1875 Census

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Transcribed by Jim Elbrecht in September 1998
Thanks, Jim!!!

Town ED PageEnumeration DateEnumeratorLine #House #Type of HouseValueFamily #NameAgeSexRaceRelationshipWhere BornMarriedWidowedSingleOccupationOut-of-townNativeNaturalizedAlienOwns Land21 & Illiteratedisabled
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall187  86Shilton, Joseph28m  Germany  xFarm Hand   x   
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall288Frame400087Moore, Margaretta G.79f  [Peru?] x      x  
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall3    Moore, Christian Jones60f DauRichmond  x        
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall4    Moore, Harriet G.55f DauRichmond  x        
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall5    Moore, M.E.53f DauRichmond  x        
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall6    Moore, S.M.42?f DauRichmond  x        
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall7    Moore, Richard C.52m SonRichmond  xAuctioneer x  x  
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall8    Moore, V.40f DauRichmond  x        
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall9    Moore, L.38f DauRichmond  x        
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall10    Fitzgerald, Mary30f servantIreland  xDomestic Servant   x   
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall1189Stone200088Cumming(?), Robert M.40m  Scotlandx  Domestic Servant   x   
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall12    Cumming (?) Louisa M.24f wifeNY Co.x          
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall13    Cumming, Robert1.916666667m sonNY Co.           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall1490  89Weeks, George De39m  Westchesterx  [Supt Cty Suplys'?]       
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall15    Weeks, Harriet35f wifeKingsx          
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall16    Weeks, George8m sonKings           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall17    Weeks, F.W.2m sonKings           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall18   90Walker, Frederick35m  R.I.x  [Supt. of Mar. Plt. Co.?]       
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall19    Walker, Martha W.33f wifeKingsx          
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall20    Walker, Martha W.8f childKings           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall21    Walker, Frederick H.1.416666667m childKings           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall22   91Chapman, Allan[?] K.26m  Maine x Clk. in Bank       
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall23    Chapman, H.M.2f childKings           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall24    Holmes, Sarah D.24f boarderKings  x        
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall2692Brick1000092Wyeth, W.J.44m  Marylandx  Lawyer x  x  
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall27    Wyeth, Anna C.40f wifeLouisiannax       x  
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall28    Wyeth, Charles16m sonRichmond   Engraver[Engineer?]       
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall29    Wyeth, Laura13f dauRichmond           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall30    Wyeth, Nellie E.10fxdauRichmond           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall31    Wyeth, [L___?]8f dauRichmond           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall3293Frame5093Mullin, James45m  Irelandx  Laborer       
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall33    Mullin, Ellen45f wifeIrelandx      x   
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall34    Mullin, Mary18f childRichmond  x    x   
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall35    Mullin, Maggie11f childRichmond           
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall3694Stone10094Cortelyou, Jacob72m  Richmondx  [Horse Farrier?] x     
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall37    Cortelyou, Francis[sic]37f DaughterRichmond  x        
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall3995Stone[NR]95Heyerdahl, C.S.43f  R.I. x      x  
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall40    Burke, James25m ServantRichmondx[sic] x[sic]Domestic Servant       
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall41    Burke, Thomas16m Servant`Richmond  xDomestic Servant       
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall42    Long, Jane25f ServantIrelandx  Domestic Servant   x   
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall4396Frame200096Gabrielson, [Gunnius?]53m  Norwayx  Florist  x x  
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall44    Gabrielson, Paulina44f wifeNorwayx          
Northfield210June 5Cornelius Prall45    Gabrielson, Gaston19m sonNY Co.  x        

Town ED PageEnumeration DateEnumeratorLine #House #Type of HouseValueFamily #NameAgeSexRaceRelationshipWhere BornMarriedWidowedSingleOccupationOut-of-townNativeNaturalizedAlienOwns Land21 & Illiteratedisabled
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall1    Lydetad(?), Andrew21m  Norway  x[Farm?] Hand   x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall297Framed50097Sampson, Sarah J.54f  England x      x  
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall3    Falkner, James36m SonNY Co.  xBlacksmith x     
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall498Framed40098Elbret, Henry40m  Germanyx  Farmer   x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall5    Elbret, Kate30f wifeGermanyx      x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall6    Elbret, John6m sonRichmond       x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall7    Elbret, Henry1.333333333  sonRichmond       x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall899Framed500099Garlicks, [F?]34m  Missx  Hardware Mct. x  x  
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall9    Garlicks, L25f wifeKingsx          
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall10    Garlicks, George3m sonKings           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall11    Garlicks, Charles1.5m sonKings           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall12    Garlicks, Adle0.25f DaughterKings           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall13    S___[SNUDT?], Johanna20f ServantGermany  xDomestic Servant   x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall14    A___[ARVERALL?}, Louise30f ServantGermany  xDomestic Servant   x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall15    G___[Grainer?}, Louise21f ServantRichmond  xDomestic Servant       
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall16    Raimser, Charlote25f ServantGermany  xDomestic Servant   x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall17100Framed1000099McKellan, Thomas43m  NY Cox  [sic]Lawyer [sic]      
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall18    McKellan, L.30f wifeNY Cox          
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall19    McKellan, William9f sonNY Co           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall20    McKellan, Maggie5f daughterNY Co           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall21    McKellan, Harry E.2m sonNY Co.           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall22    Murphy, Bridgett31f ServantIreland  xDomestic Servant   x   
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall23   100Dempsey, William42m  Ireland   Coachman  x    
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall24    Dempsey, Mary28f wifeEngland           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall25    Dempsey, W.2m sonRichmond      x    
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall26    Dempsey, Catharine0.5f dauRichmond           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall27   101Brinkerhoff, Richard72m  NY Co. x Gentleman       
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall28101Frame400102Pepper, Edwin28m  Englandx  Farmer       
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall29    Pepper, Emma[?]27f wifeEnglandx          
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall30    Pepper, Charles2m sonNY Co.           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall31    Pepper, Albert0.25m sonRichmond            
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall32    Martin, Theo15m assistantRichmond           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall33102Framed5000103Lewis, John55m  Germanyx  Farmer       
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall34    Lewis, Johanna39[29?]f wifeGermanyx          
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall35    Lewis, John7m sonRichmond           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall36    Lewis, Henry5m sonRichmond           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall37    Lewis, Theodore2.5m sonRichmond           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall38103  104Olgive, Adam55m  Germany x Farmer   xx  
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall39    Stewart, Alice23f H KeOrleans  xHouse Keeper    x  
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall40105Framed200105Hulse, John46m  Germanyx  Farmer  x x  
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall41    Hulse, Emma35f wifeIrelandx          
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall42    Hulse, Henrietta10f dauRichmond           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall43    Hulse, Chas9m sonRichmond           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall44    Hulse, Minnie6f dauRichmond           
Northfield211June 8Cornelius Prall45    blank blank  blank   blank       

Town ED PageEnumeration DateEnumeratorLine #House #Type of HouseValueFamily #NameAgeSexRaceRelationshipWhere BornMarriedWidowedSingleOccupationOut-of-townNativeNaturalizedAlienOwns Land21 & Illiteratedisabled
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton1119F 117Caroll, Mary54f [servant?]Ireland x Cook   x x 
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton2    Wagner, Eward14m [servant?]Richmond   xlaborer       
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton3120Frame500118Hooper, Abraham60m  Richmondx  farmer x  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton4    Hooper, Susan35f wifeRichmondx          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton5    Hooper, Danl.26m [brot?]Richmond  xlaborer x     
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton6121stone1200119Brower, Herbert H.43m  Seneca Cox  Shoe, [Mesg?]New Yorkx  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton7    Brower, Caroline M.41f wifeJeffersonx          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton8    Brower, Jessie M.13f dauOswego  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton9    Brower, Hubert L.11m sonOnondaga  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton10    Brower, Maria C.9f dauOnondaga  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton11    Brower, William Joseph6m sonRichmond  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton12    Brower, Catie Josephine6f dauRichmond  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton13    Brower, Walter H. 4m sonOnandaga  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton14    Brower, Lulu May2.833333333f dauRichmond  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton15   120Brower, Marie H.64f  Orange Co.x          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton16122Frame1000121Lake, James58m  Richmondx  PhysicianN. Yorkx  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton17    Lake, Jane J.58f wifeRichmondx          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton18    Lake, Joshua Mersereau15m sonRichmond  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton19    Duke, Peninah42f boarderVirginia  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton20123Framed900122Prior [PRIER], William61m  Richmond Cox  Farmer x  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton21    Prior [PRIER], Catherine59f wifeRichmond Cox          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton22    Prior [PRIER], George Henry26m sonRichmond Co.x  H. Carpenter       
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton23    Prior [PRIER], Ella22f dau-in-lawRichmond Co.x          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton24    Prior [PRIER], Jacob Sidney31m sonRichmond Co.x  H. Carpenter       
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton25124Framed500123Conklin, Sidney Horn30m  New York Co.x  Farmer x  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton26    Conklin, Celia Anne29f wifeNew York Co.x          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton27    Conklin, Thurlow Weed0.166666667m sonNew York Co.           
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton28125Framed1600124Wilson, Alanson S.56m  Queens Co.x  [Real Est. Brok?]N.Y.x  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton29    Wilson, Esther55f wifeNew York Co.x          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton30    Wilson, Alanson B.19m sonNew York Co.  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton31    Lanahan, Michael19m [servant?]Ireland  x    x x 
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton32126Framed300125Simonsen, Isaac30m  Richmond  xStock Brok. Clk.N.Y.x  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton33    Simonson, Julia F.40f sisterRichmond  xHousekeeper    x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton34    Simonson, Richard Henry28m broRichmond  xFarmer x  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton35    Simonson, Samuel Cary22m broRichmond  xFarmer x  x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton36    Cary[?], Elizabeth70[?]f AuntRichmond  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton37    Taylor, Laura E.19f nieceLouisianna  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton38    Taylor, Annie M.16f nieceLouisianna  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton39    Taylor, George J.13m nephewLouisianna  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton40    Taylor, William A.11m nephewLouisianna  x        
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton41127Framed2000126Wheatley, Harriet58f  Richmond Co        x  
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton42   127Heyer, Henry A.40m  New Yorkx  Book keeper x     
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton43    Heyer, Mary A.39f wifeRichmond Cox          
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton44    Hyer, Edward P.10m sonRichmond Co.           
Southfield1st15June 7Edw. P. Barton45128framed2400128Crocheron, Edward S.42m  Richmond Cox  farmer x  x  

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