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Genealogical Resources for Staten Island
Federal Census

Note: This Census is Partial

Bob O'Connor and Jim Elbrecht are transcribing the Federal census for Staten Island of 1860 Federal Census - Northfield - Staten Island, Richmond County, NY, Genealogy Resources. This data belong to Bob and Jim who took the trouble of transcribing it. This data is lent to us by them. Please DO NOT copy it without their permission! Email rwoconnor at bigfootdot com and/or elbrecht at email dot com.
Thanks so much to you both!!!

Census Main Page || Mortality Schedules || Index (53K) || Everyname Index (160K) || Castleton || Middletown || Northfield || Southfield || Westfield

Castleton Page 009, Page 013, Page 018, Page 037, Page 044, Page 065, Page 072, Page 074, Page 077, Page 079, Page 082, Page 083, Page 097, Page 130, Page 158, Page 159, Page 161
Castleton Page 077
Description.Value of Estate Owned
Dwelling houses numbered in the order of visitation.Families numbered in the order of visitationThe name of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1860 Federal Census - Northfield - NYRichmo, was in this familyAgeSexColorProfession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male or female, over 15 years of age.Value of Real Estate.Value of Personal EstatePlace of Birth,Naming the State, Territory, or Country.Married within the year.Attended school within the year.Persons over 20 yr's of age who cannot read & write.

Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.

549 Unoccupied            
550570MathiasJohn H.31M Bo?s Baker7002,000Hesse    
550570MathiasElizabeth19F    New York    
550570MathiasJohn W.3M    New York    
550570MathiasCatharine C.1F    New York    
550570MathiasWilliam29M Bo?s Baker7002,000Hesse    
550570MathiasEliza19F    New York    
550570MottCaleph30M Drives Bak'r Wagon  New York    
550570SmithJohn23M Drives Bak'r Wagon  At Sea    
550570TysonCharles22M Drives Bak'r Wagon  New York    
550570StuythersWilliam19M Clerk  New York    
550570BerryJohn19M Clerk  New York    
550570WolfJohn32M Foreman Baker  Hesse    
550570ReinhardtGeorge31M Baker  Saxony    
550570GeisenhofFrank20M Baker  Hesse    
550570MyerHeiman21M Baker  Prussia    
550570MullerFrederick22M Baker  Prussia    
550570FradeSophia24F Cook  Hanover    
550590SkinnerAnn22F Chamber Maid  Ireland    
550590O'BrienAustacia15F Nurse  Ireland    
551591HibbardSarah78F   100Conneticut    
551591Degroot [W]Elizabeth83F    Conneticut    
551591DegrootWashington44M Laborer in Dye House  New York    
552592AchillesAgustus31M Cooper3,000200Hanover    
552592AchillesGertrude30F    Hanover    
552592AchillesMary4F    New York    
552592AchillesGertrude3F    New York    
552592AchillesCharles1M    New York    
553593StothersWilliam53M Master Cooper 200Ireland    
553593StothersSarah51F    Ireland  / 
553593StothersDavid25M Cooper  New York    
553593StothersHampton19M Cooper's Prentice  New York    
553593StothersMary15F    New York    
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