 6 mo 4/7/1893K200
AndrewLawrence 62 Van Pelt Avenue5/14/1894L652
Chas. H.Lawrence12 days 12/15/1891L652
William T.Lightfoot24Van Pelt Avenue8/7/1899L231
JohnOvertonb 1806 4/12/1890O163
BenjaminPrine99Elm St, PR (Benj Prine may have been born as early as 1789)10/3/1900P650
CarolinePrine50(Caroline Isabella DeBero Prince was the second wife of Benjamin Prine)5/4/1898P650
GertrudePrine78Van Pelt Avenue8/6/1893P650
IrvinPrine2 days 9/24/1886P650
IrvinPrine2mo(son of John Prine)9/24/1896P650
MablePrine2 1/28/1900P650
RachelPrine7 daysVan Pelt Avenue8/18/1892P650
?Purnell Child of John7/14/1894P654
?Purnell Child of John5/6/1902P654
EcraPurnell10 mo55 Van Pelt Ave6/16/1889P654
Marie AnnPurnell16 4/2/1890P654
Samuel J.Purnell1057 Broadway WNB5/11/1889P654
William H.Purnell21 2/6/1896P654
Forrest L.Robertson  7/12/1898R163
Randal M.Robertson5moElm St, PR9/20/1900R163
ClarenceRobinson3mo(child of Joshua W. & Lizzie Prine Robinson)8/14/1895R152
MableRobinson8mo 7/13/1903R152
Martha R.Robinson3mo(aka Robertson)9/26/1894R152
Lillie T.Sayles14 3/1/1884S420
LouisaSayles50 8/8/1897S420
EdithShepard7 mo 9/17/1888S163
RachelVan Buren100 12/30/1903V516
The above is a collection of known burials in the cemetery. This may or may not be a complete list of all burials. Cemetery is now obliterated

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